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  1. With many seasons drawing to a close I was going to challenge myself to a single season in each top league with the title winning side (once confirmed) with the objective of matching the real life performance. Would that be of any interest to anyone? You would have only a single season to do it so it is a test of your short term wheeling and dealing and tactical ability, no youth development. Once restriction I would put in place would be around transfers i.e. fee spread over no more than 24 months. Not sure whether to also turn off summer transfer budgets. Would certainly up the difficulty.
  2. Awesome DB. Not decided who to play with yet. I might add some more players before doing so. One minor thing which I changed in mine was Derek Dougan's height, jumping and heading. In the DB you have him as 5'9 and jumping 11 however he was 6ft 3 and formidable in the air, perhaps a 17 in jumping and 15 or 16 in heading. Just an FYI Thanks for the top, top work!
  3. I would love to see Wolves of the late 50s in this led out by Billy Wright! edit: Now i've had a good look around at the fantastic bit of work that this, I've edited Wolves to suit myself!
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