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Legends Database 2010 - Official Release -

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Deus, you have single-handedly re-ignited my interest in FM. I'm running the 10.0 database with the 10.3 patch on a Mac and it's working absolutely brilliantly. Player pictures work, everything. This is immense mate, you are legend. And to your credit, all the data seems to be fairly accurate as well. There really aren't too many players that make me say "Oh, he should have better technical/mental/physical stats". Really top notch stuff. One can only hope you'll continue the tradition for FM11 (but I would understand if you didn't - the amount of time you must have spent on this...)

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First of all I want to say that I love this database, i've allways wanted to play with legends like Cruyff and Cantona etc!

But I have one concern, Artur Friedenreich, I feel his stats are kind of low.

I once saw a football documentary and they talked about him, they said that he might have scored more goals than Pele but they could not prove it, but they had proof that he scored over 1000 goals in his career so I feel that 14 finishing is kind of low, and don't know if it does any help but he was the first player who was able to curl the ball.

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Awesome DB. Not decided who to play with yet. I might add some more players before doing so. One minor thing which I changed in mine was Derek Dougan's height, jumping and heading. In the DB you have him as 5'9 and jumping 11 however he was 6ft 3 and formidable in the air, perhaps a 17 in jumping and 15 or 16 in heading. Just an FYI :) Thanks for the top, top work!

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