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  1. I've never looked at managing thrm before but like the look of a Peterborough save this season... Forrester, Jermaine Anderson, Nabi, Baldwin and the rest of the squad should be a great base to build on
  2. Lol... No worries, glad you sorted it
  3. Yeah, I've heard great things about him
  4. In light of the upcoming release, I thought I'd start a thread for any lesser known players you are looking forward to checking out once you get your hands on the game.. Once out, this thread can be used to post those unknown gems you find For me i'm looking forward to seeing how Cyle Larin looks, i hear great things about him from friends over the pond. Gaston Pereiro from psv too...
  5. Love Cahais macca... as you said, and old fm/leeds favourite Linetty though... he's moved clubs hasn't he? to Sampdoria I think?
  6. Doubt you'll find a downloadable version of the guide.. but the links below may be of some help depending what you want from the guides of course. http://guides.gamepressure.com/footballmanager2015/ http://www.footballmanager.com/manual
  7. The price you paid for him along with his probable low reputation means his in game value will be low... that doesn't mean you accept any low offers if you value him higher though of course..
  8. Hi fm widow... impossible to start recommending anything without a budget as the very minimum, ideally some idea of his current system would help too if possible.
  9. I'll refrain from jumping on the bandwagon the others have started here and mocking the idea... and simply state that the idea of just continually improving and adding upon a base game and code year on year can only go so far.. Code gets outdated and a game needs to start from the ground up occasionally... as it is, SI don't do this very often, they will add and change and develop existing code, as you suggest to create the new game every year, so it is pretty much exactly as you envisage already.
  10. Pre purchase is not available in Brazil currently.. and that's the only thing to be said about it.. It is not SI's decision whether to make it available or not.
  11. You won't go far wrong with that spec... I gather it was more like £700 for that?
  12. OP has his answer... not the place to discuss real life football politics or polices
  13. I agree on the point that a discussion on this point isn't needed.. it serves no purpose.
  14. GPTG used to be one of the busier sections and with that comes a little community within the community... was a nice place to come and have an off topic chat about whatever with the gptg guys ... certainly died in here of late...
  15. As previously mentioned.. the AMD cpu's are far behind intels in terms of performance for most applications, particularly in gaming... The spec you have posted above will be far behind most modern i5's and certainly the i7-6500u you could get for your budget...