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  1. 2029-2030 Almost perfect second half of the season after our run in Europe, and a nice dominant performance in the FA Trophy too, and with the supercup win we have another perfect domestic season. Still pretty close in the league, with Valletta managing to keep up pretty well still. The stats for Mncwango aren't accurate, he left in february to another club where he has had a poor average. Just became pro so I have started signing players to deals. My topscorer... very capable for now obviously but at some point it would be nice to have a player w
  2. Title Race & Youth Intake Shouldn't be a problem, really. Perfect since the start of the year and not any troublesome games remaining. Huge decrease in relative PA, there are some players that could definitely be of use though.
  3. Fall 2029 & Transfers 2030 We did not lose six times in the EL group, managing to draw twice against Fenerbahçe! Other than that, domestically we have had some very big wins but also dropped more points than we should have. Meaning that once again this could be a tight title race. On the one hand that's not that great because really we should be running away with things now but on the other hand it is fun that the domestic season still has some weight to it. Also got this fantastic news. I signed another Dutch player and lost more youth
  4. Pre-Season 2029 Almost... Continued plundering the Dutch lower leagues, and also signed a number of Maltese players. Ochiai is a Japanese-Dutch double national, a decent striker. The adventures of a semi-pro club... Tinoco out after only a few months at the club. I saw he is now earning more than 100k p/a at his new club, so good for him. We had an incredible pre-season/qualifying. I thought we could beat the Slovenian champions, and we did, but beating Malmö was very surprising, as was honestly beating Sheriff. We also started the league
  5. 2028-2029 Incredible season, but Valletta really gave us a hard time. In a normal season they would've always won the title. They also actually beat us in the FA Trophy, so it's not like I have raced past them yet. I now have forwards that actually score goals Caruana's (perceived) CA has suddenly decreased from 5 to 3 stars. Falzon and Muscat are now the best players, although quality is still relative:
  6. Transfers, Intake & Title Race 2028-2029 Signed one new player on a free after the January market had already ended and lost another of my youth prospects to Valletta. Can't wait to be able to sign players to contracts! Less immediate CA (relatively speaking) than in the previous intake, but there seem so to be some promising players here though. More players with less PA is actually a good sign in a way confirming that the first team squad is steadily improving. We have both had almost perfect seasons, and we still face each other once, in the penultimat
  7. 2028 Pre-Season Not predicted first yet, but another big step up in the odds. I signed a couple more Dutch players who were available and a great new Maltese GK in Muscat. Annoyingly, I lost Dalli (8e) who was one of the better of my youth players. We lost to the Hungarian Champions, but did manage to beat the Bosnian and Georgian champions in the ECL qualifiers. Unsurprisingly, FCSB was too tough a challenge for us, although the games were actually really close. A bit annoying to start the season early on with a loss to Zejtun C, one of
  8. 2027-2028 Well, we did hold on! A Perfect second half of the season. We also won the FA Trophy and the Supercup. Impressively, Valletta also won all their games since last year.
  9. Cheers. Tough question mate, I'm not expecting that any time soon though. At the earliest I would say 5 seasons from now if we have a lot of luck in consecutive years with the draw, perhaps getting in the EL or ECL group stages first to make money and become professional. Perhaps 10 seasons from now might be more realistic though.
  10. Title Race & Intake 2027-2028 We both won all the games since the start of this year so it will be up to us not messing up in the final four games. Good intake - also shows how much room for improvement there is for the first team.
  11. Yeah, me too - they're dropping too many points against the rest of the league.
  12. Fall 2027 & Transfers January A really surprising 5-0 home win against Valletta, after losing to Sirens, who are one of the weirdest teams in Malta. They started in the premier league, got relegated twice, and have since been promoted twice -- and are also the only other professional team in the nation besides Valletta (which explains why most of my youth player departures have been to them). Note that they weren't professional to start with - neither was Valletta. Which is honestly a good sign that teams can become professional under AI leadership while not even having to h
  13. He did! There is now some competition for the striker spot though, so I'm not sure if he will return to score more next year. We'll see! Oh that's good to know, thanks. I'll keep that in mind then.
  14. Summer 2027 This is some decent news. As long as we don't drop down this should be our qualification places for a long time, which adds an extra qualifying spot to the ECL qualifiers. I think it only gets better somewhere in the top 30. A nice little move upwards again in our predictions, firmly counted among the teams that would normally fight for second place. Of course I'm hoping to beat Valletta to the title again, though. Those who have seen threads of me before will know I have an attachment to Andorra (i also always make my manager a Dutch-Andorran) t
  15. Two factors: he is tall and strong, can head a ball and just a good player for the Maltese league - and my attacking players have been awful Cool to hear! Let's hope he can do something for me as well, especially in Europe...
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