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  1. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    December 2020 Just so disappointing, we were so close! Perhaps we can have a run in the Europa League... Not too pleased with that cup loss either. FM'd. Luis Suárez won the Ballon d'Or for the second straight year... Kevin de Bruyne won World Player of the Year.
  2. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    November 2020 Oh dear, disaster strikes! Totally against the run of play, but we were smashed by Olympiacos. Back down to earth... Still toe to toe with PSV!
  3. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    October 2020 No longer 100%... but still unbeaten in the CL after we faced all the opponents in the group. Crazy. Dominated AFC, but the score doesn't tell the whole story... After we beat PSV in the opening match they went on a 8-game winning streak!
  4. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Transfers! Just as a note; I missed the two biggest transfers yet -- both this year. 140M is now the record for who else than Dybala...
  5. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Hahaha yeah I know right! Let's see what will happen on that day....
  6. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    September 2020 Insane - still all wins this season, but look at those Champions League games. We started at home to Olympiacos - a game we had to win. A Matthijs de Ligt hattrick???? What?! Okay. Oh, we also beat Man City at their stadium. Well, not in first anymore only because we are lagging behind in games played! Feyenoord is having a better season at least. Their poor city compatriots Sparta are having a mare of things, though.... Those of you who have read my threads in previous FMs might know why I screenshotted this. Derby time!
  7. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Thanks mate... I was a lot more pessimistic than you but the first games have gone quite well...
  8. MarcxD

    [FM19] We beta Basque in glory!

    I see you're starting FM19 off well Congratulations man!
  9. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Pre-Season + August 2020 As you would expect. Let's see if Feyenoord can at least prove they are still a sub-top team this season. Very busy again - a few incoming talented players with all of them except for Arnaud actually joining the first team squad as I'm looking to rotate a bit more in the Eredivisie. Outgoing the main transfer is obviously Wöber to Bournemouth, he has done okay for me but I thought the offer was pretty good and there are plenty of central defenders at the club who can fill his spot. Before the season even got started there were two interesting job offers - at some point I will probably take the Dutch national team job but I am not looking to do it quite yet. I had to deal with a bunch of my players: being away at the olympics, which wasn't ideal for pre-season, they also missed the Johan Cruyff Schaal. Not that it mattered, as we beat PSV 5-0. The jokers at the Dutch FA arranged PSV away as a start to the league, but as we beat them away the joke's on them... We also made it comfortably to the CL groups. Man.... I guess third place just will have to do. In first while we played a game less than the rest.
  10. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Haha yeah it's kind of crazy, if they win another time I'll have to...
  11. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Season Review 2019-2020 + Look at the game world Dominated the league from the start, although PSV had a great season as well after a poor start. Champions League just not possible for now. The big four - De Ligt, Dolberg, De Jong and van de Beek - those really are the core players that I want to keep around for as long as possible. Let's see what happens with transfers... This is nice, the first step forwards. As far as the rest of Europe is concerned.... Liverpool won their second straight champions league - what a ridiculous end to the game. Spurs won the Europa League, so it's really a case of English domination so far. These were the national champions: Austria: Red Bull Salzburg Belarus: Dinamo Brest (2019) Belgium: Club Brugge Bulgaria: Levski Sofia Croatia: Dinamo Zagreb Czech Republic: Slavia Prague Denmark: FC Midtjylland England: Liverpool Finland: HJK (2019) France: PSG Germany: Bayern Greece: Olympiacos Hungary: Honvéd Iceland: FH (2019) Ireland: Dundalk (2019) Israel: Hapoel Be'er-Sheva Italy: Juventus Northern Ireland: Glenavon Norway: Molde (2019) Poland: Legia Warsaw Portugal: FC Porto Romania: CFR Cluj Russia: Spartak Moscow Scotland: Celtic Serbia: Partizan Slovakia: Trencin Slovenia: Olimpija Spain: Real Madrid Sweden: Malmö (2019) Switzerland: Young Boys Turkey: Galatasaray Ukraine: Dynamo Kyiv Wales: TNS (Turkey 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 @Leonadias) As always, if you want to see any tables or anything else just let me know and I'll do my best. The first international tournament of this save happened - not great for the Dutch as they were beaten in the second round, while Macedonia (!!!) made it to the quarter finals! Spain won the thing in the end. Liverpool the dominant team of this save so far.
  12. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    April-May 2020 And that is a double! Not our best performances of the season, honestly, but we did enough. Jong Ajax won the second tier again! (I have no idea what happened with the relegations, there should only be one relegated side, and no reason at all that I can see why Helmond should get relegated - I posted it on the bugs forum to be sure)
  13. MarcxD

    [Holland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    15th placed Helmond got relegated from the Keuken Kampioen Divisie in the second season but I have no idea why...
  14. MarcxD

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    That's true, I suppose! Very curious to see Van Dijk's development. I hope so, I will definitely need a new player there in a few years with Blind in his thirties and Tagliafico at 27. Haha, cheers anyway! Going pretty well so far! I'll post them in the season recap for you.
  15. Following, of course. Always interesting to read a thought out tactical approach, will be interesting to see how it works at the lower levels after you tried it at Ajax.. Good luck in Turkey!