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  1. Yeah, probably a rule of the league or the country in general?
  2. Maxi Gomez is probably the best pure targetman around in the younger age range.. Wesley Moraes Aleksandar Mitrovic Jonas Wind Paul Onuachu
  3. Yeah i just use an app called fmxml to create a new config file for my graphics.. it's also used in adding my own faces to the game easily.
  4. Hate to tell you this now, but all you needed to do was change the config text file
  5. You don't know how much that sentence pains me mate... i live in the back end of nowhere so my internet speeds mean it would take me around a week to download all my graphics back, with no exaggeration at all there i promise you
  6. oh most of my own a fairly rough, wouldn't wish them upon anyone else, but they are fairly easy to do if you ever need one yourself.
  7. Fair enough... I always think that when i start bringing the likes of those players to a league or team like rangers, it's time for a new save lol
  8. Its the standard cut-out megapack from sortitoutsi https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/1/cut-out-player-faces , but i've had it since fm17 and have just added my own to any missing ones, so god knows how many have been added.
  9. Ligue 2 is a gold mine @Ronaldo Beckham ... but it can get quite pricey! .. but then again, Mbuemo was reportedly 5-6 milllion... Here's my favourite though, posted him in the gems thread i think... And this guy, not so much a good player.. just the best name ever
  10. Then it suggest you have put them in the wrong place.... there is a different place to put mac files this year.. have to checked the faq above?
  11. https://support.google.com/stadia/answer/9582306?hl=en-GB
  12. Change it to what? .. there is only one database right now.. and the drop down menu won't be accessible if you don't have any editor files to load .
  13. Default is now alt+s i believe... but you can change it in preferences in game.
  14. Clearly a windup... can understand Quini or maybe possibly Raul these days... but Torres? nah .. not buying it.. They would surely just google them.
  15. I wonder if theres something here that would still work... https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/25505/automatic-regen-replacements-v11
  16. Yes.. the winter update which is coming soon will include bug fixes etc..
  17. Enjoy Campana while you can! he'll be at Wolves after the update
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