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  1. 2031 Intake Heading in to this intake, we are severely short of cover at CAM and fullback. We get a fullback from our feeder club in China, and a 5* DM. I guess the CAM can wait. Excited to see him develop. Needs tutoring, but at least he's fit. Listed as LW but natural at CAM? Interesting.
  2. I didn't expect to even get this far, but we weren't flogged so that's positive.
  3. 😮 you're missing out my friend!
  4. Like Federer in real life, his tour form might not be the greatest, but he always turns up in the Grand Slams
  5. 2030/31 Mid Season Update I love the new formation. We are much more competitive and even scoring more goals! I've been switching between that and a 4-3-3 as there is a massive gulf in ability between our starting CAM and our backup, so I change to that formation only when he needs a rest or was injured. Both formations have worked well, and the results have shown that. If we keep this form up we'll qualify for Europe. Swiss Cup I love this new formation. Europe is once again looking like it's a possibility. Europa League Speaking of the Europa League: We've progressed. Did I mention I love the new formation? It'll be fun getting flogged.
  6. For some reason the Swiss Cup winners go straight into the Europa Group Stage, and we were seeded 3rd. Of course that meant we get one of the most difficult 4th seeds. That being said, we could push both Rubin and Standard.
  7. 2030/31 Preseason A decent preseason as I've debuted my new tactics and the scorelines were a little deceiving. We made more clear cut chances than Atletico, we just weren't clinical. I think it's pretty straightforward, overload the middle of the pitch and exploit the numbers we have, then use our overlapping fullbacks to stretch the defenders and then hopefully our two forwards can put it away. One of these days we're not going to be predicted last.
  8. Got an excellent sale for him, and we get him back for the rest of the season. Hopefully he gets bought for more than 12, can't see it happening though.
  9. World Cup 2030 - Italy Another interesting international tournament, where Spain broke Italian hearts in extra time and Mexico finished in 3rd place. Impressive performance by the African teams with 3 of 5 making the KO stages and 2 making the last 8!
  10. Buisness tycoon? You have my attention.
  11. 2029/30 Season Review An absolutely abysmal second half. How'd we end up going? We managed a higher position than last year, and also won our third cup in a row! We definitely like leaving it late though. But the important thing is we are in the Europa League again. Stats Leaders/Best Eleven Lorenz Oertli 4D Jorge Guimarães 5B* - Giovanni Simeone 2G - Cyril Hottelier 5C - Trésor Endzanga 3F - Killian Braud 2C Nuno Alexandre 9A - Dino Keller 6B - Amadou Candé 8A* Cyril Holenweger 8B* - Arbri Sinani 9B Next Season Develop a new tactic based on our best 11 players. I've changed my mind twice about this, but it may keep things fresh for me. Obviously I want to consolidate our position in the league, maybe push for Europe in terms of league position? Probably too ambitious. I also think I'm going to bite the bullet and sell Cyril Holenweger 8B*, as he has 1 year on his contract and has no interest in renewing, and we are quite strong up front, as well as him being worth around 10 million, that'll look good in my account! Progress
  12. I changed my mind immediately after we lost 6-5 in our first friendly back against a team we should've flogged. Back to the 5-3-2, it's served me fantastically this save and the last one.
  13. 2030 Youth Intake An excellent intake, with plenty of potential, especially at CB where we need depth. He actually looks amazing, and once he grows taller he'll be a beast! Hmm. Base stats aren't amazing, but the PA seems to assume there's plenty to go. Another keeper
  14. 2029/30 Winter Break Update A little better than last year, there's still a massive gap in ability between some of the bigger teams though. Looks like we'll be in a battle for the best of the rest. Swiss Cup Been doing well in this, Young Boys will be a massive challenge. Europa League I'm not happy at all with this. We were pathetic against Qarabag. I'm feeling that something has to change. Instead of having a set formation from the beginning and hoping my team adapt to it, I'm going to cater to my team's needs. I'm obviously going to always have 4 at the back, but the other 6 will depend on where my other strong players are best at playing. If that means that certain elements of the game are 'exploited' then so be it. But I want my best 11 on the pitch no matter how they line up.