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  1. Thank you, to be honest I've taken a slight break for now but that has more to do with having played FM18 so much, just doing some other stuff in my free time. I went a bit overboard with the loans, but in general I do try to keep the squads relatively small so that the players all get a lot of game time, and with the transfers many have been for the central positions (DC, MC, AMC, SC) so that there was a little bit too much competition for those positions.
  2. August & September 2020 First the EL Group, pretty interesting once again, should make it through this one. First Team Not a great start at all, especially disappointing to lose to Gijon at home. Great end of the month though with a huge win over Celta de Vigo. Just in 14th. Tenerife B Well, this might be a tough season..... except for the Betis game no huge losses though, so perhaps that's something to hold on to. Need to get a win soon. Tenerife C Still winning every match. Real Union also perfect, although with a game less. They actually started in the 6th tier and got promoted twice already.
  3. Pre-Season 2020 Transfers First I'll get to the outgoing transfers. First year I really went out there with the loans, I might have even gone a bit over board, the B team is kinda small now. Obviously the big deal is the Méndez sale. The other permanent outgoings were transfer listed. With the promotions there have come up some complications, in the Segunda Division you can only use two non-EU players and now the C team has to get a squad registration as well in the Tercera. No foreign limits yet there though. Not a huge amount of transfers, but some big ones. Very talented GK in Baião... Even more excited about Parada, going straight into the first team squad. Will adapt to a MC role, I'm using a BWM and he's almost perfect for it (just his determination could be better). And then the big buy. Worth 14M? Not sure. But I have created my own inflation by limiting myself to certain nationalities. AMC was a position that needed improvement. First Team Same expectations as last year from the board, for myself I want another top 6. Predicted to finish 14th, bit low. Decent pre-season with the cups, just disappointed to lose by that big to Las Palmas and so still not having won the Copa de Canarias. Big offer, look at that salary. But rejected it. Tenerife B Predicted to finish 20th, with the small squad I have kept for the B team the only goal I'm setting is not to get relegated. Good enough pre-season although all the opposition is lower league. Tenerife C The C team is predicted to finish first in the Tercera, didn't quite expect that. Well, we'll just be going for the play-offs and to finish above Las Palmas C. A bit of a ridiculous start with a 14-0 win.... and then some good comfortable wins elsewhere. Confident going into the season.
  4. Yeah, too bad really but there are enough striker prospects.
  5. He will go into the C squad next season, I don't really like loaning out players when they're so young. Definitely a big prospect.
  6. Season Review 2019-2020 First Team Overall a very strong second season in La Liga, we still lost a big amount of games though and the top 4 is generally on another level, especially the big 2. That will take a few years to crack. The best eleven this year, quite a few games thanks to the EL. The Zimbabwean Moyo's are the first young players that have made it as regulars in the first team, they will develop further and take the team to new heights... hopefully. The overall best eleven. Jorge has a good shot of being the player with the most apps during this save, he was by far the most talented player at the club when I joined and is very young still. There has been interest from Atletico especially since his value was slightly higher than his release clause (of 10M) but he signed a new deal so he should stay for a while longer. There has also been interests for Abad from Barcelona but they were not willing to pay a lot of money so no thanks. This is almost the entire first team squad, more and more nationalities... fantastic season for Patson Daka as the main striker, too bad he didn't really develop his attributes though. Some other young foreigners like Cusicanqui and António have also made the step up. There were some awards: Very deserved and quite the achievement, young player of the year for Daka. He has also been included as a substitute in the team of the year. Big 2 had 10 of the 11 players in the first XI (yes that is Alexis Sanchez playing for Real Madrid). Did not expect to have any players included in the Europa League team of the season after we went out in the first knockout round, but Jorge was included, the highest average rating by a mile in this team.. I won manager of the year! A bit surprising to me, but we did do much better than we were expected to. Tenerife B The highlight for the B team once again was Isaac Mir, youth striker. He's still not quite good enough for the first team but he has become a legend for the B Club. Next year another step up to the segunda division, or I might loan him out if a La Liga club will take him. With some new players joining and overall many players developing the competition is getting tougher and tougher. This is the overall best eleven for the B team, quite a few of these players have left or will leave soon. Faridi has been a mainstay here but sadly the Tanzanian AML has not really developed over the past 2 seasons so he will probably leave the club either next season or when his contract expires. Talking about nationalities... and talented players. Not all of the foreign recruits are going to be world beaters, or will even make the first team, but there are a few very talented players here. There were some awards for the B team as well, well really only for Isaac Mir. Topscorer, obviously I would've said but when you see that the #2 striker has scored 35 goals... And well the top goalkeeper of the season award is totally bugged... but thanks for the award I guess. Tenerife C Once again there was no best eleven for the C team this year so let's get straight to the squad. Doesn't work perfectly (Aday has played and scored a ton for instance) thanks to the C team issue talked about earlier on this thread. Some of the great performances here are probably not going to lead to anything, Estrada will be able to play in the Segunda B or maybe even Segunda Division at some point for instance but the first team seems very unlikely. There are some very interesting players though, like Espinar from the first youth intake or the fabulously named Maung Maung Aung. Since Myanmar will count as non-EU (unlike the African countries) it will be a bit tougher to get him a spot in the B or first team. U-19 Here are the rest of the players, not quite good enough for the C or B teams (yet), some here will move up into those teams next season and some will be loaned out, certainly all the 18 year olds. The young Kosovan Bekaj shows that not all my transfers have been perfect..
  7. Definitely.... surely next year we can't keep on winning everything. You can see the attendance figures next to the games played in the screenshots, but here are the records: B team: C team: Both steadily rising. B team should get a big boost from playing in the Segunda Division. The stadium in which the B & C stadiums play will get an expansion actually (because of the B team's promotion), slightly expensive but there's more than enough money from the TV Deals.
  8. May-June 2020 First Team Strong end to the season except for the Valencia game. It means a 5th place, a bit of an improvement on last season and straight into the EL Groups next season. Tenerife B Won the last 2 games of the regular season, so we held on for first place. That meant we had to win one play-off round to get promoted, and we managed to beat Barcelona B. Couldn't quite take the overall Segunda B victory in the match against Sevilla B though, but oh well. Promoted at the first try! Next year Segunda Division, the highest league the B team can get to! Tenerife C The final 2 games of the season were two more wins, obviously... So another 100% season, 171-7 record in the end. That actually was the 100th game for the C team over the last 3 seasons, and that record does look nice... The C team can get one more promotion and then that's it. Another season that was quite successful.
  9. April 2020 First Team Wow, what a month. Beating Atletico 3-0 in their stadium, keeping Las Palmas to a draw and then absolutely demolishing Sevilla. Daka keeps scoring. EL is pretty much sure. If Atletico keeps losing we even have a very slight chance of getting that 4th spot but that would be unlikely. Second player of the month award, definitely deserved! Tenerife B What a cup final, and we were just on the lucky end winning on away goals. Strong performances in the league, bar one loss. two more games to go and we hold our fate in our own hands. This was very annoying though... Tenerife C Only two league games. Two games remaining...
  10. March 2020 First Team Much better again, good goal scoring performances especially from Daka. Back in fifth again, with a lead of 5 points now on 7th place... or 6 on Las Palmas. I think for the first time a player of mine has won the player of the month award. Tenerife B Not quite as good a month for the B team, losing twice including to title rivals Guadalajara. Did manage to win in the Copa RFEF semi-final, in the final we'll face Barcelona B. Guadalajara overtook us, but it's extremely tight... all top 5 can easily win the league. 7 games remaining. Tenerife C Bit of a busy month for the C team, for some reason, but it went just as well, even if a bunch of the talents were called up during the international break so the last 2 games were played with a bunch of the u19 squad. No goals conceded! Third straight title and promotion in the bag, this year it seems the easiest of them all. Next year the Tercera Division, should be higher standard again.
  11. Youth Intake 2020 By far the best intake so far, with 6 players starting out with 1* CA at least. Also a second nationality Malian player, remarkably. Too bad he doesn't seem to be very good. Perceived to be the best, another talented youth striker. Poor jumping reach and a lot of work to be done, but hopeful. Not hugely convinced although of course there are some decent attributes here already. Still only 15 years so he'll have time to grow, which is necessary. Some good stuff though, and (newgen) goalkeepers that have even a slight ability to pass the ball is something I like to see.
  12. February 2020 First Team Oh... dear. Terrible month, even if the Real Madrid and Barca losses were calculated to happen. Out of the EL. In sixth now, with #5-#9 within 3 points of each other... the EL spots will be hard fought. Tenerife B A very strong month for the B team with some big victories, including over Real Madrid Castilla and through to the semi-final of the Copa RFEF. And now in first since Llanes has had a break down, 3 losses in a row! Wow. Really got the form when we needed to. Still a long way to go though. Tenerife C Another easy month for the C team. 120-6, not too bad of a record...
  13. January 2020 Transfers These were the new arrivals. Quite a few going into the B team, some to the C. Rolantsson is a first team addition, a much needed left back. These were the outgoings. Beitia is an okay prospect but I don't believe he's going to be good enough for where Tenerife is heading, also included a 50% future fee clause so if he does develop more than I think we'll benefit either way. First Team Overall a good enough month with wins in tough games against Valencia and Malaga and almost beating Barca in the cup. Only 2 points from 4th... but a few teams not far from us either. Two more job offers. Tenerife B A good month for the B team, through in the Copa RFEF as well, to the quarter-finals. A strong lead of 6 points on fifth, so pretty secure for the play-offs. If we can keep going like this moving up should be possible as well. 7 points behind #1. By far the most goals scored. Tenerife C This is just getting silly now, 3 of the 4 games scoring 8+ goals....