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  1. Just bought Jonny burn this season and he is such a stand out star for me in Conference National. I noticed @Rashidi brought him up to the Premier League on his Stalybridge Celtic save and for me he's been awesome. I wanted to hear any decent saves or stories people have had with him. I saw his heading ability and knew I could ping wide Free Kicks & Corners to him at the near post and he'd score plenty. Surely enough he'd been threatening in my first 3 games and in the fourth he got 2. Truely immense bargin for LLM. Cannot rate high high enough.
  2. True but seems alot of work to produce both the engine and the actual game on top. Kudos SI!
  3. Surely they used a graphics library and didn't reinvent the wheel
  4. What graphics engine does si use? Unreal?
  5. I was looking for players on the loan list for my Conference national team. This player came in. I think he'd be a great BPD or maybe something else. Just weird that he has great marking. Any comments? Bolton will not be happy about my plans haha.
  6. If you have a player who has the get further forward trait do you dial back their mentality to accommodate this? For example lets say I have a Mezzala with this trait. Usually when playing cautious for a player who does not have this trait I would put him on an attack duty meanwhile on a positive mentality I would give him a support mentality. With this trait would you keep him on support for both these mentalities? Another example would be a full back with this trait. The other full back on the other wing let say doesn't have this trait but you ideally want them to both get forward the same amount would this be balanced with a support on the other full back and defend on the one with the trait?
  7. Up to what league would you keep to a 4-4-2?
  8. I am just analysing my teams last match. A 1-0 win with an unconvincing long range goal. We created some good chances and limited them no decent chances. I was looking at our passes intercepted and there does not seem to be any distinction within the events between clearances and actual passes, Most of the 'clearances' were headers which went a decent distance away but just so happened to be picked up by the opposition but I don't think there was a player that my player intended to 'pass' to. I would like to be able to filter these out without having to watch every missed pass by defenders. Also, It would be great to be able to dive into why a player did what he did. I.E if it was in relation to an instruction for the team or player for example I had 'Pass into space' on which made defenders try to play through balls. I Think the data should be able to tell you why the player did what they did. A manager would be able to ask the player why and be able to have a reason of: Player panicked, clearance, instruction: pass into space, Player instruction or player trait.
  9. Or pretending not to see their number come up for a substitution and face the other direction.
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