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  1. @scotty-corkcityfc As @Brother Ben said, if you don't have an assistant manager, every player would show as "extremely interested" automatically even though they might not be. Hop e that helps
  2. I also have a similar problem. Our team, Mol Fehervar was scheduled to do a friendly camp for 10 days in August somewhere in Hungary. Coincidentally, on the penultimate day of the camp we were scheduled to play a Champions League qualifier in Cyprus. The game thinks that after the game, when we travel back to Hungary, we have to go to the training camp before returning to Fehervar. That seems weird to me as you should probably go home straight after the game since the training camp is ending?
  3. My winger, Andrey Mostovoy, was demanding a wage I didn't think he deserved and with one year left on his contract was transfer-listed. However, he is still a important member of my team and he does get some playing time. I started him on the right wing today in a 3-1 win against Puskas Akademia (I'm Mol Fehervar), and he got an assist and a 7.0 rating but the media thought he was left out of the team. Some pictures to prove that: The media saying he was left out But he clearly played... i have uploaded the game Journey around Europe.fm saved just before the match
  4. I also had this issue as well, both with custom files running and with the vanilla game. Unfortunately I don't think I had any saves but I will keep an eye out for this in the future.
  5. @warviv this happens to me also but it usually changes back to whatever your relationship was on its own, so you don't need to worry about it. It might be quite annoying for some but nothing gamebreaking imo. Hope that helps
  6. There is instructions on how to upload, i've attached it below https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/
  7. This is a bug that had been around for a few months According to the SI Staff if you use the arrows to select the value or press enter after entering the value it will be fine Hope that helps
  8. Ok I might have misunderstood. In that case this might be a bug and it is worth posting on the bugs forum. Just upload your save to the SI Cloud and let them have a look.
  9. I think it will change because it only said "disappointed" which means they are not happy about you not being in the Euro Cup 2 spots currently. If it said "failed" that means they know you have no chance of qualifying. Hope that helps
  10. I think when you negotiate your contract with the team you want to take over it says the date. Hope that helps.
  11. If he can be signed for compensation there should be an Approach to Sign button instead of Contract Offer, and in the Approach to Sign button it tells you how much you need to pay.
  12. Yes in quite a lot of countries you need to pay a compensation fee, I had this in Finland, Slovakia and Slovenia too. I don't think so because I am in Slovakia now and I had to pay £40-50K compensation to sign a player based in Czech no matter the age (I bought one youngster and a 30 year old)
  13. I remember someone from SI stating that in View-Only or unloaded leagues only the top teams will rehire managers and not the others so it is working as intended. However I agree that this is unrealistic and needed to be changed ASAP as it just ruins the realism got from playing this game, especially in continental games where you might play games against unloaded teams.
  14. I have also experienced this with my European Journeyman save Unfortunately I haven't found a workaround and I just started a new save Also just to note I only used the vanilla game with no league addons or fmf files but did have graphic pics
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