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  1. Are there some of you who are putting off or skipping FM20 altogether in favour of finishing an FM19 save?
  2. Just curious, what do assign chief data analyst and data analyst to do. I can see that you would assign one of them to analyse opposition but what would you assign the other todo?
  3. I just tried offering the current Chief and lower role and he outright locked down the contract role to chief so i think that answers the question. It is possible but only if the current employee agrees. Which he does not. I'll just hire the other as the lower role as it looks like he doesn't mind.
  4. I'm trying to bring in some better staff. I have a chief Data analyst who I want to move into the lower Analyst role because I want to offer a contract to an interested better analyst to become the chief role. Is this shuffle easy to do? My current Chief's contract is about to expire...
  5. March, not great but others have not gained any ground on us:
  6. How does your dealing with transfer budget compare with your dealing with your own money? I'm a tight arse in both aspects. I know it's not technically your money and it isn't real but I think this is interesting.
  7. Feb: dropped points but Barnsley have dropped more:
  8. So these are the actual values they are not screened until they returned. Thanks
  9. I have 4 young players on loan. They all have some step gains in attributes (nearly vertical arrows). I can't view the gains in attributes. Am I seeing the current true value of the attributes or is this frozen until the player returns?
  10. I have met expectations In the cup already and my league expectations should be safe as a recently promoted but I'd rather go for promotion.
  11. In my save I am in League One. Sitting top of the table as a newly promoted side coming to the end of January. We have drawn Tottenham in the FA Cup 4th Round. We have won 10 out our last 11 games (League and Cup competitions). Should I accept defeat and send out a fully rotated side so not to damage morale and our run or do we wait to see if a rotated side will face us and play a full strength to try and cause an upset?
  12. December: Was really disappointed to lose to Barnsley in 85 minute. Was an even game. I failed to react to them changing to a narrow formation. Got to the 4th round of the FA Cup knocking out struggling Rotherham from the Championship. Drawn Tottenham at home in next round.
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