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  1. I liked the look of Kitchen... but he's natural at dmc and only competent at cb.. which worries me
  2. Not good... Their star player is this striker:
  3. Yes that laptop would run fm with little issue .. You have to bare in mind the age of the processors too... newer cpu's mean newer architecture and design which in turn means better efficiency etc.. that 6200u for instance is rated at 2.3,ghz but will boost up to 2.8 (?) i think? when needed. Seriously, go check online benchmarks... easily done by googling cpu1 vs cpu2 in google
  4. I'm completely biased as I despise AMD processors... might be better off waiting for someone else to answer that one for you tbh.. and I admit, my knowledge on AMD isn't completely up to date. That said, and taking into account that what I say is purely a partially educated guess, but I believe the A6/A8 range to rank beside intels i3's at best... I see them as brilliant cheap workhorses that combine processors with a gpu ( read: APU) .. and they do that extremely well..they share bandwidth and processing power between them. As for what makes one processor better than another, it can be any number of things... As an example (and forgive me other mods for the car analogy) but if you buy a car, there is no point getting a v12 monster engine if the rest of the components and parts aren't up to scratch.. you'll get bottlenecking, the same can be said of cpu's... clock speed is king, but if memory bandwidth and general architecture are poor, you still get low end cpu's... Best best is to crosscheck each cpu against several online benchmarks which can easily be found.
  5. The 960m has DDR5 over the 950m's DDR3 .. which means faster memory bandwidth.. although in some circumstances the 950 does better, the 960 is almost always better... including in fm's case I believe. And yes, the HQ is more than enough for FM without going ultra high end.
  6. I bought him for my west ham side while I was messing around with a strikerless formation with a front 3 of amc's .... first game at the club he assists 2 and scores a screamer of a freekick... well worth getting in for the tiny wage demands he asks for.
  7. Great start and great to see a team thread go up..
  8. Theres a place for promoting your own videos... it isn't here.
  9. Technically, the 6700k is vastly better, but being desktop cpu, it's rare to find in a laptop at any decent budget.
  10. Him and his brother are both top notch prospects...
  11. @jtasker Hi fella... all of the above listed should play fm to some half decent degree... and as you expect, as you go from A -E in your list, you get better... as for multitasking.. again, it would depend exactly how much you are going to be doing in terms of browsing, streaming etc along with how big your fm game will be.. so as you say, hard to judger really.. golden rule is always get the best processor you can afford.
  12. Yep, no huge issues for me in starting one.. no crashes, no game breaking bugs and the ME is solid as it ever has been imo.. You will get those who say otherwise and you will get those who agree, at the end of the day,the only way of judging is doing so for yourself.
  13. If you think it's a bug .... post it in the bug reporting section please.
  14. Please post this in the relevant bug reporting section if you feel it's not right, and hopefully it can get looked at... this is a thread for general feedback.
  15. No such thing in my experience.. you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of football fans and a board of directors only interested in good publicity and money.. Selling your fans favourited son and your boards cash cow will never go down well however you do it.. but you just understand they're a finicky bunch and will move on in days.