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  1. Thanks for all the help you give with the PCs, I'll give my support to this before the end of the month
  2. And thanks for stepping in and posting that message. As you know we all want FM to be the best it can and hopefully the feedback in this thread helps the people at SI to notice some of the ways they haven't got it quite right and can improve. The only reason we care so much is because you've been able to make a game that we've come to love. Looking forward to what should be more transparent decision making - particularly when its about longstanding feature requests and bugs.
  3. Great post, and its the same with me, most of my game time has been testing long term saves, which unfortunately aren't viable.
  4. It really is a shame but I feel exactly the same way. Also if anyone has seen Rashidis recent video about FM where he offers constructive criticism I really agree there too. The one big flaw that encompasses nearly all the flaws: SI add new features to the game that have multiple bugs and don't get round to fixing them as they are deemed low priority. This happens every year and it means that you end up with a game with a growing amount of bugs that are never fixed. One simple example: the stats in the game are inconsistent and its been like this since at least FM17, thats 6 years. Please SI communicate with us better so that we understand why this happens. We honestly want to understand why features like earrings are added to the game (and are buggy and we can't even see during gameplay), while we have bugs to interactions, promises, stats, and more that aren't fixed. We love what this game has been and can be, but we can see flaws that are getting worse year on year, and it's making a significant part of your core fanbase unhappy. I understand that the reason is likely a commercial one, you have to grow your profits each year and adding features is seen as the way to grow profits, but the current trajectory of the game does not seem sustainable. Make the foundations solid and build on top of it. For me personally, if FM24 doesnt have a better set piece creator, the stats inconsistencies arent fixed or the DoF functionality isnt improved it will be very hard to justify spending money on it.
  5. Great seeing this topic is still getting lots of talk and updates. I've actually become a bit disheartened due to the way the DoF operates in the game
  6. Once you open the menu do you have to open the 'Custom views' section of the menu first? Or do they appear with the standard in-game views? If they do do you mind saying how you did this please?
  7. I disagree with this, it takes multiple clicks and moving around of the mouse to change view, which is time consuming. Custom views shouldn't be under a separate menu item to other views and there should be a shortcut to change views.
  8. Ah thats a shame! Thanks for letting me know though, do you know any other good place to put stats on a players profile on the base skin?
  9. Similar question to the above, I have replaced existing stats with new ones on the Player->Reports->Stats page. I have added "Progressive Passes" and "High Intensity Sprints". However both values appear as -1, initially I thought it was due to the formatting being wrong but that isn't the reason I don't believe. Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong here?
  10. Sorry I meant to change the stats for different stats how would we go about doing that as there are no IDs which indicate which stat each row is for
  11. Yep its "player additional stats.xml" ! I am able to swap the current stats for new ones now. Unfortunately adding more items to the table doesn't add them to the view as there isnt any space though. I thought a scroll bar would appear so I could see them.
  12. Cheers yep I just ended up finding that file as well! Do you know which xml file controls the stats panel in the image I shared?
  13. Wondering if anyone can tell me how I can add more stats to this page. I can see loads of stats panels under player/ but I cant tell which one is for this page. I was also wondering how I can find out the ids/names of the stats so I can add more?
  14. Hey keysi, this is the table but how do you know which numbers refer to which stats?
  15. Thank you very much, I added it as a selector. This will helps also loads on my journey to becoming much better at skinning. If there are any resources you used apart from the guides on this forum I'd happily have a look at them.
  16. I just had a look at your great skin that also moves the assistant feedback, but the touchline tablet has been significantly changed in your version so found it a bit difficult to understand what I should be doing with a base touchline tablet.
  17. Thanks! Do i add that snippet to 'match touchline tablet panel.xml'? Also how did you know that it references the dugout, is there a glossary/dictionary anywhere that describes that?
  18. Is it possible to add the dugout assistant feedback to the touchline tablet?
  19. I wouldn't bet on it! He will likely have another 3 to 4 years at the top level, unless he gets injuries
  20. Great work! Will be using this and will report on any bugs I find Ultimately the Head Researchers answer/report to SI and SI should be checking the quality of the work and telling them to fix these types of issues.
  21. It can be used to replace repetitive text strings, however whether this is something thats actually useful is another question. I personally don't think it would be. With significantly more development time it could be used to have conversations with the media and your players with free text input from the user. However I don't think this would be fun.
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