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  1. Thank you. If I didn't do any transfers in the first year I would'nt have had much succes either I think... and besides look at the youth intakes I got, the youth challenge seems extremely difficult at the club. At some point in the future I do want to try and focus more and more on youth development here and getting some Andorran players in the first team again but first the club needs to become professional and all that.
  2. October 2019 The fantastic start continues! Still unbeaten in the league and we're through to the fourth round of the cup where we'll play.... Barcelona! Amazing and extremely hard draw of course but financially it sounds extremely appealing. I'm not sure how long we can continue this current run but let's hope quite a bit longer yet. I have now managed exactly 100 games! (Look at that handsome face.)
  3. September 2019 Once we started the season for real we started playing much better! A great start to the season with only 2 points dropped and the first place in the table. We also got through to the third round of the cup, where we'll face Lugo (just got relegated from Segunda (A)).
  4. Pre-Season 2019 The board wants us to get top half finish which should not be too hard and the second round of the cup, for which they have given us a transfer budget for the first time and another 100K of wage budget. In the beginning of the transfer period we were predicted to finish 11th, while at the end we are predicted to finish 8th. You may notice a lot of new clubs in the league, with the promotion and relegation a lot of shuffling around has been done and it seems like the league is now more heavily basque-based and Real Madrid Castilla has been moved elsewhere. Not as busy a transfer period as in previous years since most players were on 2-year deals and they performed quite well for the most part. It was not easy to find players who were willing to join me and who were actually better than what I already got. Once again I used a lot of loan deals, but I do pay much more wages now about 450K p/a and I actually paid money for a player for the first time. As you can see I now have Barcelona as a senior affiliate club, for now the discrepancy between the two clubs is obviously gigantic and they loaned us a 16-year old DR. Maybe it's a positive thing that Barcelona B has been relegated, they now play in the Tercera. Certainly in the long run I hope to use this link to get in some good players for free. The friendlies did not really play out like I wanted them to, of course new players had to gel and everything and we played some tougher foreign opponents than before but Manlleu and San Mateo are tercera sides which we should beat with relative ease now. Still though - they are just friendlies.
  5. Thank you and yeah with the play-off system it is really tough. None of the teams from last year's division got promoted actually. the Tercera works pretty much the same just with much more divisions and clubs so I was happy to get through that the first time.
  6. ?! Not sure about this, we just had an expansion and we only filled our stadium 72% last season! And a 564K loan is not ideal, we're already paying off debt. But the club is growing, that is positive of course.
  7. Play-Offs 2019 & End of Season It wasn't to be. They were just better than us in both games and we'll play at least one more season in the Segunda B, which is not that bad actually. Next year we'll be trying again for the play-offs while hopefully getting another decent cup run. Best Eleven Overall & of the year:
  8. May 2019 A good closer to the season and we actually made the play-offs where we have to play Nastic, who ended as second in their respective division. A tough game.
  9. April 2019 After an amazing month we were either found out or somehow B-sides are our kryptonite.... Lost as many games in this month as in the entire season beforehand. It's hard to identify what exactly went wrong although my first two strikers (on loan) were injured so I had to use the striker I used in the Tercera again, who is on an amateur deal. He scored though, so it's hard to blame him when we concede so much goals. Play-offs are still possible but we have to win the last two games of the season.
  10. Me too, although perhaps we'll need some more upgrades until we'll see some talents that are of some use since the level of players we use is rising every year as well
  11. March 2019 Amazing month, possibly the best ever so far, with 5 comfortable wins and it's seeming likelier and likelier that we'll make the play-offs and now even the title is somewhat of a possibility........ don't even know what to say, this is ridiculous.
  12. Last year I was wondering if the youth intake could've been any worse, well I guess I asked for it.
  13. February 2019 We can't seem to stop drawing, but we keep our unbeaten run going. No team in the league has lost less games than us! Somehow of the 4 teams we played we beat the team that was #1.... we really should've beaten Sanse who are near the bottom of the table.. also we missed a penalty. The other games were teams at about our level and that showed in the games. We're still very much in the running for the play-offs.
  14. January 2019 We couldn't keep up the December form, but I was not expecting that at all. We had trouble scoring but the positive thing is that we are still on the unbeaten streak in the league, while the games against Athletic in the cup went amazingly well all things considered, of course they were better but we had our chances as well and even scored. We are still very close to the play-off spots but honestly I will not be bothered if we don't make them this season. The money from the away game against Athletic was very nice and I could even get in the first improvements. As far as the transfers are considered nothing much happened. As I alluded to before I got in a new AML and I let go one of the players I signed in the last summer since he wanted to leave and he performed extremely poor when he did play, an average of 6.4 is really not what I'm looking for. Overall not too bad of a month really!