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  1. got dicked 3-1 and my defence looked weak as hell, even after 14 days of training it due to the international break, so not sure about it
  2. (FM17) Started with Wimbledon and got promoted in the first season to the Championship. This was quite unexpected by me and the board and as a result I've had a tiny budget for the squad and have the lowest wages in the champo.. However, I think my tactic should be working better, as I made it to deal with a relegation battle in league 1, only for it to get me promoted, so I thought it would work against better teams. The tactic gives me lots of possession (about 55% average), but my players never seem to finish our chances. As a result I went on a long streak of not scoring, although the goals have started to come in, but I'm still on a long losing streak and now the board need me to get 8 points from 5 games. Any help is appreciated
  3. I'm managing Wimbledon in FM17 and I'm 23rd in league 1 after about 15 games. I signed a pretty strong CAM on loan from Arsenal (Hinds), as well as a right back and a left back. Am I just expecting too much of my squad or is there something fundamentally wrong with my tactic? Keep in mind that Lyle Taylor (my best striker) was injured for the first 9/10 games. The only decent results I've had are the 8-2 vs Chelmsford (genuinely not sure how it happened, and the 2-1 wins over Coventry and Bradford. I usually get about 55%-60% possession and usually have more shots on target than the opposition. Should I be implementing player instructions? I've only used them rarely and have played since FM11 with success so I'm not sure if I should start using them, especially with a lower league side. Thanks
  4. Right now or tonight around 9pm to midnight!!
  5. I have literally about 1 hour experience with the editor... Will this be too ambitious for me?
  6. I'm thinking of making a club competition where each nation gets 1-3 qualification spots, then there are two knockout rounds, then group stages, then finals. However I can't figuree out how to change the rules of leagues so that they qualify for the tournament. Can anyone help?
  7. wow, forgot about this and now it's finished. Will download on the weekend ang play asap!! 1400 players is quite a feat.
  8. Norwich 2015 - FA Cup, Community shield 2016-Premier league, FA Cup 2017 - Capital one cup, FA Cup, Premier league, Champions league, community shield, uefa super cup 2018 - Premier league, FA Cup, champs league runner-up
  9. Angad Srin 10/4/97 SW/DC 5'8" good anticipation, work rate, leadership, marking bad Stamina, pace, natural fitness, agility
  10. My board have done so many facility upgrades and a new stadium, and gave me a budget of £220M (after 4xBPL)
  11. Something like this article http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26762899 http://www.uefa.com/community/news/newsid=2079553.html
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