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  1. I have updated my iMac and I can't operate Steam as it is a 32 bit version, do they have a 64 bit version? https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208436
  2. I keep getting notes to say that Steam 32 bit is going to be phased out and I should upgrade to Steam 64 bit but I don't see anywhere to upgrade it.
  3. I am trying to download an English lower league database on my new iMac and I am not sure where I should be saving the downloaded file.
  4. Thanks KUBI, I don't seem to be able to double the RAM on the Currys offer, but I can when I buy it from Apple. I will have to visit the stores in town to ask them about it.
  5. I have been off the forums for a few years, I haven't played FM in a couple of seasons on my iMac as my current needs replacing and I haven't got round to it but with it being a new year I decided the time was right to upgrade. I am looking at buying a new iMac, I have looked at the Football Manager Website and it says the minimum requirements don't mention an operating system by name. I have looked at iMacs at Currys online I found this one https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/apple-imac-5k-27-2017-10165820-pdt.html, would this be suitable. Please can I have some advice, thanks in advance.
  6. What a brilliant performance from Rooney, England have played well but not fantastic tonight.
  7. 1. When you have a healthy bank balance the board should allow you to pay more to your coaches. 2. Improve player interaction it was better than before but it still isnt perfect, you cant praise a member of your playing staff in private. 3. Have an option in team talks to say assistant manager take that team talk. 4. Be able to talk to the players before pens. 5. Have more options in team talks. 6. Have more options when having conversations with AI managers, it can get a bit repetitive as the same options come up again in conversation with the same manager.
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