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  1. Only just started so may reassess. I have a deal for de Ligt agreed to replace Rojo and Savic over Fellaini. So maybe Smalling doesn't need to go
  2. Just started my United save and have taken much of the advice from here on board Smalling, Rojo and Fellaini have already gone, debating selling Blind and Lingard and have De Ligt on the way, maybe Vidal if I can get enough for Darmian But I have a question for you. i have deals agreed for Goretzka (£30m) and Savic (£33m). There's very little between them, which one would you take?
  3. It does work on a higher 3D settings, although the frame rate is a little slow. I guess it's a choice, better 3D match engine and no customised graphics, or a lower quality one but customised graphics
  4. Hi It seems reducing the graphics quality down to very low was enough to get it running. I will try it on low and see what happens then, so I can find the optimum level
  5. Hi All up to date, same issue persists. I do have some custom graphics installed, could this be a cause?
  6. Thanks for the advice. Realistically I guess it's a choice between Banega and Mario then.
  7. Hi Running FM2017 on 32 bit. Everything is perfectly fine until I get to my first friendly when I simply get a message that the game is dangerously low on memory and it proceeds to close down I am only running one league, with a player count of 22,00. I have 3D turned on, using the recommended settings, and I used 3D in FM2016. It does work, if I turn 3D mode off, but is there something I can do (aside from a new graphics card, which would be my last resort) to get it going in 3D? Thanks DxDiag.txt
  8. Hi Just starting a new save with Inter Firstly, I assume Danilo and Gaya are harder to get on then they were on the BETA as I have real trouble getting them. Danilo always ends up at United and it's difficult to get enough to fund buying both. Secondly I looked at your tactics, and I will go either 4-1-2-3 or 4-2-1-3, but would I be better using Mario instead of Medel in the latter, or is that simply too attacking?
  9. Hi. So, am changing over to a new PC but I have found out that the graphics card I have now won't fit the slot I have in the new system. At the moment I have a GeForce 8400GS. Can anyone recommend a card is a decent upgrade on this but is fairly cheap, roughly £40. It needs to be low profile and be able to run on around 300w. Thanks
  10. Hi all, hope you can help me. I have recently acquired a new PC from a friend who is leaving the country. However there are certain aspects of it that I want to upgrade. I have my own PC and the graphics card I have is a GEForce 8400 GS. Since I'm putting a new hard drive in (I'll back-up my save game and graphics files) I thought about putting a new graphics card in as well, but I could just take the one I have now and put it in the new one. My question is, will the card I'm using on this system suffice, or can I get a better one that will support FM14 better (but not for more than £50)? Thanks a lot.
  11. I have it set to press more, with own half instructions. Maybe I'll set closing down to default. Thanks.
  12. ok lads just after a little tactical advice. Got a massive budget from the board in Jan, and managed to get Mata and Falcao. I bid Falcaos' release clause and Mata was unhappy so I got him for £25m. Anyway I have a tactic that works from an attacking standpoint but I'm having a major issue defensively. No matter what I try in terms of team or player instructions as soon as an opposition player enters the final third with the ball 3 or 4 always go straight to him (even if I have given then man marking instructions, and told them to close that player down in their own half). This leaves a wide open space on the other side so all the guy on the ball has to do is play it back then it can go square and De Gea is left 1 v 3 or 4 and because it's so high up the pitch often it's always onside. Am I doing something wrong in the attacking instructions that is causing it (I only ever play a counter, control or attacking style, unless chasing late on). Can post my tactics if needed. Thanks guys
  13. I can't remember where the original files were, to copy them across, can you help? I would have put them wherever you advised.
  14. Ok, I've not been on here since FM11 really, but decided to come back with the release of FM13. Am still waiting for the thing to update before i start properly but I'm looking at this as a potential lineup De Gea Rafa (auto) Rio (cover) Vidic (stopper) Evra (auto) Carrick (B2B) Scholes (DLP) Valencia (winger) Rooney (treq) Kagawa (IF) Van Persie (cf) But am looking at a top quality box to box mid, anyone found any decent ideas? Was thinking Fellaini, Naingollan (who was a beast in FM12) or maybe Strootman.
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