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  1. June 2030 I'll guess we'll have to settle for 98 points then! Season Review 2029-2030 Dominated the league, sold out most games, got to the QF's in the cup... yeah this was a great season. Will be very interesting to see if we can make more of a dent in La Liga the second time around. It's goodbye to Vicente Reverté and Eduardo. Both legends of the club in my book - even if the game doesn't recognize them as such. But the club has grown past them. It's looking like there'll be some more experienced players leaving after next season with multiple contracts ending in 2031. Some exciting talents have come up this season, with Jaume Ruiz being indispensable as a defensive midfielder, Gerard developing really well as a central defender and back-up for DM, Fran Recio having an insanely quick development as AML and is already rated above Amador who was first-choice this season (with Joel playing many matches as a central midfielder), Joan Herrero being the new second-choice GK with potential to grow much further and Oscar Martinez has already made his debut as DL as a 15-year old. Looking forward to see them grow further next season and beyond. Very remarkable that the game has already dropped Eduardo and Reverté from the best eleven of all time, as they have played so many more matches than others named here but I guess the average rating counts more.
  2. May 2030 A poor first game of the month but fantastic month afterwards! We've done it, and with some style. Fantastic how we've dominated the league this season. And now I've won a Tercera, Segunda B and Segunda title. Pretty decent! Already a record, and with two more games we could potentially reach the three digits... And it seems the future is very bright indeed.
  3. Thanks mate, yeah that was disappointing but heading right back into La Liga
  4. March - April 2030 With 6 games to go we're definitely going to get promoted and things would have to get really bad for us not to win the title.
  5. March 2030 Youth Intake Happy with this, I definitely needed a talented left back. Will have to see about the others, but definitely see Martinez making the first team.
  6. February 2030 A second loss, surprisingly, against one of the bottom teams. Some good results elsewhere though, with some important goals from Francesc, the AMR I recalled from loan! Even though we had a loss, our lead has actually grown. But it remains precarious.
  7. January 2030 Out of the cup against Real Madrid, which is quite another level indeed... and then our first loss, perhaps due to the busy schedule. Only a very small lead remains, so it is imperative to get back to winning ways asap. Also lost a player for a very low sum, sadly his relegation release clause was still valid. He had become my first-choice AMR this season, and it seemed he still had some potential to grow further, so it's a shame. Luckily AMR is a position where I have other good players, and I recalled one from loan to replace him in the squad. Not the end of the world, but annoying nonetheless.
  8. Bad luck that other teams are doing almost as good! It's interesting that previous seasons in the segunda the top teams were getting much less points. The season I got promoted the two teams that got automatic promotion had 85/80 points and 9/10 losses! Thanks!
  9. December 2029 Not quite perfect, but really good still. First half of the season unbeaten! Happy news on the contract front as well, as Escoruela has signed a new deal. Against exorbitant wages, and with a 2M non promotion release clause, so not ideal. But still, happy that he's staying and I am counting on getting promoted this season.
  10. November 2029 A perfect month! Close wins, but we were the better side in all 4 matches. Interesting to see Lugo doing almost as well, and Racing not far after. Will need to keep this up. Building and building...
  11. October 2029 Continuing our form, actually some more convincing wins than previously. In first!
  12. August - September 2029 A strong start, although some of these games were quite close so we did have a bit of luck to get away with this many points.
  13. Pre-Season 2029 Says a lot about the average ability that we are predicted to be in the relegation battle, but of course I will go for the promotion play-offs at least. We're rich! We'll see when this happens... Couldn't get any improvements last season but luckily they will be coming this year. Decent enough pre-season, especially the opening game. Escoruela almost showed up in the departures list alongside these loanees. He only has one year left on his contract and he will not renew it. I agreed a 7.5M + clauses fee with FC Porto, but he denied their contract offer. Not unhappy he is staying, and we don't need the money, but it looks likely that he'll go away for free next summer.
  14. I hope so, should certainly be possible. Especially if I can keep hold of the best players
  15. Season Review 2028-2029 Over the entire season we definitely deserved to get relegated, but those last few months showed that we could've stayed up. Too bad, but I definitely have hope that we can get promoted again next season - if I can keep the squad together. Of course many players needed new contracts in La Liga and relegation clauses were often impossible to remove from the negotations.
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