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  2. So being fair, I thank the creators for the great work. Player profile looks great too. My only fear is how the skin would look like if using low-resolution 85/95% zoom, as is the case with my notebook. Anyway, if you share the download link, it would be much appreciated. Thanks mate!
  3. And my players: 1. Aleksandar Popović 2. Miroslav Bogosavac 3. Strahinja Bošnjak 4. Nikola Milenković 5. Lucas 6. Bojan Tomić 7. Miloš Vulić 8. Marko Poletanović 9. Branislav Jović 10. Miloš Zličić 11. Đorđe Jovanović 12. Kenneth Vermeer 13. Saša Zdjelar 14. Uroš Nikolić 15. Milan Gajić 16. Marko Janković 17. Mihailo Ristić 18. Fatih Öncü SERBIAN CLUBS IN EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS 1. Crvena Zvezda 2. Bačka 3. Spartak 4. Sinđelić Niš
  4. @lblanc always one I've considered but never got to. They're the only club to produce two Ballon d'Or winners.
  5. As I mentioned above, we signed Camarasa permanently. I also spotted a young kid who was a free agent, Pavol Nosko. He didn't even have a previous club listed; I can only presume he came through in the Youth Intake but wasn't given a contract. He's a decent young RB and my scouts think he could be good so no risk in giving him a go. Two strikers have also come in, both on free transfers (out of contract) and very different from each other. Eggestein looks like a great prospect and I was delighted to get him to sign. Carroll could give us something different to what we have at present, as long as he can stay fit of course. He's still only 30yo so not past it yet. My scouts told me Gagliardini would be a superb signing, although they warned that he'd fail to get a work permit, even after appeal. Still, I went for him, agreed terms and he was granted the work permit immediately. Woo-hoo! With Paterson and Peltier our options at RB, we really needed better. Nathaniel Clyne was available at Liverpool and he's precisely what we need. Peltier has agreed a move to the MLS to play for LA Galaxy, he moves next week. Brown is a young defender who really isn't up to much so he could be moving on soon too. Bournemouth have now also come in for Clyne. He's just had a good season on loan to them so I think he might opt for them instead but we'll see. If he does, Spurs are selling Trippier so might try for him instead. My scouts tell me Trippier will want a lot more in wages than Clyne though so we might not get him either.
  6. £32M? Jul 2042. In my head, Valladolid don't have £32M to spend on a player. Are they significantly bigger in game than they are in real life? Well they are at least rich. They have only once ever paid more than £10M for a player. But they did spend £37.5M on players last season. and £30.5M in 38/39. They have never finished higher than 14th in La Liga. Oh I see. They have a Tycoon at the helm now.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately that's the only thing i have I hope you manage to sort it out I'll give it a shout if i figure something out, if nobody else has in the meantime.
  8. For anyone interested, this is the Create-a-Player that I did for this temporary save I'm playing till I get home:
  9. I would, but the purchase was done many months in advance. When I noticed the mistake, it already was next season.... Well, well, I just started another save (coaching the same club, Bangor City, Welsh second division, using a mod by claassen).
  10. Aouchiche 2027/2028: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1722268171 Stats:
  11. After a successful first season, the board have backed me with funds for the new campaign with the best part of £50m and an increase in our wage budget from around £800k last season to £1.2m this. Nice! I've continued to offload the dead wood. Junior Hoilett and Mendez-Laing have both gone, as has old man Sol Bamba. They all wanted to leave for one reason or another anyway so was pleased to see them go as they are not really up to the standard. Not at all impressed with the way players act and speak in FM19. Too many crybabies not willing to put a shift in for the cause. I'm only to happy to get rid of them at the first opportunity and hope this will impress upon the remaining players not to be so...erm...ungentlemanly After 7yrs with the club, Matthew Connolly also asked to leave. Saved me the hassle of trying to sell him myself as he isn't really good enough anyway. Sunderland, promoted back to The Championship, took him off our hands for £1.7m (£2m).
  12. A bit of an odd formation but for me it lacks variety of play and movement. Apart from the 2 strikers it's very symmetrical, everyone doing the exact same thing down both flanks or through the centre. I'm sure it will dominate a lot of matches, flooding the midfield with the IWBs, but without variety you may struggle to break down some teams. BTW you may also be expecting a bit too much. As evidence to support your frustrations the first two matches you posted were away losses at Juventus and Man Utd, and you didn't exactly dominate either of those matches. You're Cardiff 3 season in and not title contenders yet. Be patient.
  13. Welcome to Season 9 Episode 10 of my FM19 story, The Head Coach. This is a LLM Journeyman story with a twist, as we work under a director of football with the players/staff we're given at every club on our road from non league to legendary status! Today, it's the Europa League Final and we face the mighty Bayern Munich. Can we secure our second trophy of the season and a place in the Champions League next year? If you enjoyed this episode, LIKE the video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel for daily FM19 content. New episodes of FM19 The Head Coach on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 4.30pm, with new content from my other FM19 story, Part of the Furniture, on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at the same time. There's also a new video from Snooker 19 every Friday. Thanks for watching as always!
  14. If you examine the text that accompanies these pieces of advice you'll see that they're being recommended because the staff member making the suggestions to you thinks that the ability of the person in the role could be improved.
  15. Do you play with DM? He cold be okay-ish there since his pace is not such a liability in that position.
  16. I get all of that, but I want to see MORE throughballs from my AMC to my ST, regardless if it comes off or not.
  17. I have uploaded the saves as Gran2 - Southampton.fm and Gran2 - Burnley.fm. Will holiday later if I have time.
  18. I wouldn't say I know better, but... A few years ago I found an FM-oriented website that had undertaken some in-depth analysis on key attributes for different players. If I remember, they looked at the top players in each position and then isolated the three high-scoring attributes they had in common. The idea was to help lower-league managers assess what makes a decent player when you don't have player reputation, value or good scout reports. I found it really helpful when I first started managing at non-league level. To the point: the three top attributes they identified for goalkeepers were reflexes, decisions and agility. As a very rough and ready rule of thumb it's always worked for me and I've used it ever since.
  19. The new road map for this has resulted in a 128 team MLS, with 16 division. Pacific North Pacific Central Pacific South Tex-Mex Gulf Coast Atlantic Central Atlantic North North East Canada East Great Lake East Great Lake West MidWest North Midwest South Rocky Mountains Central Mississippi.
  20. Why don't you decide on one style of play for your team, see how best to fit your players into it and then proceed. Have a more attacking variant of the tactic, in case you need it and a more defensive variant. When you pick certain teams who have targets, sometimes you need a preferred formation, one you know and then decide how best to fit the players you have. Your challenge is quite hard, you are going to high reputation teams as a low rep manager, that in itself makes it hard to keep the players motivated. So you probably need a good run of results before you win them over. And i think tinkering with tactics is never usually a good idea, unless you know what it affects. What makes the game easier is choosing the right kind of team for a start: A team that's not expected to finish in european spots and one that is not a contender for demotion, I would recommend picking one of those clubs and just going in as an ex international player.
  21. Believe me, you do not have to study every minute detail to be even moderately successful at this game. I have never paid a huge amount of attention to the analytics tools in FM, and I can still overachieve somewhat every season. That's the beauty of FM; you have the freedom to manage how you want, and put us much or as little work in as you want. Then again, I tend to build my own tactics and keep them relatively simple. The tactic you've posted in your response to gunner86... I, I just don't know how exactly it works. It's so convoluted, and you've selected so many team instructions, several of which seem to be counter-productive for some of the player roles you've set. It's no wonder you've struggled of late. I would be interested to see what response you would get by posting your set-up on the Tactics Forum. You are also forgetting that different opponents in different scenarios require different approaches. Playing Barcelona at Camp Nou will provide a completely different challenge to playing Huddersfield at home, for example. Going into those two games with exactly the same tactics and exactly the same approach - and expecting to thrash Huddersfield after beating Barcelona - is misguided at best, and hubristic at worst.
  22. Today
  23. Newcastle - Partizan - PAOK, black and white brothers! Partizan played against Newcastle in Champions League Playoff back in 2003/4, if you remember, we won on penalties
  24. Not true mate, works fine for me in my 4 at the back system that uses inverted wing backs in the fullback strata.
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