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  1. I dont know about the 3 foreigners but the 3 English lads should already be wonderkids. AFAIK a player becomes a wonderkid if they have CA over a certain level and under a certain age. Cleverley definitely is in this bracket with the changes that have been done, and if Jones isnt at the start he certainly will be after a few months of training and game time. Same for Rodwell. I would just ignore posts like the above. They probably havent even tried your file yet judging by the players they are wanting changed. Typical one post wonder. Will probably never come back to this thread or the forum
  2. Try post #4045 Link in the OP isnt working. Deleted file.
  3. Do you mean info like "where should I put this file", "how do I get it to show up in the game" or "its a .rar file, what do I do"? This should all be in the FAQ as its not specific to wally's update. These are basic questions for any update or file. And actually all that info is in the OP. If its, "are there CA/PA changes, attribute changes and finance changes?", this info is all in the OP aswell. I dont see what info people could possibly need that isnt already covered :confused:
  4. Why start a new new thread when people are happily using this one and know where to come for the info? If Wally isnt updating anymore, what concern is it of his or anybody elses if people continue to post here with updates on finances and transfers?
  5. Why not? So people cant post issues for other people so that they can change the file themselves. Ive changed Rangers' debt because of the info posted here!
  6. You need to extract it using and extraction program like WinRAR or 7zip. Please read the FAQ thread first for answers, or even just this last page of the thread, its been said many times
  7. No theres no issue. It fixes itself a few days in apparently. Its a currency bug
  8. If you 100% dont want CA/PA changes I would suggest using Metal_Guitarists update. That is purely a transfer/leagues update with no CA/PA changes
  9. Read the FAQ thread (Frequently Asked Questions) Should be the same place.
  10. No ive not looked in the editor yet. I didnt think there would be any need as those players shouldnt really have been touched as none are what you would call injury prone. In my other save, I remember selling Kuzczak(?) and loaning out Amos then just after the transfer window closed, De Gea (6 months) and Lindegard (3-4 months) both got injured so I had to get in a loan. Also the list of players in that save was quite bad. Worse impact actually as far as the team went. When I get chance to open the editor i'll have a look but I doubt its anything to do with injury proneness being edited. I thought maybe that (if its possible) somebody had merged your DB with the injury file?
  11. Im sure there is still an .edt somewhere which allows you to pick huge. Maybe its that?
  12. Hi Wally, just a quick question. I know you have a separate injuries file but is it possible that something has been done to the normal file regarding injuries? For the last two versions now I seem to be getting a lot of injuries, and some pretty bad ones aswell. It may just be luck of the draw, but ive never had anything like this before and its only since using the last 2 files. 2 different saves, one on each. My current one ive had: Rooney - Torn Hamstring - 3 months Carrick - Slipped Disc - 2-3 months Cleverley - Broken Leg - 6 months Young - Broken Ankle - 3 months Fletcher - Fractured Arm - 1 month Valencia - Strained Knee Ligaments - 6 weeks Kaka - Broken Wrist - 1 month Tunnicliffe - Broken Leg - 6 months Petrucci - Broken Toe - 2 months Fornasier - Double Hernia - 6 weeks Pogba - Torn Calf Muscle - 3 to 4 months Thompson - Strained Knee Ligaments - 1 month Plus many other ranging from days to 4 weeks and also more serious injuries to youth players that have now recovered that I cant be bother going through the history for. Like I say, could just be luck of the draw but ive never ever had anything this bad, and its only been on my last 2 saves using your 2 most recent files. Its not my schedules as ive always used them without problems. Any ideas? EDIT: BTW im only in December of the first season. So all these are in that short space of time.
  13. He looks like the human version of Mater from the movie 'Cars'. (People with kids will know what I mean )
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