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  1. Knap, do you have any 442 tactics with a targetman by any chance mate?
  2. Does anyone know of any decent tactics that a tall striker can be used for? I've currently got Davie Selke and Brijan Ibrahimi
  3. Could you tell us what types of players you use in the positions please Knap?
  4. Knap, which one of your 4231's would you recommend for Everton in the first season?
  5. Happy days, so basically you value pace over most things. For the MC positions, you have the BWM is the defensive minded player and the CM is the attack minded?
  6. What do you look for in players for the 103pt tactic? Do you look for what the roles are or prefer specific attributes?
  7. To be fair mate, you are Huddersfield. To only concede 48 goals and end up second with a newly promoted side is pretty good in my opinion.
  8. I've had this second tactic loaded in for a while now and I've not actually tried it (I've been using knaps 4231 raw sienna), but with me getting smacked 4-1 by Barca in the semi final of the CL and Man City being 8 points clear in first I thought, why not give it a go. So first game, it played some really really good football! So here was the match stats and team I used
  9. Forgive me if it's a stupid question but, what would the adaptability attribute be used for in this case?
  10. I put Kuki there instead of D.Suarez and straight away he played a lot better, even my striker Eggestein improved. Thanks Knap! The WB version knap tested with Spurs, although I've had a large turnover of players, currently in the third season having sold pretty much everyone (Lukaku for 87m, Barkley for 44m etc)
  11. Well Firmino is quicker and pretty much a striker, these guys are pretty much playmaker types
  12. Does anyone have a short guide or any tips on how to get better regens in the youth intakes? 3 intakes and I've had absolute appalling. I'm currently Everton and here are the facilities etc: Training: State of the Art Youth Training: Top Junior Coaching: Exceptional Youth Recruitment: Well Established I also have Thomas Albeck as a HoYD who looks pretty good. So yeah any ideas or is it just bad luck
  13. Knap, what types of player would you recommend in the AMC role? I've got Franco Vazquez and Denis Suarez but both have been a bit underwhelming, would a quicker player here be better?
  14. Yeah but how annoyed would you be if you shelled out for someone like Icardi, only for him to miss the same chances haha! I've currently got Guidetti, 15 finishing, 13 composure and 17 technique and he can only finish when it's an open goal so frustrating haha
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