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  1. You didnt need to make two threads did you? more detail? are you saying in fm20? or in fm21 in the year 2020?
  2. Wahid Faghir gets another vote from me... he's got the real life reputation as the next Ibra and he is certainly talented in game too.. cheap as chips and will come to the championship if you go in early.
  3. Agree with Wilson .. don't agree with Kante... he's not a one trick pony in the slightest..
  4. I'm not a fan of any of the teams you mentioned, but to say DDG has made 'a mistake' is misleading... he's had a fair few underwhelming seasons now, despite short bursts of form.. the other two you mentioned have been consistantly decent despite their few errors every now and then... it's comparing apples and pears... DDG has been a top 10 keeper in the world but he has arguably dropped out of the top 10 in recent times easily.
  5. Depends on your players... I suspect you will make a lot of changes with that team.
  6. Andy Ryan Dale Taylor Charlie Jolley Tommy Wright Stephen Humphrys Aaron Collins
  7. I'm hoping Astley comes good .. he's a local lad to me so would be nice to see him do well
  8. Probably not.. by now you could have just sim'd it yourself surely?
  9. Yeah essentially by rebuild i just mean there are a few particular players I would like to bring in and build the team around, but it has to be lower than a top league as from the get go they are too young and not good enough for the first team... so a league one or champ side it would have to be.. I'll update when I've settled on a side.
  10. Forest is an interesting prospect.. not too interested in Norwich or Brentford given they already have close to Prem standard squads already imo, so an overhaul would be superfluous.... Bournemouth might be feasible given the saleable assets there ... Any league one sides with decent budgets? (Appreciate the reply btw)
  11. Anybody happen to know off hand what teams in the leagues have the best budgets? i'm looking for teams other than Norwich that I can build a team from basically scratch.... it might include teams that have plenty of saleable assets to increase my budget or whatever..
  12. You can't , they are incompatible... Each new game adds and removes various data points that make each version incompatible with each other.
  13. Another of my local teams.... despite being billed as mid table, they gain promotion fairly easy and have decent squad depth in game... worth a crack.. great little club
  14. Ahh ok, the old change each one individually routine? i thought there might have been a way around that problem for fm21 or something!
  15. @robterrace Can you explain your regen profile pics for me? how do you get them?
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