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  1. By all early accounts, the Ryzen would beat the factory settings 6900k ... But it's all speculation until you get your hands on it and see how it plays with fm specifically. That said, i'm really impressed so far with the figures from the Ryzen, and it will no doubt run fm superbly.. at least a decent speed with 70k.. The star rating is nonsense tbh, so ignore that.
  2. It's well known british players, and english ones, in particular are expensive.. The only way to counter this is getting them in <16 years old and therefore for compensation.. That said, there are plenty of talented british players around, not sure how it bodes badly for the national team in game/
  3. 20k capacity..... that's fairly awful.
  4. Known issue for a few editions now, with no fix in sight so far... The only workaround is using third party video capture software to upload instead.. the same suggestion was given by SI team members previously.
  5. Domagoj Vida Sergi Gomez Hector Moreno Andreas Granqvist Víctor Cuesta Fabian Schar Andreu Fontas Stefan Ilsanker Harry Maguire Jeffrey Bruma Jozo Simunovic
  6. All about cpu for fm.. With your low budget, you would be best just trying to get the best cpu you can buy.. as anything beyond that would be a bonus at that price point.. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/X0Q77ESABU-HP-250-G5_2023383.html https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Z3F82EAABU-HP-15-ba047na_2015269.html For example, the above options are pretty good.
  7. Deulefeu: " European Union players already playing in United Kingdom will only face these restrictions upon signing a new contract. " I wonder if that affects him somehow... I know a contract has been signed, but still.
  8. You need to move files over yourself. That said, you said you're just setting up a new user on the same pc? then surely you just make your save files public and not move anything over? Either way, create a thread in the tech issues forum and try and type a little more coherent and i'm sure someone can help.
  9. Then I would go into your competition page and look at the rules tab to see the updated rules for your league... The message you had should have described the implications beyond that one sentence... But again, with the info given, i can only speculate that you've had a hard brexit scenario, but a less strict one, where the UK has moved into a situation not unlike Italy for example where there only certain amount of slots available for non EU players.
  10. Niang is a good player... what a shocker... But unnecessary sarcasm aside... they do indeed have good youth.. as do all the big Italian sides.
  11. Well considering you haven't shared exactly what your brexit message/outcome was in game.. how can we? Screenshot the message ingame and post here or something. From the very little info you have given, it might be that 'foreign players' means just not eu players.
  12. Vicarage road is actually the closest suitable stadium available that isn't a rival or unsuitable for purpose
  13. Try for Moussa Dembele, might be able to stretch the budget for him... or: Lucas Alario Sebastian Giovinco Marcus Berg Andre-Pierre Gignac Dorlan Pabon Miguel Borja Darwin Quintero Jonatan Soriano Mariano Diaz (madrid) Leigh Griffiths Gustavo Bou
  14. Blackburn have half a dozen decent youngsters in the reserve teams tbh.. i'd promote them all given the lack of depth in the squad.