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  1. October 2021 If it wasn't for stoppage time goals, we would have 4 losses this month. Normality appears to have resumed.
  2. September 2021 Gijon slaughtered us when we had 4 players out injured or suspended, but besides a brilliant win against Bilbao not much to write home about. On the other hand, our junior coaching is maxed out and our youth recruitment is one upgrade away from the same.
  3. Thanks @smp20 😀 He does look excellent, I'm torn between selling him and making a profit in the future but loaning him back to us, or making sure he doesn't leave and hope he doesn't get annoyed.
  4. August 2021 A rude welcome into the top tier by Getafe, but we pulled an incredible win out against Villarreal. Hopefully we didn't exhaust all our luck this early.
  5. 2021 Preseason An okay preseason. Transfers One to sell in the future, and one as a backup in CAM. We almost signed one of the few players I've heard of that are from the Canary Islands in Pedro, but he wanted 20k more a week than what we could afford, so he went to Eibar instead. Preseason Prediction Understandably predicted to finish bottom, but I hope 17th isn't too much to ask. We can definitely beat Las Palmas, but results will have to fall in our favour with at least the bottom third of teams.
  6. I think we have a potential gem on our hands. He pretty much played a full season for us, and didn't disappoint. At 17 with plenty of room to improve, I'm determined to hold on to him for at least another 3 years, and hopefully he won't want to leave.
  7. 2021/22 Season Review How we managed to get away with that is beyond me. I had my head in my hands, preparing for the playoffs, and the inevitable disappointment of having to spend another season in the Segunda. But, whatever rules they have for breaking ties favoured us, and now we are in La Liga! It's also nice to see that our fellow Canarian team Las Palmas will be joining us, although that means we can't steal their players yet. Although, being rivals, that would probably be a stretch anyway. Carlos Abad Juanpe - Jorge Sáenz - Arodi Bolado 2A* Luis Pérez - Hernán Santana - Iker Undabarrena - Isma López Zonzamas Vargas Erik Expósito - José Naranjo
  8. May 2021 We came out of this difficult month unbeaten with some brilliant play and outstanding defence. We've guaranteed a playoff spot, but automatic promotion is in reach. We hold all the best cards, considering our final game is against 21st place Lugo. It is an away game, but even a draw gives us a free pass into La Liga.
  9. It can probably be argued that we have the worst run in out of the 8 eligible teams.
  10. April 2021 An excellent month, and now we are in the playoffs! We have a tough May, so it's definitely gonna be a nervous time.
  11. March 2021 I accidentally played a game in April, but we had a much better month, and in a position to get a playoff spot.
  12. 2021 Youth Intake An excellent intake on the face of it, it has been described as a golden generation.
  13. February 2021 We've done our absolute best to make a playoff place extremely hard to reach.
  14. January 2021 We are really hitting our stride now, as we always seem to in the second half of the season. Transfers A good addition to our DM area.
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