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  1. NK Podvinci - 2028/29 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Anze Dolinar 8A* | Mario Krajnc 4D* | Zlatko Maucec 4H | Well, I don't think anyone was expecting this. Our first season in the top division and we qualify for Europe? We even denied Maribor a European place, astounding given that they are arguably the biggest club in the country. I'm not even sure how we did it, and I'm sure as hell we won't be able to replicate it next season. I just plan to enjoy our foray into Europe for as long as it lasts, and hope that we make enough money to get back into the black, because we are still in so much debt. Youth Intake | Zoran Petrovic 9A | Miha Zdovc 9B | Darko Pecnik 9C | After the mammoth intake we got last season, I didn't expect too much, so I'm not surprised with this. That being said, we still do get some good players, especially the one in midfield where we are pretty short on potential. Progress
  2. He really is incredible, I saw the 4 star rating and just went, whoa. Thank god we turned pro again because Maribor were sniffing around big time and kept making offers. I was afraid the board would go over my head but I was able to sign him to a contract that'll keep him here for 6 years. He's already made an immediate impact in the preseason, bagging 3 assists in our 6-1 flogging of Mlada Boleslav, a Czech top division team that we really shouldn't have any right to beat, let alone by 5 goals!
  3. NK Podvinci - 2027/28 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Zlatko Maucec 4H | Mario Krajnc 4D* | Luka Kotnik 1F | After we were forced to revert back to being semi-pro this season, I expected us to have one or two good seasons before our good players started leaving, and basically screwing us and my chances of doing well in this stage. I was half right. A key player left us (Bojan Horvat 4E), but no one else. And they are unlikely to do so next season either. Why? We got promoted! Granted, our season was over but for the last 10 minutes of our last league game, but then we scored two, giving us a win and leapfrogging Bravo to nab the playoff spot. A 2-0 win and 3-2 loss against 1st Division side Koper in the playoff was enough to see us through. Upon entering the top division, we also turn professional again. Our finances are horrible, so I hope that the board don't choose to go back again because I really will not be happy. We had 4 players in the Team of the Year: Filip Novak 1G, Matej Zizek 5A, Kotnik 1F and Maucec 4H. Maucec was also the league's top scorer, with 19, and Krajnc 4D* topped the assist charts with 16. Youth Intake | Anze Dolinar 8A* | David Kozar 8B* | Jurij Topic 8C | What a superb intake. My eyes just lit up when I saw Dolinar. A 4* CA player in a position we desperately need? Get in there. Especially with the departure of Bojan Horvat 4E, who was our only player that could play LW competently. We've really struck gold with this one! He also scored a hat trick and assisted another in our YC's 5-0 win over our U19s Progress
  4. NK Podvinci - 2026/27 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Zlatko Maucec 4H | Mario Krajnc 4D* | Sebastjan Klemencic 5D | Last season I said a top 5 finish would be nice. We went real close. Until the last 2 games we were in with a real shot at contending for promotion. Whilst I think it's a little too early for us to make that next step, we have a really solid team at present. Our front 4 are absolutely lethal, three of whom are shown in the links above. We've even managed to hold onto them for next season, and if we can fix our leaky defence (3rd worst), our attack will lift us to promotion or thereabouts. A massive negative is we've reverted back to being semi-pro. We've lost so much cash, and this might mean we lose our players too, because they want fulltime contracts. Youth Intake | Matjaz Golob 7A | Rok Klaric 7B | Zarko Maucec 7C | Three 5* prospects here, and two are in positions where we are seriously short on quality. We really don't need anymore strikers though. Progress
  5. NK Podvinci - 2025/26 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Zlatko Maucec 4H | Luka Zizek 2G | Mario Krajnc 4D* | We reached an all time high of 8th in the league, which left me just shaking my head in disbelief every time the result showed us winning. Our youngsters are really beginning to develop and develop well, and that's pushing us up further than where we are supposed to be. That's not the full story though. We somehow defied everything and made it to the final of the cup, beating two Division 1 teams along the way, before facing Maribor. Much like life, this story did not have a happy ending, as Maribor cleaned us up 6-0. But we made the final, which shows the potential we have as a squad. Next season? Top 5 would be nice! Youth Intake | Nebojsa Baskera 6A* | Matija Markic 6B | Saso Straus 6C | A very deep intake, with plenty of guys who could possibly feature during the back end of next season. Progress
  6. NK Podvinci - 2024/25 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Zlatko Maucec 4H | Zoran Marinsek 2D | Luka Kotnik 1F | We survived, and we are looking more comfortable as the seasons pass. We even managed to win 2 games in the cup before falling to top division Celje. The team is looking a lot more well-rounded, and of course it helps to have a striker up front who can finish (something I had trouble with in Belarus). I don't think we're too far away from making a push for the top of the league. Maybe 5 or so years. Youth Intake | Matej Zizek 5A | David Vidmar 5B | Jaka Balazic 5C | Whoa. Zizek is a freak for this level. He immediately makes everyone on this team look mediocre by comparison. Even without him our team is pretty mediocre. I need to lock him up for as long as possible ASAP. Progress
  7. It seems exciting if you ignore the fact we nearly blew a 5-1 lead.
  8. = Aaaaaand we've lost him. Board went over my head when I tried to negotiate a sell on clause. He better not go for a lot.
  9. NK Podvinci - 2023/24 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Luka Kotnik 1F | Filip Novak 1G | Andraz Balazic 1C | We continue to improve slowly, but we be losing Dragan Kodermac 3B as I'm selling him before his contract runs out to try and cash in on him. He's far too good for this level and we are losing money so it seems like the right thing to do. He's wanted by Maribor, the best team in Slovenia by far so he might be special. But we have adequate backup for his position for now, so it could be okay. We will just continue to keep plugging away and stay in this division. Youth Intake | Dejan Popovic 4A | Marko Vörös 4B | Aljaz Bloudek 4C | Another excellent intake in terms of current ability, and we even get some strikers which we are desperate for. We even get a Nigerian for some reason. Progress
  10. NK Podvinci - 2022/23 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Rok Lesnik | Nikola Prahic | Luka Kotnik 1F | We defied expectations, picking up results here and there and scraping into missing relegation. I expect this struggle to continue, especially with our young squad. None of our players are considered good enough for the second division, so it'll be fun. But with our junior coaching being upgraded again, this next batch is going to be even better. Now that we've turned pro we've been haemorrhaging money, so this is likely to be our last upgrade for a while. Youth Intake | Mihael Malnar 3A | Dragan Kodermac 3B | Marko Kern 3C | Our first intake as a professional club, and I'm very impressed. Three players that can immediately slot straight into the first team. The problem that @Lexclub alluded to regarding low determination has reared its ugly head, with a lot of horrible personalities here. The HOYD might need to move on if this continues. Progress
  11. Thanks! Hopefully the low determination doesn't affect us too much, we seem to not have a problem with it at present, but that could easily change.
  12. NK Podvinci - 2020/21 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Rok Lesnik | Filip Novak 1G | Rok Roj | Another season of safety, buying us time for better intakes. Having a full squad of players makes survival so much easier! Professional status planned for next season, and the junior coaching and youth recruitment has been upgraded again as well. Youth Intake | Dejan Golob 2A | Miha Petrovic 2B | Tilen Marinsek 2C | There's no one here that immediately stands out, but they will all have their part to play as we just have a lot of depth now. Progress
  13. NK Podvinci - 2020/21 Season Review | Competitions | Squad | Awards | Overall Best Eleven | Transfers | | Damir Zagorsek | Kristijan Brumen | Rok Lesnik | How we got out of this alive God only knows. We conceded 22 goals more than anyone else, but scored a fair few as well. It's really hard to do this with only 8 real players. Especially when they get injured/suspended. We also had someone leave in January reducing us to 7. But with the youth intake we should have a full, but weak team. Also managed to increase junior coaching and youth recruitment, and given our finances look set to do the same again next season. Youth Intake | Vid Grvala 1A | Ziga Jarc 1B | Andraz Balazic 1C | A good intake, but I expected as much given we have next to no players in our squad. Interesting to already see a couple of non-Slovenes as well. Progress
  14. I have posted it and awaiting a response. In the meantime, I've decided to go elsewhere... Slovenia is going to be more difficult than Belarus already. We have a grand total of 8 players, so I'll have to rely on grey players for most of the season until the youth comes in. There's also a rule where U17s can't play. Pretty much signed my own death warrant here.
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