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  1. He's also likely to end up at Chelsea in January apparantly... or at least to a bigger club..
  2. Or this guy... Great stats overall and look at that versatility in his positions..
  3. Great to see this fantastic thread back again for yet another year... This guy been posted yet?
  4. I run similar database sizes on a system with 16gb ram.. and like you, have various other tasks running alongside.... ram has never been the bottleneck.. Your CPU on the otherhand certainly is...
  5. Hey @macca72, yeah its a quiet one, i've been lurking this year, been super busy this year and haven't had much time to play, and honestly, didn't get one very well with fm20 so didn't have the inclination to play either.. But i'm fully on board for fm21, it looks super promising this year, so i'll be around .. Love your idea to let Orta bring in the players, bit of a challenge and will be interesting to see which direction he goes if you can get them into some money. Good luck mate!
  6. And that reaction from Rashidi is why I don't go into the tactics and training forum ... the place doesn't seem very welcoming.
  7. Of course i will... Do every year and even on the games i dont get on too well with, i end up with 1000+ hours....
  8. Yes! and cheaply ... easiest way is to go to crucial website and use their checker.. it will tell you exactly what you need and what you can get... ideally you will want to match the ram you already have though, so yeah. 8gb is definitely a bottleneck at this point and almost certainly will be for fm21.
  9. As Kev above has eluded too, that laptop is well above acceptable for FM ... it should run it like a dream... the only thing you need on that is more ram i'd say... if it's running slow.. consider a clean wipe of the computer and start from scratch and try not to fill it with crap! For you're budget of around £700, you'd struggle to come up with a better laptop...
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