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  1. I had ' do not add key staff ' unticked, do i need to tick ' use fake players and staff ' too?
  2. I tried to start a journeyman save and Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia's lower league teams all start with no managers? Is this supposed to happen?
  3. is the correct download for this the one on the second post on first page?
  4. which and/or how many leagues do people tend to load at the start of this challenge?
  5. @michaeltmurrayuk Am I correct in thinking to alter the colours of the skin, the important text in the settings.xml file is just the beginning portion, this text: ? If so, I'm very confused by what the fg range(x) colours are, as well as the bg rangex are, in addition, are the "fg (colourname" simply there to define colours for the game, or would altering these alter the skin? Sorry if this is a basic question, I'm really just trying to modify the base skin with a couple of different colour schemes, mainly solarized and a pastel based scheme. Would the only values I needed to alter be from "ca
  6. Are any continental competitions included in this? Regardless, this looks great, and I'll definitely try it out for my journeyman save
  7. Thank you, one thing is I'm managing in Argentina and there are a lot of matches on sundays, is it best to just move everything over one day and then have match review/recovery on the following monday? I will try these out and let you know how it goes, thanks!
  8. Thanks, I will definitely try out this schedule along with more focused ones. Is there a reason for the match practice early on in the week? Thanks for your help!
  9. Thank you, I hadn't come across this tool in my research and it seems like something I'll definitely try out. Currently I mainly play direct, attacking football with gegenpressing, so my team fluidity is flexible/fluid, slightly more direct passing, higher tempo, run at defence, pass into space, etc, with a high line of engagement and a high defensive line and extremely urgent pressing. I would also like my youth players to be able to develop to be good on the ball too, as I also sometimes like to switch to a slightly slower, more considered possession based style with shorter passing and vari
  10. I just tried to start a right back with exceptional passing and vision on the killer balls trait, only to look it up and realise that I can't because players need to be a DM or further up the field in order to be able to learn the trait, is there a list of which positions aren't eligible to learn certain traits?
  11. Is there any way to automatically set players' training intensity to the physios' recommendations? I find that without day-to-day management of intensity, some players will develop higher injury risk, and I've found that setting training intensity to the physio's recommendations is a good way to solve this, as well as to increase the training intensity of those who are in good condition but only on half/normal intensity. I was just wondering if there is a way to automate the setting of training intensities to the opinion of the physios? Thanks
  12. Firstly I apologise for the succession of rather basic training questions posted in the forum by me, I have read quite a few training & youth development guides, and have thousands of hours across fms11-21 but I have only recently been spending a large proportion of my game time in the training menu, and am managing Vélez Sarsfield, a team with about 20 different prospects with 3.5-5* PA, so I have had a bit of trouble implementing all the advice I know. What I'd like to know is the effectiveness of training youth players with the first team squad through moving them to first-team tra
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