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FM20 - A Challenge So Impossible It Sounds Ridiculous - But I'll Give It A Go Anyway!


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This save is inspired by a few posters on here, namely @PaulHartman71, who has a save currently running where he aims to win the Champions League in every playable European nation; @Makoto Nakamura, who had a save where he attempted the same but with every Asian country, and @ManUtd1, whose very popular Nearly Men saves attempt to take teams who have lost the final of the Champions League one step further to taste the success only European glory can bring.

The editor data files downloaded are courtesy of @Timo61 and his Leagues Megapack (which can be found in the Editor's Hideaway on this forum), @claassen and his San Marino league file, and to the SI official Gibraltar league file.


The Challenge


I've tried to put my own spin on this, and in doing so may have set myself up for a very long (and very frustrating) journey. I will attempt to win the UEFA Champions League in every nation previously unavailable in the original version of the game. In turn, I am hoping to turn all of the minor nations into European and global powerhouses, and change the roles of the traditional strong nations around so the 'unplayables' get a chance to rule the roost, albeit temporarily. If the national team job comes up I will take that too. If and when I win the UCL in a nation, the next nation will be made playable and the current one will be deactivated the next season.



There are no real rules to this save, other than to try and win the UCL as quickly as possible. Obviously I would like to max out the facilities of the club I'm managing, so that when I leave there's still some talent being pumped out to keep the nation's success up. Home grown players are a priority, especially to comply with the competitions rules, but foreign players will be brought in to supplement when possible. One rule I will also add is that if a team from any of the 34 original European nations comes in with a bid for one of my players, they're gone. But not before I can get a sell-on fee negotiated.


Leagues Loaded

Every European nation that comes with the original game is activated as view-only, to provide some difficulty and realism to assist with buying and selling of players. Current European international players, players from top European Leagues,and players from clubs in continental competitions are loaded to give a database total of 26k players. Not many players, but enough to keep the game flowing. The playable leagues I will start with are the first 4 not available in game: Cyprus (starting nation), Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Macedonia.


The Manager

I start as a 23 year old Australian with no qualifications whatsoever, thrown in the deep end. I'm looking forward to all the languages I'll be learning :D


The Team




I'm starting with the only team entering the Champions League from Cyprus this year, APOEL Nicosia. Coincidentally they are also the most successful club in the country, and have some of the best facilities. So perhaps it's a relatively easy start to life in this save, but we will see how it goes. 



I like the U23 signing club vision, but the expectations are quite high already, which is understandable given the stature of the team.


The next post will be that of the squad.

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Cool idea for a save. Will be following. Not far along down the road in my save to notice it that much with the smaller nations, but I have always been interested to see the possible long term ratifications winning the CL in a small country can have for overall coefficient nation table. 

In theory once completed and league removed I’m guessing it would slowly go down, but if you can cement a random small nation side as a mega power club they may well hold up the coefficient themselves. 

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9 hours ago, PaulHartman71 said:

Cool idea for a save. Will be following. Not far along down the road in my save to notice it that much with the smaller nations, but I have always been interested to see the possible long term ratifications winning the CL in a small country can have for overall coefficient nation table. 

In theory once completed and league removed I’m guessing it would slowly go down, but if you can cement a random small nation side as a mega power club they may well hold up the coefficient themselves. 

From what I remember in your save, Portugal got really strong once you started managing there. I know they're not exactly a small country but they did seem to dominate for a little while.

I agree in terms of the slow decline once the league is removed, but hopefully the reputation of the club is such that they can still be a factor.

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2019 Preseason


An okay preseason, with the only friendly loss to Olympiakos. Disappointing in Europe though, losing out to a Polish team I've never heard of before Cluj removed us without  fight. 





I let these guys go because didn't fit my tactics, and were too old to be retrained, so I thought I'd capitalise on them. The selling of Al-Tamari raised a few eyebrows within the squad but I'm convinced we will be better off without him making the club unhappy when he didn't get game time.



A decent young wingback.




Season Preview


Predicted first, so no pressure. Surprised to see Omonoia so far down.



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2020 Youth Intake


As outlined the preview, this youth intake was pretty bad. The HOYD, along with various other members of staff, will be phased out in favour of ones I deem better.






This poor intake is the perfect excuse to poach a whole bunch of players from the other sides to boost our Cypriot quota.

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March 2020


A massively busy month in which we had a game every 4 days. We did our absolute best to bottle our title chances with our form making us lose the lead, but two good wins at the end of the month against Larnaka and Omonoia saw us reclaim the top of the league. What made it even better is that Omonoia lost their game in hand, meaning that a draw at Limassol will ensure that I take home the title in the first year of management.



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I’ll be keeping an eye here - I’d be interested to see if you utilise Omar Hani, I was the one who added him to the games DB so want to see what becomes of him in an average save as opposed to holidaying/test saves. Aside from that, it seems like a fun save too, and I love ones where people dont just pick teams from the major nations.

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2019/20 Season Review



We did it!











Vid Belec


Nikolas Ioannou - Praxitelis Vouros - Vujadin Savic


Dragan Mihajlovic                                                                                         Jacob Barrett Laursen


Uros Matic - Alef


Tomás De Vincenti


Linus Hallenius - Andrija Pavlovic









Remaining Nation Coefficients



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1 hour ago, PaulHartman71 said:

Nice work.

That boost to the coefficient will come in handy, gives you the safety net of having a blip season and coming 2nd. 

That’s true, although if we don’t prove our worth in Europe (as well as the other Cypriot teams) we will lose that extra spot just as we get it.

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Preseason 2020


A long preseason, but a pretty good one. We finally won a European game, and we look the goods to get into the Europa League Group Stage. We had an excellent preseason win over Olympiakos too.





The Cyrpiots were brought in to boost our home grown quota, as well as options for the future. Drincic was brought for a bit of nostalgia, as in my Montenegrin save a couple FMs ago he played more than 500 games for the team I was managing. Belec was a future transfer before I entered the game, Garcia boosts our shallow midfield and Tedic walks straight into the side, as we are also quite weak up front. But he does look good.












Season Preview



Predicted favourites again, so hopefully we can do it again.

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November 2020


An unbeaten month is ruined by Omonoia, who have established quite a gap and will probably be near impossible to catch. We had some good results in Europe too, including revenge over Slovan, despite being mathematically eliminated.









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January 2021


It got very worrying at the start but then we got some good results to all but guarantee us a spot in the top 6 playoffs. What bothers me is the way we dismantled Omonoia in the Cup, but fall to pieces against them and others in the league.






I went a little nuts in the January transfer window, but this was more building for the future as the current team gets phased out. Anyone my scouts thought was good enough for the top division was looked at and most were signed. I almost definitely overpaid for the Cypriots though, but I want to keep that quota going.









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2020/21 End of Season Review


A very poor end, and we are not playing continental football next year because the European spots appear to be determined before the league splits. Next season will just be a season of rebuilding, with those young prospects my scouts found hopefully developing to push for a better position. It really can't get any worse.








Vid Belec


Milos DrincicKevin LafranceVujadin Savic


Praxitelis Vouros                                                                             Jacob Barrett Laursen


Aleix García - Lucas Souza


Ghayas Zahid


Slobodan Tedic - Diogo Cardoso





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Preseason 2021


An excellent preseason, conceding no goals. Granted, we did do a tour of lower league Italian sides, but it's still something.





Jaozinho, Lafrance and Sielis were surplus to my requirements. Belec going to Sassuolo was disappointing, but it allows our young Cypriot keeper Kostas Ilia to get some game time, allowing him to reach his potential and also to help our home grown quota. Aleix Garcia departing was out of my hands, Villarreal asked for an amount just under his release clause. But I think I've covered for his departure adequately.





Krstic and Jensen add to our deep backline, and are likely to start despite their young age. Juarez was worth a shot given his low release clause and huge potential. Mas fills a massive hole at right WB. Bakker is a depth piece in the defence, and Ranocchia was brought in to cover for Garcia's departure. But the one I'm looking forward to the most is the purchase of Michel Lopez. I met his minimum release fee and was given one of my own (5M), but he has massive potential if he sticks around.











Season Preview


Predicted top again, with 6 players in the Dream Eleven. Hopefully we can get back to where we were before.


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October 2021


Ironically, the only game we haven't won this season is also the only game we haven't conceded. That being said we've been on an absolute tear, and the much anticipated game against Omonoia was met with a resounding win. Juarez and Michel Lopez have been fantastic for us so far, they're proving to be perhaps the best buys I've made in my time in FM20.



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February 2022


What a bad time to have a slump. Apollon carved us up, we barely beat the team coming second last, before opening up the playoffs with a draw. We did win the regular season though so I'm pretty sure we have the Champions League spot sorted.



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