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  1. ## Update ## - 1000 players created (!) At the moment I'm creating players of each country I have left behind (Belgium, Netherlands, etc.). It will be huge !
  2. I don't know. At the moment I'm very busy at work (currently involved in a project with the google art team), so in the last few days i didn't even touch the database. Maybe christmas, maybe later.
  3. he was eighteen in his first season with Benfica. He improves a lot and turn into an amazing player, don't worry
  4. nope, he's born in the same year of the start of the seasons (1960), he can't be in there The youngest players in the game will be 14een (therefore born in 1946/1947)
  5. don't worry, they will...after all he's only eighteen
  6. yes, i've created all of them (plus alot of other very young players who will turn into greater players, but let's keep them secret )Later i'll post some screenshots.
  7. Thank you so much Rob. I want the database to be as much realistic as possible, and that's a real pity that i have no time to work on old competition. BTW it's a huge work, and i'm really going into details. I have just finished to create all the managers for the national team (not only most famous ones, even little or less-known countries) and it's been really challenging.
  8. The United squad some goalkeepers midfielders strikers
  9. I'll post a united screenshot later. I have made the youth players as well (well, not everyone, most of them).
  10. well, i'm not making ALL the teams and ALL the leagues. I'm alone, and it will take years to do it. I will make all teams just for the English First Division and Serie A, and I will make only the most famous teams from other countreis (ie: Sporting, Porto and Benfica for Portugal, Atletico/Real/Barca/Valencia for Spain, Feyenoord/Ajax/PSV for Netherlands, etc.). The other teams will have players automatically created by the game at the start of any game (that's because i erased all the >100 pa players of the game)
  11. ## Update ## Teams fully made: Internazionale, Juventus, Milan, Roma, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Santos, Botafogo, Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Burnley, Aberdeen, Padova, Wolves, Tottenham, Arsenal Teams Partially made: Penarol, Stade de Reims, Sheffield Wed. - 711 players created
  12. 1) My mistake, of course he will join the spurs later. Fixed now. 2) About Frank Saul: being only 16 at the time the game automatically put in him in the U18 team I'll post a John White screen later. Thank you for the corrections!
  13. Ahah, you're right, it was sir Stanley of course. Fixed now
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