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  1. So, so close again at this stage, but not too disappointed.
  2. That's exactly my reaction! Wish the board saw that though! Really? That's ridiculous! I've never heard of that before, who were you managing? Still can't believe it to be honest.
  3. Class of 2019 Srecko Subert 2A He was amazing when we first got him. Unfortunately he didn't develop as much as I'd hoped, but he was still far and away the best player at the club for a long time! Injury probably resulted in a decline of some of those attributes, especially a broken leg 3 seasons ago, but he's still one of the best players we've ever had. A true club legend. With half a century of international appearances too. Dejan Blagojevic 2B Another amazing story of development within our club. His attributes improved put of sight, and has been a regular for us over the last 5/6 seasons, and a decent international career too. Milutin Boskovic 2C Can't find him so he's obviously retired. Didn't play a senior game for us and was released upon his youth contract expiry.
  4. So I've decided to give a bit of a 'Where Are They Now' segment for the top 3 players from my youth intake after 10 years in the game. Because I'm 12 years in I'll be doing the class of 2018 and 2019 in this post, and considering I haven't really been following their careers I'm interested to see where they ended up! Class of 2018 Milorad Martinovic 1A The top prospect from 2018 is still with us, and has become something of a staple for us over the last 5 or so seasons. He's become our captain too! Nenad Svitic 1B It may have been a mistake on my part to release this guy, as he turned out to have a moderately successful career in the Montenegrin leagues and developed nicely. I even remember him in some of my national squads, although he never got a game. He's wanted by Petrovac, another top division team. Aleksa Starcevic 1C Well, we all know who this is. It's incredible to see the difference in attributes over the 10 years, and for a while was at 4* so he exceeded his PA. Been great in the midfield since he's been here.
  5. 2029 Intake Day Another decent intake, with a 5* prospect and a driven 4.5*! He looks good. Real good. I'll retrain him at CM, but those amazing attributes! Wow. Nothing really jumps out at me here, but that personality should sort him out. Will need tutoring.
  6. We did it! and my god was it nervy. Mrdja managed to save an 85th minute penalty that would've seen Sevilla through. Reasonable draw, better than Sevilla I think.
  7. Didn't top the group, but easily through nevertheless. This is an okay draw, we haven't lost to them in two games.
  8. Meh. We held them to 3-2 being down 10 men for 75 minutes. As I said previously, not too bothered we lost as coefficient points will be gained easier from Europa. Can definitely qualify from this one!
  9. Oh yeah, completely unexpected, but I absolutely would go back and finish what I helped create.
  10. European group stages secured once again. Doesn't bother me if we win or lose this one.
  11. Easy. Played 4, won 2, drawn 1. Played them in the Europa League groups 5 years ago and beat them 5-0.
  12. Certainly angry enough at home, winning 15-0. Terzic scored 5 in the space of 15 minutes which is crazy. Played them at the beginning of the save 11 years ago, and lost 4-2 over 2 legs. Will be interesting to see the difference this time.
  13. Whoa, brutal. I mean I didn't manage to get Montenegro to qualify for back to back major tournaments, their first ever major tournaments, the highest ever ranking, and oversee a golden period in Montenegrin football. Oh wait. Yes I did. Let's see how the next one goes.
  14. Not too disappointed, as there was no way we'd get much from this group. I forgot to do a squad report but I'll make sure to do that for the next one. Couple interesting results too, as well as absences. Macedonia reached the last 16, beating Germany (!) to get there, who didn't even progress, even though 3 in their group qualified. Portugal also missed out coming last. Macedonia then went to push winners Spain to extra time despite having no good players whatsoever. There's always one of those stories I guess. In this case there were 3 as Greece and Romania reached the last 8, with Greece recording an impressive win over Belgium.
  15. Demoted to the 1st qualifying round, so we will take out our anger on Gibraltar.