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  1. 2025 Youth Intake I predicted we'd have four decent players, and it appears as though I'm right on the money. This striker though, he looks like he's going to be incredible.
  2. January 2025 Easy. Transfers Out Da Graca leaves us as he didn't really have much more to grow and there are others with higher potential here. In Seen as an option to add depth behind the replacements for Da Graca.
  3. December 2024 We lost to Dortmund and Monaco beat Valencia, ending our slim chances at a 3rd place finish, and we've motored on in the league. This is looking very good indeed. I count four players that are promising.
  4. November 2024 An excellent month in which we barely conceded, and even managed a win over Monaco! That win sets up an important final game: if we lose, we have to lose by less than Monaco, and that will mean (I'm pretty sure) we will go into the Europa League. Cyprus A strong finish to the Nations League.
  5. October 2024 Omonoia bring us back to earth in the league, and we manage to pick up a result against Valencia. Cyprus The good work we did last month was undone here, flogged twice.
  6. September 2024 We've been dominant in the league but lost the Super Cup. Kept things close against Monaco too. Transfers Out Drincic leaves after nearly 100 league games for us. Cyprus A great start.
  7. August 2024 Strong start in the league and we won 8-7 on penalties in which 5 of our players missed from the spot. We are rewarded with this group: Unbelievable. Transfers Medina comes in from Mexico as a development piece in the hope he can rise to first choice WB should Bülent Yavaş be headhunted.
  8. 2024 Preseason Very good preseason from the friendly point of view, with good wins against Gladbach and Crystal Palace. We didn't concede a goal until we went to Poland, and we head into the second leg of the playoff with ground to make up. I won't be too disappointed if we lose, as we would have a good chance at doing well in the Europa League. Transfers Out A whole lot of contracts running out, but it's good to see those guys are still in demand. Ojo was sold because Getafe met his release clause, and Bate was a backup making noises about leaving so off to Norwich he went. In Used the money from the Ojo deal plus extra finances saved up to reinvest in the transfer market. Lopez joins us permanently once more for half what we paid, due to a 50% sell on fee we had when I sold him to Arsenal (so 2.4M). Andreou comes to us for free as a backup up front and also to boost home grown requirements. Latsabidze is probably the best find here, right out of Georgia for a cheap fee as replacement for Ojo. Sorensen is designed to replace Bate, either now or in the future. Season Preview The usual expectations.
  9. I'm not sure really, they don't have any ridiculous players, although their best player is a guy who's come through the youth system of a Bulgarian club (no idea how).
  10. Back on top after a good year. Omonoia really setting the standard for Cypriot clubs in Europe. They're the best ranked Cypriot club in Europe, at 60th. We're next in 106th. He's already in the senior squad within 3 months of entering the game. He's going to be great.
  11. 2023/24 End of Season Review An ugly end, but we won the league. Nice little achievement. Bülent Yavaş was an absolute beast this season, at one point he was wanted by Arsenal, so we won't have him for much longer. Kostas Ilia Simeon Ojo - Valdemar Jensen - Oliver Denham Jimmy Mas Bülent Yavaş Michel López - Miguel Berriel Brayan Terranova Diogo Cardoso - Cosimo Marco da Graca
  12. March 2024 Limassol really have our number in the playoffs, 4 of their 8 wins over us have come in that stage. Despite those slip ups, we are still in an excellent position and really shouldn't lose it from here, as long as we beat Omonoia in our next game. The 9-1 win over Ethnikos was fantastic too. Cyprus How I am not sacked for this is beyond me. Utterly disgraceful.
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