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  1. This sick note. He is always getting injured. He comes back from injury and instantly gets injured no matter what I do. This is mark bola. named ebola because I am a child! Please post yours
  2. Stop those deadlifting competitions!
  3. It's about to happen in my save also. No games in November, 2 in December then a mad rush to the end.
  4. Thanks, I dont actually have issues with the offside trap but I will look at the wing focus. Why would that TI be causing me issues?
  5. Hi, I am 4k under my wage budget in League One, I limit bonuses in contracts as much as I can and I rarely allow appearance fees. I think perhaps that the mandatory stadium expansions haven't helped much (League minimum capacity rules). In our first 2 seasons (Conference League & National League) we were making lots of money. Actually totaling 2 million. What else can I control to stop us losing money or our the smallest clubs always going to lose money?
  6. I find you can get these spells with a large amount of players coming in. Usually if the tactic is creating good chances the dynamics can sort this out once high.
  7. I have a few scenarios I'm trying wrap my head around and i was wondering if people could steer me in the right directions. Background context if it helps: back to back promotions from Conference north to league one. predicted last this season but sitting in 3rd with 16 games left. Here is a tactic I'm using in the save: 4-2-3-1 : Cautious/Balanced Higher LOE, Higher DL Counter, Regroup, Distribute Quickly, Distribute to FB Play out from back PF(a) IF(s) AM(s) W(a) DLP(d) BTB FB(a) CD CD FB(s) SK(s) Scenario 1: Scout report shows an Opposition overload of roles IF(s), WB(a) & DLP to come down my right side (Winger side). I don't know if you I should alter my tactic to deal with this. i was thinking of switching the DLP to that side of the pitch but wasn't sure if I would now need to rebalance the the tactic around this and thus take some attacking threat out of my system. ****I'm not sure if that fact that the opposition is Fluid/Structured or what mentality they tend use in the scout report is going to help here **** Scenario 2: Similar to scenario 1 but this time with a WB bombing down my right side but instead wanting to exploit that space using pass into space towards that winger and maybe moving the DLP over help defend the wing. Scenario 3: The opposition rock up with a narrow 4-3-3 (faced at least 5 teams this season doing this), I usually go to Cautious mentality, hit early crosses and make my wide players use PI mark tightly but don't quite know the best way to exploit their wide areas. I'm more afraid of the quick counter to their front 3.
  8. How do you deal with an Opposition WB who keeps getting high up the pitch and getting the ball? I was thinking maybe putting my wide AM on his side on attack to keep him down the pitch? Not sure. Looking for general advice.
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