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  1. Yeah it can, but i barely make it past 5 years in a save anyway so I never get affected by it really... the only saves i stay long term are lower league saves so i tend to have smaller databases anyway
  2. It's the match engine.. have you tried the new public beta which improves this?
  3. You can't create a system of keeping the old contract at a new club no..
  4. The reason to put leagues on view only is to help with the game processing .. that league won't be simulated fully... adding players won't slow down the game much at all.. so if you want to add players.. sure go ahead... What it can do in the long run though is create an inbalance in the game over time.. if you have a massive amount of brazilians loaded, your game world will be populated with a massive amount of brazilians etc..
  5. I have a good laptop, and i tend to play with 30 odd leagues and a 180k database and don't see any slow down at all.. but that's my basic standard setup... If i'm playing a lower league english save, say tier 10 ... i will not load up my usual database, as there is no need to include all players from south american, all players from eastern europe etc... so i load up all english leagues, all welsh leagues, all irish leagues and all scottish leagues and then maybe add in a few close neighbours.. say france.. maybe a few scandanavian countries, but they are luxury really, not really needed... If i'm doing a journeyman save, I might load up 60 leagues and a 250k database so i can get jobs in Iceland, Romania etc.... So basically, depending on your preference and pc specs, you find a database size and number of players you are comfortable with and then cater that to the type of save you want... I
  6. Leagues... the premier league down to league one is 3 leagues for example... At the end of the day, there is no right answer, its down to how you judge the game speed... test it out.
  7. The board have their onw expectations and feelings on player signings... and no it won't have any effect on how the player develops, unless the player becomes massively unhappy.
  8. The public beta is there as an opt in option in order for SI to stress test the changes they have made on the match engine... to do this fully, they put it out on the full fat version.. I wouldn't personally be expecting the update until it releases fully, for real.
  9. Just like real life... some fans will talk sense, some fans will talk complete rubbish... Mostly comes down to reputation, buying an unknown player will almost always result in fans being annoyed or upset, but that doesn't mean the player is bad..
  10. Ahh thats a fairly decent cpu... you'll find loading 25-30 leagues and a 100k database pretty easy i would have thought
  11. Those leagues are great for a lower league english game... I do not see why you would need 170k database for that though... As york you aren't going to be picking up many Brazilian wonderkids anytime soon i don't think.. But it really does come down to your pc specs... what do you have?
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