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  1. Pre-Season & August 2038 A busy transfer summer, as I bought three players from our rivals Ballkani. They are all non-foreign players I can use as back-ups or rotational options, as I felt we really lacked some decent second choice players last season. Any injury waves should be less of an issue. Hoxha from Dinamo is another non-foreign player. Ragab is a very talented Egyptian central defender. Outgoing I decided to let go Adebayo to Ballkani as I was able to sign Denis Hoxha from them for less money - he's better and much younger. Méndez was moaning for the entire transfer period that he wanted to leave, and while I really did not want to sell him I just thought the offer from Monaco was too good to refuse. We performed really well in the CL qualifiers and made it to the groups again. Not amazing in the league though. Should be scoring more. Reached the 1K games! Huge milestone, which I very rarely reach in my careers. Once again we have not been dealt a great hand in the draw... hoping to get third place, but it will be very tough.
  2. Cheers! I noticed that too, one can only hope that the 48-team world cups in real life won't end up like that.
  3. 20 Year Game World Update Three different English CL winners in a row, and a remarkable Croatian winner of the Europa League in Rijeka. You wouldn't expect other English teams to win the CL when you look at the domestic dominance of Manchester City, who have been even more dominant than Bayern in Germany in recent years.
  4. World Cup Quarter Final Yeah... it cost us. Just lacking the goals, the story of our run. Costa Rica beating the Belgians Rest of the World Cup
  5. World Cup Third Round Dominant but lack of goals keeps being a problem. Still, though, getting to the quarter-finals is a success. Kind of interesting that we have not faced any European or South American sides yet. Hosts Argentina humiliated.
  6. World Cup Group Phase Not the most impressive performance ever, but we got the all-important win which pretty much already secures us going through to the second round. Very poor to not win here, but it will be enough. Except from a poor Dutch performance and perhaps Guinea-Bissau going further ahead of Australia most groups seem to have worked out like you would expect.
  7. World Cup Preparation The squad has not changed dramatically since the European championships two years ago, just a few fresh faces. Denis Hoxha is likely going to be the only starter out of them, though, on the AML position. Not a great feeling to go into the world cup, we had most of the possession and chances but poor finishing. One of the main issues still lingers, which is that while we have decent strikers none of them have ever outshined each other. Fuga might be the best but he plays as an AMR.
  8. 2037-2038 Season Review A bit of a disappointing season, but with things so close between us and Ballkani it can go the right way like last season or not quite, like this one. On we go.
  9. May 2038 We couldn't do it. Very poor start to the month which gave Ballkani the chance to take over and they didn't stop. They won every game, including the cup final against us. No trophies this year - except for the supercup at the start. But now time to get ready for the world cup.
  10. April 2038 We did beat Ballkani! Also made it to the cup final. We have the very slight advantage with a better goal difference, but we need to make sure to win all four remaining games. Or we need to get lucky...
  11. March 2038 + Youth Intake Overall a good month, keeping the pressure on. We will be facing Ballkani at home next month, a hugely important game for the title. Better than previously but still not great and the two best prospects (CA/PA combination) have poor personalities and determination. Perhaps time to look at a different HoYD... National Team Fantastic result against Brazil, but it says a lot about our team that we almost lost to Georgia afterwards. Not consistent enough yet.
  12. January - February 2038 I signed two players - I bought back Hadroj (whom I had sold to Ballkani for 9.5M) and signed Ajazi, as I needed a new non-foreign AMR (he is Swedish-Albanian, good enough). I needed a new AMR as Dingozi has left us for Besiktas. Decided to cash in as he only had six months remaining. Two friendlies to get ready, who knows we might have lost the cup game otherwise. Need to watch out for them as well. Also just glanced at this, not a bad name for a stadium, huh...
  13. That's a good positive way to look at it Thanks! Awesome, thanks for reading. Cheers!
  14. December 2037 I said we shouldn't be losing any more points... not helped by a big amount of injuries, but poor. European season over.. And yeah, not even in first anymore. Need to get straight back in to winning games in february. Progress for the club continuing on, though. National Team World Cup draw, seems kind to us.
  15. November 2037 Two more defeats in the CL and it's going to be very tough to even make third place now... need to win the last game. Our first loss in the league as well, against Ballkani. Still a lead, but can't be dropping much more points. National Team Last minute goal gave the Russians the win against us, but the final home victory secured us the group win and qualification anyway.
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