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  1. We absolutely cleaned our Leipzig, but Lazio go through instead of us. Hopefully we can try and replicate our semi final performance in the Europa League. Best XI Gabriele Capanni - Lukas Matejka - Thomas Ceelen Even with all the new additions the older names still feature. The upgrades to the defence has helped, although it's still the weakest area. Record Breakers Awards Progress
  2. November 2030 We finally had a win over Lazio, and we are all but guaranteed a spot in European knockouts.
  3. October 2030 We beat Leipzig again, but Lazio are still too strong for us.
  4. September 2030 We lost again to Suduva, but we played a second team to save us for the United game, in which we had a great performance. 2030 Youth Intake It's actually pretty disappointing.
  5. August 2030 Another great month, and now we wait to see who we have in our Champions League group. Edit: Terrible group
  6. July 2030 A perfect month, one where we didn't concede at all which is very impressive. Transfers (In) An unusually busy transfer window, but I'm desperate to strengthen our defence before we venture in European group competition. Ichim is brought in for some extra firepower up front. Transfers (Out)
  7. June 2030 Just one game this month as everyone took a break for the 2030 World Cup, which is still ongoing.
  8. This is the most optimistic I've been about an intake I think in this save.
  9. May 2030 Eventual champions Napoli end our dream run in the Europa League, and Suduva hand us our first league defeat in 146 games. Things might be getting a little more competitive domestically!
  10. April 2030 Who cares about the league, we're through to the last 4 of the Europa League!
  11. March 2030 We had an exciting, but heart attack inducing second round knockout victory against Brighton. We now have reached our best ever finish in a European competition, and we have a chance to extend in a somewhat easy draw in Rijeka of Croatia. That being said, they beat Milan so they might be tougher than I think. Transfers (In) A temporary replacement for Vitor Hugo. Transfers (Out) A short CB who played one game for us relocates to Australia.
  12. February 2030 We win another Super Cup and have an excellent performance in the Europa League to progress. Transfers (In) Another boost to our defence. Transfers (Out) Shanghai pay a ridiculous amount of money for Vitor Hugo and he's gone after less than a season with us. But his sale will fuel our European push for the years to come.
  13. Preseason 2030 Standard preseason. Transfers (In) I have big hopes for this guy. We managed to steal him from under PSG's nose so he must have something about him. It's also getting harder to find players above a certain threshold, so I think I'll raise the maximum age to 27 and see if the standard rises. Transfers (Out) Made a tidy profit on Andersson, and the rest were pretty standard transfers.
  14. No one can say we aren't entertaining to watch! But we're into the Europa knockouts which is great. Best XI Gabriele Capanni - Lukas Matejka - Ljubo Radakovic The usual suspects appear again, joined by Radakovic who had a great debut season up front. We desperately need defensive improvement, but the guys in our scouting pool haven't been great. Hopefully things will be different this transfer window. Record Breakers Awards Progress
  15. November 2029 2 European losses, but unless Leipzig beat Inter we might be in the Europa League.
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