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  1. Got him for a few million .. absolutely worth it... Brilliant determination and a perfectionist personality means he will undoubtedly have a great career in your save
  2. I'm going to guess that you don't have a lot of leagues loaded, or at the very least, it's heavily weighted towards the english leagues...
  3. Newcastle of course to get a feel for the game.. Fulham .. amazing youngsters and saleable talent... should be easy to build them into a squad for the prem... Wrexham .. my old club and obviously interesting in the game now too
  4. A long time FM wonderkid.. he's now on a free with great attributes in all the right places... might be worth a punt
  5. I havent checked so this is only a suggestion.. but is that to do with the resolution and zoom level you have set?
  6. Did you think this was the off topic irl football forum section? What does this have to do with FM? By elite do you mean they are the best in the world?
  7. Well it's normal users like you and I who make them, so its a case of how long is a piece of string? could be weeks, could be months.. depends on what you want out of it.. If it's literally just unlocking it, you can do it in two minutes within the pregame editor.
  8. Wrexham... Not even a close call.. They are local, I grew up with them, I played for them, I coached with them, I still do some work for them and the potential they surely will have in fm22 with the new owners and impressive behind the scenes changes going on..
  9. Depends what you mean by next Grealish i guess... same style? similar story? from Villa? It would be easy to say Carney Chukwuemeka, but he's more a paul pogba style all action midfielder tbh... In game, Curtis Jones is up there, Shola Shoretire too,
  10. Gerson Ismaël Bennacer Nadiem Amiri Nikola Vlasic ( my fave pick) Ebere Eze Amine Harit Duvan Vergara Victor Tsygankov Todd Cantwell Dwight McNeil Noa Lang
  11. He's got a fairly good rep so i'm surprised he isn't in a small database save.. but it would depend on what you have loaded.
  12. Hey Dylan, the game is quite far into its cycle this edition so you won't find this forum massively active.. particularly when it comes to quite niche clubs like cofi-land (Caernarfon) in smaller leagues like you're managing.. I don't have any suggestions, it's been a while since i managed in the Welsh leagues i'm afraid. pob lwc!
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