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  1. Depends on their natural fitness score and technical stats really. Older players are still contributing a lot nowadays so I'm assuming that's getting reflected in the game as well with a lower stat depreciation rate.
  2. Available in some regions anyway. Some Asian countries are having trouble finishing the purchase due to a currency mismatch. Hopefully we won't have to wait till Monday for Sega and Steam to sort things out.
  3. Trials are the way to go at that point, its a simple way to get access to the player's complete stats.
  4. Yeah, I already brought it up in the bugs forum with Lucas. Hopefully its a simple fix of just having the price being automatically round up to the nearest whole number. If not... may need to get creative.
  5. Countries where currencies don't operate in decimal points, like Indonesia, are unable to purchase the in-game editor as the in-game store is not able to confirm the request. Any solution yet? Give us solid number pricing~
  6. Getting an error code 1 when trying to purchase the in-game editor through the game.
  7. I'd like one last hurrah review with the achievements~ Maybe a nice wrap-up of their career stats, etc. Most of us are trapped in FM 2015 I think XD
  8. Just using the save to get used with the new UI and scouting tools. Tweaked my favored tactic spread out as well, up to 2nd in League 1 with Bristol after a settling in period with the tactics~ Finally a use for having multiple scouts though, long-term scouting actually pays dividends! No more just 'gimme report card' for me~
  9. I logged in 1000+ hours in FM 14 and probably have had periods (like now) where I haven't touched it for a month or two, its normal.
  10. Obviously you dunked him Scotch and Whiskey and then both of you lost about 36 hours in celebration in Boston. That or ***** Skype connection.
  11. Alas! King of the Worlds but beaten in Europe , probably the last really competitive international competition for the batch?
  12. Alas! Young cheap strikers are dime a dozen when the support crew is good though~ Good to see Jaya back among the top scoring peeps, is he a club legend yet?
  13. Is the 2030 World Cup going to be the last one for the Dozen or have most of them international retired?
  14. There has been some claims that PA changes for regen players depending on how they develop in age. A lot of players usually have a value between 0 and -10 which will randomize stats and those values, but once the game starts its pretty much pre-set.
  15. Hmmm, output dropping slightly, any obvious drop in performance from the lads?
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