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  1. This only returns results which do not have the hyphens... The search works in the tactics thread but not generally.
  2. Need help with searching this forum for topics regarding a formation. (Any formation) if i search for "4-4-2" for example I get no results. Is there a syntax I need to used to search for a formation?
  3. So if you up the mentality you'd always remove a midfield attack duty? Is this just because of the 2 in the centre with no-one in DM strata? Is there any articles on here that go into depth on this? The why and what happens if you don't?
  4. Would you drop the d-line and LOE if you notice the speed of the opposition's wide men and Strikers?
  5. This has probably been asked and answered somewhere on here but I'm too lazy to look for it. You can see some roles have some instructions on and locked like Mez or IWB. If I put all the same instructions as these on the more generic roles in this position will it behave the same or are there some programmed behaviours which are in some roles which cannot be replicated? Another example would be a BWM being copied to CM. Reason being you wanting to remove hard tackling or roaming in other roles when you dont have the players for all the hardcoded instructions....
  6. The football league has rules to this affect and the clubs have to take complaints seriously.
  7. Something really bugging me. What if all 4 teams are northern or all southern? Don't 2 go up from north and 2 from south? So 4 northern relegated does northern then increase its size by 2? I'm clearly missing something obvious.
  8. I was googling the subject and saw an SI result so thought I'd reply as no reply.
  9. Doesn't it normally state that once all games are played then and only then head to head is sorted?
  10. Your league rules states head to head is the first sort (Results between teams)
  11. Did you stick with this? How did you do come the end of the season? Excellent article. Love the Defensive shape. I might use this for shutting up shot at the end of a game.
  12. A little moan.... In all my away games all of the away fans (my teams) are wearing the away (2nd/3rd kit) shirt to match the team on the pitch. Is this happening in other peoples saves? Surely it would be mostly our home kit that the fans are wearing. I can appreciate if SI was trying to show exactly where the away fans are especially if both team play in the same colour for home kits but I can tell when we score which are fans. Also, second thing is, are our away fans always behind the goal we are shooting at for both halves? Unless mistaken?
  13. Just bought Jonny burn this season and he is such a stand out star for me in Conference National. I noticed @Rashidi brought him up to the Premier League on his Stalybridge Celtic save and for me he's been awesome. I wanted to hear any decent saves or stories people have had with him. I saw his heading ability and knew I could ping wide Free Kicks & Corners to him at the near post and he'd score plenty. Surely enough he'd been threatening in my first 3 games and in the fourth he got 2. Truely immense bargin for LLM. Cannot rate high high enough.
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