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  2. Thanks will try. If possible when you get some time please could you run through the exact changes you made and the rationale for making them? Thanks
  3. Great thread! I'll definitely be following along. I imagine training will be a key part in moulding the players to be total footballers. Do you have schedules already made? What sort of individual training will you implement?
  4. i want2 change the attributes without the boxes what should i do can u tell me thx
  5. I played in the norwegian second league for 1 season.During this season i saw a lot of things which shouldn't happen in my humble opinion: - A lot of balls over my defence, even if i play on cautious with lower line and lower line of eng. - 75% (at least) of opponents goals are after balls over my defence, set pieces or penalties. - a lot of penalties (like 0.75 per game).Also, my GK never saved a penalty and he's pretty decent.My team missed like 5 penalties. - in the tight games (same clear cut changes, shots, opportunities) the game always gave the advantage to the AI.It should be more balanced.I feel like i'm the unluckiest guy on earth.It's also frustrating when you manage a small side and play better than a league one team, but you lose. - fullbacks can't do a simple throw in.Even with short and 3 option in front of him, he pass the ball directly to the opponent. - strkers scores from impossible angles, but can't score 1v1 against goalkeepers (the rate of conversion is just awful and unreal). - also, when it's a draw result, after 75 minutes your team doesn't want to play anymore.your opponent who had at most 1 chance all the game, play like Barcelona and of course you lose on the final. - a lot of through balls from your midfielders.It's like you have Xavi and Iniesta duo in every team. - in most of the situation your defenders can't clear the ball even if they life depends on that.It's like watching a Benny Hill show. - i play short passes, my guy with 3 options in his area, try a long pass and lose possesion.Cuz why not ?! So, please SI, try to fix this game as soon as possible.Work 24/24 hours, because right now this is a mess. Also, sorry for my bad english. Thank you, Bogdan
  6. Attempting this challenge for the first time, been playing FM since 17 and I think I'm ready now. Looking forward to it! And a question, can I add/remove leagues as I go along? (My computer isn't the best)
  7. Was having a hard time to score against smaller teams, they just park the bus. So I made this tactic and in two games I scored 10 goals. In my whole season, 24 games I scored just 44 goals. Dont know is it better to swap my false nine and advanced forward and what role to give to my left CM.
  8. I copied your GT-America-Standard-xxx files to my font folder. Let's see if this works.
  9. I'm not able to check it atm, but I suppose that there is no such XML file. It's rather globally font-related in Teal Twenty, GT-America-Standard-Regular and GT-America-Standard-Bold are possibly same file in fact.
  10. I've been following this thread and had a bit of a revelation today. My thought process went as follows: Enganche is a really static role that needs movement all around. If this is the case two players in front is a better option than just one The role was pretty much how Riquelme operated. He didn't like to get out of first gear when running but could pull the strings by finding the correct space to be in. Because of the movement around him and the space to play a pass he rarely missed a player It isn't so much about the AMC role but more about the roles around him In the 4-2-3-1 posted above I just see not enough players in front of the AMC to make an enganche dangerous and not enough movement around him to do the same. An enganche doesn't drop deep, doesn't make runs, doesn't really do anything special other than be a really good playmaker (my opinion so very much could be wrong). With all the above being my beliefs on the role I felt a narrow tactic like a 4-4-2 diamond or a 4-3-1-2 would be the most suitable system to employ. I then googled tactics Riquelme played in and while there wasn't a lot of info (more like, not a lot of info I could be bothered reading) I did find that he was used in a 4-3-1-2 at Villarreal and that someone had actually set a tactic up to replicate it. I am currently playing as Western United in the A-League so I thought I had the perfect player to play the role in Alessandro Diamanti. Knowing that trying to press heavily will be let down by one player I figured that by having the 'movers' in midfield doing the hard pressing and to leave the forward three to be in the right space would be best. This means no counter press (as the AMC won't do it anyway). Counter attack is fine. Tighter marking, hard pressing and anything else that asks the whole team to do something defensive as a team is a bit pointless so I asked the two MC's to tackle hard and press hard in an effort to still win the ball back but not rely on the AMC to do much defensively. As the AMC won't be offering anything in defence I see it as pointless asking the strikers to do anything defensively as if they did it can create holes where the AMC is doing not a lot. This rules out a pressing forward for me (I don't want him to be pressing opposition and moving away from the tactical shape). As I want lots of movement I have wingbacks offering width (pointless having IWB's when I have so many players centrally already). I have also gone for a Halfback so when the WB's go forward it still leaves three at the back. As for team instructions I want to create space for the enganche to play in so have asked the team to play extremely wide. I asked for early crosses to try and get the ball to him. Shorter passing due to conversation earlier in this tread (a really poor reason to go for it). Regroupe due to what I said before, counter to try and catch the opposition out of position and lower line of engagement due to my really slow defenders. Half time stats ended like this: I switched Jertec with Pasquali at half time due to his poor rating. I should have dragged him but ended up subbing him at 74 minutes. Armanakas (his replacement) scored the first goal as the mezzala and the F9 scored the second. What I did notice was that Perth Glory set one of their DM's to man-mark Diamanti after half time. This lead to two immediate consequences 1. Diamanti finished with only a 6.7 rating but 2. it also opened up their two DM formation to be exploited by the right-sided players (F9, Mezzala). End match stats: Bit weird to see red after a really good win but I have a feeling my poor analyst's may be to blame. anyway... See the enganche's average position is more or less in line with the CM's. This is due to his lack of movement and the movement of the CM's forward (CM-A and MEZ-S). So, this is only one game but it did give me enough to think moving forward this is a tactic (and role) worth persisting with. I had been playing @yellowforever 4-1-3-2 tactic so this is a natural evolution for my team. I still feel it's important to have the right roles around an enganche as well as the right shape. He will suffer more than a lot of other roles by being crowded so pick the formation carefully.
  11. Thanks, though so sad Anyway, for anybody else running into this, I switched the setting to "Wednesdays and Saturdays matchdays" and simulated until the end of the season and it looks like: - there is a second batch of fixture generation (as in real life) after the Champions League draw and all the matches (including CL/EL) have subsequently been drawn on Wed-Sat schedule - cups (FA, Carabao) matches seem to be generated very close to the round in question so no real damage here - next season's fixtures are fully Wed-Sat Just a reminder that we play in England (Premier League). It might be different elsewhere.
  12. It's been reported and will be fixed in a future database update https://community.sigames.com/topic/495395-belgium-data-issues/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-12153630
  13. This is something for the bugs forum, if you have a save after sacking the AM, please start a thread in the bugs forum and load your save into the SI cloud server.
  14. AH Sorry its not mine, its one of my friend's match, i'll try to get it
  15. Crossing too much depends on dribbling be it wingers or fullbacks. Irl wide players dribble far less than in fm, especially fullbacks. Dribbling is OP currently. Irl far more crossing comes after ball is played into space, pay attention to this when you watch real football game. But these dont happen in fm.
  16. No, all four versions of the skin are here. No, I don't play Touch version of the game.
  17. Great skin. Small question though. In your skin you don't have a bold font when you have selected a specific Inbox item (in the list on the left). I also want this for my own skin, but I can't seem to find the right XML file. Do you know which files handles this? Example: Bold in my own skin Normal in your skin (this is what I want)
  18. I mentioned previously these stats are inaccurate for me too. Claims I've scored way more than I did over 5 matches and the AI scored 5 goals and they'd not actually scored at all...
  19. @Totalfootballfan V4 is again with Inverted Wingers I see? (probably the change log is not correct for V4?) And if I'm really having difficulty to find the correct strong footed players, can I change IW to W without to much impact? or does it break the whole tactic? and another question, is holidaying in FMT with "Use current match tactics" different than just watching the game? Because I always tend to get slightly worse results when I'm holidaying a full season in FMT comparing to the screenshots the tactic creator and others show (like 100pts + with Liverpool has never happend to me in a holiday season on FMT). I make sure I am in control of the Opp. Instr. so that doesn't influence anything
  20. So I was looking to replace my assistant manager on my leicester save and a message came up saying board won't allow me to sign another AM unless I sack my current one so I did. But then the board blocked the new one coming in and now in the staff section it says 0/0 for assistant manager. No option to increase this at all. Anyone know how to allow me to get assistant back? May have to quit and start with a new person again as its annoying not having one.
  21. Hi, I'm trying to create a cup, but I don't succeed... can someone take the file and modify it, or explain me what's wrong ? When I go in game it says "The cup will begin in march 2019", but we are after What's I'm trying to create (Tordesillas Cup) : Step 1 : 48 teams (Spain 10, Brazil and Argentina 9, Portugal 6, Mexico 3, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia 2, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia 1). 8 groups of 6, the first 2 go to the next step. Step 2 : 16 teams, classical round of 16 Step 3 : 8 teams, classical quarter-finales Step 4 : Championship between the last 4. Here is the file. Please, I really would like to play, thanks you in advance for any help ! ESSAI TORDESILLAS CUP.fmf
  22. Today
  23. These goals all look same. Run from deep and nobody reacting at all. Not impossible but looks cheap. This would be huge decocentration of whole defensive unit. Usually it takes a little more to put man 1-1 with keeper.
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