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  2. Everything is superb and 5 star .. also implementing goalkeeper training in my schedules ... quite often. I "cheated" as one more season showed no development and I was just confused, he was apparently much closer to full PA at the age of 19 than I thought which is 167 ... his stats just havn´t gone up because they couldn´t. He is currently at 159 CA and should have higher stats compared to other goalkeepers I have seen, he is however the only one I have checked for CA/PA. He is performing okayish though. I would think a CA 160 GK would have around 15-16 in most releva
  3. I am once again asking you to do the work and get the votes before you introduce a bill. Stop wasting everyone's time you useless fool.
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  5. Yes! I am having the same issue and it's driving me nuts! Somehow I've gotten some of them to stick, but I have no idea how. The rest just change randomly every time I leave the screen and come back. Any updates on a fix? FM 21
  6. Your coaches may have overrated his potential ability or he might be a late developer. Guess you wont know just like real life tbh
  7. And the game is throwing me a curveball at the same time. Good thing I have a bit of depth up front, but these are all established first team players that I'm losing for an extended period of time. <insert sad emoji here>
  8. Hey, I don't suppose you have a version of this that simply adds the USports teams, NCAA teams and the regional Canadian divisions, without all the other changes, and without pro/rel? I want to add as much depth as possible in the US and Canada, but don't want to add the fictional leagues and don't want to add pro/rel. Great work on this, by the way. Looks like you put in an incredible amount of effort.
  9. Haha this is brilliant! I mean Gundogan has been excellent without Kevin De Bruyne and being very aggressive with his runs. I mean his goal against spurs in real life where Ederson clears the ball over the top and he runs onto it is a great example. Sounds and seems like your Ziyech is just embracing his new role and destroying teams! I mean your Possession was probably on 62% because they kicked off so many times! That is brilliant! Look at the possession against Newcastle just after half time. That's some really impressive stuff there both keep me updated on how it's going and i
  10. Liverpool H: The game that changed the tactic. So going into this game I had some ideas that after the united game that i had tested in the cup game between the united game and this game. We are at Home and if this tactic with these tweaks are going to work I expect to do well here. Either win with some teething problems and if not win then draw with lots of positives and generally dominate the game. Changes to Tactic before the game: Now I know this looks ridiculous in hindsight. But hear me out here. To set the scene I started the save late, it's now ea
  11. Apologies for bumping an old thread. Do you get any reference to a son coming through in the youth intake previews?
  12. November First I need to say we've been plagued with injuries at the back with all three of my key CBS out. We were lucky vs Wolves. Hall with a MOTM performance won us a point, they battered us from start to end. When going more attacking we had some okay chances but nothing that could see us steal the game. And we started really well against Villa, controlled the first half, Gelhardt gave us the lead but the second half was a mess. We scored an OG within a minute, with Franco clearing the ball straight into Mnoga which went into the net, some poor defending saw Dela
  13. Season 2 I think I hate this team. Last season was fairly stress free as we won a lot of matches with no drama, this season we've been in control for large periods before doing something chaotic and conceding late on. We've dropped 6 points from winning positions which tells you everything. Lets start with the squad. Auba picked up another hip injury so he's pretty much finished. Willian is going to WBA for £10m in Jan and Guendouzi will be moved on either permanently or on loan. Brazilian wonderkid Sandry is coming in for £16m to replace the Frenchman as we are so reliant on Ceballo
  14. Is this possibly why from the get-go Rashford can't get into the England squad? He may not be having the best season for me, but he's on course for 15+ league games and I don't see any reason other than database changes for why he is cut from the first England squad and hasn't made one since. Shaw, who has been second choice for me has made the squad.
  15. Even one of the English lads has Haitian place of birth lol.
  16. Leeds Utd Youth Intake Season 1 - Look At All Of The Different Nations Lol So we have 2 x Turkmenistan, 1 x Qatar, 2 x Cameroon, 1 x Belgium, 1 Swiss a few English players We also had an Ghanian, an Liberian, an Estonian and a Bulgarian but they were rubbish.
  17. When clicking on match report this happens (see screenshot)
  18. Am I reading this wrong or the defender has more key headers than actual headers ? See screenshots.
  19. I managed to look on youtube tutorial and changed my formation to a 4-2-2-2 tactic with the instructions he recommended and I played a lot better with Man Utd against some guy who was Barcelona. I still lost but it was 3-2 up till the last minute when he scored to make it 4-2. Usually I concede 5-6 in the first half.
  20. That's a dirty move from WWE - Dark was there first....
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