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  1. Those are some good signings, well done. Keep Jones, Fellani, Lingard and Schneiderlin IMO. Jones can play CB, RB, DM and CM. Fellani can play a variety of roles from CM.
  2. I play Retain Possesion in all my 3 tactics i've made and currently using and in my last 65 games ive only lost 5.. I find at home, I find at home especially, with Retain possesion on the other team dont stand a chance of getting the ball for long.
  3. So what do you actually do if you dont make your own tactics, just put the players in the set positions? Sounds boring to me and I wouldn't feel accomplished playing like that, each to there own though.
  4. Love beating these lot in there own back yard,
  5. Ahh right I see lol, I just had a look at him and hes actualy got pretty good stats
  6. Yeah Rashford is a god playing in the poachers role for me when I drop ICardi (Managed to get Rashford up top 20 Acceleration somehow), i'm a man for Rotation though and my 4 Strikers are, Lacazette, ICardi, Rashford and Martial, Icardi is playing alot better this season, fluent in the language might have helped I suppose, he has 6 goals in 7 Games in the League, over half of what he got last season in the League.
  7. It says in the photo hes on False Nine training and hes playing him as an IF on the Left in his previous photo.
  8. I picked ICardi over him even though I love Morata in real life as a player and I regret it, can't get ICardi going at all, i'll give him this season and see what he does and at the same time I have successfully unsettled Dybala so hopefully I can get him for 'Cheap' at the end of the season. I expect abit more from an Advanced Forward/Poacher
  9. The old trusted 4312 starting to work out for me, somehow blew a 3-0 Lead in the FA Cup final, two outrageous mistakes from my CBs, it looked like they wanted to throw the game in the second half ive never seen anything like it before. Saurez set piece hat trick in the first half against me in the Quarter finals at Old Trafford, almost broke my keyboard in that game. I went 2-0 up at Camp Nou and was thinking this is it I need one more then they scored 3 all in the space of 20 minutes near the end. Alexandre Lacazette scoring for absolute fun playing as a F9.
  10. wrong post in wrong topicsorry ive deleted it
  11. This just happened, going to have to go in for a Left Back now..
  12. I almost bought him in the second season but went for João Cancelo instead, he was cheaper. His crossing is abit low for me as I dont play with wingers, good work rate though and he can play Defensive Midfield AND Central Midfield well. Have a look at João Cancelo, great alternative and hes only 24 and im in my third seasson now.
  13. Lining up like this in my Third Season, exciting. Sold a 29 year old Mata for 30m and got James Rodriguez for 65m
  14. Yeah he has Beat The Offside Trap and Move into Channels, just taught him Play one twos, hoping that will spark something more in the Final third with him aswel. Hoping he starts giving me 55m pounds worth. He just redeemed himself for me, scored an amazing Solo goal and then set up Martial for a win over The Scousers.