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  1. October - December 2043 Busy times for me so just the month break between this and the last update. Oops. Have just not felt like playing FM in a while either. But I can't be having a thread end mid-season so here we go. Sweet season in the league so far Let's just forget about what happened in the cup. Taken over nothing changed of note.
  2. August - September 2043 We won the supercup again, and a decent start in the league as well. A very strong september in the league, perfect without conceding any goals - including wins over Barcelona and Real Madrid. Not perfect anymore in the CL, but I'm not going to let that spoil my fun.
  3. Pre-Season 2043 At this kind of sum I just thought I needed to sell. So it's goodbye to Carles, and now it will be up to Ferran Cos and Josep Lluis to score goals. The other most notable deal is veteran defender Josep Fernandez leaving as he is no longer necessary and would just take playing time away from younger players. Good stuff generally in the pre-season friendlies.
  4. Season Review 2042-2043 Bad start to the season and while we had some very strong months in 2043 we just lacked a bit of consistence. But, so did all the other teams. More disappointing really was the quick drop out of the Champions League. Carles is now finally the all-time topscorer, and it may be that Jaume Ruiz won't hold on to that all time appearance maker record as Jaume Roca is gaining quickly as he plays pretty much every game in goal. 25 Seasons in the pocket. Longest stint I've had at a single club maybe ever for me.
  5. April - May 2043 Almost a perfect month, except for the disappointing result against Zaragoza. Think we've been unable to win both games against them this season... Every point counts.... And well we did very well, almost as much as you could ask for.... But in the end it hasn't been enough. Second on goal difference First Real Madrid title in 11 years... But just look at that top 5. That is some insane level of close competition. 5 Horse race! At least we did get a trophy this season, second cup win this save.
  6. Thank you! Normally winning the CL is an end point for me in saves so it's been fun to continue afterwards. Especially as it's indeed much harder to strengthen the team / stay at that level continuously.
  7. Youth Intake 2043 A few players with some promise, but overall not the best intake. That determination.. Some promising things here but 157 cm, 46 kg, jumping reach 1 and strength 1 is not exactly ideal even for an AML. Most all-round ofthe talents, but as an AMC he will need to be retrained.
  8. January - March 2043 Fantastic start to the new year, getting through the cup rounds easily and beating league leaders Atlético away in the league. Still a good performance albeit not quite as strong in february. Should've got the home win in the CL, making life overly difficult. Also lost the win streak in the league. Absolutely terrible- of course we can lose to Real Madrid but out of the CL and I don't even know what happened in the Las Palmas game. Oof. Came back with some decent results after that though, so it's not like we're completely out of form. With the other top teams also being extremely inconsistent, all the top 5 teams can still win the title. Or lose CL qualification.
  9. October - December 2042 Drawing away at Real Madrid and Celta is not bad, but the points dropped do add up. A strong run of results including an important win against Barca but then the points dropped against Zaragoza and Sevilla negate all that again. At least we are good in the CL so far. Pretty decent month to finish the year out with, although we did lose top position in the CL group. It seems I was wrong when I said Atlético wouldn't keep it up, as they are now 11 points ahead of us. Need a strong second half to make something of this.
  10. Yeah, it has definitely turned out that way. Maybe they'll come back to me at some point.
  11. August - September 2042 Not a great start with a loss immediately, equally not the most convincing performance in the supercup even though we won. Still not in the best form in september, need to get there soon or it's going to be tough to go for another title run in this tough league. 5 points behind Barcelona, I don't suspect Atletico will keep this up.
  12. Pre-Season 2042 Not really the most inspiring opposition but some wins for morale and fitness. 29-year old central defender Gerard sold to celtic as younger players are better... Josep Lluis on another big loan, now abroad. Don't really want to lose him permanently, just in case I lose Ferran Cos or even Carles to some insane bid.
  13. World Cup 2042 Second Round Oh, wow. Hugely disappointing to go out, and not even undeservedly so. Poor. Wow, the Spanish FA is harsh. After winning Euro 2040, Nations League and Confed Cup in 2041 they have now sacked me after the first time I haven't won a trophy. Damn.
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