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  1. Long season for these four lads Looking back I actually got incredibly lucky with injurys to the attacking part of the squad, just 1-2 days here and there nothing major
  2. Hmm possibly yeah I let my Assistant deal with that, but that doesnt explain that stupid behaviour from Shaw?
  3. I have my team instructions as close down much less, Shaws individual instructions are ease off tackles and Close down Much less yet this is happening over and over again? Following the bloody ball. Its just just Shaw its my Right back aswel Bernado Silva picks the ball up here, fair enough, Shaw goes towards him. Bernado sprays out out to the left Wing, and Shaw just runs straight over there for some reason?! Three players have now tried to chase the ball, left N'zonzi unmarked at the edge of the box and Bernado SIlva is now free aswel because Shaw has ran all the way out of position
  4. I went abit crazy with transfers after the first season, I feel like I need to share First season I won the League by 3 points and beat Athletico in the Champs League final 3-1. I'll put my first season transfers in there aswel. Had unsettled Kane for like 6 long months, had my Head scout watching him every game, come the summer I still had to fork out 115m for him and I then went abit mad and paid 138m for Dybala which is abit insane but I honestly dont think I could have got him for anything less. Sold Martial because I simply dont use Wingers and I never have, Darmian went because hes not good enough, Phil Jones and Fellani the same and Rojo I never had a place for. Chiellini and Vidal have been a revelation for me League table looks like this so far, I have FOUR games in hand over city as I had to go and attend the Club World Cup, Slow start to the season lost to Everton Away, Arsenal away and Bournemouth away. Easiest group stage i've ever had, didnt concede a goal. These four seem to be doing everything so far, Dybala is magical, never afraid to run with the ball and picks out passes no one else would. I think this is my strongest line up, i've blooded James Wilson, Axel Tuanzebe and Fosu-Mensah in this season who are all getting there fair share of games.
  5. Verby

    FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    Just come across these two, Need to try and get Tornatore early to get the determination up ASAP.
  6. Watford literally lead my league in the first season all the way until the last four games where they had a 3 point lead and crumbled and lost there last four games, Troy Deeney played superhuman for them, leagues top scorer. Bought Harry Kane in my second season, 5 games in he already has 10 goals.
  7. Verby


    Can anyone tell me if i'm going to get a hard Brexit, I'm thinking yes but not 100% sure if theres different possibilitys, i'd rather just dump this save now because I really dont want to play with a hard Brexit on this FM. Sorry about the crap first picture. edit; holidaying now to the announcement to see what happens Ok it ended up like this,
  8. @axehan1Did you give Aaron a go before loaning him out?
  9. Doing alright at the moment, conceded one in 5 games and that was to Arsenal away, still sticking with my 4312 formation. Probably the strongest team I can field for now, going to make big changes in the summer. Maybe Pogba is abit wasted at DLP but Doucoure has been awesome for me as a BBM. I recommend Vidal to anyone looking for a RB, hes bloody awesome and whips in a great cross all the time. Thats my home formation, I change the CWB's to FB Support away and change accordingly
  10. Beat Huddesfield 4-0 away and Beat Spurs 2-0 at home my only League games of the season, has alot of tweaks to be made but always had successful saves with this formation on previous FMs. Did lose 3-0 to Madrid though in the Cup, I found it almost impossible to stop them spraying the ball around the pitch no matter what I changed, there team is godly on this FM. Lukaku has 4 League goals in 2 games so far, hopefully he keeps it up.
  11. Just now started my first save on FM18. Avid United save player in previous FMs. Sold Jones and Fellani to Chelsea and Some Chinese Outfit. Brought in, Chiellini, Aleix Vidal, Abdoulaye Doucure and I might go for Stefano Sturaro from Juve, hes available for 6.5m.. Got 18m left in the kitty, might go for the Espanyol LB that someone mentioned, I have a feleing his agent will take the **** though. Playing a 4312 like I always do, never been a fan of wingers on FM!
  12. Those are some good signings, well done. Keep Jones, Fellani, Lingard and Schneiderlin IMO. Jones can play CB, RB, DM and CM. Fellani can play a variety of roles from CM.
  13. I play Retain Possesion in all my 3 tactics i've made and currently using and in my last 65 games ive only lost 5.. I find at home, I find at home especially, with Retain possesion on the other team dont stand a chance of getting the ball for long.
  14. So what do you actually do if you dont make your own tactics, just put the players in the set positions? Sounds boring to me and I wouldn't feel accomplished playing like that, each to there own though.
  15. Love beating these lot in there own back yard,