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  1. I'll try the 4231 out with my Everton team, it's a pretty strong Everton team (ranked number 1)
  2. I'll try the 4231 out with my Everton team, it's a pretty strong Everton team (ranked number 1)
  3. Any tactics anyone recommends when facing teams who are playing 5 at the back and 2 DMs? So hard to break them down
  4. @knap For the Paris Skew, what type of striker would you recommend? Tall striker who can head the ball or a fast striker like Mbappe? I have Mbappe at the moment pegged in for the striker role
  5. Hey @knap, loving the Preachin' Blues tactic here, do you have any tips for the front three getting more goals?
  6. I've got Joshua Zirkzee there at the moment, hes 6ft 5 with good jumping etc, I'll keep an eye out to see what I can do better to get some more goals
  7. It's actually not working, most of the throws just hit the goalkeeper. Don't take it to heart that it's not working for me mate haha
  8. I'm honestly not having any joy with the throw ins at all
  9. I'm not sure where to put this thread but I was wondering if it would be possible for anyone at SI to confirm what some of these variables in the physical_constraints.json file do? It's clear these can be used to affect the physics in-game. The way I see it, it would be nice for the community to be able to come up with some good match engine changes via variables like these in the future similar to the way people create skins or do the real name fix just by modding
  10. Reckon he will do the same if he's put in the box?
  11. Okay so I've conceded two goals at the back post from an indirect wide freekick, it looks like my right striker didn't go in the wall. Now I don't mind that per say but he ended up straight up top and this has lead to a free man (De Jong), I guess this is the first change here, moving a player back into the centre to guard that back post. The first free kick is kind of a big decision to make here, look at the image below, you can see (pardon the crude paint work here haha), the match ups are all wrong (yet what I set): * Black is VVD on Alex Telles * Blue is Max Wober on De Jong * Red is Ruben Neves on Oyarzabal (who scored) Now I completely get why this goal was scored, simple fact is Oyarzabal is better in the air and had a jump on him, what concerns me is the fact VVD was marked by Aex Telles and could easily have been him who scored. Like I said, this is how I set the routine up but my question is this, how do we set up at the back post if the majority of goals are scored there without sacrificing the near post?
  12. I was going to swap him with my MCL and keep him in the box but I weren't sure whether we would just bomb up the pitch from there on me anyway. Or is that just me misreading the what he will do?
  13. I just followed Rashidi's advice mate: 1. You absolutely need to choose the right players for the tasks. Centre, Far and Near are the important ones that need to be zonally marked by players who are also good at jumping reach. This makes it really challenging because you still need to assign 2 players to man mark and one more to mark tall player. So this means if you want to defend the area well you need 6 players who can do that job. 2. Edge of area is where players can take the long shot, so you need players who have good anticipation to cover that area. These are also ideally going to be the same players you will rely on to lead counters. 3. Throw ins - far post area needs a player assigned for marking 4. Wide free kick and indirect free kick. The basic logic here is one to man mark, and at least one at near and far post to zonally mark the area. The one at the far post is tricky cos they sometimes get away, but so far I have conceded too few this season to make this a major issue.
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