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  1. Only just started so may reassess. I have a deal for de Ligt agreed to replace Rojo and Savic over Fellaini. So maybe Smalling doesn't need to go
  2. Just started my United save and have taken much of the advice from here on board Smalling, Rojo and Fellaini have already gone, debating selling Blind and Lingard and have De Ligt on the way, maybe Vidal if I can get enough for Darmian But I have a question for you. i have deals agreed for Goretzka (£30m) and Savic (£33m). There's very little between them, which one would you take?
  3. The United team is the '68 team If you're looking for that team try this http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=206875&highlight=united+challenge
  4. are you sure it's in the right folder? should be C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\editor data
  5. Mine works fine on 10.3 even with the pictures, it's just that the pics are wrong due to changes in unique ids.
  6. If any of you do load it on 10.3 with the 10.3 database, let me know how you get on, especially if you're playing as an english or italian club.
  7. That's correct. The only things I did was to correct that bug in the editor about players ages (i.e. Blanchflower) have no idea if that's what did it, but it's working fine.
  8. right, you need to put that .dbc file in the editor data folder. Then when you open the editor and select load editor data it'll be there, or when you start a new game and click the extra files box, you'll find it on the list.
  9. I'm absolutely sure, just checked my game status screen, it's definitely 10.3 I'm running (though I should think it is, I haven't done any sort of change to my installation, and I've only got your database selected as extra files, and it's on 10.3 database.
  10. winrar should work, but don't click the file, open winrar first then select the file and click extract.
  11. right, on a large database, with England, Italy and Spain playable, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Hungary, France, Germany, Holland and Portugal viewable on 10.3, no problems selecting United again, seems to be working fine on 10.3 for me, with or without pictures.
  12. the trial version of winrar will suffice. Try opening winrar and accessing the file from there, that should work. Deus, I may have a lead on the problem. There seems to be an issue with selecting players via the editor, some will open a different person, and when you click the person it opens, you get a blank piece of data. I'm only speculating, but I'm wondering if there's an issue there, where maybe things aren't loading properly. This is all being done on 10.3
  13. the pics do not work. Tried it on a small database with only english loaded, will try expanding it and see what I get, will keep you posted on my progress.
  14. GlovaBoy, the link is in the first post. Deus, just thought you should know, I tried starting a new game on 10.3 and managed to successfully start it using Man Utd. (as in, it didn't give me a crash dump, it asked me to save then took me to the home screen)
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