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  2. I don’t think this is a bug per se, which is why I am posting here. at end of season and following successful campaign, board adjust transfer funds based on, for example Continental cup qualification, and review of vision. However, reputation of club doesn’t seem to adjust until the start of the following season (I understand why for processing etc). however, the transfer window will open some months before, and in my experience many players aren’t interested in signing / negotiating until the start of new season when the reputation has been improved and participation in continental cup confirmed. This is a tad tedious and annoying to therefore have to wait until later in summer transfer window to approach and sign a player - often missing out when they join an established club earlier in the summer. Perhaps a feature to dynamise the reputation or improve the mechanism that informs level of interest players have in signing for a club that is based on performance at in the just completed season / anticipated reputation changes for the following season. thanks.
  3. Another thing worth to note is GPU usage has apparently gone back to being very high, which makes fans of my pc very loud even outside of the matches. This was the one thing that got actually slightly better since beta, now it got worse again.
  4. 1) The previous version had the issue. 2) a) I found no evidence that professional footballers earn a different mininum wage than other professions. b) I looked up online againd and the correct amount is 79,75 pounds/week after next month (03/2020) nowadays is 75,25 https://www.biobiochile.cl/noticias/economia/tu-bolsillo/2020/02/15/el-sueldo-minimo-subira-a-partir-del-1-de-marzo.shtml Edit: Im pretty sure your HR request will be more accurate always, I was focus on tell the current amount was incorrect, but my research for the correct amount could be wrong in all cases, unless Brasil, that Im living at. Thanks for the answer!
  5. Hi - Team originally from VNL S/N has U23 / reserve team created in a later season - but no way to enter U23 league. No option to enter given (as per U18 at outset of season). No option on board/club vision or on U23 team page.
  6. In a way, yes, the game has very high potential with the ME being fixed. But I don't think we've been given any indication by SI that they will actually focus on the ME. Like I said, I've been enjoying it less year after year. It hasn't been getting better, it has been getting worse. I seriously had to ask myself how they let the 1on1 issue get so bad in the 20.2 patch. It feels like they solely focus on other gimmicks in the game rather than the ME, which is why I mentioned a bit more transparency on their end, like Paradox Interactive, may do them so good. I also know this is a two way street, as players we then have to have the commitment to engage with SI in a positive way, help them with the game, report bugs rather than just complaining. Would I be up for that? Yes, IF I felt I was getting some interaction from SI. I'm not. My concerns about this FM20 have always been swept under the carpet. Correct me if I am wrong, but I haven't really heard SI address the tactical critiques of the game properly other than trying to make excuses or just saying "it's your tactics". I've raised a million times that I think one of the biggest issues is that team morale is faaaaaaar too influential, I've made posts a lot of people have upvoted and agreed on that I thought were well explained, but SI never responds to them so what is the point? I'm posting now to vent my frustrations at "losing my religion", but I don't seriously think SI give a damn what I think about the game. Miles makes his money, gets some interviews in the paper and that's all that counts.
  7. Thanks for the save game. I've taken a look at your save and it appears there is a lack of staff in the custom DB that you are using. The save game is from Janauary 2020, has there been any staff previously displayed on these pages?
  8. @Totalfootballfan Do you take the AMC of if you get a red card mate?
  9. Ok a bit of context for something that has really irritated me and I think needs looking into. I have signed young players with great potential on long term domestic loans. They each have excellent potential and ability has grown with the stature of club during promotion campaigns, such that I renew the loan the following year. Parent club appears reluctant to offer new contract To player out on loan (Is this a bug as the player is loaned out, even though they are classed as wonderkids at this stage and appears an oversight they wouldn’t want to renew for prospect players). Player has great affinity to my club, relationship with manager and fans love him; they are a leader in dressing room due to time spent at club. i can’t offer a pre-contract deal as he is a same-nation loan. However a foreign club, with questionable prospects, swoops in and offers shocking deal to player immediately upon 6 months to go... Player accepts. Then plays crap for remainder of season as he is “looking forward to new challenge” there is no way to interact with the loan player and say, I’d love to sign you, but can you wait for 6 months where it will be possible for me to do so. however, On the other hand, if i approach most foreign-based players approaching end of contract, they would say “keeping options open Until closer to end of contract” and won’t negotiate, yet will re-sign with the club without exploring said options with me! doesnt seem reasonable that you can’t Have that convo and state intentions to sign or “promise” a contract at end of loan to the player, especially when they regard the club and manager as one of favourites... thanks!
  10. Thanks for the help, i think that i have decided to buy the XMG Fusion 15 instead as it seems, looking at your answers to others, that the i7 9750H is a decent choice.
  11. This clause will only be able to be activated if the players current club are not in continental competition or have not qualified for continental competition. Have Club Brugge qualified for Europe for the 29/30 season? Cheers, Ben
  12. Hello, In my current save, I am unable to offer a player a renewal contract, he is in his final year and would rather not lose him. He is currently playing, morale is superb, happy to stay at the club, but when I offer him a contract, it says he "has no interest in negotiating new terms at this time". And I am unable to offer anything in the wage box to begin negotiation. *I have also gone on holiday for 2 months to see if it's because I am trying to offer several times, but with no luck. He is still playing games and morale is superb.
  13. *citation needed* I see no proof that it's a small group of people. It's a narrative driven every year by a minority who want less features, but SI responded ages ago with FMT and other automation for that the folks that don't want to play the full experience. No developer is about to start dumbing down their core product on the basis of sweeping forum generalisms.
  14. I hope you guys are going to fix this soon....
  15. I forgot to include Tameze, previously. He's a loanee from OGC Nice, and more a true DM, but don't think he has the passing attributes to be a DLP either. Atalanta comes with a ton of players in the pipeline, either in their youth system or out on loan, so you might look there, but I can't think of anyone that be ready/available for the first team. If you're not making any transfers, then I'd recommend 5212 as your primary, more attacking formation. Partly because most teams in Serie A are naturally going to look to sit back against you, but also because your squad depth is better suited for it. Ilicic, Gomez, Malinovsky, and Pasalic are all fully capable in the AM strata. Whereas your options are more limited in stay-at-home defensive/support roles in the midfield strata. As you noted initially, all their midfielders want to get forward, because that's how they actually play. It can make for some fantastically entertaining football, but a challenge for setting up with a defense-first system in FM.
  16. I previously raised this early in the cycle, and unless there has been a miscommunication, what you describe is working as intended. The two groups are separate and you need to fulfil both quotas.
  17. All good points @Travis Bickle. I feel your pain, having FM essentially become like a religion for me also. What I would say is that, although there are still issues outside the ME that need a bit of adjustment to become a bit more realistic I am still amazed at times at just how realistic some AI decisions can be. For me the game gets so much right that when it gets it wrong it stands out like a sore thumb. The gameplay outside of the ME is simply superb in my opinion. As it should be. It’s had a good few years of SI love. For me overall immersion is not the issue. The issue, as you’ve stated, is the ME. The game is so close to being what we all want it to be. The next few years MUST be focused on getting the ME right. The question is do you think SI can do it? Personally I still have faith. Mainly because I’m not as upset with this current ME as most. It’s become a little sterile since the last patch. But it’s still playable, for me. But I can see how it’s a tipping point for some. It’s genuinely sad for me that many feel this way. Especially all of us who’ve had it in our lives for so long. I grew up with Star Wars. I put Jedi as my religion in the 2011(?) census. (Bit silly but who cares) Then my religion got torn to pieces and I haven’t even seen the last film, yet. Is FM really dead? I didn’t buy it for 2 years back in ... I can’t remember when, 2010, 2011? because I felt like not enough was changing. Taking a break did me the world of good with it. This doesn’t need to be the end. Keep the faith.
  18. Additional question for anyone impacted by this - do you have Football Manager and the cache folder located on different drives?
  19. Neither of these issues you have reported are happening in our regular builds. There are 24 teams in 2019/20, 23 teams in 2020/21 and 22 teams in 2021/22. Are you using editor files or third party content?
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