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  1. I just wanted to know if it was a bug and obviously that's been answered.
  2. Years 2023. All players away on Internationals for my Champions league final. I literally can't field a team. This a bug?
  3. Well I've tried everything again and players in the groups aren't losing determination, in fact a couple have improved it. However, a couple of players that aren't in those groups (first team) are losing determination. All my coaches are top quality with really good personalities as are ALL my players. Why would professional and determined, world class players be losing determination so rapidly in a determined squad with world class coaches.
  4. I'm not mixing the groups and never have. I've always had gk, def, cm, fw. Always made sure that the most influential player has had higher det stats and a good attitude. I could possibly have gone wrong by putting too many players in one group, but other than that I'm really not sure. I'll mess around with it a bit more as I've just started a new save. What sort of eta are we looking at to see any development? I know it takes longer than previous versions.
  5. That's not what I said at all was it? I've experimented with it in many saves and it's always the same outcome. I've read the guide and I'm pretty sure I understand how it's supposed to work. Out of interest has anybody else seen determination stats rise much? I've only seen threads about it dropping.
  6. I already did but the determination stats kept dropping. I also made sure that the groups were small and top players were the leaders in those groups.
  7. Yep same issue at LFC. No mentoring groups going and only top players yet determination is dropping on quite a few players. I honestly think it's broken.
  8. Great guide. I'm not using any mentoring groups and in every save I have played (always start at LFC) quite a few players rapidly lose determination for no apparent reason. Does this mean I'm forced to use mentoring groups? (I've tried experimenting but always the same out come of players losing determination, no matter who is in the group i.e. Salah , Firmino, vvd in different groups)
  9. Cheers. I guess I'll start a new save.
  10. I've had to play the final using 5 generated players and no subs. Seems like a bug to me. I've never seen anything like it before, in game or real life.
  11. I'm in year 2028, just about to play in the Euro.Super Cup. The game asks me to submit my team but I have 12 first team players on Internationals (I was not able to remove them from the squads) . I literally can't put a team out, not even a keeper. What am I supposed to do? I don't really want to quit this save but it seems pretty unrealistic and game breaking.
  12. No clue when I started the game. Is that an official bug?
  13. I'm in the year 2027, I started at Liverpool and won everything many times (recently taking over Newcastle, saving them from relegation and winning the title) I'm a living legend and English. England have had quite a few managers in this time yet I've never been approached or even mentioned about taking over England. Why?
  14. I know right? Finally! Thanks for the info.
  15. Anybody? It's getting out of hand now.
  16. Could a mod move this thread please?
  17. oh ffs Could a mod move this please? Thanks!
  18. A lot of my players determination stats are dropping and I have no idea why. Any advice would be appreciated.
  19. It's 2022 and as the title says I've had a World Cup in December. This a bug or actually supposed to be in the game?
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