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  1. how come I won the league cup with Birmingham first season but since my game updated I haven't qualified for the euro cup
  2. no mate I won it first season so no previous winner was english
  3. only arsenal and everton are in the seedings on the euro cup page on my club page it doesn't say im in continental competion.im bloody fuming first save ive enjoyed in a while not sure what to do now
  4. im getting sick of this game won the league went unbeaten and won the league cup with Birmingham so far so good.game updates today to the latest version load game up and im not in Europe despite my cup win the history shows won it thanks si
  5. won the league cup with Birmingham first season.game updated to latest version im not in the euro cup thans si.
  6. kroshot

    [Europe] (Official) League Specific Issues

    won the carabo cup game updated to lastest version now im not in euro cup why
  7. right finished my first season and have done something I have never done before,went the whole league season unbeaten winning 41 and drawing 5 games scoring 118 goals and letting in only 30.only 1 transfer in and out in January with maghoma leaving for Lens for 975k with young goalkeeper rossbach coming in for 300k.Juktkiewicz leading the way with 24 goals with Adams,Lookman and Gallagher all scoring over 20 during the season,this was my squad during the season gk Rossabch/stockdale rb colin/harding lb Pedersen/galloway cb dean/roberts cb Morrison cm Jota/gaudino cm kieftenbled/strand cm xadas/rossi/davis rw/cf adams/vassell cf jutkiewicz/gallagher lw/cf lookman/hinds as you can see played a 433 formation sometimes narrow sometimes wide will update transfers later Forgot to say also won the league cup vs Chelsea so European football at st Andrews next seaon
  8. my forwards are really struggling to score although im still unbeaten adams and trotta have only 7 jutkiewicz 4 and sorloth 2 any ideas how I can change this
  9. currently 12 games unbeaten top of the championship strikers not scoring loads ive got adams sorloth trotta and jutkiewicz
  10. im just about to face man city in the cup should I chane the mentality or just go for it edit changed it to balanced beat them 1-0 :}
  11. knap im playing as Birmingham the season preview says I should finish 8th I like to use 442 or 424 which one would be best for top 10 side also need a good SUS tactic cheers
  12. im playing as Birmingham so limited in options got adams who can play as an inside forward bogle and jutkiewicz as forwards but looking for a new one what type do you think these two are both target man type
  13. like the look of this tactic might try playing with two pressing forwards just as a change if cant get a goal