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  1. Hi Fenech I've got a suggestion for the next update. I don't think Fulvio Collovati should be at Inter but he should be replaced by Armando Picchi. He had more appearances for Milan and Picchi was the Captain of Grande Inter and had 206 appearances. Nicola Berti could also be a youth prospect at Inter because he made 229 appearances for them. Stefano Tacconi also shouldn't be at Inter because he never actually made any appearances for them. I would suggest replacing him with one of either Julio Cesar, Lido Vieri, or Ivano Bordon. Aron Winter could also be replaced by Dejan Stankovic. Bonnuci also never played so he could be switched with Materazzi or Andrea Mandorlini. And Kovacic for Evaristo Beccalossi who made 216 appearances and was considered to be one of the best partnerships in Serie A with Altobelli. Nagatomo, should also be replaced by Ivan Cordoba who made 455 appearances. Nagatoma played quite a bit but was always considered a joke of a player at Inter. Also, if you're looking to add players take a look at Guido Ara for Pro Vercelli. He spent his whole career there and won six titles with them. As you can probably tell I'm an Inter fan! Hope this helps.
  2. My bad I missed Burgnich. Although I would argue Suarez had a lot more success at Inter. Hopefully, Barca doesn't need him and you can move him.
  3. Hey mate I was just wondering in what teams are Tarcisio Burgnich and the Spanish Luis Suarez. I thought they would be at Inter.
  4. Hey Fenech, I was wondering if Fabio Grosso is on the database? I would love to play with him after his 2006 World Cup exploits.
  5. Roma seem to be doing ok with me but I did beat them 4-0 away somehow.
  6. Yeah it seems that way. Other than the Juventus and Napoli games I pretty much outplayed everybody.
  7. So after reading this thread I was really inspired and decided to start a save with Sassuolo. What a save its been! To start off, here are my transfers for the season. Mind you, a lot of it was done over 48 months which explains how I could spend so much. Most of the signings have been great and worth their money for sure. The season started off amazingly, and still is. I was having a perfect season until Juventus away came along and we were thrashed 4-0. The table is looking great like this. Although I kinda don't want to win the title from the first season...
  8. Thanks very much mate! I have a few suggestions of players to be added in there so if you could work those in and then look at the other information later it would be great. And I honestly can't thank you enough for this database!
  9. Hi Fenech, I have a few suggestions for Inter which I hope you can implement if you agree with. First off, I believe that Giuseppe Meazza and not Ronaldo should be listed as the best player on the team I also noticed that Mario Corso has been set as a 16 year old when he played with Sandro Mazzola and Giacinto Facchetti. I think you also missed out on a few Inter players in Aristide Guarneri and Gianfranco Bedin. Both are scouts in game but both of them were an integral part of Grande Inter. Antontio Valentin Angellilo is listed as an attacking midfielder in the game when he was a striker as well. And I think that Andreas Brehme should take Luigi Allemandi's place in the squad although that is up to you because it might weaken Brehme's team. And I also think you should include Evaristo Beccalossi in the game as he was Altobelli's partner in crime. He's also listed as an icon in-game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaristo_Beccalossi I also think that Meazza and Facchetti should have better leadership ratings. Christian Vieri should also be in Inter instead of Torino because that is where he peaked and had the greatest scoring record as a player. He should take Adriano's place I believe. Nicola Berti should be in Inter as well instead of Parma I believe even as a youth. It would also be great if we could have Ivan Cordoba in the game even as a free transfer. Pietro Ferraris is in Torino and that could be justified but he was also a great player for Inter and played alongside Meazza for 5 years. But I think Torino is better for him. Andrea Mandorlini is a coach in game but I think he should be a player as well. He played at Inter for 7 years. Gianfranco Matteoli as well who played for Inter for 4 years making over 100 appearences. Aldo Serena is another legend who is missing who actually played for Inter, Milan, and Juventus. Ramon Diaz is another legned who should be in the game I think. Walter Zenga is 14 but I think he should be in his prime as he is more than a legend for Inter than Julio Cesar. Toldo and Giuliano Sarti are both at Fiorentina but both are considered Inter legends as well. I also noticed Fabio Grosso isn't in the game and he's considered an Italian legend after 2010. And Luca Toni should be sent to Fiorentina and made younger. Sorry for the length but I hope this information has been useful to you. And if you need any help or information please let me know. I am more than glad to help. Currently in my second season in Inter and been handed one hell of a tough champions league group with Aston Villa, Celtic, and Benfica. Thank you for such a great database!
  10. I love both of them! Very consistent in assisting and in Minuti's case even scoring some goals. I've never had such great academy graduates come through since my FM 2010 Fiorentina career game!
  11. Yeah he really is excellent! Won the European golden boy award twice I think? Also been churning out impressive performances ever since I gave him his debut.
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