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  1. Does the pre game editor allow you to set tactical familiarity for a player? Reason for this is I want to test out at what point certain player roles behave exactly as instructed.
  2. What is the attribute threshold for playing this type of football? It's useful to know when your climbing up the leagues and want to eventually start playing better football. At what point do defenders stop ignoring short passing instructions and hoofing it even when there is a clear pass.
  3. I believe it is. You still get the crowds but not the budgets.
  4. He points out that an opposition player has taken a knock and suggests that we sub him! The opposition player!
  5. Thanks. Looking at the overlap instruction, it instructs players to hold onto the ball and wait for the overlap. I don't want to wait for it. I'd prefer to use it when it is there. Would instructing the Fullback to stay wider be better?
  6. If a tactic is set to play narrower, will a fullback on attack still naturally overlap an inverted winger on support or is the look for overlap required to encourage more? If the overlap instruction is required will this not slow down the pace?
  7. You can only now view this at half and full time now. There's a button on one of the halftime screens to view it. I was so disappointed that this was taken away from during the game.
  8. Hello, Playing as Aberdeen. We are the 3rd best team in the league. we only seem to struggle against Rangers and Celtic as you can imagine. So as the title suggests, we play a 4-2-3-1. I am not sure is it is wise to play as the tactic is set up because of the top-heaviness of the formation naturally. I'm playing it with highest DL and stand LOE to compact vertically. I also defend narrow. The way I see it, the DLP provides enough defensive stability and allows the FB to get safely forward and both should and do link up nicely with the IW. Basically I want to be able to use the analysis tool to look at the opposition, see how they play, what side they overload on, where their attack roles are and be able to: 1) Control space. 2) Attack space 3) Target the oppositions vulnerable areas This brings me onto my next match.... Celtic. They are the best in this league and is the only one of the big 2 I cannot beat. I don't know how to approach them other than to play with a cautious mentality. maybe employ a man marking system? play 2 DM's and drop the CAM back to a CM? Here's the analysis and I've checked it tends to be the same through their games: With & Without the ball: Pass Combos (I think the graphic for this is broken so not included):I I will be studying their set pieces and changing my setup to accommodate. How could i approach? Is there anything I could do better with the general tactic also.
  9. Hello, Just been promoted but want to try want to win the title. I often get these performance drop offs after success. Is there anything I can do?
  10. custom logos and kits yes but why would that mean that 3 players would be different colours than the rest of the team?
  11. Aberdeen vs St Johnstone. Suddenly in the second half there are 3 players in yellow on the pitch. Their goal keeper is still between the sticks and wearing pink and is not in the picture.... Someone tell me how or what has happened here?
  12. I think he's just had a good first season and took off second season. i gave him alot games and I play him in a twin Advanced Forward pair and he bullies defenders, brings the ball down, turns them and absolutely skins them.
  13. I bought him first season promoted to League Two. He was a National League player. He got 36 League goals in League Two and 50 league goals in League one yes 50 league goals. His season total is 53 and we still have 6 games left and he is constantly improving! I think its a combination of his Pace, Acceleration, Strength, Decisions, Off the ball and work rate. I know thats most of it for a good striker but 50 LEAGUE GOALS???? I've never had a striker perform like this! Is it just my save?
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