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  1. In press conferences recently when asked if one of the title contenders will win their game I select an answer to the effect of "They should win easily". I am trying to some how play mind games and get them to drop points. Does this work? Do you do this? Is there a guide to do this?
  2. Put in the under 18's then dont register them for the league or anything. At that point they normally get the message otherwise release on a free or run down the contract.
  3. I've had 2 take overs..... Once my game crashed before I could save it but recently with Leatherhead in the South Conference I was taken over by a Korean who pumped millions into the club. Problem is, my back to back promotions has my reputation very low so I either cant get players or they get me to pay them way too much
  4. I got one once and also got Man united as senior affiliate then my game crashed and it didn't happen again as I hadn't saved it
  5. Do you ever start a save in non-league... Maybe below vanarama north/south. Get to the championship and decide the premier is going to be too much hassle and losing to be enjoyable? Going from nearly playoffs one year to promotion every 2 year in every league then premier league is not as enjoyable because it's a big difference? Probably just me.
  6. When you're a newly promoted team and you start your season well but you know it wont last. Do you just play he same tactic every game or adapt slightly every game? Also if you lose do you just shrug off losses as newly promoted or do something more drastic beyond different line up?
  7. I wish I had your luck with FC United. No is interested in me whilst in the Championship unless I am buying from League Two
  8. Please teach me. I struggle compared to you. I want to understand the game as the more advanced players do. Maybe its players like me that's holding the game back in terms of difficulty but there is zero documentation. A few hints in the UI and relying on forums is not documentation.
  9. I have noticed a boost when I train set pieces, defensive and technical. I accept the opposition teams playing defensive but I wish I knew how to approach those types of games
  10. I have played with stupidly large shortlists. I have found that when you try and remove a large amount of players (5000+) the game stops you from being able to perform any other actions in the mean time whilst the game worked up to consume 8GB of RAM over 10 minutes wait. I have a high spec PC with 32GB RAM, SSD and a powerful processor. Surely It would be best to perform these tasks it's own thread? It consumes loads of memory whilst performing this task. You might be guessing by now I am a developer (not of games). I am talking from the context of FM21. If this has already been improved since FM21 then let me know.
  11. Thanks that worked! You've saved me lots of frustrating extra clicks. I dont know what I did. I did change some thing in preferences not to do with this but I think when using the mouse scroll wheel I must of hovered over that option accidentally while scrolling.
  12. Some how this is now the default screen when I view a player: Instead of: How do I change it back? I dont know what I did.
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