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  1. This. Not sure what SI's idea about it is.
  2. How does aggression affect a player exactly? Thanks for the response.
  3. I'm looking at a cb with 6 aggression but the rest of his stats are amazing. He has 20 composure, 18 pos, 18 tackling, 19 jumping, 15 bravery and 17 det which got me wondering how that extremely low aggression stat could effect his performance?
  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. Just installed the player faces from the 'return of the legends' database and they're all on the wrong people. Is it something I've done or a mistake from the creator? And I've just posted this in the wrong place. Could a mod move it please? Cheers
  6. I wouldn't waste your breath. The Vardy and Kane love in is strong here and in the media. They can do no wrong. Vardy crap? No service! Kane abysmal? He's tired Sturridge not played well? He's just not as good as the other two.
  7. Clearly never up front.
  8. Not sure how well Kane would be doing out wide.
  9. Pains me to say it but Sturridge is having a poor game.
  10. So the keeper screams 'AWAY AWAY' and Smalling does that?! Amazing. Penalty on Clyne. So English not to go down...
  11. I'm calm Wilshere has struggled and whoever said Henderson was poor must be watching a different game.
  12. Glad to disappoint you Are you still not a mod?
  13. What an absolutely ridiculous post. Stop embarrassing yourself like you did in the last England game.
  14. Nearly Lallana... I seem to say that quite often.
  15. Him keeping his width would surely peg Clyne back who is having a stormer because of the space on the right.