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  1. This is probably the most significant new feature of football manager 2020 so far... great job guys, makes me proud to be a long time fan of this company and series.
  2. Then it sounds like there's nothing you can do? Mistakes were made, call it a learning process, take the hit and move on to someone new.
  3. Sell.. you made a promise and as you said, he'll leave on a free.... simple really.. sell him, get someone new in I would attempt to get a sale in with a buy back fee though, worth a go... if you're going into the champions league, the fee you get for him won't be too much of an issue in the long run.
  4. I'm playing new games on it on ultra.. far cry 5, pubg, civ 6, witcher 3 etc
  5. https://www.box.co.uk/30026124-Medion-Erazer-P6705_2614018.html Apologies, i apparantly forgot i spent £800 and not £700 on it... thats what happens when you go and splurge poker winnings on a laptop out of the blue!
  6. That's a big budget for that kind of database... depends on how many leagues are active i guess.. but the one i'm using now cost me £700 and it handles 200k+ databases with ease..
  7. Depends on your laptops cooling solution, but he 8750H tends to run very hot, and as such, it tends to thermal throttle, which means it never quite reaches the clock speeds it can.. default is 4.1ghz .. by undervolting it, you are providing the cpu with less power in order to find the sweet spot where it will happily boost up to top clock speed without thermal throttling... this means better performance, less heat and better life span on the cpu.. all in theory of course... As mentioned, it depends on your laptops cooling solution whether it will benefit from it.. you can use various programs to undervolt it and also stress test your cpu to see if it would benefit it.. suggest researching it a lot before trying anything though because while the worst you cando with undervolting is underpowering your cpu and a few bsod's .. if you go the other way somehow and overvolt anything and essentially overclock your cpu, you can easily end up with a broken burnt out cpu and bricked laptop.
  8. Fair enough, if you can afford it .. why not! definitely the i9 then
  9. Yep you assumed right.. the i9 is king ... though can't help but wonder why you would go so high end for a game like FM .. seems like throwing money away
  10. It's ridiculous the spec laptop you can get for that sort of budget these days.. that's an amazing lappy .. 8th gen i3 that boosts to 3.9ghz, 256gb ssd and 8gb ram for less than £400 .. mad also, an update on my new laptop.. best laptop i've ever had, completely silent at all times, super fast, super powerful,.. would only suggest that anyone with an i7 8750H should 100% undervolt it to reduce throttling and reduce heat output.. it's reduced temps by 20c and i get an extra 40fps on most games.
  11. Have you tried holidaying through it?
  12. Social media is a part of the modern footballer and managers life these days... it's a perfectly valid feature to add to the game... How many times do you find footballers and managers getting into trouble for what they've said on twitter and the like? there have been sackings and fines given out multiple times a season because of social media... The 3d graphics.. which are being improved each year, adds nothing to the realism of the simulation, and although important for end users, it shouldn't be the priority.. and certainly not when the data suggests that the majority of your userbase wouldn't have the pc capability to use the graphical improvements anyway.
  13. Yeah pretty sure it was!.. And the laptop I bought myself today is the first new high range one I've had in about 15 years!.. I played fm19 on an old Lenovo ThinkPad with a 2nd gen low end i5 that could handle about 3 seasons before giving up the ghost ... I agree completely about the numbers thing, but it's the equivalent of purchasing a car (don't do it mods) ... Any car will do the job, but you want to very best you can get
  14. Ah... didn't see this.... stick to 13 probably... or give the android fm a go .. that will give you a similar vibe to touch, and help you decide
  15. Also in my late 30's with child and nagging mrs in tow.... I find the full versions of the newer games completely fine, just have to adjust the tempo in your head.. so instead of seeing a season out in a day or two, i find myself playing a season a few weeks or a month, which I find ok.. it's more epic Touch just isn't for me... its for filthy casuals..
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