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  1. Pretty much, yeah. The butthurt from most people was also similar
  2. Well done Portugal, delighted for Santos.
  3. http://a.pomf.se/jcecwh.gif From this angle it looks like a clear pen to me
  4. First time we play better football and qualify for the WC, and I can't enjoy it because of the dive
  5. That's the grand plan, win the WC scoring 1 goal Haters gonna sleep
  6. With Katsouranis out we actually have a chance of winning
  7. Before winning the Euros, we had scored 1 goal in all our WC and Euros appearances combined
  8. That would be a great challenge once you dominate with Seven Sisters, try to get a dafuge stadium in every WPL team. Although this might take some time
  9. Good win for Colombia Very unconvincing display though
  10. We weren't going to park the bus anyway, we don't have the players for it anymore
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