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  1. December 2030 A good run with some clean sheets, including a nice comfortable win over Monaco. Not quite a perfect month due to dropping some points to Lille, but all in all a nice run to go into the next year. Very interesting mid-season table, equal on points with PSG. Consistency throughout 2031 will be key to win the title again. Goals for and against clearly show our different approaches, can you see that PSG is managed by Mourinho? We're averaging more than 3-1 per game while for them it's more like a 2-0. Not the draw I was looking for... Liverpool may have only won 1 title during this career (back in 2022), but are still a steady top team and have won 4 CL's (2020, 2024-2026). They have been managed by Pep Guardiola since 2020 (!)
  2. Yeah, that is probably true. It has never exactly been my strong suit and as long as we keep winning I'm not too bothered. It could be a good idea to think about any changes though.
  3. November 2030 We are scoring and conceding, that's for sure. Great to get two wins in the CL and secure qualification, but it is worrying to get another loss, it remains to be seen how much PSG will drop throughout the season. Lyon not doing too well ATM, good...
  4. October 2030 What a win in the CL against the Austrian Red Bulls and some other good matches; a big shame we couldn't beat PSG though. Especially at home. Good to see Lyon drop some points, and Monaco might actually be in the mix again this year as well.
  5. September 2030 Very strong results. Not an ideal defensive record but I doubt that's ever going to happen with my tactics. Very important to have beaten Lyon at home.
  6. August 2030 This **** again. Well, a decent start to the league, although not too happy with dropping points in the very first match. I have a feeling this has happened too often in games against Rennes for some reason. Lyon & PSG the only two teams to have a perfect start, what a surprise. It's not the worst draw, but could've been easier. Should still qualify, though. Almost feel sorry for Dinamo Zagreb... (or Fenerbahçe).
  7. Pre-Season 2030 No huge or shocking exits this time around, as back-up left back Carlos and back-up goalkeeper Borovicanin are sold alongside some players aging or not quite living up to their potential like Benitez (29, that's way too old ), Dabo & Stokic. Don't think Spanish newgen Quique is worth that kind of money (or likely to ever make it here) so he was let go to Monaco. I did spend quite a bit of money, with the 4 most expensive going to be around the first XI: Wolters a new AMC, Pavlovic a new MC, Benedetti bought back from Juventus after he was transferlisted (I sold him to them for 60M) as new AML and Jokanovic is a new central defender. Except for Pavlovic they were all transferlisted and make the squad stronger - not necessarily much better than what I already have but similar or slightly better, so that some rotation or injuries won't hurt that much. Really the only down side is that they were after a bit more money but for a CL finalist I had a remarkably low wage spend so it's not too bad, even if some of the current players will probably ask for new contracts soon. All within means.
  8. Haha yeah that's true, I guess not surprising we lost on penalties after that. Thanks mate.
  9. Season Review 2029-2030 Incredible season in the league, and still only just ahead of Lyon and PSG, proves how hard it's going to be to repeat this success next year. A very big shame to miss out on the CL due to PSG of all teams, just have to go again.
  10. May 2030 Damn, two CL games decided on penalties. So close, but no CL win yet. Due to PSG City derby in the CL final is something.... but at least we did beat them in the league. First title!
  11. April 2030 Fantastic and perfect month, setting us up for a very good chance of the title and a CL final...
  12. March 2030 + Intake A very good month, although except for PSG the opponents in the league weren't of the highest caliber. A great win in the CL against Ajax. Can't really complain about this draw either, looking at the other teams in the competition. I was already warned this wasn't going to be a great intake, and it isn't. But it could be worse, and it's exciting to see so many different nationalities. Including the first ever Andorran player! As I usually do my manager has Andorran nationality. Of course he is not amazing but for an Andorran he honestly is pretty good.
  13. February 2030 Decent recovery, although we are not quite as convincing as we were last year, some quite close games which could've gone the other way. With a lead of 5/8 points I definitely have a feeling this could very well go to the end of the season.
  14. January 2030 Ah, disappointing. Out of the cup and first loss in the league. Away at Lyon, one of the hardest games of the season. I signed two players, Calderón a talent for the future and King a rotational option in attack. He was mostly purchased as a replacement for Thomas, a young player who's only back up really but some big money came in for him... but he decided to stay. In the end I did decide to send him out on loan to give him some more steady minutes. There was a huge offer for Simons, but I think I already sold enough of my players to Lyon this season... besides, he is a key player in the team so I would want at least 75M.
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