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  1. wow... bargain ... better prospect than Lasagna who costs triple.
  2. Looks great, how much did he cost for a championship side do you think? and will he go to a 2nd division?
  3. I think for the first time ever, Frazt, we disagree on a tech issue.. i put free avg or avast + malwarebytes up against any paid for av and have it come up trumps tbh.. I find paid for av's a complete waste of time tbh.
  4. @DBoniem SSD's and HDD's have very little impact on the game... it will simply be how fast you load the game. processing the actual game while playing isn't affected. There is very little between the two cpu's in real life performance, haven't tested either with fm particularly, but the i5 edges it for me, simply down to it being a newer generation. The hd 2500's aren't great really, but you'll play the 3d on low to medium probably.
  5. Huge database option was taken out for a good reason.. That said, it's superfluous now that you can customize your database any way you like and any size you like on full fat fm.. That said, warlocks answer about Touch is spot on about exceeding the limit.
  6. Nostalgia! love it.. been playing usm98 with updated databases recently.. been a blast, will have to dig out my old CM's also.
  7. Barely... I wouldn't bother, if your budget is around the £300 mark, i'd consider holding off and saving for around £400 to get something nominally suitable or go the refurb/second hand route.
  8. Unfortunate about the customs thing, but not giving you your money back is awful, no excuse, I'll certainly stay clear of them.
  9. Well yes, considering he leaves on a free if you don't accept may as well get the 6million. Matthew targett or Tymon in as a replacement would be ideal.
  10. What sort of formation are you playing and what role for Kalvin?
  11. Eggestein (possibly poor spelling there), the young German looks a great prospect
  12. One of my secret weapons for lower league: Diego jose garcia, you can pick him up on a free with league TWO teams.. I picked him up with Luton.. and he has decent base stats along with a ridiculous pa of .. So if nothing else, he's an investment for those who wish to use such methods.
  13. This guy is worth keeping an eye out for on your games, only 18 and will only cost 100k, will come to championship teams, fluent in english and has really high potential value.. random stats so will look different in your games, but high CA for his age, so will almost always be a decent player to bring in for developing for any team.
  14. Still always criminally underrated by fm players imo:
  15. Surely you haven't got rid of the probably one of the best SS prospects in the country in Ayoze?