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  1. Absolute Magic, keysi Transformed a clunky and horrendously designed interface to something very similar to FM17, which I loved. The matchscreen mods work a treat- I have finally gone back to something like the match screen I had in FM12. Can't thank you enough!
  2. God I have wanted something like this for years...to be honest it's one of the reasons I've slowly gone off the game. Every year I log in to this forum around the same time to see the (inevitable) new set of features with each new iteration of the game, and although some have captured my imagination (2010's league editing and creation was a big one for me) nothing has really grabbed me as much as this would. As a result, I personally have slowly trailed off... The game feels so STATIC. There is no way that the league structures throughout the world would be completely identical in 2116 as they would be in 2016. Why not have (as a selectable option at the start of the game, if needs be) a league 'evolution' option, where over time say the Premier League may drop to an 18 team competition, or become 4 up/4 down, based on the success or not of promoted sides? Why not have some evolution in terms of the Champion's League- addition or removal of group stages (like there was in the early 2000s with the second round group stage)? Even crazier, rumours in your inbox of a breakaway European Super League, and then finally being implemented in the 2030s (but of course being totally random). Anything just to keep some fluidity to the game, rather than just being the 2015-16 season over and over and over again. I understand this would be very difficult to code, but surely some simple things like foreigner rules, points for a win, wouldn't be too difficult.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Ultimate Soccer Manager, Football Manager 3 (the 1992 one), Premier Manager, etc. It's kitschy, it's cliched, it's done. The other suggestions have been great. Anything that is text-based only, I'm interested. One you start stuffing around with graphics and pictures (not including the matches themselves), you start crossing over into something cartoony I can play on my phone on a bus.
  4. Southend United would inevitably become an unstoppable force in English football, regardless of who you went as. Season 1 would win Division 1, and within two seasons would be Premiership champions. One of my defining memories of USM 2 96-97.
  5. Awesome. Looks really well done. Look forward to more regional databases!
  6. Keep getting "Steam Workshop Error Code 2", so can't download. Looks interesting but.
  7. One thing I really wish was editable was the start date of the game...it would make these dbs just so much more playable IMO. Surely it can't be that difficult to implement?
  8. I'd be almost certain this would be the case- based on reputation just like promotion to the playable English leagues.
  9. Just to clarify why is everyone debating what the FA Cup will be renamed to? Was it previously licenced and the hence the name FA Cup could be used, or has there been a change since last year that I am unaware banning the use of the term 'FA Cup'?
  10. I notice you've started with one of the English Lower League dbs...did any other very lower league team (ie one starting in Tier 8 or lower) follow your success? I notice Almondsbury in L2 for example.
  11. Sorry if its been asked, I've read the guides and still quite don't get it.... I am fiddling around with a pre-existing "superleague" style database (for my own personal use) whereby the original creator has a standalone league consisting of 16 clubs. What I want to do is split the comp into two divisions on 8, with a one-up-one-down system between them. Do I need to delete the original comp and start over, or can I edit it to create the two divisions?
  12. Great job! Simple question (it's been driving me nuts as I'm quite a noob at the editor lark), I want to modify your file for my own personal use... I'd like the league split into 2 divisions, each of 8, with everyone playing one another 4 times. There's be two up and down between the two tiers...if anyone could put up a version with these features (with OP's approval of course), or at least indicate how I could do it myself within the editor (ie do I need to delete the comp and start afresh?), it'd be greatly appreciated!
  13. Silly question and forgive me if it's been asked, but is there an ability to change the starting date to 2013? I doubt there would be but it's worth a try.
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