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  1. Bought him as somewhat of a panic buy as I desperately needed a striker on my Frankfurt save on FM14. Played him as a lone Advanced Forward I think and he wasn't consistent enough and didn't score enough goals. Maybe he needed a partner up front to get the best out of him. Eventually sold him to West Brom less than 2 seasons later.
  2. Has anyone got a long-term save they can upload, so we can take a look at how the game develops in later years? cheers.
  3. I want to post a screenshot of Jack Dunn on mine - Poacher on his own, but most recently up top with sturridge. Regular brace in games and most assists by Kent who has an excellent understanding with Dunn. Kent also just scored a 50 yarder as we scored 3 goals in the first 3 minutes against QPR and beat them 8-3 without sturridge or sterling How can I post a screenie of Dunn? And wtf do Liverpool ALWAYS get crap regens, despite good facilities?
  4. Definatley. I try outscore the opposition. Scored 24 in my last 6 but conceeded loads too.
  5. Wilson can do a decent job immediately. Kents a good impact sub. Dunn, try as a poacher if you have a lot of striker injuries, does better than balo on mine. trickett smith advanced playmaker support in centre of mid or amc, same with Brann. Rossiter I use as ball winning or deep playmaker. Youngsters have built up games now and tactics (training 3) almost fully accomplished after 18 games!!! (long time) lol. Results are picking up as a result. Just beat City at home and came back from 2 down to draw chelsea away. In both these games Wilson, Dunn and Trickett S all started with Kent and rossiter coming on. Don't be afraid to use the youth early on, even if it means sacrificing results for a short period cos in the long run it will pay off!
  6. 9th after 18 games, 8 points off 4th. Gone a lot with youth giving good appearances to Kent, Wilson, Dunn, Rossiter, Trickett Smith and Brannagan. Dunn currently has 6 in 6 for me as a poacher striker after sturridge got injured, he's kept Balo out. Signings - Casillas as N1 20 mill but was worth it. I play an attacking formation so our defence ain't great but our attack is not bad. Also signed inigo martinez as DC. Lovern got longterm injury and hardly featured so skrtel has partnered him rotating with sakho. Sold at start: borini, johnson, coutinho, lucas, toure, enrique and mignolet, Conceded the most in the league - 36. Scored 39, second most - just 1 below league leaders City. Anyone had success using youth?
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