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  1. Season Review 2028 Academy player Bakopoulos had his first full season as a keeper and after a long while Ramon Arce is now finally retrained as an MC. Will probably sell some players off like Hernando and Artola.
  2. March 2028 First Andorran youth! Wow, hugely disappointing to Sociedad. Somehow we are having just too much trouble in Europe. Still dominating in Greece, as ever... not enough progress internationally
  3. February 2028 Dismantled Zenit pretty easily.
  4. January 2028 A damn shame but I couldn't keep on to Mazembe for that kind of money. I signed Gyökeres and Gomes as two new back-up strikers. Vicek is a talented central defender An insanely strong farewell month...
  5. December 2027 Well, third it has become, so we'll have our first run at the Europa League. Still some good sides, notably Roma, Sevilla, Napoli & Man Utd; but with some luck in the draws we might have a chance. First need to get past Zenit. including the game in hand a lead of 6 points which is not actually that much to be fair, after our record. Well done to PAOK.
  6. November 2027 Even stronger than last season, perfect run so far.
  7. October 2027 Mazembe season for now.
  8. September 2027 Strong first month, with 4 points in the CL as well.
  9. Pre-Season 2027 Almost sold worth a 100M, but no really big sales, a ton of medium sized ones. A big renovation of the squad. Topliss (non-EU SC); Osei (non-EU CM); Ross (non-EU SC); Gainza (non-EU DC); Pitu (ML); Martinez (GK, limited fee); Gradissimo (SC); Nunez (non-EU AMC); Mendez (DC); Martín (ML) all went for 5M+. I got in Grealish, more or less just because, as a back-up for ML and MC. Palacios is the real new ML; Arce a hugely talented player but has to be retrained as he currently only is a RB; Armini a new central defender, and Waltencir a new striker. I
  10. Season Review 2027 Best domestic season yet, of course, with a full unbeaten run. Still can't get past the first knockout round. We'll need to improve the squad further for that, and a bit of luck.
  11. April 2027 4 more games to go for our first unbeaten season! And a cup final to come too.
  12. March 2027 He has Danish second nationality so he is a EU national luckily. Not really the best month but we kept our unbeaten record going... The cup tie against PAOK was during the international break so both teams played with only having part of their first team squads. My entire bench were u-19s. A bit surprising, but there goes CR already.
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