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  1. Well, the analyst report says it all really. We should've finished 2nd and gained automatic promotion. We were in great shape to do it too, as we were top of the table heading into the second half of the season. But we fell apart, only winning 1 of our last 13 games and sealing our worst finish in the league to date under the new management. The pieces are there to get promoted next season, but we need to make sure we stay consistent and not run out of steam. The young legs have got to get fitter. Youth Intake Daniel Baruchian 3A* - Yair Avitan 3B - Liel Zasno 3C Not a golden generation, but easily our strongest intake so far. There are a few players that will be able to contribute immediately once they turn 16, and strengthen our team as a result. We also get our first non-Israeli (and no new Israeli locations), who on paper is our best player in the intake. Funnily enough, Barda 3D is a better left winger than Randell by a long way, so maybe the Ass Man/HOYD has got them mixed up. We've now maxed our junior coaching and recruitment as well, which should mean we'll be seeing plenty of quality in upcoming intakes. Best XI Gili Gola 1C* - Liel Cohen - Matan Dehadi Gili Gola features on here as our best player, and what a player he was this season. Probably going to be the last we see of him, he thinks he's too good and won't renew his contract which expires at the end of next season. I may have to try and sell him. AT least the team is getting better as a whole. Record Breakers Transfers Progress
  2. On paper, we had a very similar season to one before, finishing in 6th, but our analysts think we underachieved, despite scoring more goals than expected. It looks like we need to shore up our defence, but as the young players get better we can hopefully push for the 4th spot next season. Youth Intake Adir Zrihan 2A - Baruch Scheiman 2B - Ofer Benisti 2C Another good intake, possibly even better than the first one. We don't have as many good personalities, but the ability and potential is still there. We also have our first foreign born Israeli, with 2K from Brazil. Best XI Liel Cohen - Gal Azulay - Matan Dehadi A couple of the new youths enter the Best XI as our average age plummets. Gili Gola is going to be a star, I doubt we'll be able to hold onto him long. Record Breakers Transfers Progress
  3. An excellent first season, we were comfortably in the top half for the majority of the season, and we look set to build upon that. With two junior coaching and youth recruitment upgrades things are only going to get better. We aren't losing too much money either which will pave the way for more upgrades. Youth Intake Tal Marciano 1A - Dror Amsalem 1B - Gili Gola 1C* A strong first intake, which I'm surprised with given our squad size. Strong potential, and even some immediate contributors once they turn 16. But the thing I'm most excited by is the 3* CA Model Citizen. He's a little short for a CB, so I'm training him at DM. It might be the first one I've ever received, and definitely the first one in the opening intake. I'm also having a go at doing the locations on maps like a few others on here, I think it adds a bit more immersion to the game, so thanks for the inspiration guys! Best XI Lior Khidrian - Lotem Zino - Matan Dehadi Record Breakers Transfers Progress
  4. I kinda got sick of getting flogged every week in Italy with no real sign of it stopping (not kidding, I lost my first 14 Serie A games and scored like 5 goals and conceded 45 this current season) so I'm going to a place I had my eye on for a while. Israel. I got the idea when someone I know recently represented Israel in baseball at the Tokyo Olympics, which is who my manager is based on, an Jewish American from California looking for a career change. It's in an interesting part of the world too, and a city that was in the news a few months ago. Ashkelon, a city with around 130,000 people located right on the doorstep of the Gaza strip and recent receivers of rocket fire from Gaza. History aside, the new manager is hoping to unite the region with scintillating football consisting of players directly from their academy, and he won't stop until he does it. I've also changed the tactics somewhat, having unashamedly borrowed a tactic I've admired for years from a forum user on here whose career exploits are nothing short of amazing, @smp20. I figured his 442 with DMs will be far easier to mold new players in than my old formation with wing backs. We have a decent starting squad, and one with about 35 players, so no depth problems. The only issue is they're a little on the older side, but hopefully the transition isn't too drastic. The main problem we'll have is the fact that we can't play our youths until they turn 16. Shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  5. Our third season in the Serie A came and went without too much drama. We were always close to the relegation zone, but we weren't really in too much danger. We just need to keep building on what we have here, laying the foundation for the younger, better players to make an impact in the next 3 or so seasons. Survival during that time is paramount, because at this stage we have no business being here, as attribute wise we are a long way back in last place in every category. Youth Intake Marvin Tonella 9A* - Enrico Perbellini 9B* - Matteo La Torre 9C We haven't had an intake not considered a golden generation, but I'm starting to believe it as we stay in the Serie A. Our Senegalese midfielder is considered promising, but there's 4 other players ahead of him with more potential. The dawn of a new era is beginning I feel. Best XI Roberto Semenzato 3F* - Carmelo Ferrari 2F* - Kristian Preknicaj A bit of a lull in progression, but I expect that to change real soon. Record Breakers For some reason I can't access the season review at this point, but our league appearances record is now held by Antonio Lukanovic with 360, and Edoardo Girardi adds to his goalscoring record, with140 goals now. Transfers Progress
  6. This is much better than having a stadium with only 3000 people!
  7. We had one hell of a sophomore slump. We were rooted to the bottom of the table for most of the season, and we got extremely lucky, catching a hot streak over the last few games, coupled by the fact that we played Venezia and Benevento during that run which allowed us to jump them on the final day. It only took conceding the most goals ever in a Serie A season and the lowest points total for a surviving team, but we did it. Hopefully this is the hardest we'll ever have to work to stay, because this was painful. Youth Intake Gabriele Antoniazzi 8A - Simone Regoli 8B - Giacomo Tintori 8C* Now this is exciting. An incredibly deep intake, and all 9 of the 5* prospects could make an appearance at some point. Rech 8G has already made his debut, and the 8I keeper has already become 3rd choice and is now described as promising. Add to that our facility upgrades, and these guys are set to skyrocket. Best XI Roberto Semenzato 3F* - Carmelo Ferrari 2F* - Kristian Preknicaj A couple of new players in, as the youth really begin to develop. I'm expecting to make huge gains in overall as these facilities get upgraded. Record Breakers Transfers As I mentioned last season, Rudy left on a free for Genoa, and he's already made an appearance for them at 19. I don't think he'll be good enough to crack the first team though, as he's wanted by relegated side Venezia and mid table Brescia. Progress
  8. Thanks @thomas_e! I honestly have no idea how we've done it, we have absolutely no business being here. We're so overlooked that when we beat Napoli the headline was that Napoli moved into first place, not the fact that we caused a massive upset
  9. Safe, and although it looked close we were never in the relegation places the entire season, getting as high as 4th early on. We had wins against some of the big teams like Napoli and Parma, but had expected floggings most of the time (9-0 over both games against Juventus and 9-2 against Atalanta). But the best thing about the Serie A is the steady flow of TV money. We are out of debt, consistently making 2M a month. Of course that means upgrades to junior coaching, youth recruitment, and both youth and training facilities. Next year we get to make all the money again! Youth Intake Stefano Trombetta 7A - Giovanni Cavalletti 7B - Gabriele Zucco 7C I'm very excited about this intake. 5 players with 5* PA! Their personalities aren't really ideal, but that'll be fined out of them. Best XI Daniele Santoro - Edoardo Girardi - Carmelo Ferrari 2F* One small change to the Best XI, with Rudy Brighenti 4A* breaking into the first team after the youth intake. He won't be with us for long, having refused to sign a new contract because he's too good for us. I don't know how barely scraping into the first team means he's too good, but he is tagged as promising. He'll be playing European football next season as he joins 7th placed Genoa. Record Breakers Transfers Progress
  10. Yeah, so this was unexpected. We went into the new year sitting 16th, safe but still within touching distance of relegation. Come January, we refused to lose. Literally, we didn't lose the entire second half of the season, going 14-5-0. I have no idea where this came from, so maybe I'll blame the determination and work rate. Anyway, that saw us shoot up the table into 5th and a playoff spot, where again we fought our way through to the final, losing our away leg to Perugia, ending our unbeaten streak at 24 games but sending us into the Serie A. I've never had back to back promotions in a save before, but I'm not expecting good things to happen in the Serie A. Theoretically we were barely good enough to survive in the Serie B. We're also finally back in the black too, as we had a board takeover, and I was able to upgrade the junior coaching and youth recruitment for the first time in 5 seasons. Hopefully with the money we get from the top division a few more upgrades might come our way. We're going to need all we can get, as I fully expect to go back down. Youth Intake Arsid Kurti 6A - Pietro Loiacono 6B* - Alberto Filippone 6C* 3 more players with excellent potential, and a couple of these guys are good enough for the U20 bench, including 6B and 6C. I think this intake may be one of the strongest ones we've had so far. Best XI Daniele Santoro - Antonio Lukanovic - Edoardo Girardi A virtually identical lineup to last season, except for the addition of De Santis 3C. We're still trending upwards, with the development of defender Diego Inserra elevating him to the clear best player in the club. Record Breakers Transfers Progress
  11. Unbelievably, we're going up! We underperformed again in the league, as our analysts thought we'd be 3rd, but our class really began to shine the further we got into the promotion playoff. Are we ready for the Serie B? God no, but if we can beat the teams we were promoted with and maybe scrape a result or two against some other teams we could survive. Youth Intake Massimo Orofino 5A - Ivan Tolio 5B - Mattia Tortelli 5C* We seem to be some sort of El Dorado here, a 5th straight golden generation! That being said, we appear to be slowing down a bit in terms of quality. Everyone is still getting signed, but it remains to be seen how good these guys will be. Best XI Antonio Lukanovic - Carmelo Ferrari 2F* - Daniele Santoro Not too different from last season in terms of personnel, but at least we're still improving. Record Breakers Transfers Progress
  12. If there was a season to be disappointed, it was this one. We underachieved massively, in xG, xPts and XPos. According to our analysts we should've finished 8th, and while I don't think we were as good as that, we should've secured our safety much sooner. I think we need to be a little more aggressive in attack, and hopefully that will translate to us being a little more clinical. But the trend upwards is on the horizon. I really hope it starts next season, as we need good performances so we can improve our finances. Youth Intake Rudy Brighenti 4A* - Cesare Bisignano 4B - Ivan Saccon 4C A 4th straight golden generation, with a Senegalese guy in there to break up the Italian monotony. Looks could be deceiving though, as none of these guys are even good enough for the U20 side. But that could be a sign of our depth (I hope). Brighenti is definitely the star though, especially with that personality. Best XI Daniele Santoro - Antonio Lukanovic - Edoardo Girardi The development of the academy products is slowly beginning to show, with our back 3 completely made up of them. Sola's development saw him rewarded with a first team spot at the back end of the season, as did Carmelo Ferrari. Add that to our overall skyrocketing and next season surely will be a much happier one. Record Breakers Transfers We lose our first academy product, as well as Angeli leaving as the board went over my head. But that was a good price for him anyway. Progress
  13. It was a bit nervy for my liking, but we're safe once more. We hit a nice run of form in the last 10 or so games of the season, and that lifted us out of the relegation spots. I think it was a bit of a transitional season, as the academy products are slowly but surely infiltrating into the first team. 8 of our 12 subs are academy products, so I expect them to have some nice development next season. Youth Intake Enrico Gabrielli 3A - Roberto Michielan 3B* - Maurizio De Santis 3C Another strong intake, supposedly a golden generation and I can see why they think that. However, no one is immediately ready to make an impact. But keep an eye out for 3F keeper Semenzato. He's already our backup keeper, so he could be in with a shout at some first team appearances next season. Rossi 3K also broke a record for youngest Montebelluna player as well, so these guys could definitely be something. Best XI Daniele Santoro - Antonio Lukanovic - Gabriele Bardini Record Breakers Transfers Progress
  14. A huge improvement from last season, as we survive and survive easily. It's only going to be onwards and upwards from here (hopefully). Youth Intake Alessandro Padovani 2A - Giuseppe Brambilla 2B* - Tommaso Rubello 2C Another deep intake, but again probably expected in the early stages. We now have 32 new youth players, so I'll be taking over the U18s now too. The U20s have done quite well, finishing 2nd in their group after finishing last the previous season, a gain of 7 places. We then went on to win the entire thing, a great sign for the future! Best XI Daniele Santoro - Nicola Fasan - Edoardo Girardi We've made a huge improvement here! Some of these guys have developed a lot. Record Breakers Transfers I let Castagna go to a bigger club, as he wasn't starting and we could make some profit on him. Progress
  15. Survival! I was optimistic for this season, and then we had a mass exodus at the start of the season. Too many people were transfer listed by the previous management, and them being on non-contract meant I couldn't change that, so they all decided to leave. Add that to other players who rejected contract offers and left upon expiry, and our starting XI was looking more like a starting VI. It showed early on in our season, as we amassed an amazing 8 points in the first half of the season. It wasn't looking good. Luckily things fell into place and we scrapped together some points here and there, finishing on 16 points and in a playoff game against Lecco. We beat them comfortably 4-0 over two legs, and so we'll be here next season. Youth Intake Francesco Alberio 1A - Emanuel Zonta 1B - Roberto Pierobon 1C Probably the typical first year intake, everyone is signed. I will now take over the U20 side as well to try and develop these guys according to my philosophy. Best XI Daniele Santoro - Gabriele Bardini - Antonio Lukanovic As expected, we dropped a little bit in quality as everyone left, but not by as much as I thought. Record Breakers Plenty of records tumble! Managed to convince the board after the season. Transfers Progress
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