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  1. No clue when I started the game. Is that an official bug?
  2. I'm in the year 2027, I started at Liverpool and won everything many times (recently taking over Newcastle, saving them from relegation and winning the title) I'm a living legend and English. England have had quite a few managers in this time yet I've never been approached or even mentioned about taking over England. Why?
  3. I know right? Finally! Thanks for the info.
  4. Anybody? It's getting out of hand now.
  5. Could a mod move this thread please?
  6. oh ffs Could a mod move this please? Thanks!
  7. A lot of my players determination stats are dropping and I have no idea why. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. It's 2022 and as the title says I've had a World Cup in December. This a bug or actually supposed to be in the game?
  9. Makes perfect sense if you consider the pampering of footballers nowadays.
  10. How do I set the position/role/duty so that my team is in order from gk through to forwards? The players I've picked are in order but below that it's completely random which is driving me nuts! It makes things so messy when clearing your squad and re-picking your team.
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