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  1. 2039 We started incredibly well with 7 points from the first 3 CL games, and got away with a very important 1-0 win in the last game against Young Boys... Incredible that we made it through this group, now to face a group winner..
  2. Pre-Season 2039 Transfers incoming Transfers outgoing First 10M sale (a limited fee). Easy run through the qualifiers with comfortable winst against relatively weak opposition. 27 goals scored in the first three league games isn't bad either. Hopefully we can beat Young Boys to get third spot in this group.
  3. May 2039 We made it to the EL final after a great semi final return win on extra time against Lyon - all the goals were scored by Maltese players as well! Arsenal sadly was just on another level from us in the final. Player values have had a big boost, with our reputation and the league's reputation rising. It definitely seems like Cannuni (yp17a) is by far my best youth player ever, he actually is good enough to play for the Italian national youth teams. His stats are ridiculous. The combination of his pace, decent technicals and great crossing ability is definitely OP for the Maltese league...
  4. January - April 2039 Transfers incoming Transfers outgoing I sold two of my rightbacks for a total of around 4M, and I signed one replacement for 3.4M. Definitely better than last year. Not sure if anyone of this batch will make it here, perhaps not, but at least a few of these should definitely make it elsewhere in Malta or abroad. With the need for homegrown players though, perhaps some could be back-ups or rotation players for the domestic games at least. We dominated against Brugge and did very well against Atalanta too, meaning we managed to go further in Europe than ever before. We were the weaker team against Ajax, whom we have face a couple of times in Europe already, but luckily made it out on away goals. A 1-2 away loss against Lyon in the semi final, meaning we definitely still have a chance of making our first final. Yet another perfect league win with 130+ GD. After a few years of lesser fortunes, Valletta have clearly made it back up to be the second team of the country. Not so strange as they are still the only other (full time) professional team...
  5. 2038 Well, this was a noticeable news message! Of course the players we have produced are mostly playing in Malta, but still. 105 is a lot. We had a really tough start to the CL, but incredibly we finished the group with a 4-0 home win against PSG! Hopefully we can take some of that form with us in the Europa League
  6. Pre-Season 2038 Predictions Transfers incoming Outgoing Transfers A lot of exits including a new record sale of 6.5M for the young striker Henden who only really played for us last season. The president thought it was too good to refuse. We are back in the Champions League - we had pretty easy draws this time around in the qualifiers. We also started the league with a 11-1 win, but that's mostly business as usual at this point.. Any CL group is going to be tough, this is no exception. Hopefully we can fight with Benfica for the third spot.
  7. 2037-2038 Incoming transfers January Outgoing Transfers January Probably the worst intake ever relatively speaking We had to face Hertha again, who demolished us last year in the CL. It was closer this time around, but they were clearly stronger again. Best Eleven 2037-2038 Squad 2037-2038
  8. 2037 Amazing run so far, with some huge wins against Brest and ending the group with a bang with a 5-4 away win in Leipzig.
  9. 2037 Pre-season Predictions Incoming transfers 1 Incoming transfers 2 Outgoing transfers Much movement happening with many new talents coming, a few sales and a lot of loans. There are a lot of South Africans now at the club. Some new players, early on in the summe we just weren't really ready yet for FCSB, who we normally should be able to beat. Another Europa League run it is. Normally we should be fighting for second place with Brest after RBL.
  10. I generally dislike doing that, as you said it often doesn't even really work. I am hoping with the league rep increasing they will at least improve somewhat, especially if the money increases. This is very much a long term save anyway, so as long as I can keep myself invested in the save we'll see how they'll do
  11. 2036-2037 Games in 2036 Back to old things... the idea of current real-life Hertha was in my head and so I thought we might be able to beat them; actually they were the strongest. I am having a hard time progressing to the next level, actually being able to compete in the CL. I am sure I've never reached this milestone before. While it's fun, it would be nice if the other teams had any opportunity to improve. The slight money from Europe and increased league rep haven't helped yet. Incoming Transfers January Outgoing Transfers January Another 2M+ sale, this time for a youth product! My GK. I definitely got a very good amount of money for him as he's not that good, but I am still not 100% about the sale. It is important to keep a lot of homegrowns at the club and it's always good to have youth products in the team. Games 2037 Best Eleven 2036-2037 Squad 2036-2037
  12. 2036 Pre-Season While it's good that we go up it's not really good news that the other teams from Malta now start a round further up, even less of a chance that they will win games.. Predictions Incoming Transfers 1 Incoming transfers 2 I went on kind of a rampage signing lots of young players with potential for relatively cheap. I am especially building a large South African contingent at the club. The hope is that some of these players will become homegrown in the nation. The problem though is that I will have to loan players out even if I am rotating heavily in the league; and the players probably won't be wanting to join another Maltese team. Outgoing transfers I have my biggest sale so far, with just over 2M for Kristiansen, who I had spent about 800k for to buy in the first place (his value was around 300k at this point). The draws were pretty easy in the qualifiers, although we did need extra time against Trencin. We're back in the CL again. Hard to judge, but I am not expecting much.
  13. Ouch, yeah that's rough. Player valuations are generally under 100K for me, except for players who I've relatively recently paid more money for. The biggest sale I've had was for about 1M (at least until this next update).
  14. 2036 Incoming transfers January Outgoing transfers January We had a tough draw, seemingly, but surprisingly we managed to beat Porto! Spurs was too tough for us of course, but the games were actually closer than I would have thought. Best Eleven 2035-2036 Squad 2035-2036
  15. My thoughts exactly! Besides, the EL money is still good enough for the club at it's current size. With the facilities now at their max and the stadium being built, the only thing I'm spending money on are wages and transfer sums. Both of those aren't extremely high as I am choosing not to spend too much on players. If only because the player valuations in Malta are still low. Cheers mate!
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