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    [French] Issues in French Translations

    Hi, maybe a translation issue there, for the button "recruteur-superviseur" in the bottom of the screen. In english it's "scout" > so maybe it should be in french > superviser? Je pense qu'il y a un soucis de traduction, le bouton recruteur-superviseur qu'on voit en bas de l'écran et sur le filtre sur le côté droit de l'image, ça devrait plutôt être simplement superviser.
  2. I have the issue also, reported here, they are looking at it:
  3. I'm managing Olympique Lyonnais in France, I know B team like in spain act differently for example, but in this case, it's a reserve squad. I'm asking because the message say we can move players from U19 and reserve squad, but only propose to move U19 players. Edit: try with another team (Kaiser Chiefs in South Africa) and I have the option to move players from the reserve squad to the first team training units.
  4. CWaka

    [Brazil] Data Issues

    Hi, not a data issue but something you might want to add for a futur patch. Hope it helps. Cris (ID: 3301196), based in Brazil is looking for a job as assistant manager in L1 & L2 in France. He's doing a lot of interview in France and showing himself. source:
  5. Hi, is that normal I can't move my players from my reserve squad to my first squad training groups? I have the option to move U19 players but not the reserve squad, is that normal? thanks.
  6. Thank you for your answer. In a sense, is it working the same way as learning a PPM via training? Because I did try, to teach for example, "dictate tempo" to one of my keeper, although my GK coach said it was a bad idea and that was probably not going to work, I was still able to get him to train him for that. Because for me via training I can ask to learn any PPM to any players. So yeah, there is a message saying it's bad and won't work but we can still try for it. So is it the same via mentoring? It could be pass but same as training, it would probably fail due to what you explain (player positions + attributes not suitable). (hope I'm clear enough).
  7. I'm asking myself also if PPM can be pass on players that aren't on the same position? For example, my assman will make a group with 1 left back, two central defender and a midfielder, is there a chance the PPM of the "leader", "dive into tackles" is pass on my mildfielder? Or in this case, it's most likely it will be a personnality influence? I ask that because my assman is making groups of players that aren't in the same position (he did another on with 2 rights back and 2 midfielder). thanks for the answer.
  8. Hello, I wanted to change and update the frequency of injuries in the pregame editor, and in some injury the field occurence ratio can't be modified to the value we want. I only get the issue with 7 injuries out of the 114 in the database. It's seems the value of theses 7 injuries are outside the range allowed. So we can't really put the value we want for theses injuries. ID of injuries with the issue: ID 6 ID 100 ID 104 ID 106 ID 108 ID 110 ID 111 Hope I'm clear enough. And maybe we can have more range to include the value already in the game.
  9. CWaka

    [France] Data Issues

    Hello, Cheikh received a little boost, nothing huge, but just enough to be around Jordan Ferri level (and to become the number 4 in the middle after Ndombele, Aouar, Tousart). Seems pretty fair to me. I did watch his games in the B-team, the friendlies this summer to rate him more efficiency than he was before (lot of his stats were random). And from what he's doing now I feel he deserve the upgrade he had don't you agree? Marçal & Tete both get a very small downgrade from last year DB. I don't think they need more changes. Will review theses two in the winter update if needed. For Dembélé it's already being taken care of. But don't expect huge change. For Lopes, I will look into it.
  10. CWaka

    [Romania] Data Issues

    Saw this on a french forum, you are probably aware but it's better to double check I guess: Kuca has joined FC Hermannstadt the 15/10/2018 it's seems. https://www.transfermarkt.com/kuca/profil/spieler/167216
  11. CWaka

    [France] Data Issues

    About that one, it's 40 games in the domestic league, in L1. So it's "logical" that the clause isn't done yet after only a season.
  12. IRL, Gueida Fofana from Olympique Lyonnais retire in january 2017 at the age of 25 years old because of an injury he had in march 2014. After almost 3 years fighting to make a come-back, he did get 20 minutes with the first team a years after what happen and a few games with the reserve squad but wasn't able to continue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBmurxInv5U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sT008qWgnj4 it was heartbreaking for me when I had to put him on retirement in FM, really. --------------------------- Back in the game, I saw some people on twitter having Nabil Fekir (probably the best player of the Olympique Lyonnais squad) considering retiring in 2019 (not even 26 years old!) because he suffers again from a 7 months injury after the one set up ingame he had few years back. In my games, it did happens that a 32-33 years old players, getting a long injury did consider retiring. It did happen two times actually, in FM17, the guy did retire. But in FM18, he decide not too in the end and continue playing a full year before retiring.
  13. Can someone explain to me this one? I don't understand it fully: "Scouting reports no longer showing minus days ?" thanks.
  14. Just a little reminder, the issue is still there after the update. Just load FM17, working just fine.
  15. Ok, no problem Neil. It's pretty heavy informations so I prefer to uploaded it. DxDiag.txt