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  1. Not exactly what you are looking for, but Wrexham now have a bit of cash to them, a huge wage budget and hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as owners... Worth a try i think.
  2. Van Hooijdonk is an interesting player, just like his dad was... gonna have to give him a go at some point
  3. About the same i think, may have had a bit of a bump though
  4. Nice! I'm currently managing Norwich as it happens.. in second season right now, and the team is super strong with the talent already at the club, the strong finances and the great youth in depth
  5. Are people just posting to show off their googling knowledge now or do they really think these players are good suggestions for the op?
  6. He's officially been there best performing player if i'm not mistaken... and he got the U.S Male soccer player of the year award, which is pretty good considering the players in that team now.
  7. I understand, but the process the researchers have to undergo to make adjustments make kneejerk changes almost impossible... They have a very narrow bandwidth in which they can change attributes in any given update. Also the changes will have been made by the Schalke researcher in this case, just in case you wanted to discuss the issue with them. His CA incidently puts him on par with the likes of Dani Parejo, Fabian, Tielemans etc .. is that too high do you think?
  8. Mckennie is mostly 12's and 13's across the board apart from a few obvious areas.. and even they are only 16's and 17's ... don't think that's too overboard considering how he's performed and the team he's currently at..
  9. Elliot Anderson is a hell of a prospect now.. That's he only big change i've seen, but i haven't had a deep look
  10. This guy was just as good preupdate i'm sure, but look at his positions he can play! that's ridiculous
  11. Have to pay to join! It has a free trial i think, but you have to be a professional of some sort within sports to join anyway. Funnily enough SI games are a client lol I'll dm it anyway though
  12. From the same article : Though they may have been like this pre update and i just missed them
  13. Saw this guy on a data driven ones to watch article for 2021 ... I doubt he was this good pre update, i'm sure i'd have noticed..
  14. Don't think Offord has had a boost, think he was like that pre update.. And edwards definitely was like that. The others look interesting though! will take a look
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