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  1. Hi, Been at FM Player for 21 years, these days its difficult for me to put the time in and understand the game to its fullest extent. I kind of got the gist of what you saying and sounds good, well done on that, but it would be great if you could figure out how to post screen shots as due to my dyslexia I struggle to pull info off large paragraphs without visual aids. Ill re read it a few times hopefully some of it will stick haha. good work again
  2. Since the release of FM14 ive never had an issue with crashing, but since the 14.3.1, the game is constantly crashing and the game is unplayable for me get the message Fm has crashed 14.3.1f487696 Please help?
  3. I pre-ordered my copy of Football Manager 2014 from GAME retail store UK, i received my beta access and was using it untill i bought my hard copy this morning, i used the disc and the beta tag has gone but im still sitting on 4.1.1 How do i update?
  4. In-Game Editor

    ok, thankyou
  5. In-Game Editor

    its blacked out!
  6. In-Game Editor

    I cant find the in game editor!! pls help.
  7. was a bit dubious about changing the training from Def Positioning to attacking movement due to the already attacking nature of the tactic, but i gave it a shot and have won my last 4 games scoring a minimum of 3 goals per game, inc, beating arsenal 3-0 and Man city 3-1.
  8. Hey, First of all always been a fan of Mr Hough's Tactics At the moment i'm playing with my beloved team Newcastle with this tactic, but from the last 9 games I've drawn 7 of them! scoring and conceding no more than 1 goal.
  9. Ive been playing this series ever since the first Championship Manager 1 came out, never missed a game for 20 years!, im not sure whether to be annoyed or to congratulate the team on building a game that for the first time, after a good few months of trying, i am unable to beat!!. for the first time i have surrendered to the game!!! Im done! ive tried every formation, every tweak, I simply cannot find a winning formula!. The game has lost its fun and has become a second job!, would not surprise me if i started paying more income tax!!!. so well done team! after 20 years, im retiring!!
  10. Graphics for FM13!!!

    what person is paid actual money to design the skin for the football manager series?!?!?!? i mean this one has to be the worst out of them all!!!! you have a dark box on the news feed and within that dark box you have a light one that cuts in between the words!!!!!! i mean bl**dy hell!! i dont even understand the purpose of having 2 different shades for that area in the interface!!!! all i can say is this person was on glue!!!...
  11. Fm13 skin help

    im seeing no folder called base 2013, other ppl seem to be able to use it but me!, ive got 7 folders within the download none called base2013!
  12. Fm13 skin help

    Ive downloaded a new skin for FM13 because the one they give you is annoying!!! but when i create a skins folder in the fm13 directive and place the download in it it does not appear when i go to change the skin in game???? can someone help with this? cheers
  13. Transfers

    i constantly find this an annoying issue in the game!
  14. Transfers

    Everton would defo sell rodwell for about 20mill mate, they have no money and Everton's chairman has already stated that if moyes wants to buy players he needs to sell first, so in that respect wiith this just being a game and not real life some tweaks should be made to make things as realistic as possible.