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  1. is there another update coming with the promotions and relegations and the players that have been released
  2. i am trying to get a work permit for ísak bergmann jóhannesson as he fails one ,but i dont see how he is rejected for one,he is born in sutton coldfield in england is this a bug
  3. done it by adding a team to the top division
  4. can you explain how to do this im not very good doing this kind of stuff cheers
  5. it wont verify the league in the editor due to not enough teams in the league saying it needs 12 teams but showing only 11
  6. can anyone from si fix the gibraltar league for the new patch
  7. hi knap looking for a good 442 for newly promoted birmingham side used a 442 wide diamond to get promoted media prediction 17th what would you suggest
  8. got started on my yearly birmingham save (my club)so far no crashes which have bugged me in the past.saving my game weekly so if it does crash i havent lost loads. So here goes,looked at the squad which Karanka had left and it looked slow and old no dynamism at all,so first of all overhauled the backroom staff , the first transfer window was going to be a busy one so i saw that the the midfield had was a problem so out went Toral 2m to Schalke,Davis 500k to San Jose,Kieftenbeld to Ascoli for 500k,Clayton to Vancouver for 325k and McEachran to Aberdeen in a swap plus cash.also noticed we
  9. alen halilovic just signed for birmingham in real life (my team) looking forward to seeing how he does.ricky jade jones at peterborough looks like a good prospect 18 acc 18 pace
  10. i`m thinking of signing him for my birmingham side when the full game comes out teaming him up with leko.got him on loan on the beta already got 5 goals
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