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  2. Yea I hadn't thought not to look for position as well as attributes. In terms of what I look for its 70% of the attributes for a given role to be 12 or over. It's not so much I need a 3rd, Brown is 35 and getting weaker while Tousart wasn't convincing in the Champions League so I want to strengthen.
  3. DoF needs to get with the programme. Jun 2042. My DoF has been tasked with finding new players, (just for the lols really), but of course I hold the power to veto any that I don't like or any that are non Basque. He has just been in for a really good centre-half, who turned out to be Argentinian with unsurprisingly no links to the Basque Country. Now he seems to have identified that we need a striker and has put a cash offer of £5.5M down for this bloke. I quite like him actually. This could be a go-er. But of course he's not Basque and instead is another bloomin Argie!
  4. The problem is, low-risk mentalities (like cautious) already set your DL pretty low (even if it's nominally standard), meaning that you are inviting even more pressure from opposition. A key aspect of defending - especially in an already defensive-minded tactical style - is vertical compactness. To achieve this, you need the DL to be at least on notch higher than LOE. Specifically in your case, I would go for standard DL and lower LOE. This reduces the playable space for opposition, making it harder for them to operate in your half, while also increasing your chances of intercepting their attack and launching a counter. Logically Typical for lower leagues. That's why I prefer more balanced approaches when managing a LL team. I don't know your team, so it's impossible to offer you some more specific advice. But I can give you one possible example of how a LL team may be set up tactically in a 442 that is primarily defensive-minded but not to the extent that you let the opposition be all over you. Because ultra-defensive football requires good players, it's not just about putting as many bodies behind the ball as possible. PO DLFat WMsu CMsu DLPde Wat WBde NCBde CDde NFB GK/SKde Balanced / slightly more direct passing, higher tempo, (slightly) narrower width, hit early crosses, overlap right (optionally/occasionally - pass into space) / counter (and distribute quickly over oppo defence if your GK is good at kicking) / standard DL, lower LOE (optionally - get stuck in) Player instructions - all 4 mids and DLFat to mark tighter; both strikers - close down more Of course, whether any tactic will work or not depends on the players you use in each position/role. This is just one possible setup, but certainly not the only. If you could post a screenshot of your current tactic, it would help a lot to see if there are any glaring issues.
  5. Greetings - I integrated twitter with my FM, I have done in the previous years, but everytime I hit continue on my save the login credentials seem to go away and I need keep logging in. I'm on year 5 and the game has yet to post anything on my twitter account. Using a lenovo p51 pc and FM19 thru steam.
  6. Another game beating Juventus followed by a 3-0 home loss to Cardiff who are bottom of the league but .... proving they are no pushovers lol. Rubbish algorithims which force results on you when there is no real power to alter the result. You know it’s coming. You play you mature grown up first team. You get thrashed. Hahaha.
  7. I checked some other skins and it doesn't work with them too. I saw it appeared sometimes when I reloaded skin but you're right it doesn't show same as it should. It's probably something similar as Scouting Report didn't work properly a few months ago after some patch but I checked the code and it didn't look wrong so I don't know where is the mistake.
  8. I was watching a Tifo football video on Porto’s champions league tactics. They talked about how he had a strong defensive organisation and a more free flowing attack as they were divided into two units. I was wondering how such a divide would be translated into FM and if it is possible? All the best and thanks for any help
  9. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 7 - 2025/26 Champions and promotion to the Football League! What a season! Something just clicked for us, and we started the season strongly. Moreover, we did not loose a league match from 1st of November until the last day of January. But we did get 'rubber legs' (gummiben) as we say where I am from. Luckily we managed to get back on track and finished the season with four wins in the last five matches to secure the title. In the last match we fell apart completely and ended up loosing 1-6. Hangovers from the celebrations? Gaining access to the Football League meant, that we changed our set up at the end of the season to Full Time Professionalism and the board is building a new stadium matching the regulations in League 2. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - This season something clicked big time for the team. I made a few tweaks to our regular and well-proven 4-4-2, but nothing extraordinary. The team jumped out of the start blocks and quickly shot to the top places of the league. But we really cemented our challenge for promotion by our extremely strong performances in November, December and January, where we did not loose. In march however we had a dip in form loosing two, drawing three and winning only one. But we managed to finish strongly winning all four matches in april which was enough to secure the championship. We were not able to emulate our FA Cup run from last year, but winning the league was a good substitute. Here is the positional chart. Team - The team is getting stronger as the players are getting older. Moreover, we have a very talented squad. The players performed admireably this year and limited the number of games where we were outplayed. When that happened we were often able to even draw the match. Standout players were Darren Powell who developed rapidly, Jonny Gregory who really helped scoring our goals, Connor Green, John Jones, John Hickson and in the last part of the season also our young defensive anchorman Ben Thompson. Facilities - I managed to push our Youth Recruitment level again which means, that both Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment are now at the highest level. Bodes well for the future. After we gained promotion to League 2, we also went professional and the board decided to build a new stadium. So things are moving quickly now. Next step is to maintain the intake setup level and start looking into the training facilities. Additionally, I managed to increase the number of coaches allowed, so this should also help the players develop. Youth Intake - Oh yes. What a brilliant intake. The upgrades are really paying off. Moreover, all players agreed to sign provisional contracts, and their quality in terms of ability and potential meant that many of my other players suddenly agreed to sign new contracts as well. That is tremendous news. Alex Longstaff is impressive and likewise Ben Thompson. Both are being chased by a horde of Championship clubs, so I hope I can keep hold of them. Transfers and Finances - The increased quality of my players means that they are becoming interesting as loan targets. I need to put more effort into this going forward. Switching to Full Time Professionalism and building a new stadium have along with the cost of our youth setup sent our finances plummenting. I really have no overview of our financial standing. Moreover, most players are demanding double wages to sign professional contracts. I did not realise it was that expensive to go professional. I have had some luck in removing pay-pr-match/goal related costs which most of the players have agreed to. But our income cannot in any way match our current expenditure and wages. I just hope it does not affect our youth setup or wage limits going forward. Goal next season: Survive such that we can stay professional and maintain our current status and facilities.
  10. Squad Review 2032-2033 Having decided to change how I fill out my main squad for development purposes and utilising the loan market, this is the squad situation currently Most of the key names are around the squad again, with some backups being sent away. Notable changes are that I have changed the rotational DC to be (32m) Sousa, and will look to use (25h) Turpel there too. In midfield I have brought up the two stars of the 2032 intake in (32a) Teixeira and (32b) Payal who will get chances to show their quality on occasion. I also have three STCs in the main squad as (31h) da Graca was making strides last season on loan before breaking his leg. He is still injured but will be able to rotate in when fit, with (31p) Tinelli dropping down to the U19s at that point These six players are registered for the main squad but I was trying to get them out on loan. Unfortunately due to focusing on Europe, I dropped the ball with regards to sending them to one of our affiliates when they didn't secure a loan from an interested party, and we have now passed the end of the transfer window. There may be rotational chances, but otherwise I will loan these out in January, although I am likely to move (30b) Joachim back to the main squad fairly quickly Twenty two players out at other clubs, with (26h) Bossi getting an early start on the season with Progres in the Europa League. US Hostert are one of our affiliates but they came in for the players they have separately to my decision making, with twelve of the players hopefully making their mark on the National Division. It would be really nice to see some of my loan players taking points off of Differdange and Dudelange This is the remainder of the U19s squad (all those on loan are in the U19s for tidiness), which includes the six players registered in the main squad
  11. So we ''escaped '' from the 3 games vs United without a defeat , and we ll meet again in the FA Cup final Squad stats so far Brenner for 3 consecutive years his stats are impressive to be continued.....
  12. I have set up my screen flow to stop game on fixtures/results in the evening but its not doing it. Does anyone know why this is not working? Has it changed from last year? It does not stop for any of the options. Totally ruining my immersion
  13. Philosophy. Jun 2042. So since about FM14 I haven't really been buying players, (with the odd exception). I like developing youth but I will be completely honest with you and admit that I just don't enjoy trawling through scout report after bloomin scout report and I find it boring. That being said, the way the game deals with scouting and in particular how it gives you the information has improved immeasurably since FM14 and I'm not finding it too much of a chore, (at the moment). With that in mind, I thought it was time for me to add another philosophy because it really fits in well with how I play naturally. We were already developing our own youth and now we are signing young players for the first team too.
  14. I wonder if you should break your rule and apply for a higher league role only if you are stuck after 10 years.
  15. OK no worries. At least, it reassures me to know that I am not the only one impacted by this change! Thank you for the answer !
  16. Okay, makes sense Though the Counter TI really does not mean they would "counter all the time".
  17. If you want to play specifically a counter-attacking style (as your primary way of playing), you can even go with both strikers on attack duty (but with different types of roles). Btw, earlier today I was thinking exactly about how I would set up a tactic for B'mouth in a 442 system (not necessarily as a replication, but rather based on players' strengths and weaknesses). Here is what my primary setup would look like for an average game (one where I am neither a clear favorite nor a complete underdog): F9 AF WMat BWMsu DLPde IWsu FBsu CDco CDde FBat SKsu Balanced / shorter passing, higher tempo, work ball into box, underlap left / counter / standard DL, lower LOE, use tighter marking Player instructions: all 4 midfielders - mark tighter; both strikers - close down more; F9 - roam from position; IWsu - take more risks; WMat - cross more often, stay wider, cut inside My preferred starting 11 in this setup (from left to right) Begovic Daniels, Ake, S. Cook, Smith (Clyne) Fraser, Lerma, L. Cook, Brooks Wilson, King An alternative option would be Cook as a DLPsu in MCL and Lerma as a BWMde in MCR.
  18. It's January, we are second in the league one point behind the leaders and one of my players, Iagio Maidana, is unhappy I've blocked a move. he wants a transfer so that he can play in the Champions League. I say that there is no reason why we can't qualify for the Champions League but he thinks that realistically we are not going to qualify. I do not have an option to promise that I will release him at the end of the season if we do not qualify. I think that such an option should be included in the possible responses that I can make. I have uploaded "DexterHovis_MissingResponse.fm" a save game from just prior to this conversation.
  19. Your idea of pushing Gedson Fernandes up into midfield inspired me. It's a bit more pragmatic than a 3-4-3 but creates an aggressive 2-3-5 shape in attack.
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