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  1. in History->Milestone page, 'Left' is translated to '왼쪽'. but it should be translated to '떠난 날짜' or '퇴단 날짜'.
  2. Pyeongtaek Citizen FC (id:66040770) is translated '쳥택 시민 축구단'. but real name is '평택 시민 축구단'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyeongtaek_Citizen_FC https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/평택시민축구단
  3. Thanks your feedback. 1. I think K league 2's should be remove match rule about foreigner player and add Squad registration like k league 1. 2. could you tell me when will be apply these changes?
  4. Seo Kyung-Ju (서경주, ID:66044571) is not RB, RBW. he is LB, LBW. Source : https://www.transfermarkt.com/gyeong-ju-seo/profil/spieler/645845, Seoul E-land's facebook.(please check Below Link or attached image, It's Korean, but it confirmed using their back number) Won Ki-Jong (원기종, ID:66042567) can play as STC. Source : Seoul E-land's facebook(please check Below Link or attached image)
  5. Adriano(ID:19038577) is not jeonbuk's member currently. he is free agent. source : https://www.transfermarkt.com/adriano/profil/spieler/147841, http://naver.me/GRy9f2qA
  6. Incheon Lee Chun-Soo(ID:5701923)'s position is '전력강화부장' . this position is working negotitate player & scouting player. I think his position should be Director of Football.
  7. Jang Hack-Young was favorated personal of Seongnam FC before trying matching fix. And He is retired. I think IT MUST BE REMOVE HIM Seongnam FC's favorated personal list. Source : https://www.espn.co.uk/football/south-korea/story/3709834/korea-football-association-bans-jang-hak-yong-for-life-after-match-fixing-charge
  8. Daejeon Citizen is champion of K League in 2014. They doesn't playing 'Korean Challengers League Advanced'. but their team member have wrong Carrer Milestones. For example, Adriano(ID:19038577) was team member of Daejeon Citizen in 2014. but he have '2014 Winner of Korean Challengers League Advanced' as Daejeon Citizen Carrer in FM. They should have carrer '2014 Winner of K League 2' not '2014 Winner of Korean Challengers League Advanced'. Here is member list, they have same issue. 박주원 Park Joo-Woon(ID:66029001) 김한섭 Kim Han-Sup(ID:5704065) 장원석 Jang Won-Seok(ID:66006679) 안영규 Ahn Young-Gyu(ID:66014226) 임창우 Rim Chang-Woo(ID:66010090) 정석민 Jeong Seok-Min(ID:66010027) 김종국 Kim Jong-Gook(ID:66011807) Vanderlei (ID:19152800) Adriano(ID:19038577) 황지웅 Hwang Ji-Woong(ID:66014092) 유연승 Yoo Yeon-Seung(ID:66032137) 김상필 Kim Sang-Pil (ID:66028520) 서명원 Seo Myeong-Won (ID:66014586) 황진산 Hwang Jin-San (ID:66002999) 신동혁 Shin Dong-Hyuk (ID:19041942) 김은중 Kim Eun-Joong (ID:5701203) 김찬희 Kim Chan-Hee (ID:66014479) 김영승 Kim Yung-Seung (ID:66032138) 김성수 Kim Sung-Soo (ID:66029003) 송주한 Song Ju-Han (ID:66032143) 김선규 Kim Sun-Kyu (ID:66010067) 한상혁 Han Sang-Hyuk (ID:66032141) * He is working GoalKeeping Coach for Yuseong High School(유성 생명과학 고등학교, ID:5704284) source: https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%ED%95%9C%EC%83%81%ED%98%81_(%EC%B6%95%EA%B5%AC_%EC%84%A0%EC%88%98) 이인식 Lee In-Shik (ID:66032921) 김대중 Kim Dae-Jung (ID:66031218) Francinilson (ID:19153809) 윤원일 Yoon Weon-Il (ID:66003905) * He is working coach for Ulsan Citizen FC(ID:66045534). Source : https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%EC%9C%A4%EC%9B%90%EC%9D%BC_(1986%EB%85%84), https://www.facebook.com/ulsancitizen/posts/221885585364435/
  9. Seoul E-land's staff list is should be updated. Han Man-Jin should be removed. Hwang Hee-Hoon(ID:5703610) is Goalkeeping Coach since 2015. (Source : https://www.transfermarkt.com/hee-hoon-hwang/leistungsdaten/spieler/264071, ) Jun Hyun-Gyu(정현규) is Fitness Coach since 2019. (https://www.yna.co.kr/view/AKR20181226122600007) Koo Dae-Ryung(ID : 5701972) is Scout & Coach since 2019. Ryoo Byung-Hoon(ID : 5701408) is Coach since 2019. Source : (https://www.yna.co.kr/view/AKR20181226122600007, https://www.seoulelandfc.com/team/staff )
  10. FC Seoul's staff list is should be updated. In their website (http://www.fcseoul.com/club/player/player_list.jsp), Kim Sung-Jae(ID:5701086) is Seoul's Assistant Manager (since 2018). Baek Min-Chul(ID:5701068) & Yoon Hee-Joon(ID:5701404) are working for Senior Squad & Rserve Team. I think they should be Senior Squad In FM for reality. Park Hyuk-Soon(ID:5702093) is Senior Squad Coach. He was U-15 team's Coach in 2017, 2018 seasons. Lee Jae-Hong(ID:5704608) is Fitness Coach. Kim Jung-Hoon(김정훈) is Data Analyst. Adilson(ID : 5622779) is currently not working for seoul. he went Brazil for Coach licence last year. but he didn't came back. Source : https://www.goal.com/kr/뉴스/아디-코치가-브라질로-돌아간-이유는/120hjbh5lbwdp1jujpx0l6s1we Myung Jin-Young(In FM19, ID:5701432) is U-18 team's Manager. Kim Jin-Gyu(In FM19, ID:5703419) is U-18 team's Coach. Won Jong-Duk(In FM19, ID:5701067) is U-18 team's GoalKeeping Coach . Hwang Ji-Hwan(황지환) is U-18 team's Fitness Coach.
  11. Gangwon FC's staff list is should be updated. in current DB, Gangwon have too many Physio than real. In Gangwon's (Senior) Staff page( https://gangwon-fc.com/athlete/%ec%bd%94%ec%b9%ad%ec%8a%a4%ed%83%9c%ed%94%84/ ), Gangwon has only two Physio (Kim Chan-Jong & Lee Gyu-Seong). Park Hyo-Jin is moved Job to Assistant manager. Kim Hyun-Joon is Coach, he was Yeungnam University's Manager in 2017, 2018 seasons. At 2010 Season, He started Football Staff carrer as Yeungnam University's coach by Kim Byung-Soo's suggestion. Because Kim Byung-Soo was Yeungnam University's manager(2008-2016). (Source : http://www.footballjournal.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=9469) Kim Seung-Ahn (ID:5704941) is GoalKeeping Coach. Jang Seok-Min is Pyhsical Coach(it may be Fitness Coach in FM). (In FM 2019, He was player in DB. ID: 66011980) Hong Dong-Hui is Data Analysist. U-18 Team Coach (https://gangwon-fc.com/youth/u-18/) Choi Jin-Kyoo is U-18 team's Manager. Kang Joo-Hyung is U-18 team's Assistant Manager. Kim Tae-Soo should be update to U-18 team's GoalKeeping Coach(In beta, he is Senior team's GoalKeeping Coach) Jeon Kwang-Hwan(In FM 2019, ID : 5705296) is U-18 team Coach. Manage Director should be changed Cho Tae-Ryong to Park Jong-Wan. (http://gangwon-fc.com/%EA%B0%95%EC%9B%90fc-%EC%A3%BC%EC%A3%BC%EC%B4%9D%ED%9A%8C-%EB%B0%8F-%EC%9D%B4%EC%82%AC%ED%9A%8C-%EC%97%B4%EC%96%B4-%EB%B0%95%EC%A2%85%EC%99%84-%EB%8C%80%ED%91%9C%EC%9D%B4%EC%82%AC-%EC%84%A0%EC%9E%84/) Moved Staff (currently not Gangwon FC) Bae Myung-ho is currently Kitchee Sports Club's Physical Coach. He was Vietnam's Physical Coach in 2019 (Vietnam national football team) (https://sports.news.naver.com/news.nhn?oid=109&aid=0004042858)
  12. @Rob Heckman, thanks. I uploaded file. ( 미늘 요리 - Busan.fm )
  13. In League Sorting rules 'Games won' should be translated '다승'. (current mistranslation: 승점 - Points)
  14. Cheongju FC (ID :66010583) and Cheongju City Football Club (ID : 66010582) was merged to Cheongju City Football Club. and they using name as Cheongu FC (Korean:청주 FC).
  15. When using Korean, Competition Rule UI's 'MISC RULES' missing. (Korea FA Cup)
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