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  1. Who's said ' we're not telling you, shut up and give us your money?' ... no-ones asking you for your money, and no-ones saying 'we're not telling you' .. This time last year there wasn't any details released either.... it's just this yearm if you prefer to pre order, theres a lovely bonus for you. If not, feel free to wait.. you have two months of this promotion.
  2. I genuinely can't see the issue with it... They have done nothing different this year to last, apart from adding a nice bonus for those who wish to preorder this early.... it's not like they are holding back info for longer than usual.. or forcing people to buy now, it's clearly just a nice loyalty bonus..
  3. Currently sat on sofa browsing this forum and playing fm with the mrs next to me watching tv.. it works fine
  4. Nothing has been announced about fm17.. how do you think anyone would know? But my guess would be that it will be possible, but as always, players and the database on the whole will change so issues are always to be expected.
  5. Can't see how this completely off handed comment is relevant to anything..
  6. Firstly, the discount is 5% for each previous game you own on steam... I suggest you contact Sega directly or contact SI using the contact button at the bottom of this page ..
  7. Having said that... if you wanted to go refurbished ... The world is your oyster tbh... http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/product_detail/16382/Dell-Precision-T5500-Xeon-Six-Core-2-66GHz-24GB-300GB-Power-PC-Tower-1GB-nVidia-Quadro-2000-Windows-7-Pro/
  8. You'll need to understand then that if you want a monitor, it will add £50+ to the price and an OS will add £70+ usually ... so that makes it quite difficult to find a desktop for your budget off the bat.... but i'll certainly see what's around.
  9. I just looked at mine and it doesn't list the current chairman type at the start of the game... Having said that, I didnt know until you mentioned it that it showed any chairman types, current or not.
  10. Only for new chairmen coming in though correct?
  11. Chariman! the best pokemon of all! Sorry... But anyway, .. in fm16 it doesn't tell you directly what your chairman status is ... but the media may speculate and give him a status such as tycoon every now and then.. and you can hazard a guess from his behavior and from the club>general tab i guess
  12. Cel... you'll need to add more detail... Do you need an OS included in that? do you need a monitor? What other needs to do you have for the pc? where can you buy from?
  13. There are a few ex and current pro's about ... Some don't like to out themselves as in the past it has resulted in pm's and questions galore.
  14. Always Leeds of course, but will have a save running at the same time with Villa I think.. liking the side they are quickly building there this season, and with a few great youngsters in the reserves and bitter rivals both looking likely to compete too, should be interesting.