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  1. Hi, I am trying to follow but I think there is something I can't work out. The guide states 3 sub divisions but there are 4 and I think the missing team from League One because of bury us causing issues. Can someone help me get this working please?
  2. In FM21 editor there seems to be 4 subdivisions so its not working for me.... any ideas?
  3. Despite seeing a post closed for people not finding the editor then it appearing. I cannot. I have restarted steam. i've tried logging out. Still not showing for me please help.
  4. Can anyone confirm if this set of instructions is still the case for FM21 to add the leagues below Vanarama North and South?
  5. Hi, This is the first year I have participated in the beta and I was wondering if the amount of bugs is normal for an FM release?
  6. In recruitment meetings why can I not specify targets to be loan or end of contract? I mainly do not spend money other than agent fees. If I cannot specify this as criteria in recruitment meetings I will skip it every time.
  7. During half time team talk, if I click on a selected gesture, it deselects the gesture but does not select 'no gesture' option automatically but some of the team talk options are still greyed out until 'no gesture' is selected
  8. Don't know if this has already been mentioned (not going to read all 51 pages at this point) I love the fact that when 3 of my first team players were going to be on international duty for my teams fixture, I got a news article asking if I wanted to request a postponement. Very nice.
  9. My assistant constantly recommends pressing opposition free kick and corner takers because of their crossing ability even when they have had no open play key passes or crosses. Need to have this filtered out so that the suggestion is correct.
  10. When looking at the passing combinations the graphic hardly populates: I get this for every game past, present, half time or fulltime:
  11. Is this a bug? If it is I will move it. Under 18's of Southampton baking a multi million offer for a Watford player? Neither are my team but thought it was odd.
  12. In a match he will always say something on the lines of "we should tell the players to use direct passing". If I click "Do It", 5 mins later he will contradict that and say "we should tell the players to use short passing". I can go round and round like that all game. I just ignore him now but its really annoying.
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