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  1. (FM20) I don't seem to be able to easily access my u23 squad/tactics. On the left of the screen I have the usual home/tactics/squad etc but the only way I seem to be able to access the u23s is by using the filter on the right. Any ideas?
  2. I'm outraged. Too much money for individual licenses I think. Not that EA can't afford it.
  3. How do I force the u23's manager to play the same formation/tactics as my main. I've just had a look and an old tactic is being used. Can I take over the u23's?
  4. I seem to constantly be getting ridiculously bad offers for quality players, and that's if anybody even decides to make a bid. Example - Fabinho who is a leading player in the division. Not transfer listed. Worth 76m. Juve offer me 50m for him and ask me to pay 71k of his 175k wages which I obviously refuse, so they come back and offer 51m and expect me to pay 71k of his wages again. That's just one example of many joke offers I seem to get. Just me being unlucky or is this an issue with the game? Edit - Just had another terrible offer of 44m for a top 24 year old forward
  5. So my wingers beat the fullbacks, get to the edge of the six yard box and no matter what just don't seem to knock a simple pass back across the the 6 yard box for a tap in, they always go for the impossible angle shot. I also noticed this in last years version (and the year before?). Anybody having the same issue? or is it my tactics.
  6. Am I being a bit thick? Can't seem to find any fm20 tactics after flicking through and don't fancy trolling 280 pages to find them. Appreciate the effort as always, Knap.
  7. Quite enjoyed it. I do realise it was utter crap of course. Just watched a pretty good movie called "I see you". A sort of horror/thriller with some interesting twists. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/i_see_you_2019
  8. dking


    The mandilorian is really good. Probably better than the actual starwars movies!
  9. Walked the dog and did some keeper training with my lad. I say I walked the dog but really I just let it off the lead to do what it liked.
  10. I just wanted to know if it was a bug and obviously that's been answered.
  11. Years 2023. All players away on Internationals for my Champions league final. I literally can't field a team. This a bug?
  12. Well I've tried everything again and players in the groups aren't losing determination, in fact a couple have improved it. However, a couple of players that aren't in those groups (first team) are losing determination. All my coaches are top quality with really good personalities as are ALL my players. Why would professional and determined, world class players be losing determination so rapidly in a determined squad with world class coaches.
  13. I'm not mixing the groups and never have. I've always had gk, def, cm, fw. Always made sure that the most influential player has had higher det stats and a good attitude. I could possibly have gone wrong by putting too many players in one group, but other than that I'm really not sure. I'll mess around with it a bit more as I've just started a new save. What sort of eta are we looking at to see any development? I know it takes longer than previous versions.
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