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  1. Congrats in Ghana and good luck with Sudan! Your young boys have the potential to turn into physical beasts as from memory they're essentially guaranteed to be all over 6 foot. What skin is that that you can see your players faces on the tactics screen too?
  2. Ludogorets were a class above, they never really gave us a chance. But at least we are back in the Europa groups! There's a wide spread of nationalities in this years edition which is good to see. Our group looks good for our progression, I'm confident we can handle both Zorya and Malmo, but Spurs are probably runaway winners of the group.
  3. Revenge is a dish best served in Poland. A tough task. They're European mainstays and are consistently in the knockout stages of the Europa League.
  4. Routine. We lost to them last year on away goals. We have a stronger team than last year I feel, so hopefully we can get revenge.
  5. 2026/27 Season Review We got it back, but we did our best to lose it, falling to defeat in a third of our games after the break. We really need to push on now, hopefully back to European group football. Transfers About 150 loans and selling off a player we didn't need. Stats Leaders/Best XI Key Players Solid as ever. Other News Bosnian Clubs in Europe FK Sarajevo Zrinjski Velez Mostar Progress
  6. 2027 Youth Intake We are getting really lucky with these intakes, another 5* prospect. He looks class already, and he has a whole lot of development to go. I'm looking forward to making some money off him. We have had a decent keeper come in every year for the last 3, so I don't know how he will fare.
  7. Oh nice one! It's always cool to have a personal connection to a save before you start it, in my opinion it helps me to keep going with it. If you're doing a youth only challenge the only real tips I can give you are to improve the junior coaching and youth recruitment as quickly as possible (preferably the junior coaching) as that increases the intake day current ability which is vital for youth saves especially if you start with a lower league team. Also play to your teams strengths formation wise, try and get your best XI on the field where possible, although I usually make sure I have 2 CBs and at least 2 central midfielders. in terms of boosting the Serbian league and national team, I don't think you'd have to worry much, as Serbia generally produce some quality players from their big clubs like Partizan, Red Star and Vojvodina among others. Yeah it's definitely an odd sight, it certainly makes the posts take longer because more screenshots 😀
  8. 2026/27 Mid Season Update We've taken advantage of not going as far as I would've liked in Europe, and had an undefeated first half of the year. We are dominating teams, but Sarajevo are far too close for my liking, despite them making the Europa League groups. National Team I didn't really expect anything more against the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams in the world, we didn't even score! 2026 World Cup A 48 team World Cup! Second Round So many matches! Belgium and Italy exit earlier than expected, but they did get a horror draw. Round of 16 Massive shakeups here, with France, England, Brazil and Colombia all being eliminated by teams they were expected to beat. Norway look very strong. Last 8 The Norwegian dream was crushed by Germany, as was Paraguay's. Austria upset Spain, but in the end Portugal win their first World Cup!
  9. Well, that's Europe over for the year, we really have to get back to winning the league.
  10. We absolutely dominated them. They didn't stand a chance! We are rewarded with just as difficult a task in Poland.
  11. This is a much less ideal start to the campaign than I was expecting.
  12. 2025/26 Season Review I resigned myself to the fact the league wasn't ours this year, but we almost finished 4th, which for my expectations would've been unacceptable. Sarajevo were a class above, buying whole host of players for a total of 1.6M. They flogged us in the cup final too, the league suddenly looks a lot more difficult. Transfers In what would be considered a very unpopular move, I sold our starting keeper and all time appearance leader because Botev Plovdiv met my transfer guidelines so I sold him, and made a decent price out of him. My backup keeper has 5* PA so it wasn't a massive loss that we couldn't cover. Dinamo Zagreb continued their despicable ways and poached my players for free, this time taking our number 1 centre mid and not even using him. Stats/Best XI Key Players I almost sold him to CSKA Sofia for 1.8M, but he rejected the contract to stay with us, and I'm hugely grateful, as he was by far our best player. He's not far away from his first cap in my opinion. Top scorer in the league, and off the mark for his country. Other News Bosnian Clubs in Europe FK Sarajevo Siroki Brijeg Zrinjski Progress
  13. 2026 Youth Intake Another deep intake, and the determination level is through the roof, except for the one with the most potential. 1 determination He looks pretty good, but there's far too much competition for strikers at the moment.