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  1. Spring 2029 It actually was pretty close, as we dropped a few points in the last months and Dinamo had a strong run. We were just strong enough, though. Also won the cup for a full domestic haul in my first year here. I have not decided yet how long I will stay here. At least one more year as that is how long my contract runs. It will depend on how we do in Europe -- I can try to build CSKA into a European competitor, but I also need to think about the other leagues I need to win.
  2. Thanks mate. It's been fun so far in Russia, although a little bit easier than I would've thought.
  3. Winter 2029 Two sales... Which left enough room in the budget to spend big on one player. Decided to go for a relatively young Portuguese midfielder. His combination of technique and vision with great teamwork/work rate was really the reason I wanted to sign him. Scraped past two European opponents in the Conference League... up next is Athletic again. Let's see if we can do better than in the group games. Still doing decently well in the league but we had our first loss and our wins aren't that convincing. Still, though, only Dinamo is a rival for the title.
  4. Fall 2028 Getting back to it, was ill last week (potentially the C or just the flu) and busy with work. Actually most busy today finishing stuff before easter weekend but well sometimes you just need to play some FM. We've been doing very well in the league, and pretty decent in Europe as well - although the Athletic losses show a European run is going to be tough this year. Moscow teams worth keeping an eye on, but if we can keep on like this a title in the first season should be straightforward.
  5. Summer 2028 As I stated above, Barca offered me the job, but I opted not to go there. I opted for CSKA Moscow, as they were one of the few other teams I could join at this time within the limitations of the save, and they have a pretty good starting point, with a transfer budget of 20M+ and a lot of room in the wage budget, I can transform the squad to my wishes; they have been more of a subtop team in the league but with a bit of luck I think we could challenge for the title pretty soon. Also, I have barely ever managed in Russia so that should be interesting. I start out with a 2-year contract, depending on how it goes I might already leave after that time is up, of course if I'm too optimistic I'll stay for a few years longer - or if I feel I can take the team somewhere in continental football. In Russia you can have 8 foreigners in the match squad, so I got rid of some of the older foreign players, got a few in of myself and otherwise looked for Russian players to bolster pretty much all positions. The Russian league starts early but has a long winter break so we already played quite a few games while going through the qualifiers for the Europa Conference League. A very smooth start in the league, but almost surprised by HNK Gorica in the final playoff. Definitely a battle of the Moscow teams as Zenit is already dropping a crazy amount of points. We are in for a title race immediately, if this continues. We should probably progress together with Athletic; interesting to see TNS progress to the group stage here.
  6. Spring 2028 We did it! I would say we were lucky with the draws in the CL, facing Club Brugge, Ajax, Porto and then Marseille to win the thing. We also comfortably won the league. Apart from missing out on the cups this was a magnificent season and a good way to leave. Let's see what will turn up next. Barcelona has offered me the job but I won't go back to Spain already, besides that would be a bit of a cheat move.
  7. Fall - Winter 2027-2028 Only the one loss in the league in the first half of the season. I did not sign any players in January but I did sell Alli, he hadn't really featured regularly for the last 18 months or so. We continued just as we left 2027 off... Even though we are doing really well, the lead is not that big, Chelsea having an impressive season. I do think we are very much favorites to retain the title if we can keep it up with the CL knockout games coming.
  8. Scouting generally works the same, but you are more limited in the amount of assignments you can set, as you only have the one scout, your chief scout. He has a maximum amount of assignments, depending on how good he is. But I do think you pretty much have the same options with regarding to setting the assignments (choosing regions/nations/leagues, setting attribute limits, ongoing or time limited, etc.) You get less players, generally 4-6 instead of 16. Some years I got two intakes, but I think that's a bug and not a feature...
  9. I mean, it's a lot quicker, which is the big advantage. When you don't have hours upon hours to play but still want to progress relatively quickly there is really no choice -- you can add quite a number of leagues and it still progresses rapidly in comparison with the full version. The big downsides are that you can't add league files and that there are no full youth intakes. You also only have one youth/reserve side. I tend to skip a lot of the features in the full fat version, so I don't mind too many of the things lacking -- for instance there are just a few staff members (Ass man, hoyd, DoF, chief scout) instead of a whole army. No full press conferences is another thing. There are less complicating factors like dynamics (although there might be some of that under the hood, perhaps) and players can fit a formation right away, don't need to build up tactical familiarity. So you could say that makes the game too easy in some aspects, although of course it is still about your players and tactics against the AI. There's just less man management and a lot of the stuff I find more laborious than anything in the full version. I think it really depends on how you play the game if you would miss all those features, I for one don't really. At least not in a save like this. Perhaps the biggest issue is that there are no full youth intakes, and there's not quite as much information and screens as in the full version. For a long term one club save, especially one with a focus on youth, I would not go for FMT.
  10. Summer 2027 To really go for the CL I decided to do two more big transfers. With Harry Kane really getting close to his expiry date I got in a striker in Esposito. Doku is a new player for the left wing. Outgoing there is nothing too exciting, all the money we got in was for players from the reserve squad/back-ups that just aren't quite good enough for the level I'm aiming for but perhaps are good for mid-table PL, like strikers Philip Godwin and Prince Yeboah; AMC Thomas Pegg and central defender Thimothée Pembélé. Is he quite worth 108M, I'm not sure, but he is going to be key for us to compete in Europe I think. While we surprisingly lost in the Community Shield otherwise we had a perfect start to the season. 9-2 in the CL!
  11. Spring 2027 Third time's a charm, there is the very first title this save! I am staying for one more season as I want to have a crack at the CL here. Regardless of whether I win it next season or not, I will resign at the end of that season and look for a new league afterwards.
  12. Winter 2027 No signings, and no real departures of note, only youngsters. A few rough defeats in the league... And the lead is gone. It looks like another ridiculously close title race.
  13. Fall 2026 A very good fall, although the CL remained some what hit and miss. We did progress, though. A little lead, but not perhaps quite enough to be comfortable.
  14. Summer 2026 We have a small but strong squad so I am only doing limited transfers - big ones to improve certain positions. Reinier is now the best AMC at the club, and will rotate with Aleña at that position, who is also back-up as MC. Xavi Vacas is a very talented player for the right wing. Outgoing are mostly youth or back-up players, outside of Son who was getting on in age and left for China, and Carlos Soler who also left for China (Shanghai) for a nice sum of money - he was replaced by Xavi Vacas. We had a good start to the season in August but a bit of a rough September, especially in the Champions League. Out of the EFL cup early as well, seems like a yearly tradition at this point.
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