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  1. Hope you don't mind but I inverted the tactic in case people have players that suit the roles the other way around Energieball - Inverted.fmf
  2. Do you have a rough idea on what types of players we should look at? I guess screenshots of the Chelsea lineup would help etc
  3. I noticed the Spurs version has FLOAT whichI presume is the float crosses option, the tactic has low crosses set though is that right?
  4. @knap For the Paris Skew, what type of striker would you recommend? Tall striker who can head the ball or a fast striker like Mbappe? I have Mbappe at the moment pegged in for the striker role
  5. I've got Joshua Zirkzee there at the moment, hes 6ft 5 with good jumping etc, I'll keep an eye out to see what I can do better to get some more goals
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