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  1. Thanks for reply's. Anybody know where I could send the SA and Russian players to gain the fastest nationality for wp?
  2. Doesn't the criteria differ depending on what sort of brexit happens in game? Also, why does the amount of time to gain nationality differ when sending different players out on loan (to same nation) to gain wp's?
  3. I'm in year 2020 on my Liverpool save and I just don't seem to be able to get wp's for really good players. I have a young SA player, he's a wonderkid and had played every international match last year whilst being loaned out to Dynamo Kyiv for a season playing 29 games. No wp because team isn't ranked high enough. I've loaned him out to a Spanish side as I presumed it would only take him 740 days or so to gain a Spanish nationality as I'd loaned out another youngster to a Spanish side, around the same time, and it said it would only take 740 days to gain nationality, but no, apparently it will take him (SA wonderkid) 3650 days to gain it. The same thing has happened with my Russian wonderkid (see below). There seems to be no rhyme or reason to these bizarre rules. A Russian wonderkid who is first choice for them. No wp as team isn't ranked high enough. A serbian wonderkid who's first choice for them having just played in a European Championship. In total he's scored 12 in 16 for country. He played a full season at Levante scoring 25 goals in 35 games, then Nice where he had another good season scoring 12 in 22. No wp as he hasn't played enough games. I also lost Grujic on a free after he'd just won the quadruple being a first choice cm in my team and a leading player for any prem side. He'd also just finished playing at the European Championship for his country (he's signed for PSG for free and is now worth around £40 mil). I didn't actually notice brexit arriving in my game as I seem to miss a lot of important things with this new set up, so can anybody tell me where do I check criteria for gaining wp's in my game? Thanks.
  4. Is there a tactics section in these forums for this game?
  5. Probably because Australia aren't ranked high enough. I've been having the same issues with a South African player who is actually superb but can't get a wp. Annoying.
  6. Just wondering if this has been discussed before or raised as an issue? I've not gone back into last season but it seemed like it was a very common occurrence, so I thought I'd have a quick look at this seasons stats which unsurprisingly show six games played and the woodwork being hit ten times.
  7. Sis? Not sure what you mean. Basically, goals and match ratings are not great. Firmino has 4 goals in 16 games with 3 assists and a match rating of 7.12. I've just changed the position to SS to see if it will help.
  8. I'm using the 4231 and it's working very well. My only issue is the trequartista position as it seems who ever I play there struggles. Has anybody else encountered the same problem?
  9. No need to be quite so precious as "trashing" your thread was never my intention. I was Just stating results and how they were going in real time, which wasn't well at all and also wanted to know if you'd used wing backs as I was trying them out. Thanks for taking the time to make the tactic, but it's not for me.
  10. I'm sure it said "Add later" when I was creating my manager.
  11. Is it possible to use a picture of myself after the game has started?
  12. Nope not working for me. Five games played and one goal scored, which was an own goal and just been destroyed by Arsenal 5 - 0. Coutinho and Mane have ratings of 6.6 and 6.63.
  13. Three matches into my first season with Liverpool and we've scored 1 goal. Not looking good at all. I'll persevere for 10 games and see what happens.