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  1. Logically speaking, more active leagues means more active transfer markets going on in general... and the more players active in a database, the less competition there is for each player .. Just a matter of getting the balance right for how you like it really...
  2. Try Sergi Gomez from Sevilla.. sometimes goes cheap by second season.. also: Lucas Veríssimo Edson alvarez Adam Webster Thilo Kehrer Nikola Katic Branimir Kalaica Francisco Ferreira (ferro) Connor Goldson Eduard Lowen Jordan Torunarigha ( my new fave)
  3. Yep tried him on several saves.. he's always one of those players who has one very good game in 5 for me, and is fairly anonymous in the rest.. never really lives up to him promise, but i'm sure in the right setup and the right instructions, he'll be amazing, his physicals aren't really that bad either really, just off double digits for almost all of them..
  4. As i tried to explain above.. Miles would mean not having the virus etc in the game... the overall consequences to the leagues makeup and structure though will certainly be reflected if it does change.
  5. He's noyt suggesting putting Covid 19 in the game ffs.... only that whatever the leagues look like after this is all over is reflected in game..
  6. Fm always tries to replicate real life competitions, and of course, if they have ernough time during development, they'll no doubt add any changes into the game... bit of a non starter as a conversation though as it's not happened yet and no-one knows what will happen.
  7. The players you named that you are looking to emulate pretty much all went over to Italy as well known prime or experienced players.. You aren't going to get to do that kind of thing with the clubs you mentioned.... The direct kind of comparison would be players like Dele Alli, Ox, Callum Wilson and co I guess..
  8. yeah posted about him back in december... odd little player https://community.sigames.com/topic/496569-fm20-hidden-gems/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-12188030
  9. As far as i can see, they haven't changed all that much since last update?
  10. I'm absolutely not assuming this post was directed at my post in particular, i'm sure it wasn't .. but i wanted to clear up what i meant by my last few posts.. I'm completely satisfied with 95% of the game and have enjoyed the vast improvements the game as seen over the last few years in particular.. the work gone into it has been amazing.. I'm dissatisfied with one part of the game in particular, and didn't want to suggest that should invalid the whole game for me, it shouldn't .. alas it does, as it's a massive part of it.. I'm just a bit disillusioned by a comment from those who produce the game that seemed (important part) to suggest that the glaring issues ,that i assumed everyone could see (set pieces, central play etc) weren't issues at all. I've never been one to just jump on the pitchfork bandwagon beying for blood and my money back, and nor am i now, only saying that it's disappointing to find that two versions in a row have been lacking ME wise. That said, long may the game continue improving and i imagine i'll be back putting the hours into the game that i love once the ME reaches a state where i'm comfortable with it.
  11. right click > properties > betas > drop down menu and select opt out.
  12. Can I ask Neil, or anyone who feels they have the authority to answer, where do we go from here? do you think we should stop playing the game if we aren't happy with the engine in its current form? Is your post suggesting we don't buy the next either, because, as you mentioned, the team are happy with how it's working and progressing? I guess i'm basically asking, is this the devs way of suggesting maybe that everyone who isn't happy with the ME should probably just go away as the team doesn't recognise their concerns as valid?
  13. Ideas like this tend to come from people who, with all due respect, no idea whatsoever what a match engine is or how it works.. there isn't a dozen or so sliders that SI mess around with.. not a slider for 'less one on ones' that you can turn down from 79 to 5....
  14. Don't know if it's changed .. but his PA is now a:
  15. Also, i imagine i won't be posting much here anymore.. some issues i saw as game breaking to my experience personally haven't been fixed in this final update so i can't see me continuing to play fm20... have fun!
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