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  1. So why spend X amount of £'s making CD/DVD's of the game when after the inital activation they are basically useless? Did a 4 year old think this system through? And if everybody needs internet access and Steam to activate anyway, people may aswell just buy it through steam. Are you sure you havent taken any money off Steam?
  2. So basically your forcing people to get Steam to activate, and also your alienating people that dont have an internet connection. Just like FM09 when I didnt have one and was forced to phone a premium rate number to activate my game. Absolute farce. I wont be purchasing this years game now. I was contemplating it anyway as its just crap feature after crap feature, and bug after bug because of said poorly tested features each year, but this has just tipped it over the edge.
  3. How many of those 400 'changes' were actually meaningful, and not just a button being moved to a different position or some other rubbish?
  4. Removed because they break the 'rules'. They have to be direct links and not links to another forum.
  5. I dont know about the 3 foreigners but the 3 English lads should already be wonderkids. AFAIK a player becomes a wonderkid if they have CA over a certain level and under a certain age. Cleverley definitely is in this bracket with the changes that have been done, and if Jones isnt at the start he certainly will be after a few months of training and game time. Same for Rodwell. I would just ignore posts like the above. They probably havent even tried your file yet judging by the players they are wanting changed. Typical one post wonder. Will probably never come back to this thread or the forum
  6. Probably to keep people interested and make them read it. Even though it would still be the same text, if it had no lines in-between, it would just appear to be a big wall of text and put a lot of people off reading it.
  7. Off the ball is the attacking version of Positioning. Off the ball is how well players find space and their movement. Whereas Positioning is how well players position themselves to read the game and make interceptions and tackles. So in your example, your player is very good at making space for himself, and being available for the ball, but he's not so good at coming out of his position and away from his 'comfort zone'. Thats how I see it anyway.
  8. Try post #4045 Link in the OP isnt working. Deleted file.
  9. I also want this. Its stupid that if the assistant chooses the friendlies, you always end up with a tour, then a home game, then your last friendly is usually away half way over the world. When in reality, the last friendly is usually at home ready for the new season.
  10. Do you mean info like "where should I put this file", "how do I get it to show up in the game" or "its a .rar file, what do I do"? This should all be in the FAQ as its not specific to wally's update. These are basic questions for any update or file. And actually all that info is in the OP. If its, "are there CA/PA changes, attribute changes and finance changes?", this info is all in the OP aswell. I dont see what info people could possibly need that isnt already covered :confused:
  11. Why start a new new thread when people are happily using this one and know where to come for the info? If Wally isnt updating anymore, what concern is it of his or anybody elses if people continue to post here with updates on finances and transfers?
  12. Thanks Veg I dont want the other threads closed though. I was just using them threads to make a point about this rule and the deleting of the links here and not the others. Obviously the logo pack and cut-out pack are massively popular and it would be foolish to close them. The only issue with the cut-out pack is the need to sign up to the forum which is a breach of the 'rules' no matter which sub-forum you are in so IF any action were to be taken it should be with that thread. Faces, logo's and kits are very popular and to deny people the chance to have these kits because of a 'rule' that other threads now in your knowledge are also breaking doesnt really make sense. Radestock made a point that the OP may just do a runner and not contribute to the thread, which was also a factor in the descision. That doesnt make sense either. Hammer9 joined and made 5 posts on his first day, the next day the links were removed. The guy hasnt even had chance to 'prove himself' so to speak. Compare that to the OP in the cut-out thread with a massive total of 300 posts in 5 years and the OP in the logo thread with 441 in over 6 years, hardly thriving members of the community there.
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