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  1. That's down to a number of things.. The team's needs, the manager traits etc
  2. That would depend.. It's cheating if you come onto any public forum or space to talk about your success without disclosing the fact you used a premade list of players you already know will become gods in game.. It's not cheating if you do so without the comforts of your own personal game and dont pass it off as your own genius at work.
  3. Short answer is that user submitted photos are going to be in limited numbers and are resource heavy.. you'll have to have them all as part of the game files... not to mention the issues with having to use peoples photo's legally... They just need to improve the facegen.. it was fine a few years ago.. now it's outdated.
  4. Yeah, as long as Belotti is confirmed... do it... vardy, while good will decline soon enough, better to get your money in now and replace with quality... Belotti certainly fits that... look at the likes of Josef Martinez etc too maybe?
  5. You tried adding fm.exe to the exceptions list in avg? or swapping rendering mode for fm in preferences? If fm.exe is already in the exceptions list, avg will either be effecting your graphics drivers (maybe update or roll those back?) or avg is just enough a resource hog that it's slowing down your system enough to lag slightly when both are on...
  6. Obviously not.... his name is Jon for a start...
  7. Agreed, hate this stuff on the forums... just trying to get views up and not contributing to the community...
  8. Great thread.. will update my progress here once I get going.
  9. Loving some of these finds... can't wait to start looking myself
  10. The more they update the graphics engine, the more they will need to simulate in the game engine behind the scenes.. adding animations to show the player touch the ball with the inside of his left foot means simulating the change of pace on the ball, the direction, how the player moves the step afterwards, how it affects the balls movement, how the player marking the player in possession reacts (and every subsequent player on pitch, and a million other reactions to that one touch that is now simulated in the new shiny graphics engine.. Pro evo is mind numbingly simple compared to simulating a full on match in detail like in FM
  11. Or this for me, really: https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-DM040T-ASUS-FX504GD-DM040T-Gaming-Laptop_2315680.html
  12. Completely agree with this by the way,the graphica card is the least of your worries when deciding a system in terms of FM.. any half decent dedicated card will ply the game at medium settings at a very decent rate... the 1050 is certainly in that catagory.
  13. This.. in a nutshell... I would also add that I see my scouts as the first step only.. they are one tool in many that I use and I certainly don't decide anything based on what they say alone.. the amount of perfectly suited players I would have missed out on because my perfect scout claimed the players lack of pace or downside in any area is ridiculous.. I don't trust them 100%. Basically, I like to cover all the bases and have every finger in every pie to hopefully spot any potentials and then just zero in on the ones that are great... The thing about finding unknowns is that they are generally unknown because they lack something that everyone else can't or don't look past.. the players I tend to find and post on the forums are all missing something that everyone elses typical filters miss... It's why one of my favourite players in recent editions is someone like Pavelka... everyone looks past certain key attributes that are missing, but fail to see that what he does have is pretty unique to his level and reputation. (in this case, it's his technicals which are a weakness,but his mental attributes are hard to find in someone so obtainable and cheap)
  14. These days I have my go to leagues and countries in general I will search regularly manually club by club because by now you just know they tend to produce decent prospects regularly.. But if I was going to suggest a method, it will be this.. Consider the country you are managing in, any rules for transfers that should determine where you scout? (eu players only etc) Then send scouts to each of those countries to search.. I would also at this point search through top clubs manually.. maybe pick a couple of players out for scouting from each club. Generally speaking if using scouts, I would use certain parameters... for youngsters I will always look for great personality traits (driven, model proffesional etc) I will also tend to favour certain attibutes depending on the style of team I'm building.. i.e lower leagues i will favour physical stats massively over anything else, middling clubs I'll look at some decent technicals but favour mental stats such as workrate, teamwork, determination, and those that pertain to the position i'm looking at... and at top skillful teams, i'll favour technicals over anything else. But yeah, by now it's a simple choice of scouting the usual suspect countries and leagues.. my favourites are the scandanavian countries (everyone does this by now though), Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium lower leagues, Austria etc.. generally speaking, the lower reputation league with some decent clubs in. Though the leagues you scout change with the club and league you are managing too, the classic example is in the lower lower leagues you would always scout Reunion as there is a wealth of players with a reputation low enough to sign for you, but vastly superior to your level etc.
  15. Haha, like @Jogo Bonito said, scouting is the fun part for me in FM, i'm average at best at playing the actual game tbh and wouldn't fancy my chances up against @hoarau or @Jogo Bonito ... not that we'd get past pre season anyway really. p.s great read this thread, kutgw
  16. Only if you consider it cheating... It's a single player game and you can do whatever you want in it, it's up to you That said, if you are asking my own opinion on it, I do consider that cheating.
  17. You create a first manager.. doesn't matter what name or anything... go unemployed and holiday until next season when hopefully your team will be promoted... you then retire your first manager and add a new one, your real one (you) and just join the club ... easy. The easiest way is to download an expanded italian leagues edited file from google or sortitoutsi / fmbase etc .. or even here on the forums from: https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/ Such as this one:
  18. DM position doesn't tell us much... Is he simply a static wall? needs no pace, needs better positioning, aggression, tackling, marking, composure... Is he a quaterback style xabi alonso style? not suitable in his technical skills.. But frankly, it all depends on what you want to do with him and how he fits into your tactics.. his performances have been outstanding apparantly, so just go with your staff, his performances and your gut.
  19. The tactic isn't really set up for him to succeed... He's on support duty on the weaker side and the team instructions at least, don't lend themselves to his strengths... not sure how you expect him to perform.
  20. Emanuel Reynoso is the only other one I can think of that's young and argentine
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