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  1. I've just started a save with Ferencváros in Hungary, with the aim of bringing Hungary's league coefficient up to par with the top leagues in Europe. Something like the San Marino challenge, but with a bigger country. I'm not sure how long it's going to take but I'm pretty excited about making the nation better and improving the quality of youth generated in the country too
  2. Is anyone else playing DBFM's Glory hunter challenge this year? I've just started a save at dortmund with the aim of trying the challenge, albeit I'm not giving myself a time limit as I'd like to be able to spend slightly longer at each club I manage. The rules of the challenge are: 20 Year time limit Win the top league and cup competition in England, Germany. France, Italy, and Spain Win the Europa League and Champions League Win the World Cup and European Championship.
  3. Apologies for the noob question, I have never done any skinning, I'm just wondering how to change the colour of the stars in star ratings.
  4. I'm not a crazy expert when it comes to tactics but have had regular success in 21 so far. For me I think the extremely high tempo might mean you're rushing to generate shots/opportunities which aren't easy to score from, maybe take a look at your xg charts and see where your shot attempts are coming from and how much xg they're giving you. I'd personally also utilise the technical advantage I assume your players (as sunderland) have over most other teams by playing at a lower intensity and instead looking to make clever passes into space and in behind the oppositon defence, rather than racing
  5. ah ok that's nice. That's amazing that you got £60m for lacazette, did he start for you? I want to start Nketiah and Auba but not sure if laca's value will deteriorate if so.
  6. I'm conflicted on what club to manage. Ideally I'd like somewhere with a large amount of money to spend on big transfers, to supplement the talent the youth setup produces. I've been thinking about Benfica or RB Salzburg or possibly Leipzig, but I think I want to try a club outside of the main 5 countries in Europe. I'm just not sure what the budgets these clubs and others are working with by the time you're a couple of seasons in, ideally I'd want to start with at least £25-30m going into a transfer window, supplemented by youth ofc.
  7. I saw that Hertha are now a front-end sugar daddy club, does anyone know roughly what sort of transfer budget you'd be working with in year 2-5? I'm thinking about starting with Hertha, Leipzig or Hoffenheim
  8. Been running this tactic to great success with Dulwich, so using it here with some modifications, upped the tempo a bit with more pressing. Basically a tiki-taka with gegenpress elements. I find the WBs on attack is very potent and not a burden on the defensive end with that anchor man in front of the back 2. Ozil has been amazing in the first 2 games. I signed Pellegrini for £15m and he's instantly worth £40m, not sure why Roma let me have him for so little but I'll definitely look to move him in the summer for profit and upgrade the CAM spot.
  9. what season did you sign martinez in? Hoping to get him in summer '21 but I assume Inter will want £100m+
  10. Anyone else pick up Max aarons from norwich? Also brought in Pellegrini from Roma for midfield depth. Would love to have signed Lautaro Martinez or similar but Aubameyang is still great. I do think I'll try and sell both him and Lacazette next summer
  11. Transfers - Summer 2020 Ins Max Aarons - D(R)/WB(R) from Norwich City - £47m I was looking for a long-term upgrade for Bellerin. The tactics I prefer to use involve very attacking full- backs and as a result I wanted a young, athletic right back who has high potential as well as quality in attacking and defensive areas. Maarten Vandevoordt - GK - £18,5m Long-term replacement for Leno, no brainer for a player with as much potential as he has for only £18m Lorenzo Pellegrini M(C)/AM(C) - Roma - £15m No idea why Roma let me have him for just £15m, ab
  12. Welcome to my Arsenal save, I will be posting periodic updates here. I haven't done a career posted here in nearly a decade so don't expect too much. Targets & Guidelines - Utilise academy players as much as possible - Bring in high reputation players when necessary - Work with director of football to make good value signings - Prioritise youth signings & development - Restore the club's reputation in Europe & worldwide - Financial stability through qualification for European competitions, and through selling of surplus players - Play posses
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