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36 minutes ago, andychar said:

The game time he gets in the Carabao Cup and just before Champions League games are staggering!

if he was smart he would have an increased appearance fee clause for certain months of the year ! 

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Premier League

August 2033


Weather this is an easy start we shall see in September. New season always brings uncertainty. Apart from City at Home, that will be tough. If we finish this month unbeaten we will have broken Arsenal's unbeaten streak of 49 games.

I'm ready to be hurt again!


Forgot to show this guy in my roundup because he's on loan this season. He's progressing nicely. Still on pace for 5 star!

No nasty surprises before the Transfer Window slammed shut. We are good to go.


We have the 6th lowest wage bill. Still no right to be battling with the big boys really.

So before the Everton game its worth pointing out I haven't won an opening day fixture in the Premier League. 

4 players make their debut for us. Lets go!


A win is a win! Even game really. Although we never looked in any massive danger. Great start to the season.

City next at home and our first massive test.


Didn't take long for our first 0-0. I'm fairly happy to avoid defeat I just hope it's not a sign of things to come.

Wolves at home next. Lets bounce get and get some goals. 


65 minutes and 29 seconds in game 3 is how long it took for a striker to score a goal this season.


Really annoying. I already have that sinking feeling that it's just going to be one of those seasons again! We finally get a striker goal but for the first time i've missed Lucio as I think the 2nd goal could have been saved.

I really don't want the unbeaten run if its full of draws. Southampton away next to finish the month off. They are rock bottom after 3 games. 


Home to Rotherham in the 3rd Round of the Carabao Cup. It shows how far we have come when the board aren't even bothered about the competition. It takes the pressure off. Reserves will 100% be starting.

We also have the draw for the Champions League. I'm not expecting to get anywhere near as lucky as we did last season. We are still 4th seed.


Amazing. Excatly the same group as last season. What are the chances. I fancy us to get through to the knockout stages again. 


I've seen this guy...I think I want him.


Tenner says we draw it.


We've done it. We aren't playing great football and the sitters we missed were so frustrating. But we won.



Chelsea have already beaten Liverpool and Man Utd this season so are already looking deadly. Same old for us. Frustrating draws. 

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Good opening month, yes the draws are annoying, but as you said, looking at wages you have no right to be competing, which means every season you do compete gives you more Champions League money to put into a striker who can actually hit the broad side of a barn!

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Premier League

September 2033

A well timed International Break starts the month. We picked up 2 injuries in the win over Southampton. 


Superb win! Down to 10 men thanks to 65m (so far) flop. We are made of strong stuff and come away with a brilliant win.

Our first Champions League game next and its the easiest one on paper.


And indeed performance. Disappointed it wasn't a full house, but I imagine that's down to the Russian's not bothering. Good start.

Derby away next. Chance to string a couple of wins together in the league.


Fixtures this month. Don't know why I didn't post them. Chelsea at home is a another big game. We are playing the big teams at home it seems so the second half of the season could be tricky.


Good win. Much deserved. 

Rotherham in the cup next. Back up's a plenty. Can't wait to get beat on penalties!


Absolutely smashed it! Well we are through anyway. Another none sell out. I don't think we will be breaking any average attendance records this season.

Chelsea at home next. Luckily starters should be fighting fit!


A whoop whoop. First time I'm asking the new board to increase facilities...


They have pretty much rejected me for everything I've asked. I miss the old board so much! I would accept the reasoning except when I asked for more transfer budget you said no.

Quick save of the game and a leak to press...just to see what will happen...


Lets see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Nothing as of yet as we prepare for Chelsea.


Hard to be overly critical because they penalty came out of absolutely nothing. We didn't have any glaring sitters. Just another frustrating draw at home against a team we will be challenging.

We finish the month with an away tie in the Champions League. We draw 0-0 in this tie last season and it was enough to see us through as top. A win here would be fantastic.


West Ham at the home and I will be sticking with the back ups. There are only 2 non Premier League teams left in the draw.


Don't really care about it to be honest but I just wanted something from them!


What a night in France for the boys. Obviously disappointed in the goal conceded but not going to lose any sleep.


Back to back against Porto coming up so this Group is still wide open. 


Good start in the league. Still unbeaten but still too many draws for my liking. Just need to keep up at the top.

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Premier League

October 2033

We start with an award...


I didn't win this award once last season despite going unbeaten. So this is nice.


We started the month at Bournemouth.


The red card changed the game, before that we looked slow and sluggish. We didn't look fantastic after the card but we got the points.

Big International Break before we face Arsenal. Could do with a bit of rest for some players.


Fantastic result. We were in control throughout and deserved the win. I only wish it was by a bigger margain.

Champions League next and we have a chance to really take charge of the Group with a good result away to Porto.


Tim McCarthy so far has been the only striker showing any signs of consistency. He's normally 3rd choice but right now he is the starter. Great performance away from home in the Champions League.


A point in the return leg will be enough to see us through. We might have to wait until gameweek 6 to bag top spot although 2 more wins and it will be all but secure.

West Ham back to back now away in the league then at home in the Carabao. 

I asked for more Transfer Budget. I want this guy...


I've had a 68m plus 50% sell on fee accepted. Its a lot of money and future money lost but just look at him. I think I should be doing absolutely everthing in my power to get him. The board said no to more money. We currently have 32m. I'm tempted to cash in on some interest for Koffi.


I often mention there are good draws and bad draws. This is a good draw. We weren't good here, we were second best and quite honestly I'm happy with the point. We lost TAA for a few weeks which is obviously bad but we move on.

West Ham again but it will be a completely different line up for us. 


It was the yearly penalty shootout but this time we managed to win. We deserved the win in normal time but I'm happy to get through.

Home game against an impressive Watford to round up the month. 


Another home tie. Its a good chance to get through to a Semi Final. I don't know if I'm going to rotate. We shall see closer to the time. It does mean in December we will be taking part in 4 different competitions. We have landed.


1-1 is the new 0-0 it seems. We just are falling into the same pitfalls as last season. Unable to turn draws into wins. I think I'm going to need to take some action in January.


Only 6 goals conceded but just look at the goals scored. 13 in 11 isn't what you expect from somebody challenging for the title. We need to start turning these draws into wins soon otherwise it's all going to end in tears again!

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Premier League

November 2033

We are lucky we are only a couple of points off the top. We are still on this amazing unbeaten run but it means nothing if we can't win more than we draw!


So a normal month we are going to be losing quite a bit of money. We will be getting money from the Champions League and obviously for placing in the Premier League which will offset any losses but I can't expect a ridiculous transfer budget next season. 1 more season after this until we a new Stadium and things won't improve until then.


Steady month fixtures wise. We need to take advantage of a month withoiut any big boys.

A win against Porto to open the month will go a long way to securing top spot. It will see us qualify for the Knockout Stages at the very least.


If we finished like this every game we would be absolutely smashing it! Very happy with performance, we just need to take it into every game.


Top spot not sorted yet, probably won't be until after the last game which is home to Lyon.


Excellent to see. We will smash this in a few seasons! I will be working on expanding the new Stadium as quickly as possible as well.

Absolutely massive International Break before our next game against Norwich.


Good win against rock bottom. Red Card helped but we were in control before it.

Champions League next. I have a good mind to rest as we travel to Russia. Not everybody but the odd few. Qualification is in the bag and if we don't get top spot this time I tihnk we can manage it at home in December.


All done in 4 minutes. I wish our Champions League form would go to our League Form. We are destroying it.

Villa away next. Some players did manage a rest. Villa are struggle despite spending over 200m since last Summer.


So basically we need to avoid a 3-0 loss at the Cottage and Top Spot is in the bag.

Finishing top would mean I could face one of the following....

Man City, Juventus, AC Milan, Bayern Leverkusen, Anderlecht, PSG, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Dynamo Kiev, Monaco, Athletico Madrid. 

Obviously that list will dwindle after the next set of games.


Another frustrating day where the finishing just disappears. We should have won. Another 2 points dropped. Getting really really really really fed up with drawing.


Well its not a fantastic draw for the 3rd Round of the FA Cup but at least its at home. I'll be picking a strong squad.

We finish our month just like we finish next month, at home to Newcastle. They are 5th and will overtake us if we lose...better not lose then!


Outstanding. Was getting ready to say 3 goals and none by the Strikers then they bagged one each. Fantastic result.


I didn't realise just how little we had actually condeded. 1 point covers the top 4 then there's a nice little lead over the rest. The aim is still Top 6 realisitically for Europe next season but Top 4 would be great while a Title would be amazing.

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6 hours ago, SRL88 said:

Sitting really nicely in the league. Great start.

Cheers mate. Just reminds me of last season. Way too many draws!

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4 minutes ago, andychar said:

Cheers mate. Just reminds me of last season. Way too many draws!

Easy to get frustrated with those, but they'll pay off in the long term.

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29 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

just keep finding a way to score! 1 goal will be enough in most games it seems.

fabulous start

We started the next month with a 0-0 draw. I’ve lost the will. 

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Premier League

December 2033


Always nice to be reminded! Out of those 60 games 24 are draws. I had to go back and count!


I will take it then smash it all onto the Transfer budget as we try and get closer and closer to getting that Striker.

It added 4m onto the transfer budget. 4 lousy million!

We had another meeting...


Boom! That's what I'm talking about!


I think it goes up half a star so we are this and one more away from the best. If I can start breeding my own then we will never have anything to worry about! I'm hoping I can ask about Transfer budget before the window opens and get more money.

Onto the actual football.


We play in 4 different competitions this month. Mainly at home as well which is good. Given just where the Carabao sits I think I might be putting my reserves out. Decision made.

Stoke away is a tricky way to start the month.


I'm losing the will!

Lyon next. All the backup's are coming in. Except Nardini whose suspended for next league game.


Good win. They were already through so don't know what team they put out but a win is a win.


We have scored 1 less goal in the Champions League this season than the Premier League.


Woooooo money money money.

In the next round we can get one of the following...

Juventus, AC Milan, Bayern Levekusen, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid.

It's going to tough either way.

Man Utd at home next. They are 3 points ahead of us so avoiding defeat is important.


9 times out of 10 this is what the stat line looks like when I draw. I'm getting bored and fed up. We also had a goal disallowed. In the previous 4 draws we have either had a goal disallowed or hit the woodwork on more than one occasion.

Villa at home next in the cup. As many changes as possible.


Money well spent.


It was going to be tough no matter what. 

Worth noting ahead of our game against Villa we have drawn our last 3 games 0-0.




So that's us used our goals up for the next 3 games. 

Not taken this competition seriously at all and yet we are into the Semi-Final.

Liverpool at home next. They are 5 points clear of them, we need a win.


Its the best draw we could have got at this stage. Everton v Man City makes up the other Semi Final. We should beat them over 2 legs.


Huge. Absolutely massive! McCarthy has been the striker this season who has gotten close to showing any consistency. Also TAA scoring after 3 minutes was beautiful.

Brighton away will close the league for 2033. We need to win to keep up the pressure at the top. And keep the wolf that is Man City at bay.


No increase in transfer budget. If we are to get the striker of my dreams we are going to need to sell somebody. Torres is gaining interest. I'm tempted to sell him and bring back Gugu who is now in a position to take over as starter I think.


What do we think?


Good finish to the year although we still had 2 goals chalked off!

It means the table looks like this at the end of 2033...


Chelsea have looked good this season and deserve the lead they have. We still have a 0 in the losses column but we just have too many draws again. Although I'm seeing signs from McCarthy that at least one of our strikers is hitting a bit of form.

But that's not the end of the year yet. We have a New Years Eve FA Cup game. I like the FA Cup and I want to do well in it so I will be playing a full strength side against Newcastle.


Well it took a late goal to keep us in the cup. We fully deserved something. Happy not to have been beaten but not happy with another fixture. Can tell you now January is going to be a crazy busy month!

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I think with his stats Gugu is wasted out on loan somewhere else. Especially if it allows you to offload someone to bring in the striker you want

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1 hour ago, Mandy42 said:

I think with his stats Gugu is wasted out on loan somewhere else. Especially if it allows you to offload someone to bring in the striker you want

He's been called back don't worry about that.

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Premier League

January 2034

I said it was going to be a busy month...


I wasn't kidding. A lot of very tricky games this month. It could really be our undoing.

I will be rotating and using backups against Derby, we can't afford to have tiredness against Chelsea.

Brighton away awaits in the 4th Round of the Cup if we beat Newcastle. Another meh draw.


Oooooo unbeaten record for the club on the line against Derby.


Well its a win. It's a lead to take into the second leg. I'll take it. With it we also broke the club record for games unbeaten.

Chelsea away next, we need to avoid defeat otherwise we drop 8 points off the lead.


Its another draw but its a good draw. I think maybe we deserve to nick it but not going to say no a point in this season.

Newcastle away in the cup next. I want to win it but honestly at this point in the season it wouldn't be the end of the World if we didn't!


It took extra time which we really could have done without but its a win regardless. We are still fighting on 4 fronts but honeslty, injuries and fitness are really starting to take their toll.

West Ham at home next. One of our few home games. We need to make sure we take advantage of this.


Good win with the games coming thick and fast this month. I had to rotate but got the job done.

Arsenal away next. Big game. Not confident.


Argh! At 1-1 88th minute we had a penalty. TAA missed it. It's the first penalty I've seen him take and it will 100% be his last. What a massive opportunity wasted.

Couple of cup games now. I don't know if its worth keeping reserves in for both to be honest. We need to win both games in hand over Liverpool just for the right to be 4 points behind them.

We Got Him GIFs | Tenor


35m + 50% sell on clause. I have no intention of letting him go but at least at 35m its not going to take a big sale to get our money back at the very least. I am absolutely delighted to be signing one of the best players I've seen in this save. I'm going to split this month up because its a lengthy one.

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congrats on signing him, for a second I thought you poached the guy who scored against you from Chelsea. Maybe he's a brother! 

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6 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

congrats on signing him, for a second I thought you poached the guy who scored against you from Chelsea. Maybe he's a brother! 

Philip man! Every single game I get asked about him. 

"We will have to wait and see"

We all know how its going to pan out!

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Premier League

January 2034

January was getting lengthy so I decided to break it up.

First up is Brighton away in the cup. Filipp will 100% be starting. Please don't let me down!

Broken leg in 5...4...3...2...1...


We once again rescue a draw to stay in the cup. It just means another fixture! It won't be till February which is already looking crazy.

Derby in the Carabao next. We hold a 1-0 lead. I will be making changes ahead of a massive game against City.


Fingers crossed its worth it! 

The best thing about being able to bring him in is we didn't have to sell anybody. Although we are massively over wage budget.

So its Man City away in the Cup if we get through. They knocked me out last season and were the only domestic team to beat me in 90 minutes last season.

I've not been able to make as many changes as I would have wanted due to injuries and suspensions.


We are into the final. I chose to play Filipp because I wanted him to hit the ground running after a disappointing debut and he did just that!

We will be playing Man City in the final. We will be playing Man City in the league next to round up the month. 

I still have a feeling there's more to come in the transfer window.


Erm...wow. I wasn't expecting this. Was about to write up another draw which I was going to be happy about then not 1 not 2 but 3 late goals. Amazing. Filipp is already looking like a star. 5 goals in 3 games (well 2 really that that awful debut).

It's a huge result because it keeps us in touch(ish) with Liverpool but keeps us away from City.

So the only activity in the transfer window was Norwich taking Cargol on loan from us with a potential future fee. Would love it if they paid the 22.5m we are asking.

So here's the table at the end of January.


Liverpool have just looked impossible to stop. We need to win the 3 games in hand just for the privledge of being 4 points behind them. I think this title could be a little out of reach.

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15 minutes ago, andychar said:

Liverpool have just looked impossible to stop. We need to win the 3 games in hand just for the privledge of being 4 points behind them. I think this title could be a little out of reach.

you've got 3 points to take off them as well though? 

very glad Filipp scored, otherwise he would have been forever known as Mirko Flopp

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Premier League

February 2034

January was epic and February will be the same.


I imagine this will change should we beat Brighton and get through to the 5th Round of the Cup. Huge must win game at Anfield later in the month.

Our finances are going to look a little bleak after this season. I massively overspent to bring Filipp in. Money from Premier League should off set any losses but the sooner we move into our new Stadium the better.


Job done in the cup. As mentioned beofre we play City and its now back to back against City in 2 different competitions! The FA Cup will open March for us.

Back to League action now and its back to back home games. We need to keep winning to keep the pressure on the teams above us.

We have reached the expectations in all cups this season so as long as we finish Top 6 then we will be safe in our job at least. I shouldn't be worried but this new board is unpredictable!

We actually have a weeks rest after the Leicester game! I forgot what one of them was.


And with that we can kiss our title hopes goodbye. Awful game, awful performance. 

We need to finish in the top 4 otherwise we can kiss all our money goodbye. Its getting that simple.

Everton at home next. 100% must win. Just glad of the rest between games.


Good win. We were dominant and it took a free kick for them to even register a shot on target never mind a goal.

Juventus next. The aim is to get an away goal and keep the tie close.


I have a sneaky feeling it might be 48 and out.


Well its obvious the red card made the difference but the fact we scored 4 is amazing. I like to think this tie is over and we have a place in the Quarter Final.

Liverpool away next. If they could get a man sent off in the first half as well that would be great!


Massive win that keeps our title hopes alive! The red card helped again but we were already looking good before it. Massive win.

Another tricky game next as we travel to Leicester for our final league game of the month.


Poor start but we responded brilliantly to come back and win one of our games in hand.

Next game is the cup final. If that doesn't deserve it's own post I don't know what does!

League table looks like this...


Our game in hand is winnable. The title is still there. We are pushing on all 4 fronts, but for how long?

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10 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

There's every possibility you could go two seasons unbeaten and not win the league in either of them...

The unbeaten run is absolutely amazing but so completely pointless at the moment. 

I'm delighted and frustrated at the same time.

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Carabao Cup Final 2033/34

So here we are. Our first cup final of the season of a potential 3 (although that's being very ambitious).

It's actually Fulham's first ever Carabao Cup Final.


City are favourites, I'll go with that. It's going to be a close game that could go either way.


Every game in this save between the 2 teams has seen me in charge. Its not a horrible record against a very good team.


We are forced into a couple of changes with TAA still out with injury and Tapia suspended.

12th Minute - City have the first chance but its easily saved. Cagey start to this Cup Final.

19th minute - And there's the first save Fulham force upon the City keeper. Straightforward. 


Out of nothing City lead. Fuentenebro got a hand to it but not enough from keeping it hitting the back of the net. He will be disappointed in himself. 

35th minute - It should be 2! City come straight down and nearly score again. Fulham are in trouble.

42nd minute - Filipp has his first chance but a good block from the defender. Still 1-0. Even game.


Its been a good first half, some chances. More to come in the second. Can Fulham draw level?


Bonniiiinnnnnnnn! What a start to the second half for Fulham and we are level. Great strike from the edge of the box.

53rd minute - The side net bulges as City go close. It came from a Fulham freekick showing City can breakaway in deadly fashion.

55th minute - Koffi comes off for McCarthy, he's had a good season so far. Can he make himself a hero?

59th minute - The post is still shaking! Filipp probably should have scored with his ability. This final has livened up!

75th minute - What a save and somehow we are still level. City with the freekick floated in. It falls to the striker who just needs to get it on target but somehow its kept out.


Well we thought it was going to be close and really it couldn't have been more close. We get another 30 minutes of this.

Half Time in Extra Time and literally nothing happened, not a single highlight.

TAA has come on. He's still recovering from injury but 15 minutes won't hurt and he's a good penatly taker.

112th minte - Filipp hasn't had a great game. His first big occasion in England and he's been missing. Another shot easily blocked. Players are looking dead on their feet.

Do we have a hero or villian?

115th minute - Its in! Filipp has found the net! Wait...hang on...its been ruled out for offside. A huge VAR call here in the Cup Final. 5 minutes to go. 

117th minute - It seems to be Fulham who look more likely. TAA bursts forward and forces a save out the City keeper. TIme is running out before the dreaded Penalty Shootout.

120th minute - Ibenez has a chance here from the free kick. Straight at the wall. That was a very tired free kick.

122nd minute - Corner to Fulham. Last chance! Headed away but only as far as the edge of the box. The shot comes in...over! Just over.

Penalties it is.


4 out of the last 5 seasons Fulham have gone out of this competition on penalties. Now penalties are what stand between them and the Trophy.

Gugu steps up first....1-0! 

Rodrygo straight down the middle 1-1.

Filipp hasn't had the best game but that's a great penalty 2-1.

Moriba steps up and...its saved! Keeper guessed the right way and Fulham draw first blood!

TAA was bought on with penalties in mind can he fire Fulham further ahead?

He can! Cool, calm and collected. Fulham lead 3-1.

Owawa took his goal well in normal time and makes no mistake in the shootout. 3-2.

McCarthy steps up....scores! 4-2 Fulham. Manchester City are in score or lose territory now.

Suarez steps up, all the pressure on his shoulders...great penalty. Right in the corner. Keeper went right way but had no chance. 4-3.

Fulham's 5th penalty taker is Torres. The CM whose had a good season so far when he's been given a chance. Can he do it?




Fulham just about edged it but what a fantastic cup final.




Well its a bare minimum.


I mean it don't get better than that!

Next up we do it all again against City in the FA Cup.

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2 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

congratulations on your 1st Silverware! 

What so my FA Cup and UEFA Conference League win's don't count! Pfffft!

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1 hour ago, andychar said:

What so my FA Cup and UEFA Conference League win's don't count! Pfffft!

of the season :P

but fine...

congratulations on your 1st silverware WON BY PENALTIES

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Premier League

March 2034


So big games. A chance in the league with the games we have to really put the pressure on Liverpool. I'm even tempted to rest players against Juventus.

Frist up an immediate rematch. I think we made City mad and I think we will be looking at our first defeat of the season in all competitions. Not bad for March!

At this point I'm really tempted to rest players for the FA Cup and focus on the League.

We are losing 8m a month :ackter:. Luckily as it stands I'm happy with the squad for another season so I don't want to be spending anything next season.

I have made changes but after ET they have been rather forced. I'm happy we have reached our target for the FA Cup but at this stage I think we need to give it up.


Back to back Extra Time and Penalties. This one exactly the same score just a little bit reversed. Proud of the lads for taking it to penalties but I don't like the new rule. As silly as it sounds I'd have prefered a replay.

Nice to get back to league action next as we host Brighton. My squad is shattered.


To have the crazy unbeaten run we had you need luck. It all ran out here. Stupid tackle deserving of a sending off. We were absolutely dominant before hand and should have been winning. Their goal I'm looking at the keeper and wondering how he got beat at the near post like he did. 

I think with this loss the title has gone this season. Once again too many draws. 


How about **** off. 72 games unbeaten in the Premier League but I face an inquest because my ****head striker decides to get himself sent off. **** off.

Juventus next. We bring a 4-0 lead home with us. Surely that's enough to see us into the Quarter Final!

Also worth pointing out that Brighton were rock bottom and on terrible form so this shouldn't have come as a shock in the slightest.



Good loss! We had it in the bag it was just important to keep it tight. We were actually the better team but couldn't grab a goal. Not that I'm bothered. Into the Quarter Final we go.

Stoke at home next in the league. The title might have gone but we still have a battle to finish Top 4 and bag Champions League football for the third year in a row.


Imagine doing the impossible to coming back from 4-0 down to lose on penatlies.




Good win. Koffi is finding his feet towards end of season. Only striker I've not been impressed with is Adjas. He's been down the pecking order recently.

Bournemouth at home next which is one of my games in hand. At least it would mean the gap is down to 9 instead of it being 12. It just looks better to have the points rather than the games!


Another good win keeps the pressure a bit on Liverpool. Also means if we win our other game in hand we open up a bit of a lead ahead of 5th.

Newcastle away next. Won't be an easy game in the slightest.

Youth Intake time...


It's really not impressive.


Not really happy with the draw. It will be the 6th time we play them this season by the finish of the tie.

So I would like to point out we have no money. But somebody was scouted and came back looking good. I asked the board for funds to buy him and amazing for one of the first times ever they said yes.


This guy will be coming in the summer. He cost us 5.25m He will be on less than 10k a week. He is an absolute monster bargain. It means we will be shipping 2 strikers in the Summer. Cargol will 100% be one. I'm not sure on the other but all I know is I have 2 World Class Strikers now for 40m and I reckon I can get rid of one of my Strikers for more than that.


Well that's that. Not good enough in the slightest. Title 100% gone. We need to concentrate on getting Champions League next season.

International Break before our game against Man United. I'm so deflated. Not just the result but the manner of it. We were completely in control before a stupid O.G then the second was just a rocket.

Liverpool are going to need to lose 3 out of the final 8 with us winning them all. Can't see it personally!


This old Merry-Go-Round again.

We welcome Filipp back from suspension...


Massive win! We were lucky no question. 

It leaves the table looking like this heading into a massive April.


The title has gone. Liverpool have ran away with it. I'm liking the gap between us and City though. We have a buffer for that Top 4 place. We play them next month in the Champions League. Biggest games in Fulham's history I'd say.


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get practising penalties in training before the Champions League!

still a great season, just keep pushing and it will come.

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Premier League

April 2034

We have a chance at keeping our stronghold on the Champions League places this month.


But at the same time I want to give the Champions League everything we have!

Not been in this position for a while so here it is...


I can't believe my luck...all I have to do is press accept...


Ah classic. I fell for this the first time I saw it. I mean I was Mansfield Town at the time I don't know what I was expecting!


Koffi wins player of the month. Fantastic month for him. If he showed this consistency all season I wouldn't need to think about selling him in the Summer!

Villa at home next. The previous 4 games against them have seen us score 7 goals...they were all in the 7-1 win earlier in the Carabao Cup.


Yeah ok. Next will come the 24 hour embargo. This isn't my first time!

So the hopes of Liverpool losing this week sees them take on Brighton, who are rock bottom. I think I need to stop kidding myself in hoping Liverpool will slip up.


Good performance and steady win. We keep winning Top 4 is ours its as simple as that.

Man City at home next. Its important we keep a clean sheet here. I have a sneaky feeling it could all come down to away goals.


Opportunity missed here. Following the red card we battered them but just couldn't find a way past the keeper again. We are going to need to score in Manchester at the very least.

Filipp also broke his wrist but hopefully he can play through injury.


Absolute same s*** constantly.

It's like the team don't want to finish top 4.

City away next. Huge game and I'm not filled with confidence in the slightest.


Make them do something eh.


Don't want Top 4 but want that Champions League! Amazing stuff.


Money money money!


Big boy stuff now.


I swear to God the only way we are going to be in the Champions League next season is by winning it because we are bottling this league at a rate of knots.

Southampton at home next. I need a win. I can't be relying on winning the trophy to get a Champions League place and honestly. Anything else will hurt us financially. I'm turning into Leeds. Spending money we don't have yet!


Big big win in the race for Top 4.

Barcelona away next. I think we need a goal or 2. As long as we are still in the tie heading back to the Cottage I'll be happy.


I think this is wrong. I think we are apart of the best now. Its top 7 and then the rest.

Not going to lie ahead of this Barca game...I'm nervous!


We weren't good. We hung on for dear life. I wanted an away goal to take home but at the very least we are still in the tie. We are going to need to beat them I think.

One more game this month and its away to Wolves. We can bag Champions League next season here if result go our way.


This has come around quickly. 700 didn't feel too long ago.

Heavily rotated squad here ahead of the second leg against Barca. Not expecting a win.


Sometimes words do speak louder than pictures. Absolutely pathetic at the moment going forward. Just constantly a problem.


I have no words to describe this.

So with 2 games left in the league and hopefully 2 in the Champions League the table looks like this...


We could really do with City losing that game in hand to take the pressure of, but I don't see it myself. Its going to be a nervy end of season.

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Champions League Semi Final Second Leg 2033/34

So here it is. The biggest game in Fulham history. We come here 0-0 after the first leg. It basically means we are probably going to need to win in order to get to the Final.

We aren't favourites in the slightest. Lets get this done!

6th minute - Barca come forward first but the shot is blazed miles over.

17th minute - A simple ball over the top beats all 3 Fulham defenders but the striker cannot take advantage. Barca looking more likely right now.


Gugu! The biggest goal of his young life. The ball is bouncing around the middle back and forth before Bonnin takes control threads a lovely through ball and Gugu takes the chance. Huge goal. 

A goal for Barca would still be enough on away goals. We are in for a nervy last 50 minutes in this game.


Worst start to second half. The Fulham manager is left scratching his head as to why the ref didn't blow the whistle as he locked a mile offside. VAR doesn't say so. 1-1. Barca through on away goals.

Not a lot has happened since that goal. Neither side look like they want to attack. Barcelona are happy to sit back to let Fulham come at them while Fulham are happy to not concede. A second Barca goal would be all she wrote.


The Cottage erupts! Torres off the bench to make a difference and he does just that. He jumped highest from the corner and nodded home. Can Fulham hold on? 19 minutes to go!

72nd minute - That was the chance! Fulham should be 3-1 up Adjas who has been very poor all season fluffs his lines and misses the biggest one on one of his career.

89th minute - Corner for Barcelona....headed away but only as far as the edge of the box...shot comes in...over! Fulham breath a sigh of relief as we find out there will be 4 minutes added on.




Absolutely typical of this team to not actually lose but still go out.

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Premier League

May 2034

Lets just get Top 4 wrapped up for the love of God.


Hopefully its in the bag before the Spurs game.

FYI it would have been Chelsea in the Champions League Final. How huge would that have been?


Thank you for wasting my time.


Don't forget to tune into Match of the Day.

So we go into our home against Derby knowing a win will secure us Champions League football next season and with our Semi Final run I'm hoping we will be at least a 3rd Seed next season.


Good win. Decent enough performance.


I don't think I'll be going into my 61m too much. Maybe a new CB or maybe even preparing for TAA getting old.

I'm going to Instant Result the final game as apart from finishing 2nd there's nothing left to play for.


Not a kind Instant Result but couldn't give a toss.

"Goalless *fill in the blank* worries Fulham." Not for long because some players have had their final chance. I think Adjas is one of them.


Can't help but feel we missed out on our big chance to win the league last season. Top 4 finish is massively important though.


Nice bit of wedge to finish the season.

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Off-Season 2033-34

Disappointing end to the season really. Liverpool were too good for everybody and we just continued to struggle for goals. We will have 2 absolute beats up front next season. This will be the test. If we can't do it next season then I'm going to have to completely overhaul the team and tactics.


Great signing and just goes to show Lucio wasn't the star he thought he was!

He was also the only player of ours to appear in the Team of the Year.


Good to see 65m pound man is signing of the season and was a fan favourite. a9cbe1e1b479839e18af4bb5818954ff.png

Once again we were there or there abouts all season. We struggled with the sheer number of games towards the end of the season.


I like the bottom one. We need more money coming into the club if we are to really push onto the next level. There is only so much I'm going to be able to do right now.

South Korea will be the venue for our traning camp next season.


The next step begins.


Exactly what I bought him in for. I think he could break this next season with better strikers all season.




Everything up which is great. Except Broadcast...we obviously aren't an exciting team.


Everybody run!


Any more money is lovely. 

Chelsea beat Barcelona 3-0.


On away goals in the last pigging minute!


Gotta feel for Newcastle who are the only team in the Top 8 who didn't get anything. Spurs won the Conference League, Arsenal won the Europa League and Chelsea won the Champions League.

The Transfer Window is noooooooooooow open.

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Pre-Season 2034-35


We are certainly heading in the right direction. 3 solid years of European Football. Soon to hopefully be 4. We are going to start being seeded well.

We have 8 players playing at the World Cup. Quite happy with that amount. Hopefully one of them can come away with a medal. Still not tempted into International Management. I think if I did it would have to be the end of the Fulham management.

It's going to be interesting to see who's contract runs out at the end of the next season. 

I've reach the point now where the squad is where I want it to be really and I can afford to blow all my budget on one person...


This is the guy I want. He's a little out my budget at the moment. He has a minimum release of 69m which I think I'm going to have to hit. Watch this space.


Our rep goes Worldwide. Hopefully this will help the income.

The board wanted to ask me if it was a good idea to increase the wages for the Loan Manager position (we don't have a loan anymore). I didn't agree...


So here is my new contract.


Wasn't expecting this. Last season at Craven Cottage this season. Can we beat it again?


Full pre-season. Can we make it 3 in a row in the London Cup? First team to ever do it. 


Believe it when I see it.


This guy set us back 69m (his release clause) and a wedge of budget but it should mean the WBR, which has been a trouble position forever, should be sorted for a decade. I'm happy with it, although it leaves us massively over wage budget. 300k over budget.


I have a feeling this isn't the last time this will be beat.


Well the London Cup was a shocker! At least we didn't finish bottom!

One final signing for us. I got the money for him by having a fire sale.


Vargas was way down the pecking order it made sense to cash in on him while his stock was still a bit high. Cargol I wanted to get rid in Janaury but he went out on loan. Happy to see him go. Cole is our back up GK and I've gambled in not replacing him. His contract was running out so made sense to cash in. McCarthy is the only player I'm sad to see go. He was 5th choice striker and would hardly get a game. Sold for less than I wanted really. I had no intention of selling Almeida but when a Chinese club wants to give you 40m for a 31 year old you don't say no! Livramento was 3rd choice WBR so wasn't going to see much action. Anything was better than nothing.

All that meant we could bring this guy in...


58m from City. He was on the transfer window by choice. Don't know why. I was delighted to snatch him up. He will add strength to an already formidable defence.

Just the 3 new signings this Summer but they all strengthen the side so that's all I could ask for.

I'm ready now for the season to start! So how did we actually do in the Pre-Season games?


Good to get all the business in while we could. I have a feeling this is going to dominant the season.


Some good results. Some good performances. We were the better team against Madrid. I am optimistic about this season.


Swanseas make up 20th with 1000-1. I think 6-1 is the lowest we have been. It shows just how tight the top 6 and maybe top 7 could be. There always seems to be a surprising team up there. Board want Europa League Qualification...I want the title.

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Squad 2034-35


I panic bought a Keeper for 350k. He is one for the future and English but I have no intention of progressing him. I just figure he would be an emergency back up if needed. It was probably the wrong thing to in hindsight but its not going to be an expensive mistake. Maybe I will look at a 5 star keeper next season but I'm very happy with my Golden Glove number 1 at the moment.


At 10.75m last Summer he was a bargain. Golden Glove last season keeping 21 clean sheets in 38 games. Another season like that and we should be there or thereabouts in the League again.


Ben Smith was a panic buy. His wages are a litte high but its only a 2 year contract. Hoping and praying he doesn't see any action this season.


You've seen the new signing from City. 


Angulo will be a starter when fit. 33 apperences last season with an average of 6.97. Very consistent.


Tapia is the other starter when possible. 6.75m 3 and a half year ago he has been worth the money. Played every game 2 seasons in a row. 6.95 ave last season.


Aineto drops to the bench and I think he will be sold next season to make way for another defender. 6.90 average over 29 games last season. He's just on the wrong side of 30 this season and I don't think it will make sense keeping him. He's only 1 of 2 players 30 or over. 


Yousefi was given a new contract but hoenstly I think at this point its for emergency back up in CB and WBR. He was set for big things then got that huge injury and just hasn't recovered. Its a real shame because he's still only 23. 6.80 ave over 23 apps last season. I don't know what to do with him to be honest.

Wing Backs

You have seen Fulham's new most expensive player.


TAA retired from International Football in the Summer winning the World Cup with England (I know right). He will drop to the bench but can see him being brought on a lot. 11 assists in 36 games last season with an ave of 6.92. He will be somebody to make an impact off the bench.


Nardini looked like he was going to be a 65m flop but really came into his own. 5 goals in the league, 32 apps and an ave of 6.95. I was happy with him and hope for more this season.


Sarnowski still there as the back up WBL. He only made 11 apps last season and really he will be used sparingly this season.

Defensive Mid


Same as last season he is the only DM which plenty who can fill in if needed. 31 apps 0 goals 4 assists and an ave of 7.16. Not as good as season before but still a very important cog.


No new midfielders this season. None needed really.


Gugu's stock continues to rise. He went out on loan first part of the season but was recalled and straight into the team. 13 apps in the league, 2 goals 6 assists and an ave of 7.07. He is set for a massive season.


Partnering him is either Ibanez or Torres. I want to keep both happy. 36 apps 6 goals 6 assists 6 POM and an ave of 7.16. He had a good season last season.


I tried to cash in on Torres last January. He wasn't happy and his contract runs out next season so we will have to see how this season pans out as to whether his long term future is with us. 26 apps 2 goals and an ave of 6.87. He can be better.


Cariou just never reached his full potential and is now used as 4th choice CM. I don't want to get rid because he's still a capable player. 18 apps last season with nothing and an ave of 6.67. He can be better. I can't believe he's only 23. He's entering his 6th season with us. 



I'm expectating, no demanding big things from this guy. In 9 games last season (he came in January and then broke his wrist) he scored 6 times assisted 3 and had an ave of 7.40. A full season behind him he really could hit 25 goals. He could be the difference between those title costing draws and winning the league.


This guy is new but I wanted to show again. His transfer was arranged during last season. I asked the board for funds to sign him. He cost me 5.5m. Yes only 5.5m His stats are amazing for that price and with him up there with Filipp this could be a massive season for us, or a great disappointment.


Koffi drops to the bench but has been our top scorer the past 2 seasons. 36 games in league 12 goals, 4 assists and ave of 6.97. He was decent just not showing that consistency.


Lastily its Rachid. I refuse to give up on this guy. I got him for free and he's worth 61m! He can still improve and if he does he could be a monster! 30 apps mainly off the bench last season with only 4 goals ave of 6.74. If he doesn't do anything this season it might be worth cashing in on his massive price tag and moving on. 

This is the team I'm hoping can win us the title. 


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Premier League

August 2034/35

I'm ready!

Last season we broke the winless opening day record. We are away once again to start the season.


On paper this is a chance to start the season strong. We need to take advantage! We have 19 games left at the Cottage, we need to make them all count.


I thought this was going to be the usual Fulham way. Dominate but not win. Thankfully we tucked away a penalty and grabbed a 3rd, we put this team away. It took us longer than I would have wanted but we did it and this makes me happy.

Adjas and Koffi both came on and both made the difference. Biggest let down was Filipp but I'll let him off. Bonnin didn't score at all last season but it took him 19 minutes of the new season.

We open our home account with a London Derby. Always tricky and hard to predict.


Excellent news. I'm really hoping all this money put in the Youth Set Up will start to pay dividens.


Nice milestone. I've now been at Fulham longer than I was Hampton and Richmond Borough. As a Chelsea fan IRL its really hard for me to be developing a soft spot for Fulham! Not that I ever really hated them to begin with.


Well what a first half that was! We took our foot off the gas in the second half which can be understood. Great to see the starting strikers open their accounts after a poor first game. 

Normally after a game like that we follow it up with a 0-0 draw or a loss. Southampton at home next. If we win we will have our best start in the Premier League under me. In fact we have already done that with 6 from 6!


Another huge first half. We are free scoring at the moment and I love it!


Not very often we finish the month top. I would love to know how long it took us to score 11 goals last season. Long may this form continue! 

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Premier League

September 2034


All these players becoming British Citizen's will only help in the long run. 

We start with the draw for the Champions League. I don't think we can have the same draw for the 3rd year in a row mainly because we won't be 4th seeds this year.


Woooo that will cover the losses for about 2 months.

Before the Champions League we had to sit through the Carabao Cup


Well its a baddraw really. We will 100% be rotating although my rotations are bad!

Back to the big draw!


3rd seeds. There are 3 English 1st Seeds which will make things harder for us.


Ouch now that's a tough draw. Looking around its the hardest Group in the competition. Well if we are going to repeat last season we are going to have to do it the hard way. Worth noting we had Benfica in the Conference League draw so we have history. Nothing against the other two however.

So what does this month actually look like?


Its a pretty hard month! Lots of away games!

We start the month with the first real challenge of the season. Arsenal away will be a good test to see where we actually are.


Clean sweep in Player of the Month.

Gugu also picked up young player of the month.


No complaints with who Liverpool beat last month.

My laptop needs updating so will restart so I will continue this month next post.

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Premier League

September 2034


Our first real test and we passed with flying colours! It was an even game, we rode our luck a few times but came away with a huge early season win.

International Break now then its our only Home game of the month against Derby. Great chance to make it 5 from 5.


Well there it is the crash back down to reality. For once it wasn't the attacking that let us down they had 5 shots and scored 3 of them. One of them an absolutely shocking mistake from our new 4 star signing. Oh and we also had 2 goals disallowed. When it isn't your day it really isn't your day.

Inter Milan away to get this horrible result out of our system.


We deserved to win. I really hope we haven't got back into our old routine this early after such a good start. We need to be better at killing teams! Oh and we also had another goal disallowed. That's 3 in 2 games.

United away next. I'll be glad to get this month out the way truth be told.


Another draw but this time I'm more than happy! Great comeback.

Carabao next and I will be rotating as much as possible.


Well. We were 2-0 up at half time then 3-2 down. Luckily we managed to take it to penalties. Adjas had a chance to win it before sudden death. Thankfully we got it in the end. Don't care but its nice not to lose.

Newcastle away next. I want to go home!


Chuffing twisted ankle. We seem to have a lot of early season injuries.


Another away trip to a Premier League team. Another rotation game.


Good result if not a good performance. Newcastle were the better team. We snatched this one. 


4 teams unbeaten. Yes 4, keep going down, there they are. I can't complain about draws after Spurs this season! I'm happy with the start. Its weird seeing 22 goals next to our name!

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Premier League

October 2034


Gugu has been a beast so far this season. 5 goals in 9 games in all Comps and 2 assists.


Lots of home games this month! Thank God.


2 more points dropped and the first 0-0 draw.

Everton away next. Our only away game this month.


Absolutely not good enough. That last 10 minutes we did absolutely everything in our power to concede. Mistake after mistake after mistake. The defence hasn't been the same this year, not even close and its bumming me out.

I've never needed an International Break more than I need it now. Gives players a chance to return from injury. Its been bad so far.

Second game of the season against Leicester. Hoping for a win in normal time as there is no extra time!


We went down early but what a performance afterwards. Filipp is really coming into his own and is making a massive difference.

Benfica at home next. We have faced something we haven't before in the Champions League. A must win really.


Boom! Now that's what I call a win! 5 goals from the front 2 as well pleases me.

It means at the half way stage the group looks like this...


Very tight. We could take control with the next group game depending on the result in the other.

One more game this month and we take on draw specalists Spurs. Everything points to this game being a draw with our reputation.


Great result and its the first loss of the league season for Spurs.


We are still behind Liverpool after 10 games but they are in touching distance. Happy with how the season has gone so far.

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58 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

That's much closer than last season, and 3 draws isn't the end of the world! 

Exactly. Feeling much better this season than any other. Probably because strikers are actually scoring! 

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Premier League

November 2034

We were in the title hunt until about February last season. This feels different though with the amount of goals we are scoring.


Smaller month than normal. A rotated squad will play in the Carabao Cup. We also have a chance to qualify from the Group in the Champions League depending on results.


I knew he would have a good full season. He's currently 2nd in the Top Goalscorer list.


Gugu picks up his 3rd straight Young Player of the Month. He is an absolute beast. He currently sits 3rd in the Top Goalscorer list.

We finished 2nd in Manager of the Month.


The reserves do the job and into the Quarter Final we go. We seem to be sleepwalking our way through this competition and its worked the past few seasons.


Home draw this time. There will still be as many changes as possible.

Stoke at home next. Can we keep the pressure on Liverpool?


Absolutely beyond pathetic. Liverpool lost earlier in the day so its a massive opportunity wasted. Absolutely typical.

Benfica away next. We better bounce back from that showing. No reason to think we shouldn't win.


Good win given the circumstances of the straight red. No complaints. It means a draw at home to Inter is enough to go through.

Big game in the League next as we host Chelsea at the cottage for the last time (maybe). Big International Break first though. 18 days between games!


We left it late but boy did we deserve this! Huge win!


I thought we were the best defensively until I saw Arsenal. Then I just felt sorry for their fans. They have seen 17 goals in 12 games. That's just sad. Back to back losses for Liverpool means we go into December top of the league! Can't remember the last time we finished a month top so I'm very happy. Long way to go yet though.

That isn't the end of the month though! We have Inter at home with a chance to bag qualification to the knockout stages. I don't want to have to go to Germany and need to get anything to get through.


Poor showing from the strikers. We were terrible in the first half and were lucky to be 0-0. Second half we were better but didn't really challenge the keeper. Its enough to send us through and that's the main thing.


We go to Germany knowing any draw is enough thanks to the 0-0 at the Cottage. Not been the most exciting but if we can finish top of the Group it will help us in the next round.

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Premier League

December 3034

We start the month top! Which is good because...


It's going to be a very tricky month!

We start with a big game against City. They have been disappointing so far this season but a win against us will really get them back into the title race. I'd be happy with a point!


A draw would have been a fair so this hurts. It hurts a lot.

Coupled with a Liverpool win our lead at the top lasted a week.

Bayern away next. We really could do with finishing top. Any point is good enough.


Championship side away in the cup. Could have been worse. I might have a chance to rotate a few players if not all of them.


Top bagged. Where would we be without Filipp!?


Pretty straight forward in the end!

We await the draw where we could get...

FC Augsburg, Slavia Prague, Juventus, Atletico Madrid or CSKA Moscow. We have a better chance of getting an "easier" team but we all know its going to be Juventus.


Here we go again!

Wolves away next. Tricky game and Liverpool play before us and should win comfortably.


Pressure was on with the early result but a good win.

Its the start of 3 games in 6 days. Players are going to be shattered by Christmas.

Huddersfield away next. My 2nd team beat them in the cup. Lets see what the first team can do.


That's a lot of negatives. Really glad I've pumped all this money into the Youth Set Up.


Good enough win for me. Town didn't register a single shot all game. We were fully in control.

Swansea away next. Be glad to be back at home after this game.


Suppose given the awful sending off I should be happy with a point. Absolute knob getting sent off.

Carabao Cup now and I'm just glad to be able to rotate.


****. Off.


We haven't taken this competition seriously at all and we are into another Semi Final.


Spurs is probably the easier draw we could have had so can't complain. Liverpool and Man Utd make up the other Semi Final.

Liverpool at home next. Can't really call it a must win at this stage. More of a must not lose.


Boom! We were second best in the first half and yet were 2-0 up. Even game where we took our chances. Very very happy and a huge win.

We finish 2034 with a Boxing Day game against Watford.


Aggresive doesn't even come close to how I want to deliver my team talk. I want to take a knife into the room and start randomly throwing it. Waste of time beat Liverpool if its going to be follow by this piece of crap performance. 

Merry f******* Christmas.


Seems whenever we are given a Golden Opportunity we throw it away. We are looking ok at the moment but it could be so much better. We really should be finishing 2034 top of the league. Its a 5 horse race and I can't really call it.

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9 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Still doing very well Andy. Might this season be your year?

I’m feeling better about this season than any other but that Watford result really knocked me for 6. 

Squad is thin so I’m going to have to prioritise league over cups this season. 

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Premier League

January 2035

Ok. I've just about calmed down. Should be thankful Chelsea didn't punish us by winning.


I honestly couldn't give a flying about the Carabao Cup and I will still be rotating as much as humanly possible for those games. I think I will for Luton as well so its a good chance of prolonged rest for most of the first team after the Sheff United game. A rest they are in need of.


Good solid win. Keeps the pressure on the teams above us.

2 cup games in a row. Take the pressure off a little, don't massively care about them this season.

Luton away. If we go to a replay then so be it. Reserves will get to play another game!


Gonna be a bit of a loss but comes at the best time I suppose. He wouldn't have played the next 2 games anyway.


I don't think its going to happen this time.


Good win despite the early set back. We were in control throughout really. Onto the next round we go.

Spurs away in the first leg of the Semi. Reserves will stay.


Good job so far.


Rematch against the London Cup winners! Another Championship side away from home. Could have been better could have been worse. I'll be sticking to the reserves.


Cariou you absolute weapon


What do you mean nobody takes the Carabao Cup seriously?


Well its a good comeback. We controlled the game throughout and shouldn't have found ourselves 2-0 down. We came back and got a big point. I'm happy?

Spurs away next, in the league this time. Our performances haven't been fantastic recently.


Another draw and we are losing ground at the top now. The great start has just disappeared and we can't seem to get anything going at the moment.

Everton at home. Normally I'd say we should be winning but really I don't know.


Good to bounce back with a good win. Nice to see Filipp back in the goals. 

Palace in the cup next. Another chance for the reserves to come and play.

I changed the expectations to Qualify for Champions League to get a bigger wage budget. It didn't help in the slightest. We have 17m and that's it. We are losing money fast. Its going to be interesting how much we lose when we move into the new stadium.


Good win although I think 3-0 flattered us a little. Not complaining. We sleepwalk into the 5th round.

3rd time lucky against Spurs next after 2 0-0 games this month already?


Well at least we are home. No replays from this round either. We are going to have to make a decision to go for it or not. We will see what happens between now and then. Board expectation is 6th Round.


I haven't taken this seriously for 2 seasons and we have reached the final both years. Would be nice to win it again and might as well take final seriously now I'm there.


One bit of transfer news. We will be welcoming Thierry to the club in the Summer on a free. I'm thinking its time to let one of the strikers go and I'm thinking it's going to be Koffi. He's the only one whose been making noises about not playing and when he has he's been terrible. We should be able to get 50m for him in the Summer....maybe.

Last season we faced Man City back to back in the Carabao Cup Final and the FA Cup 5th Round...


This season its exactly the same but with the other Manchester side. 

So after what feels like a really long month the table looks like this...


It is all over the shot. All we need to know is win the game in hand and 2 teams are in touching distance. That and Man Utd in 5th will be at arms length. Title challenge is still there. We are still fighting on all 4 fronts. Question is for how long?

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Premier League

February 2035


This to me is a make or break month. Some very tricky away games. If we come out of this month still in touching distance at the top I'll start to believe. This is where the title challenge rerailed a little last season. 

Still salty about getting Juventus when you look at some of the teams I could have got but we will make the best of it and hope they get a man sent off again.

We start the month with what I'm seeing as our most winnable game this month. First teamers have had a bit of a rest thanks to the cup games so there can be no excuses.


We now have the 8th highest wages in the leaguem still miles off the top 5 however.


At this point it should just be renamed the Gugu Young Player of the Month Award. He's won 4/6 this season.

Don't normally show these so lets give them a look now...


We are absolutely nose diving in terms of finances. I'm hoping an extra 10k each home game is going to help but really our wage budget is crazy. We need more commercial help otherwise this trend could continue. I'm not overly worried as we have Champions League money still to come and then money for our position in the Premier League but its still a worrying trend.


We have been hovering around this since the new board took over. The question I'm asking is when the board are going to be demanding titles which I'm not sure I can deliver.


Everything good here. Only player unhappy is Cariou who wants to play more but then gets sent off when I start him!


Great start to the month but it will just get harder from here. We took a while to breakthrough and I reckon last season this would have been 0-0. Very happy.

Leicester away next. Very tricky game.


Another good British player now!


On International Duty. That's his career gone. He will be sold as soon as possible. Such a shame as before his previous serious injury he was a starter for us on the way to being a great defender. 

It means we will 100% be going into the market for a CB in the Summer.


Away from home against the most in form team in the league this isn't a bad result. It was an even game so no complaints at all.

Sheffield United away next. We have 4 away games in a row, and this will be number 2.


Oh you have got to be kidding me. I think with that horrible tackle there go our title hopes.


We won but I feel so deflated right now. I just can't see where most of our goals are going to come from.


Just in case you think I'm overreacting we finally had a goalscorer in the side.

Koffi wants game time but he just hasn't been performing at all so my starters will be Adjas and Gardoqui.

West Ham away next and honeslty I have no hope of expectation. 2 suspensions and 2 broken legs are really showing how thin on the ground this side is at the best of times!


Well would you look at that. First game after losing star striker. 0-0. Watch this season completely go down the pan.

Juventus away in the Champions League next and honestly our chances are laughable.


Well that's a brilliant result and we more than deserved the late late winner. I would have been happy enough with 1-1 but the later winner was icing. We aren't through at all but its a step in the right direction.

Watford away. I really want revenge for the home defeat but honestly I'm fearing the worse. We haven't beat Watford in the previous 4 meetings. This is how much I'm not looking forward to this!


Given the circumstances this is my best result of the season so far. We weren't the better team but we took the chances we were given. Fantastic result. 

You know sometimes you can make somebody angry...


Don't score early against Philp...he really doesn' like it. Bad result for us because not only does it put Chelsea ahead of us it erases our GD advantage.

One more game and we escape the month! Swansea at home. How I've missed home! I'm expecting a win here so incoming 1-0 loss. We are playing this mid-week. I imagine because the weekend is the Carabao Cup Final. It means a win here and technically...technically we will finish the month top.


Good win! Good performance. 

So at the end of the month the league table looks like this...


We are top! I mean I know that games in hand are all over the place and we could very easily see ourselves 3rd but I always prefer the points than the games in hand. The title challenge is still there at the end of February. One game at a time. 

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