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  1. What a brilliant performance from Rooney, England have played well but not fantastic tonight.
  2. Suarez: Hero or Villain?

    I voted villian
  3. I hope so, it was most inappropriate and would be a shame if he had a one match ban then come back for the final to score the winning goal. PS I thought that he should have been in the dressing room after being sent off. PPS Did he celebrate with his team mates after the match?
  4. What a match and Gyan missing his third penalty of the tournament I'm nervous and England aren't playing, it was such a shame Gyan missed that penalty.
  5. This match has livened up after the dour first quarter of the game, Uruguay seem to be on top.
  6. Maybe they will after Blatter's comments today.
  7. There was no touch from the Portuguese player on the Spanish number 11. That has to rank as one of the worst referring decisions of this world cup, I hope Portugal appeal this and FIFA accept the referee made a mistake.
  8. What a disgrace yesterday's performance was.
  9. So its England Germany in the second round, if we play a bit better than we did tonight we can beat the Germans, as Serbia have done it but it will be hard. I thought Gerrard was very disciplined in his left role today, if we can play like that we have a good chance.
  10. Advert Curse

    You have just lifted that from any issue of Private Eye where they do this.