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  1. Hi, ran into theses two also. I win the game with Lyon 3-0 against Nimes. In the red box, in english it's OK, in french it's stating that Nimes won. And in the yellow box, it's a little bit different because both in english and in french it say that Nimes won.
  2. Hi, another one that might need to be look at. On the clause page in the transfert tab, in english it's in & out, pretty simple. For me it means in for money incoming and out for money leaving. In french we have "arrivée" and "départ". It will be much better to have "entrant" and "sortant" I think. Mostly to not get the same wording for the clause page & the transfert history page.
  3. Hello, another little issue I got. When activating a clause buyout, on the inbox page, the description is not well translate in french. It's says we received money from Lyon. But Lyon is my club so it's not possible. And in the english version it's says Valencia as it should be. So maybe it's just in the french version the wrong club used in this context. When I send money to another club on a clause buyout it's ok. See screenshots.
  4. Ah ok that's why! Thanks for the answer.
  5. I don't see a topic for Cyprus data, so it might be here. I can't find Jean II Makoun in the DB, but he's playing since october 2018 in a club in Cyprus: Alsancak Yesilova SK (according to Transfermarkt). I ask because I find this article about him saying he's looking for a new challenge at the end of the season in L2 or National in France: https://www.goal.com/fr/news/entretien-a-la-recherche-dun-club-jean-ii-makoun-a-toujours/1nstz0dwp3se6zl9dlsvbka5v
  6. @nico_france Because I already saw this, just check you don't use a "real name fix" (probably the one of fmscout).
  7. Hello, little translation issue that I see being raise on a french website, it's about a PPM that isn't translate correctly. In theses screens, it's the latest: stay back at all times in english and "éviter de rester tout le temps en défense" in french. The issue is that in french it's say the opposite of what it say in english. (le mot éviter est certainement de trop, soit laisser "rester tout le temps en défense" ou "toujours rester en défense"). Hope it help.
  8. Hi, little issue I think with the translation here. Le soucis que j'ai est que dans ce cas, Léo Dubois est en prêt à Porto en provenance de Lyon. Pourtant, le texte en français suggère qu'il est en prêt à Lyon et qu'il vient d'être validé de manière définitive.
  9. Hello, still can't via the vanilla game. But with an add-on you can unlock it (there is one that goes through the N3, 5th tier for now). I don't know if I can post the link of the update here, if not, look for N3MO for FM19 on google
  10. Quick google search: https://www.fff.fr/static/uploads/media/cms_pdf/0003/57/bdb8cd840f9a4f861506eabbcffab528e76843a5.pdf ARTICLE 23 - RÈGLEMENTS GÉNÉRAUX – QUALIFICATIONS >> A. DISPOSITIONS COMMUNES >> 5. (look on the page 14) "Les clubs peuvent faire figurer 16 joueurs sur la feuille de match, 11 joueurs titulaires dont un gardien de but et 5 remplaçants."
  11. So, go on, post your tactic, post your youth intake. I was just reusing your own words from the OP. If half aren't suitable, it means the other half is suitable to me. And yeah, the youth intake can't be 100% what you expect it to be (100% of them being suitable at their arrival to your tactic). That's just football. You can't let a good futur player away because he doesn't suit the first team manager.
  12. Sorry, but as per your first post, at least half of the Youth Intake suits your tactic. So there is an influence right?
  13. Yeah but what you're describing isn't a bug or an issue. It's just real life youth developpement.
  14. Hi, maybe a translation issue there, for the button "recruteur-superviseur" in the bottom of the screen. In english it's "scout" > so maybe it should be in french > superviser? Je pense qu'il y a un soucis de traduction, le bouton recruteur-superviseur qu'on voit en bas de l'écran et sur le filtre sur le côté droit de l'image, ça devrait plutôt être simplement superviser.
  15. I have the issue also, reported here, they are looking at it:
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