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  1. They are both in the database of course . Jean-Pierre Papin is playing for Ol. Marseille and Just Fontaine for Stade de Reims
  2. Try this and tell me if it's working: http://www.filefront.com/16374637/Legends-DB-Grande.rar/
  3. There won't be other updates, mate. Do it yourself, it will take a few minutes
  4. I will look into the first issue. Regarding the second one: it's not my fault, it's a famos (sadly) si bug of the latest patch
  5. I will put the savegame (i mean the one for fast computers) of the updated database tomorrow, the link you find in the opening post it's just for slow/average computers
  6. THat's not about my database mate. It's just that sigames does not have netherland national team licensed that's why it's happening But don't worry mate, next time the managers will call players for xxx game everything will be ok
  7. If you start with the 10.3 database the pictures won't work.
  8. Updated first post. I will add an updated facepack and a savegame for fast computers later. Enjoy
  9. ####### The update is almost ready and will be released tomorrow morning.
  10. Because he played for liverpool in 1983-1984. What do you mean low standards ? They are probably the strongest side in England (in my career they always win premiership or some kind of competitions)
  11. Maybe you're right about the age, i think i'm gonna make him a couple of years younger in the update
  12. The ipswich team is already in the database, my mistake
  13. Because i made liverpool 1984, and he's not crap, he only need to be trained and improve His pa is
  14. Thanks but there won't be further teams than the ones i mentioned...there will be new players (lots of them), fixed issues/mistakes, completely re-made financial side of all teams, etc. thank you very much btw.
  15. Next week there will be an update, which is almost ready, with lots of modifications and some new players added I think you better wait a few more days
  16. Some of these players are in the database (pfaff, litmanen, schmeichel), while some will be in the upcoming update Thank you very much for you help Jorgen
  17. A little news: as a few users have already said that but i repeat for those who still don't know. My database seems to WORK just fine even with 10.3 patch (withouth the savegame). Just follow the instructions in the first post but: 1) After the game has loaded and there's the manager page SAVE the game, then go in the teams selection menu and let the game crashes (try to pick an english team and it will happen don't worry ) 2) Start the game again, load the last savegame...now pick your team and the database should work just fine
  18. It does not work for me either , don t know why
  19. Hi guys. I'm back. I should have passed a pleasant vacation in amsterdam last week-end but because of that f*ucking volcano i've been stuck in amsterdam (and then in paris) and passed the last three day on buses and trains till yesterday My update will be out as expected (first days of may)...i will add some players, fix lots of ca/pas and mistakes (as bertmann contract) and i've completely re-made the financial "side" of many teams as well. Cheers.
  20. It's written in the first post. This is the path: C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\graphics\faces
  21. Didn't notice it tbh. I'm gonna check those players in the editor and let you know asap
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