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  1. Thank you. I am not really a fan of sharing saves, but I am willing to do the holidaying myself at some point. Thanks man. That's very nice of you to say. It has been a good one, definitely up there with my favorites. A bit longer than the ones I did in 18... now to come up with a new idea at some point Cheers. They weren't up to the level of say the Portugal team we played in the final. Romario wouldn't get in that team in all honesty. We were able to win due to tactics, morale, consistency, luck... Some good and decent players in the squad, don't get me wrong, but no ballon d'or candidates. This is his profile for reference.
  2. The End Well, as far as the rise of Kosovo is concerned there's really not much more I can do, and after 28 years this has been a good one. Interestingly enough Besa won the league in 2046, meaning that both teams I have managed have been able to do so since I left them. to round up... 17 league wins, 1 CL victory after 4 straight finals... won the various titles with the national team after a few fails at tournaments. Pretty pleased.
  3. 2046 World Cup Final DAMN. We had an amazing start scoring, and they came at us the rest of the game, but we managed to hold them off... and finished the game off in the end. Kosovo are champions of the world.............. Edit -- the goals:
  4. 2046 World Cup Semi Final We were in control for most of the game, and deserved the win. World Cup Final..... It's going to be against Portugal, for an all-European final. But perhaps not the European countries you would expect beforehand...
  5. 2046 World Cup Quarter Final That was a difficult game, but once again our Brazilian Kosovar got us through the game. Egypt and Chile going through. Quite the final four. It's going to be us or Egypt in the final!
  6. World Cup 2046 Third Round Insanity! 2-0 up, having to deal with extra time as they equalize just before full time. We go 4-2 up in extra time, but once again we can't hold on to that two goal lead as they come back only for us to win on penalties. Wow. Egypt beating the Dutch, big surprise there. The Americans up next. Well done for getting this far, but we should be able to beat them. Interesting that either Egypt or Austria will make it to the semi finals.
  7. 2046 World Cup Second Round Ah, that is much better! Saying goodbye to hosts Morocco, Belgium, France, Italy... Ah, England. The real test.
  8. 2046 World Cup group Well, we got the required results but those were some poor matches. Brazil eliminated by Ireland & South Korea! Germany eliminated as well. Jordan going through...
  9. 2046 World Cup Prep Injury wave so barely any central defenders to choose from. Issue fitness-wise. Okay performance in the friendlies, with Cameroon being a top 20 side according to the fifa ranking beating us not the ideal sign-off to travel to Morocco where the world cup will be held.
  10. 2045 Qualifiers for the World Cup, nations league finals and a confederation cup. Enough for one update. Two more trophies added! While the start of the year with the first two qualifiers was poor, we did much better in the nations league and in the confederations cup - after getting over the shock of losing to China. Very poor second half of the year though, in the qualifiers. It was just enough, but damn. Well, we have been drawn in quite the group for the world cup next year.
  11. Rest of 2044 With the Dutch and the Spanish in our nations league group, it was always going to be tough. But we did pretty well! Nice 9-0 intermission against Iceland as well... With a lot of luck we've managed to win the group... World cup draw for next year, seems very very kind. Although, to be fair, Ireland did almost make it to the final at the European Championships... Ballkani won another league, but once again it wasn't a walkover.
  12. That's one way to put it yeah! Pretty awesome to see some other relatively surprising nations pop up in the later rounds.. apart from our own run obviously Thanks man. Oh, I will try!
  13. Euro 2044 Final Oh my!! We did it. Kosovo are European Champions! Some "questionable" decisions went our way, my central defender who started the game with 75% fitness scored twice...
  14. Euro 2044 Semi Final Wow, insanity. Another penalty win! Definitely outclassed, but for a while it even looked like we would claim a regular win. The Irish kept Belgium to a scoreless draw, but lost out on penalties... a shame. Kosovo - Ireland would've been a great final. This is the second time I've reached the final of a European Championship with Kosovo, the last time was in 2036.
  15. Euro 2044 Quarter Final Wow. We fought, and won. Honestly a big shock. With the amount of yellows and thus suspensions for the semi final it's going to be a challenge to set up a team there... We'll be playing Croatia (lest we forget the reigning world champions) - elsewhere Ireland beat Germany to go into the semi-finals... good luck to them against the Belgians who seem to be on fire.
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