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  1. @Davehanson, how did you only get 10m for Rooney in the second season?!
  2. What is Tiago Casasola like IRL? Any good? Assuming you watch Argentinian football
  3. So just finished my 8th season. Won the League, Champions League (Third time in a row), Capital One Cup, Club World Championship, Euro Super Cup and the Community Shield. Only thing I didn't win was the FA Cup, where I got a unlucky draw with Man City (A) early on and lost 2-1. I'm an avid believer in using heavy squad rotation in my team and i'm pretty happy with my goal return from my forwards despite the rotation, looking back at it it looks like I didn't rotate the forwards that much but it felt like I was. So Baumann, 45 starts with 7 sub apperances, returning 34 goals and 14 assists. Pickering, 26 starts with 21 Sub appearances, returning 25 goals and 11 assists. Garcia, 35 starts with 4 sub appearances, returning 29 goals and 4 assists. lancu, 32 starts with 11 sub appearances, returning 9 goals and 22 assists. Thats Garcias first season in England, after I decided to part with a huge sum of 61m to get him off Real Madrid, with Luciano Vietto going the other way a few days after for 23m or something close. Hoping to make a few signings now in the summer, eyeing up a French right back at Lyon who is fantastic and theirs a Portuguese CM at SLB I got my eye on. Might try to offload Will Hughes and Juan Fernando Quintero to make room
  4. Epic Semi Final match up with Chelsea, 2-0 first leg and go to Stamford Bridge for the away leg, 2-1 up at halftime and 4-1 on agg then my team come out at half time playing like a League One side, gave me a scare when Caulker banged in there 4th. Win on away goals after it is 4-4 on agg. Got Barca now in the Final at Old Trafford I should also win the League and hoping to hit 100 points.
  5. Nice buy with Vietto Steve, bought him myself after he was banging them in for fun in Brazil, sold him on now but made great profit on him and he gave me two great seasons. He cost me 7.5m and I sold him for 23m as I knew he wouldnt get games for me with my regens breaking through
  6. This Oscar Pickering is turning into the next 'Baby Faced Assassin' , 66th minute sub.
  7. I'm no tactic expert but if I was playing a SS in AMC I'd have a poacher/advanced forward and a deep lying forward combo up top not a F9, in fact I wouldnt even play a SS when I have two up top, just set up your 3 man midfield sensibly and use the the AMC as an advanced playmaker. Goalkeeper - Goalkeeper Defend (Distribute to defenders, pass it shorter) RB - Full Back Automatic (Shoot less often, cross more often) CD - Central Defender Defend CD - Central Defender Defend LB - Full Back Automatic (Shoot less often, cross more often) RCM - Box to Box Midfielder Support (Get Further Forward) CM - Central Midfielder Defend LCM - Deep Lying Playmaker Support (More Direct Passes) CAM - Advanced PlayerMaker Support (Dribble More, Roam from Position) STCR - Advanced Forward / Poacher STCL - Complete Forward Attack Control - Fluid Short Passing, Pass into space, Drill Crosses, run at defence, exploit the middle, play wider, push higher up, stand off opponents, stay on feet, higher tempo Obviously you chop and change certain things depending on who you're coming up against, but I will always start with that exact set up for every home game
  8. New kid on the scene at Old Trafford, Oscar Pickering, Strong pacey striker. Come through my youth intake in 2015/2016 season and I never really took notice of him. Sent him out to Norwich on loan in 2018/2019 for a 2 million pound season long loan, managed 6 goals in 31 apperiances, made two sub appearances for me then in 2019/2020 before going on Loan to my feeder club Sunderland for a season where he made 19 appearances and scoring 13 goals. Given him a few sub appearances this season to test him out and hes done ok, 10 goals in 10 sub appearances and I just gave him his first start against Fulham in the league and scores a first half hatrick and setting up two goals, all in the first half. Hoping to try and squeeze abit more potential out of him before he turns 23/24 now hes got my attention. Maybe not a player with United ability but perfect impact sub
  9. Hes great yeah, got a tasty long shot on him aswel, scores some screamers from outside the area alot!Just agreed to sell my young right back to PSG for 41.5m, I have a strong feeling hes very injury prone, seems to get injured alot so I can do without that. The bit I found funny was I kept him down on a 21k a week wage and PSG just come in and give him a contract worth 240k a week!! He said he was moving to benefit his family financially haha!!
  10. Scott, do you score alot from corners or something, always seems that Evans or Doria scores for you
  11. Had to stump up 42m for him in third or fourth season but hes been worth it.
  12. Meh Chelsea ended my 39 game win streak with a last second strike , I shouldnt have played Murphy left back as he made two mistakes for two of there goals, fined him a week wages for giving me a 4.9 performance.... Took that dissapointment out on Everton the next game then, love beating Everton.
  13. I have all them + Jaap Stam as a coach, RVP as a coach, Rio Ferdinand as Under 21 Assistant Manager and Vidic as a coach