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    [FM18] Bringing Oss To The Top!

    Good luck!
  2. May 2052 We won the last game but we still had to play the play-offs, which we won, so at least some continental football next year. 4th place, ouch. Feyenoord had a really good season... let's forget this one quickly and try and win the league next season again The Jupiler League, for @Minuy600 - Almere got promoted
  3. April 2052 And a bad month where we screwed up in the league and lost to Sporting in the Champions League. Fits within this season to screw up again. If we end up as fourth we'll have to play in EL play-offs, I hope PSV make a mistake in their last match.
  4. March 2052 A... special month. The form seemed to be broken up by two losses in a row, but then we went on and beat Arsenal 4-0 to go through in the Champions League and followed that up with a 8-1 demolishment of FC Utrecht, a direct rival for the European spots. The situation in the league is pretty much the same as last month, still 8 points behind Feyenoord and still 4 clubs within 1 point of each other... Another mediocre youth intake, it seems like anyway. Not sure why, probably just bad luck.
  5. February 2052 We continued our winning form in the league, including against Feyenoord... even though not all wins were super convincing. Lost against Arsenal, but that was not much of a surprise, so not too disappointed. Up to third and behind Feyenoord it's extremely close... and even only 8 points behind Feyenoord, which seems very good as we were 18 points behind only a little while ago. Hopefully we can keep this up.
  6. January 2052 A perfect month, the winter break did us good! Especially the win over PSV is nice to see, of course. To the semi's in the cup as well. Not much change after two league games of course, but I'm hopeful to pick up some places soon. I signed a few players - two Arsenal midfield rejects, a new rightback in Ribeiro and a talented defender in Jaziri. Jaziri was loaned out again (almost recouping his small transfer fee immediately) as were some others, and because I signed some new midfielders I decided to ship one off in Hallgren.
  7. Welcome! It's the same tactics I've used for a long time now, including the Lusitano save. It's intensive and not without risks nor is it perfect, but should certainly work within the Ajax tradition
  8. December 2051 It's just not a good season. I can't get the team to perform every match, another loss against AZ this month. I noticed the amount of spectators Barcelona hosted in our game, so I took a peek at their stadium. 18 points behind Feyenoord!!!! This is some sort of nightmare. The goal will be continental qualification... Maybe some sort of success in the cup. We are also still playing in Europe, in the CL even, but not sure that will last very long. Despite doing badly, the job interviews have come rolling in this season. Perhaps from us overperforming a lot last season, or because I set my past experience and coaching badges as fitting to Ajax. The biggest one so far has been this one Even if I wanted to, I can't according to the limitations I set since I have never visited Liverpool. (I also don't want to, not a particularly big LFC fan tbh)
  9. November 2051 Another month of poor results in the league and amazing in the Champions League. When you follow a 4-3 away win over Juventus with a 0-1 loss against Fortuna Sittard. Consistency is a big issue, the team might just be a little bit too reliant on the young talents I brought in. Their performances in the CL show their class though. I guess with a good second half we'll be making automatic continental qualification but a title is going to be very tough. Upgrading the facilities as we go...
  10. October 2051 Just a bizarre month, we were able to beat both Barcelona and Juventus in the Champions League! But two 0-0 games made sure we dropped more points, which we really can't have right now. 10 points behind Feyenoord, who are still unbeaten... Will need them to have a dip of form at some point.
  11. Thanks, Feyenoord could become a problem yes.
  12. September 2051 The green dots make it seem like a very good month but we lost another top match against our arch rivals so that's not actually the case. At least we won our first CL match. 8 points behind Feyenoord, who are still perfect, as are Utrecht.
  13. August 2051 A rough start to the regular season, we had some tough games with AZ and PSV away and obviously the new team still needs to gel a bit. Still disappointing to only come away with one win though. That means we are already 5 points behind Feyenoord (and Utrecht).
  14. Pre-Season 2051 Not expected to win the league, but the odds are close. It was quite a busy transfer window, with me renovating the squad a lot, letting players go and signing some more young players. Pre-season went very well and we won the Dutch supercup very easily. Not quite lucky with the draw there... will have to try go get the third position for some EL games in 2052.