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  1. I couldn't find this anywhere using the search function. What I'm looking to do is edit the search filter in FM2012 using notepad in order to create a filter quickly with a large number <900 terms. Has anybody done this and figured out how to get it to work? I've edited it, saved it then loaded the filter in FM but it appears exactly as pre-editing.
  2. I'm finding the financials a little tricky at the start of the 11/12 season. Despite having a £52k/week wage surplus I am unable to offer more than £3.9k/week even with key player status therefore making it virtually impossible to sign anyone.. Bank balance is over £20m and the board won't move on the budget. Not encountered this problem before and it is making it impossible to sign anyone with any talent.. Oh and I can't offer a penny in wage contribution for any loans.
  3. Hi mate, what sort of ping are you getting on Hamachi? Tried it first time last night and we were getting nearly 300ms. Will have to experiment further with ethernet connection vs. wireless etc.
  4. Just got it. I still didn't get some of SI's clues but worked it out anyway..
  5. I brought Benzema in. Bit inconsistent but real quality. A big game player!
  6. Hi -is there a guide somewhere to importing an FM11 DB to FM12 or is it something straightforward?
  7. I think this will be my first Spanish game. Certainly a sleeping giant.
  8. Hamsik is a real goal threat with his finishing & composure, I would think DLP is wasting that a little?
  9. Is it really scouting if you are checking a player's PA? Personally I would have another word for it.
  10. In season 4, the reserve league would switch to no detail and your first team players made available to play would not play and therefore not sustain their match fitness. Even if you manually switched it back to detailed it would revert immediately.
  11. To confirm, the fix will be saved game compatible.
  12. Regarding the reserves bug I mentioned, according to the SI employee in the bugs thread there will be a fix in the next update.
  13. I'm pretty sure it would be compatible, it is as if the reserves league gets stuck in low detail mode (even if you change it again). It isn't a game ender (I had my best season in season 4) but a pain nonetheless. Hopefully everyone on here can report if they suffer it to and then add weight to the thread for the French league in the bugs forum. Hopefully it doesn't affect everyone.. You have made some nice signings there, Rami for £6.5m seems like a bargain, was he transfer listed? Kagawa is a great player too, I had a very good FM11 save with Dortmund. For now I've started a save with Santos of Brazil but will return should they fix the bug.
  14. Guys, there is a bug it seems in France that has been reported in the bug forum. For me it kicked in from season 4 I think. The reserve matches no longer have any detail and your 1st team players assigned to play for match fitness do not do this.. I'm going to put my game on hold until this is fixed. Well done to the CL winners! Winning it in season 2 is quite an achievement!
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