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33 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

great cup results to keep you hyped! though it just goes to show how much of a hero your keeper was in your previous 2 seasons

I think you're right. Things started falling apart when he got injuried. Just can't believe the luck we have had this season though. It's been painful!

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Premier League 

April 2036

The league is getting in the way of the Cup Competitions at the moment.


See we are all British at Fulham!

So in the Semi's of the FA Cup. Its Us, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea. Not banking on an easy draw! It also means Top 7 will be enough for Europe.


Bring it on. It means the month looks like this...


Obviously the Premier League games will be sacrified for the Cups.


Only really 3 that are semi decent. 

Away to Leicester starts the month. Would be tricky at the best of times.


I mean why break the habit of a season. What an absolute joke this has been. All damn season.

That makes my mind up. The league games are going to Instant Resulted. I'm not wasting my time to be bent over at every given opportunity. I've stopped going to press conferences as well. Why bother?


Good to see its not just me. It happens during Instant Result as well. We need to worry about the teams below us. They are closing in. Top 7 isn't even a guarentee anymore.

Madrid now. Judging by the form we are going to absolutely dominate yet get beat 3-0.


Good result but it really could have been more! Either way a goal in Madrid would put us really in charge. Got to be happy with the win. We just seem to be a different beast in the cups.

West Ham away next. Reserves come out to play as our poor league form will probably continue.


Eases the pressure of the advancing teams behind us. Nice to win.

Madrid second leg time. We need to be at our defensive best. If we score first it could be enough.


How the World has changed. Well done Arsenal you did it!


We were heading to Extra Time until Nardini back from his leg break smashed us into the Semi Final for the 3rd year in a row!

It came at a price though. 


Because the game doesn't want me to have fun this season, also I'm cursed never to see a Striker hit 30 goals in a season for me. He bows out (his season is probably over) on 24 this season.


Our destiny in both Cups rests on us getting past Liverpool. 

The first of which is next. The FA Cup Semi Final. I would love another FA Cup, given our league form.

Its a deplated side thanks to injury and fitness levels. I don't fancy our chances much.


Well. When we went 1-0 down I thought "here we go" but that was amazing. It was a very even game. For once we took our chances with devastating effect. Absolutely delighted. We have a cup final to look forward to! Some light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Hopefully we can have more of the same in the Champions League!

We have 3 games left this month, 2 in the league which I'm going to blast through and then the Champions League Semi Final First Leg...which I think will be getting its own post. I haven't got much to milk this season.


Could have been Chelsea but it won't be. We will take on Man Utd. I think we can do it. They are struggling to break the Top 4 like us. Like us though they still have a chance.

They take on Bayern in the Europa League Semi Final. And Stoke...well...they play Montpeillier in the Semi of the Conference League.

Arsenal in the league.


Good win on Instant Result but don't like the look of that injury...


He's been asked to play through the injury. I can't afford to lose anybody at this stage.

Chelsea away next. Its a shame but I'm going to use Instant Result still.


I wish! I asked him to reconsider retirement but he had his mind made up. I'll need a replacement in the Summer.


I mean I'd have like to have beaten them or got a point once they went down to 10 men but I'm not bothered at all really.

League table looks like this...


Its certainly been a season to forget in the league. I've been waiting all season for it to kick start but it's just not got going.

Next up the First Leg of the Champions League against Liverpool.

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everyone repeat after me, you know the words in 1... 2.... 3:






Great result in the cup! hope you haven't spent all your goals for the Champions League!


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Champions League Semi Final

First Leg

We have been at home first in all knockout rounds and its helped us so far so lets have more of the same please! Liverpool will still have one eye on the league title while we have nothing except this and the Cup Final at the end of the season.

We have played them 3 times already this season. 


We haven't actually lost against Liverpool since the Community shield in 2032. It's going to be tight. Much like last season's Quarter Final. I'm going to be bold and say if we win the first leg we go into the Final. Our previous 2 Semi Final appearances were both against Barcelona where we lost 2-2 thanks to an away goal conceded in the last minute and 2-1 again really thanks to a last minute goal. 

This is our only way of playing in the Champions League next season, otherwise its Europa League. 

Lets do this!

8th minute - It should be 1-0 Fulham. The first real chance and its fluffed.

27th minute - Not a lot has happened but another massive chance falls to Fulham. Gugu with an excellent counter attack, crossed the ball to Gardoqui who once again fluffs his lines. Not the stage to be missing chances.

33rd minute - All the big chances are falling to the home team but once again they don't take advantage. This time at least forcing a good save out the keeper. Corner Fulham 0-0.

41st minute - How is this still 0-0? Another great save from the Liverpool keeper as its Groza who is denied this time. Will Fulham regret the missed chances?

42nd minute - This is just a bombardment and once again the Liverpool keeper makes a great save and once again its Gardoqui missing. 

43rd minute - From the resulting corner the ball is bobbled around the box until it falls to Bonnin. A long range strike goes over. This is still 0-0 and the Fulham manager will be scratching his head wondering how. We have seen this far too much from Fulham this season. Domination without result.


Liverpool hanging on. Will the second half be like the first?

69th minute - Liverpool have a corner, its cleared and suddenly Fulham break. Its Gugu. He's through on goal! Saved! Not a lot has happened in the second half but that was a massive moment. Still 0-0.

70th minute - 2 changes. Gardoqui off the new Striker on. Groza off TAA against his former club in his last season on.

71st minute - It's yet another save. The Liverpool keeper was amazing in the 0-0 draw here in the league and once again he is holding firm. Not long left.

72nd minute - Last sub made by Fulham. Nardini off Sarnowski on. Last roll of the dice for the Fulham manager.

75th minute - It should be 1-0 Liverpool! They have done nothing all game but should be leading. A mess up at the back allows an opening and a free header at the back post. Anywhere on target and its a goal but he heads it over. 0-0. We are in for a nervy finish here in London.

87th minute - Liverpool have come alive in the last 15 and have another chance. Route one straight to the striker but he finds the side netting. Suddenly despite dominating the game its Fulham holding on desperate not to concede an away goal.

91st minute - Fulham keeper plays it out from the back. The ball is with Sarnowski who finds TAA who has space darting into the box.


Unbelievable! What a huge goal! Its TAA. He will go down as a Liverpool legend but right now this very second he is breaking their hearts! Two substitues linking up to utter perfection.

93rd minute - Oh no what's he done? Sarnowski has just gone from hero to villian all thanks to a two footed lunge. Its a straight red and he will miss the Second Leg. What a stupid decision. Liverpool have a freekick in a very dangerous area...

Saved! Fulham survive. They will be willing the full time whistle now.


And there it is. A huge win and Fulham take a lead to Anfield. How big could that late winner be?

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Champions League

Semi Final Second Leg

First a pointless result which I actually managed because in my excitement from the previous result I forgot to Instant Result.


Glad I sat through it FFS.


And just like that we are down to 2 strikers.

Given him injections. His season is over I might as well squeeze one more game out of him!

The same XI start the second leg as the first. It's going to be a tight tense nervous game. If Fulham score first then they will surely have one foot in the final.

14th minute - First attempt is by Liverpool. Corner comes in but the header is just over. Not been an exciting start. That suits Fulham to the ground.

22nd minute - Liverpool free kick hit just wide. They look the more likely in this pretty cagey game.

25th minute - Corner from Fulham they have rarely come forward this game. Thadeu with the header


Amazing! The first real chance and its gone in. Fulham have just taken a massive step to the final. Liverpool need 3 goals. Remember the Quarter Final last year? This tie isn't over.

28th minute - Liverpool come forward and it falls to the normally cool Adam but this shot is one of anger. Dragged wide.

34th minute - Adjas has been given injections to get through this game and what a massive mistake that was. A passback 60 yards straight to the striker.


What a ridiculous way to concede and we are very much at game on.


Its half time here and FM need to make up their mind. I'll take the right hand side score please.

Liverpool have been the better team. They still need 2.

51st minute - Fulham have the first chance of the second half, albeit a half one. Header from Ibanez from the penalty spot easily saved. Reminder for Liverpool that if they charge forward to much they leave themselves exposed.

56th minute - TAA comes on at Anfield for the last time in his Career. Despite the goal in the First Leg he gets a brilliant reception.

64th minute - Liverpool look to have run out of ideas. A goal soon and this game changes. Adjas comes off. Terrible mistake gave Liverpool hope. He will be hoping more than anybody that Fulham can hold on.

74th minute - Tapia comes on as Fulham shut up shop. 15 minutes for a miracle.

90th minute - Liverpool have a chance but it's easily saved. They have been very poor in the second half...


Just look at the lack of action, pretty much all game. Its been perfect for Fulham.


Its over! Fulham have done enough tonight. They are in the Final. A famous night for them as they get set for probably the biggest game in the clubs history.

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Premier League

May 2036

Lets round up the Premier League. Two more games before the Two Cup Finals.


Because of the new revamped Club World Cup 8 European Teams go into it. The finalists. I don't know what happens when a team reaches the final more than once in 4 years all we know is we have done enough to participate. Fantastic achievement.

The big question now is who are we facing in the Final?

The other Semi Final is between PSG and Sevilla with Sevilla taking a surprising 1-0 lead to Paris for the second leg. Can they do what we did and hold on?




Adjas faces a race against time to be fit for it.

I'm already nervous just thinking about it.

So our 2nd to last game in the League is United away. We have a 5 point lead over 7th and can't catch United. So it's just a battle to keep 6th place and guarentee us a Europa League place next season at the least. Not the more gripping end to the Premier League for us.

Man United's only chance of playing in the Champions League lies with the league now as Bayern beat them in the Europa League to set up an all German final there. They currently sit 3 points off 4th with a better GD. Lets stop them!

Stoke play Amiens in the Final of the Conference League. Great chance for them.


This is a massive blow. Injury was 3-5 weeks. Final is in 4. I'm going to keep my hopes up.


It's been a long season as we are down by 5 first team players. Only 4 players make the bench against United.


Disappointing late goal means 6th place isn't wrapped up yet. Just glad to see no injuries!

All we need is a point at home to Villa in our final game to ensure 6th place. If we finish 7th we will have 1 more chance to bag Europa League next season. Obviously with have 1 more chance to bag Champions League football next season as well.


Job done with TAA scoring in his final ever Premier League apperance.

The final table looks like this...


Poor from us. Man Utd grab the final Champions League place ahead of Spurs...or do they? If we win the lot then they will be relegated to the Europa League.

What more incentive do we need than that?!

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FA Cup Final 2035-36

So here we are the 2nd most important game of the season. Its been a few years since we lifted the famous cup for the first time in club history. Only Manchester United stand in our way.


Board are just satisfied I think. We did what they wanted but it could have been more really!


Not Gugu this year who had a disappointing season really. Although his standards are high. 

Filipp also finished 3rd in the Golden Boot. It really makes you wonder what he could do with a full season.




The Route to the Final.


We didn't take it seriously against Villa but came away with the win. We didn't take the first game against Sheff United seriously either. By the replay it was clear any success this season was going to come from the Cups. We blew a 3-0 lead and were lucky to get through. We were unimpressive against Brentford. Brilliant wins against City and Liverpool followed. I'm hopeful but nervous.


The road for United has been an easier one with plenty of home games. They haven't been brilliant but they have done the job.

90 minutes stand between Fulham and the oldest Cup Competition in the World. They are battered and sore. Can they do it?

Filipp, Torres and Nardini make the bench but are very much a doubt.

6th minute - The first big chance and it falls to Fulham. They should be in front. Great piece of defending keeps us 0-0.

7th minute - Fulham again! This time they force a great save from the keeper. Fulham have started the brighter.

28th minute - Man United's first attempt comes from a long range shot blasted over. Its not been a classic so far. 0-0.

32nd minute - Fulham are pressing without really doing much. They earn a corner. Cross comes in and its boucing around like a pinball in there.


Coppens pokes it home to opening our scoring! Not the prettiest goal the FA Cup Final will ever see but there are 45000 who won't care!


Fulham lead at half time. Its not been a great game but Fulham won't care.

48th minute - United hit the bar! Header from a corner and they came close to levelling. Torres is having to come on despite not being 100% fit. Gugu looks like he's gone over on his ankle. Fulham's injury worries continue.

53rd minute - A very poor clearance from United gives the ball straight to Ibanez.


He makes no mistake! Fulham take control of the Cup Final.

57th minute - Chance for United to get back in the game but the shot is dragged wide.

65th minute - Great save and its the first real save he's had to make. Fulham still 2-0. United knocking on the door a little bit.

71st minute - It should be game over! Bonnin has a brilliant chance but blazes wide. United running out of time.

83rd minute - Bonnin again! This time he forces a save from the keeper. Fulham look more likely to add to the lead. 

90th minute - A breakaway from Fulham but Gardoqui through and he really should score. Still 2-0 but the name engraving has already begun.


Fulham have done it! A goal in each half was more than enough to secure the Second FA Cup in the Clubs history.


Like I've not been doing that anyway!


The past 5 years either we have won it or the team who beat us has.


The bare minimum achieved. We still have the chance for greatness.

Rest up. In 7 days we do this all again.

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Champions League Final 2035-36

Have to feel for the United boss. Top 4 finish, FA Cup Final. Sacked. Its a tough World.


More South American's that Europeans. I've turned into a stereotypical FM player!



United were favourites against us.


The Route to the Final for both teams.


It wasn't the best of Group Stages for us finishing 2nd for the first time. The big win against OL doing the damage. We were close to a famous victory at home to Madrid but wasn't expecting the result away. Against Atletico we were the better team over 2 legs and deserved the last minute goal. Probably the same against Liverpool. We have done it the hard way but here we are, our first Champions League Final.


PSG have relied on a great home record. They finished 2nd in their Group also before dispatching Barca much to my delight! They needed comebacks against Chelsea and Sevilla and were seconds away from being eliminated before Troy Parrott hammered home.

This is going to be tough. Can we do it?

Stoke won 3-1 (aet) in the Conference League Final. Well done to them!

Big team news for Fulham 


Filipp, Ibanez and Nardini start.

4th minute - Oh my word what a crazy start! PSG are down to 10 men! A crazy lunge, what was he thinking? Fulham are never going to have a better chance at winning the Champions League as they do right now.

7th minute - Its a penalty! Fulham come forward and Nardini is brought down. What a start its been to this final!

Gugu put the ball on the spot...

Its saved! PSG stay level. It's going to be a long night for them.

10th minute - Amazing! PSG lead! The first time they have come forward all game and against the odds they have a lead to defend! The shot beats the keeper, hits the post and goes in. I can't think of a Champions League Final that has started this dramatic.

20th minute - Fulham have a free kick. Torres hits it. Great save! PSG still lead.

25th minute - PSG with the corner. Its cleared, and Fulham can break! Filipp is through! Oh what a terrible shot. Straight at the keeper. That just reeked or somebody who hasn't played for a few months.

34th minute - Fulham are really pressing for this equaliser. Cross comes in and its Coppens with the header. Its in! Fulham are level! Hang on...the ref has spotted something. VAR says its offside. What a huge decision.

37th minute - Fulham continue to pepper the goal. Another good save. You have the feeling if PSG win this the keeper will be Man of the Match.

39th minute - Gugu wins the ball in his own half and runs half the length of the pitch beating all defenders! He's through on goal! Gugu! 

GOAL! Fulham are level. What a huge goal. He has made up for that penalty miss. 1-1! And Fulham have the bit between their teeth now.

47th minute - Free kick is crossed in and it falls to Nardini who blasts it over the bar. 

1-1 at the break. The Red Card has changed this game completely. Its all Fulham. Can they find the winner in the second half?

54th minute - Free kick PSG. Collected well by the keeper. Fulham can break. Torres is taking it forward. Played out onto the wing. The ball is played back into Radicevic.

GOAL! Cool as you like. What a huge huge goal from the January signing. Fulham lead 10 men PSG!

59th minute - It could be 3. Radicevic again with a great chance. Keeper makes the save. Keeping his side in this. Although it's all Fulham.

60th minute - PSG are hanging on by a thread. Groza should have scored. Good save. Still 2-1.

82nd minute - PSG are going to finish with 9 men. What a horrible night for them. All 3 subs made and they lose a man to injury. Surely there is no way back for them now.

88th minute - Fulham continue to come forward while its still only 1 goal they can't relax. The ball is crossed in. The ball is ping-ponging around. It falls to Gardoqui.

GOAL! 3-1 Fulham and surely that's it! Everthing has gone right today. Its like all the luck they have been missing all season in the league has come today when they need it the most.


And that's it! Fulham are Champions of Europe. The biggest day in the Clubs History.







Lots of money!





Awful in the league, amazing in the Cups. It was like watching 2 different teams.




He only won it twice this season. The first month and the last month.


Bye money! A lot bigger upgrade than what we thought!

I am going to play the Club World Cup and then I think that's the perfect time to end this save.


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17 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

Think you need a correction.

you are going to WIN the club world cup

Well turns out I got it wrong. I thought Club World Cup was this Summer but it's actually next Summer so you are stuck with me for another season at least.

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1 hour ago, andychar said:

Well turns out I got it wrong. I thought Club World Cup was this Summer but it's actually next Summer so you are stuck with me for another season at least.

The longer the better!
though you are welcome as my U23 manger at Leicester. I need someone I can use as a scapegoat when all the young attacking midfielders I want don’t all make it into the 1st team 

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Premier League

Off-Season 2035-36

I've not wasted any time in the transfer window.


69m was his release clause. I tried to get him in January. I put in a bid as soon as the window opened. He's now mine.


I'll look forward to the extra money!

Onto the bad news. PSG have put a bid in for Filipp. I of course rejected but he wanted to go. I've told him I'll accept 90m. I'm not happy because with certain clauses I'll be lucky if I see 50m of that. It's just a wait and see job with him now. If he goes I don't know where we will be in regards to strikers!


We have been the 2nd best team in Europe over the past 5 seasons. Jolly good stuff.


I'd forgotten about this!


He was a great player for us over 3 seasons. He will continue his career with us in the backroom.


And just like that we are the 3rd most reputable team in the World.

We also have the Community Shield against the league Champions Manchester City. It means we can win 6 competitions this season.

The board expectations are high. League winners, final of the cups and Semi Final of Champions League. 4d1c5a61a1ea25229df7d2650135d415.png

We have a tour of China which I thought would be good with the new signing. The London Cup looks like its going to be the tastiest one yet and then a couple of high profile friendlies. I purposely chose SEP because of the Club World Cup next Summer. I wanted to get the feel for them.

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9 hours ago, kidthekid said:

Congratulations on the champions league. This turned out to be a great season after all.

Cheers kid! It really did but I think its because I started to purposely tank the Premier League in order to focus on the Cup Competitions. I want to be in a position where I don't need to do that and I can challenge on all fronts. 

I need a bit of better luck with injuries this season...and to keep Filipp! If we lose him I don't know what I'll do!

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Wow, all that complaining about the form in the league throughout the season and it turns out it's best season in the club's history at the end. :D Congratulations on the champions league!! 

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14 hours ago, andychar said:

Cheers kid! It really did but I think its because I started to purposely tank the Premier League in order to focus on the Cup Competitions. I want to be in a position where I don't need to do that and I can challenge on all fronts. 

I need a bit of better luck with injuries this season...and to keep Filipp! If we lose him I don't know what I'll do!

Maybe a decent aim for this save would be a League and Europe double

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On 17/04/2020 at 10:11, noikeee said:

Wow, all that complaining about the form in the league throughout the season and it turns out it's best season in the club's history at the end. :D Congratulations on the champions league!! 

Haha I’m not happy unless I’m complaining. 

On 17/04/2020 at 11:41, Mandy42 said:

Hope Filipp stays, you deserve that 30 goal season, golden boot winner.

Is it me or have those board expectations jumped dramatically?

29 goals and a career ending injury incoming!

Yeah suddenly it’s like the Champions of Europe are expected to do something!

15 hours ago, henryzz said:

Maybe a decent aim for this save would be a League and Europe double

Dont you do that! Don’t you put my evil on me!


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Preseason 2036-37

I think this season will bring 10 years at Fulham. I honestly can't remember a time I've spent 10 years at the same club! 


Because of the Stadium expansion to 55k seats our attendances will be down this season. That doesn't really bode well for finances for the season as we are down to 45m on the balance and will be losing roughly 10m a year!

I have no intention of selling anybody so we aren't getting a quick fix that way. I think by the end of the season we will be in the red, or thereabouts anyway.


I resigned Andrew Boyd on loan from Man United for another season. He's a good squad member. His contract runs out in the Summer. Low key hoping he wants to come here.

Sold Billy Steven to Man Utd for 11.25m. He's an AMC which is a position we don't play so it made sense to cash in on him.


Well there it is. Worst part is its only 68m up front and the rest in installments. I need a new striker.


Trip to China was successful for us.


It hurts. We only got 44m to spend. I'm not going to find a similar player for that money. I need somebody though.


We won it in the most Fulham way...


Only winning one game and drawing the rest. As you can see the only team we beat was Chelsea.


Hector comes to us from Aston Villa for 38m. He is a bit of a panic buy. His age and wage put me off. The plan is to not need to buy anybody next season, build up the bank balance and then absolutely slurge on a striker. That's the plan anyway!

As things stand I'm happy with my team. I need a back up WBR but Yousefi can fill a hole there for now.

Nobody listed as favourite to win the Top Goalscorer award.


At least we got somebody here.


We have won the last 2 with 2 different players. Can we make it a hattrick?


Barnsley are 20th at 1000-1. For the first time we are predicted to finish in the Top 4. I want to be better in the league this season. I'm not feeling as confident as I was with Filipp in the side but hopefully we won't miss him that much.


We finish Pre-Season unbeaten. Only thing left is to go through the Squad.

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does your scouting budget extend to them driving round Paris trying to run Filipp over?

Hector is going to smash it, he better, for that wage!

Edited by Mandy42
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Squad 2036-37


So this is the squad I want to try and challenge on all fronts with (apart from the Carabao).


Injuries to this guy forced me to go out and buy a good number 2. He lost his place last season. Only made 12 apperances in the league. I think he will start as the number 1 due to his past Golden Gloves.


Although at 21 I think it makes more sense to stick with this guy. He does have the ability to improve as well. 15 apperances and 17 goals conceded. I'm not sure whose the number 1 yet.



Coppens is still the number 1 defender. Steady first season, 33 apperances with 6.92 average. I don't think the Keeper or Defenders did well last season.


Ely very similar. 35 apperances average 6.94.


Between Angulo and Tapia for the 3rd starting place. Angulo 30 apperances average 6.84.


26 apperances average 6.87. 


Yousefi will see more game time this season as back up to the WBR position. His contract runs out next season and I don't think I will be renewing. He's starting his 8th season with us.

Wing Backs


Nardini was my first huge transfer signing but I think he's been worth it. He broke his leg last season so only played in 16 league games but contributed 6 goals and 3 assists with an average of 7.27.


His back up is still Sarnowski who I maintain has been one of my better and more surprising signings. 31 games last season 5 goals 4 assists and average 6.97.


On the other side we will be relying on the fitness levels of Groza. 28 games last season 3 goals 6 assists average of 7.11.

Defensive Midfield


Bonnin starts his 7th season with us. He cost me 8m. 33 games last season 2 goals 4 assists average of 7.22. 

He does have back up this season with our new Chinese Striker who can play CM,DCM or CB well.



I thought Gugu had a pretty poor season last season. 29 appearances 4 goals 4 assists average 7.06. He can be better.


Torres will find himself on the bench but a more than capable replacement. He will still see lots of game time. 28 games 1 goal and 7 assits average of 7.06.


Ibanez same as Torres. 34 apperances 1 goal 6 assists and an average of 7.10.

Andrew Boyd on loan is more there for Emergency Back Up.


You've seen the Filipp replacement.


I'm thinking Adjas is going to be the partner up front. Although his goal scoring record for me is awful. 22 games last season 3 goals 2 assists average 6.88.


He came in in January and did ok. 13 games 4 goals 2 assists average 6.92.


I think on paper Nicolas is amazing he just never seems to show it. 22 games 3 goals 2 assists 6.95 average.

Its hard to see where my goals are going to come from this season. 


We don't need 5 strikers so its Brice who is on the transfer list. Only played in 4 games for me before being loaned out in Janaury. He was free so anything made from him is good.

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19 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

does your scouting budget extend to them driving round Paris trying to run Filipp over?

Hector is going to smash it, he better, for that wage!

He has Premier League experence I suppose. 

I'm European Champions I really thought my players wouldn't have their heads turned! Maybe its a good thing. He seemed to break a lot of bones.

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Premier League 

August 2036

We start the month with the chance to pick up our first piece of Silverware. 


Obviously not the end of the World if lose but its always nice.


Well it was an even game. Annoying we couldn't hold onto the lead though. If we are going to get our penalty shootout loss out the way I'd prefer it to be here!

So we start the season at home to Everton.


As opening days go we have certainly had worse! We even hit the woodwork more than once so it could have been more. Very pleasing display.

It's the European Super Cup next. It would be nice to add it to the Trophy Collection.


Great win and a nice addition to the collection! It was quite an even game to be honest. We took the chances. Good to see Lillingston hitting the ground running.


Nice bit of money there.


A woo hoo!

Spurs away next. An early test.


Good win! Sloppy goal but I'll take it.

Palace away next. I've not got a good feeling. I don't know why.


The first casulty of the season.


Not going to lie I wasn't expecting us to be as free scoring as we have been. Another good win.

Its draw time. First up is the Carabao. I really don't care about this competition.


Still don't care.

Now onto the Champions League. We are first seeds again thanks to being the Holders.


For the 4th year in a row we face Barcelona. We haven't beaten them yet on aggregate. Will this be the year? Other than Barcelona we should be getting through the Group.

One final game this month. Watford at home.


Love it.


Good win. Not a great red card but we defended well.


Great start. Couldn't have asked for more.


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Premier League

September 2036

I was a few games into this month when my laptop, out of nothing decided to restart! So had to start this post again. 

So I can't show the fixtures without giving away 3 results.

We started away to Derby after an International Break. I was cautiously optimistic.


Of course I was! First slip up of the season. We really should have won.

We had the chance to bounce back in Turkey in the Champions League.


Which we did. We had to work at it. We had to wait but we got the breakthrough. Good performance.

Liverpool at home was another early test for us.


Don't know anything about this game. I was 2-0 up with 84 minutes on the clock when my laptop restarted so I instant resulted until I got the win. In the game I saw we were brilliant and Lillington scored after 19 seconds. He didn't here but we got the win.

Now we are bang up to date.

Just in time for an absolutely huge game...Spurs in the Carabao Cup.


Arsenal down in 16th are the last team without a win this season. Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?

10 changes for the Spurs game.


Well the reserves did good. This is the strongest overall squad I think we have had. For once I think we have the squad in order to properly rotate.


Stoke City will be the next team to feel the wrath of the back ups!

Chelsea away next. Good to be apart of a local derby. Never before have these games mattered more.


I wish Philp would just retire already! We had 2 goals disallowed here. Including this lovely little passage of play f41b1aecf3747e2fdeefee60d6ada792.png just before half time. We were the better team so it hurts a little not picking up the win. That being said if you offered me this before the game I'd have taken it.


Jesus this guy should just be shot and put out of his misery.

It means the league table looks like this...


We are where we want to be early in the season. I'm happy. Yes you read that right. Happy.

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On 19/04/2020 at 12:14, Mandy42 said:

Least you aren't Arsenal, in the bottom 3! 

Not bottom 3 anymore but winless...it's delicious.

10 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Great Champions League win.

Cheers Nobby. I'm going to send a crate of Champagne every year to the guy who got sent off after 4 minutes.

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Premier League

October 2036

It was roughly this time last season that the year started to completely fall apart. We are in a decent position so I'm keen for it to continue.


Oh how I want to beat Barcelona on aggregate this season! Big game against City as well.

We actually have early control of the Champions League Group as Barca and PSV drew their first game.


Good win, good performance. At the moment it looks like we have struck gold with the Adjas Lillingston partnership!

Brighton at home next. We should win but Brighton have done us before so we need to be careful.


Absolutely amazing. Angulo had scored 9 goals for me in 143 games. 144th and he bags a hattrick. I hate the "player on a hat trick takes the penalty". But I let him take this one because I'm a soft bugger.

Its a huge win ahead of 2 big games. First is City away. We are top after that win as City lost their 2nd game in a row. It takes the pressure off the game a little. 

International Break first. Just no injuries please!


You know sometimes the game might as well just say "this isn't going to be good viewing, would you like to go on holiday?". It could save me 10 minutes of my life.

Tapia played at WBR for the first time because of lack of options. It will be the last time. He picked up 2 yellow cards and gave away the penalty. Its like all his stats went to 1 because he played out of position. 

They scored 2 set pieces and 2 goals which were just booted up and striker was clear of defender, other than that we were much the better team. Strikers left their shooting boots at home and it was just a case of every single one of their players had a good game and every single one of ours had a bad game. Its happened the other way round so we just need to move on.

Barca away next. Lovely.


Another high frustrating game against Barcelona and quite frankly I'm sick of the sight of them! The difference here? We both had 12 shots on goal, all 12 of their shots found the target, 2 of ours did. Its a shocking difference and clear to see why we fell.

Leicester at home next. We really need to bounce back, we have been shooting but not troubling the keeper. You can't score if your shots keep getting blocked before they reach the goal. For the first time this season I've missed Filipp.


It wasn't pretty but its a win and after that week its all that matters. It took a brilliant free kick and some great goalkeeping.

Stoke away in the Carabao finishes the month. I'm obviously not bothered about it. It will be nice to rotate as much as humanly possible. 

I managed 8 changes. As often in FM I play Stoke straight after in the league!


I don't mind losing on penalties. Lets face it I'm used to it. What annoys me is how we lost. Their 3 penalties were taken with rating 12,12,11 while my 3 were 15,12,11. 2 out of my 3 were misses, I mean didn't even hit the target. What's the point in having a stat? It's honestly got to the point where I don't celebrate winning a penalty.

Anyway the league table looks like this...


Tight at the top early on. Nice little gap between 5th. Top 4 is the bare minimum.

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Premier League

November 2036


We start the month as we finished it. Hopefully a better result. We have a chance at avenging 2 results this month. Lets get to it. 


Quite just how a defender who shipped 4 goals against City won this award I'm not sure.


Well the result was good but we were 2nd best in large portions. In fact the 1st goal was massively against the run of play. That being said we have had it go against us recently so I think we were due a bit of luck.

Barcelona next. We need to win if we are to have any chance of finishing top of the Group. Not that it matters entirely. We won the Champions League last season finishing behind Barca in the group.


Another night of frustration. We dominated the chances but once again couldn't hit the target enough.


This is how much I hate playing Barcelona! Although we are unbeaten at home. 

Striker is unhappy because he isn't starting. I've told him he can leave. Worth 50m, asked for 60m, AI...



Wolves at home next. Not before a big International Break. Fitness levels are worrying. 


I think its the first time I've ever got this achievement! 10 years at the same club.

I've had to make several changes to the team here. The squad is knackered.


Gugu! We huffed and puffed and it was looking like 2 points dropped but Gugu with a piece of individual brilliance. He's showed his best this season again. Hopefully it continues.

I am worried about the strikers. We started fast but the goals have dried up and there's only so long we can go relying on goals elsewhere.

Galatasaray in the Champions League next. Barca played eariler so we know a point is enough to send us through.


Some great points to take from this game. 1) Lillingston with 2 goals. 2) We scored a penalty. 3) Chen Hao will be nice and fresh for the next game. 


We can still top the Group but I don't fancy our chances.

So with 1 game to go, who could we get? Lets work on us finishing 2nd.

Juventus, PSG, Bayern, Bayer Levekusen or Real Madrid. There is obviously 1 team there that I would want more than others...its going to be Madrid though isn't it.

Southampton away finishes the month.

I would like to point out at this very moment we have zero injuries!


We were clinging on a bit at the end but another win. We are in good form at the moment.

The league table reflects this...


Top. Looking very good. 8 points clear of 5th. 

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Premier League 

December 2036

3 wins from 3 is still not enough to net me manager of the month. I think I'm very unfairly treated!

I think December is the most important month. This is how our's look.


If we are top at the end of the year I think we can go onto win it.

The board have increased the wage budget without being asked. It doesn't help me really but it gives me wiggle room. Everybody I want to have a new contract has one.


I feel this is a big step. We are one of the top two teams in the draw for the FA Cup.


4th team out the hat and its a local derby. I'll probably be rotating but we still should have enough to beat these.

Struggling Villa at home starts the month. I've played enough FM to know not to expect a win here.


What an epic game of football and a massive 2nd half from us. I was annoyed to lose the lead twice and then find ourselves behind. Brilliant comback though.

Newcastle at home. The unbeaten Newcastle that is!


Not unbeaten any longer! Great result. Ibanez has had a fine season coming off the bench and starting when I need him. Big win.

PSV in the Champions League. We are already assured qualification from the Group and I feel like we aren't going to over take Barcelona. I'm going to rest players.


Good comeback win. We deserved it. 

Barcelona were 1-1 with 10 minutes to go but went on to win 3-1. It means the Group finishes looking like this...


A lot more straight forward than last season but for the 4th year in a row Barcelona get the better of us.

The teams we can draw in the next round are...

Juventus, FC Bayern or Real Madrid. I want Juventus out the 3 teams, we have beaten them twice in knockout already. Either way it's going to be tricky.


Honestly what did I spend all that money on getting the Youth improved?

Man Utd away next. We sit 12 points clear of them in 5th place. A win here would really cement our Top 4 chances and our title challenge.


Late mistake from the keeper cost us the 3 points. I would have taken a point at the start and it was a fairly even game so no grumbles really.


This is where we stand at the moment!

Boro at home next. Maybe a chance to rest players? No disrespect to Boro!


We were first out the hat and Bayern is 100% could have been better could have been worse. I'm fairly happy with it. Barcelona got....PSG...for the 2nd year in a row in the Last 16 stage. I think this season I've had the easier draw! Amazingly it will mean I will play Bayern 3 times this season after beating them 3-0 in the Super Cup earlier on.

I've had to send 3 players home in 2 days. One had a Cold. One had the Flu and the other a Virus. 3 different types of illness so completely unrelated to one another.


Good win. Job done in the first 20 minutes really. 

We finish the year with back to back games against Arsenal. Despite them being down in 12th I'm not expecting an easy game or 2.

I like playing a team back to back at this stage of the season. We play the 26th and the 28th which is bad but then you think they are having to put up with it as well. It evens the playing field nicely with fitness. 


Its another away half time lead blown, but once again I'll take it. Arsenal played well, we had chances to double the lead and didn't take them. It's a decent point in the grand scheme.

So it's Arsenal at home next. What can we do with the home leg with both teams (in fact every single Premier League team) feeling the affects of the Christmas period.


Well I don't know what those 2 had for Christmas but I'll be getting them a anger management DVD. Two 2 footed lunges leaving me no cause for complaints. We defended well after that and clung onto a massive victory.

It means at the end of the year the league table looks like this...


Its a 2 horse race at the moment and I'm just delighted to be apart of it.

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14 hours ago, noikeee said:

This is looking like a very strong season in the cards so far, hopefully I haven't jinxed you now. :) 

So far not jinxed unless you count the plague.

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On 21/04/2020 at 08:06, andychar said:

Not bottom 3 anymore but winless...it's delicious.

Cheers Nobby. I'm going to send a crate of Champagne every year to the guy who got sent off after 4 minutes.

send him 4 crates.... it will make him cry just that little more

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Premier League

January 2037

I played this entire month without the internet so wasn't able to update as I went along.


January looked like this. Big month for us.

Barnsley are managed by Virgin Van Dijk. Never managed to beat him and Barnsley are the 4th team he's managed that I will face!


Well its a win. I'll take it. We are playing like Champions. Not dominating games but finding ways to win.

Brentford in the cup next. I have to rest players despite this being a local derby.


Crazy last 10 minute where it went from 4-0 to 4-2 quite quickly. 5 different scorers. One of them you won't recognise.

I bought 2 new players to the club.


I love my South American's. The board sorted this one out for me. He's got the potential to be a very good player.


He set me back 8m but he will do nicely as a back up WBR. My squad at the moment is complete. I think I just need a striker and I'll be golden.

I ended the loan of Brice Thierry cos he wasn't playing then sold him to Boca for 31m. He cost me nothing.

Back to football matters now and it was Brighton. I still maintain they are somewhat of a bogey team for us.


Strikers seriously went missing here. Terrible performance from them. We created chance after chance but couldn't break them down. 2 points dropped.

Next 3 games are tricky. Starting with Chelsea.


Horrible awful result. We lost 2-0 to a team who managed one shot on target all game. We didn't deserve this result but here we are.

We need to bounce back. Leicester away isn't the best game for that.


Lillingston hasn't been consistant recently so it was nice to see him score, he then went off injured and will miss a few weeks. Great result and a very pleasing performance.

Huge game against City here. The winner will take control of the title race.


This was not an advert for Premier League football. Awful game and honestly this game could have gone on all day and nobody would have scored. 


It's safe to say that our games against City are unpredictable.

The final game this month was actually in the FA Cup. We drew Villa at home. I'm going to rest as many players as I can. I don't see the FA Cup as a priority.


Wow the back up's smashed it. Brilliant performance and we go into the 5th Round.


We get a very winnable tie as well. Rest players and hopefully a place in the Quarters. Its not a priority but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to win it.

After a long month with inconsistant form the table looks like this...


We still sit top but the title is officially out of our hands thanks to that game in hand. Still a looooong way to go yet.


Here we go again.

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Premier League

February 2037

Straight off the bat this moth...


You keep telling me not to believe them but I don't believe you.


It's a more quiet month which suits us. Some tricky fixtures.

Barnsley away represents somebody we should be beating if we want to win the league.


Well it was another set piece that win it for us. This time it was a brilliant free kick. 2 tough games against Barnsley this season but 6 points. Happy.

Spurs at home next. Spurs haven't had the season they did last year meaning we have a chance of beating them here if we turn up.

It's deadline day first and I have a feeling I'm going to have a decision to make. If I get the money I know exactly where it's going. I shall be taking part in the day.

After 8 seasons and 3 serious injuries. Yousefi has been sold. His contract runs out next Summer and I had no intention of giving him a new one. 12.5m for him. We paid 74k so not a bad turnaround. It's a shame because he was his way to being a very important part of the team before his first serious injury.

And with that the window closes. We have 33m in the bank ready for the Summer. The guy I want has a release clause of 77m. Fingers crossed its still there when the Summer money comes rolling in!

Big break between games, with no Internationals. Perfect time to catch up on fitness.


Good win. We dominated the game, we aren't killing teams off completely but we are picking up wins which is the main thing.

Bayern next, we are unbeaten in 3 against them so I fancy our chances of taking a lead to Germany.


La Mura is the striker I'm after so it's nice to see him score but we should have won this game. It means we are going to have to go to Germany and get at least one goal. Game on in this tie. We also lost Gugu for a few weeks which is annoying. Injuries are starting to pile up a little bit.

Two away games in the Premier League finish the month, starting with Everton.


This one has p***ed me right off. I subbed a player, then the highlight came up with Ibanez sent off. One the tactics screen it showed the change had been made. I didn't think twice but that player I subbed off made a mistake leading to Everton's winner. I really can't help but feel absolutely f***ed off about this.

Middlesborough away next. This needs to be a win. 


Our games are less than spectacular. As long as we win I don't care!

So the league table looks like this heading into March...


We remain top but that game in hand is hovering over us. Watford won the Carabao Cup beating Liverpool meaning England will have a representative in the UEFA Conference League next season, which normally means an automatic England victory in the UEFA Conference League. 

Big March. FA Cup, Champions League and the League.

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Premier Leaue

March 2037

We start the month with some news. 


And absolutely nobody is shocked.

We start the fixtures with the FA Cup game against Swansea.


Straight forward win. Couldn't have asked for more really.

So March looks like this...


And the Unknown will be...


There is only Chelsea and Man City left who I would call "big teams" and we got one of them. Naturally. At least we are at home. Obviously the Southampton game has been moved. So only 2 Premier League games this month.

We face the most in form team in the league next. The next 3 games will have massive implications on how successful this season is going to be.


Well the late goal saves me clean sheet bonuses and I don't think GD is going to matter that much so I'm happy! First goal for Silva since his January move. I think he could be something special.

Second Leg against Bayern next. We need a goal as a bare minimum. I'm not overally confident to be honest!


Brilliant performance. Fantastic result and once against Barcelona go out and we go through. Who needs to top the group!

Newcastle away next. Very tricky tie. Big one in the title race.

Update for Nobby, Stoke are in the Quarter Final of the Europa League. Could they get to the Champions League next season by winning the Conference League then the Europa League? It would be scenes if they do!


Advantage Man City as we are unable to hold off Newcastle. 2 point dropped. We were looking fairly comfortable. I think this has been overdue. Punished for not finishing teams off.

Our last game of the month is the FA Cup Quarter Final against Chelsea. I'm unsure if I should rest players or not.

5 English teams make up the 8 in the Quarters of the Champions League. Our route to the title is about to be drawn.


I'm happy with this draw. We have just played very well against them so have to feel we can beat them over 2 legs. It could be an all English Semi Final. We will face the winner of Man City v Bayer Leverkusen if we advance.


And once again I'm left absolutely p***ed off. We were dominating the game 1-0 up at half time and my laptop glitched meaning I skipped the team talk. We played like crap the second half. We still should have won though. So yeah. P***ed the f*** off.

Not even going to screenshot the Youth Intake because its hot garbage. International Break finishes the month so it means the league table looks like this...


We are still clinging onto the top spot but that game in hand is still hovering over us! 2 months to go. Same amount of compeitions we are left in....I'm still salty.

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Premier League

April 2037

We aren't fighting on all 3 fronts anymore but we still have the big 2.

We start with a tricky game against Wolves. They have had a great season themselves.


Fantastic second half! Huge result as City had won earlier in the day to grab top spot. We take it back. 7 games to go.


We have back to back Champions League now, good that we have time to recover from the home game. I am confident we can beat them over 2 legs.


Fantastic win but how cruical could that last minute United goal be. 

Luckily we don't have to wait long to find out!


Job done! We starte well. We invited pressure in the second half but they couldn't force extra time. Into the Semi Final we go!


We will just have to take out the other side of Manchester as well.


English Domination in the Champions League. Its why I added the European teams.

City have taken the lead after being their game in hand. We play Villa away next. Every game is a must win.

City don't play this week thanks to the FA Cup so amazingly we will go back to having a game more.


Boring soul less football and we have never missed a striker more than we have this season. The title is now very much City's to lose.

Stoke at home next. We can't drop any more points all season, and I still don't think that would be enough.


We kept the pressure on but 24 hours later City faced United and won 1-0. They still hold the massive advantage.

We play Watford next, they have been cup specalists this season and have reached 2 of them. Fingers crossed they have one eye on the FA Cup Final. City play at the same time away to Leicester. Chance?


Oh Jesus. My heart. They had a goal disallowed in stoppage time and missed a good change on the 97th minute. We survived and picked up an absolutely massive win.


We have 88m transfer budget. Absolutely all of it will be going on a Striker. Nice to know I don't need to sell anybody.


Huge weekend in the title race.

We are guarenteed a Top 2 place. But obviously 2nd is nothing compared to 1st.

The month isn't finished but I think its about time we milk the end of this season.

The league table looks like this...


We still sit top, we still have played a game more than City. I have a feeling there are going to be more twists and turns in this title race. Shout out to Wolves who still have a chance of Champions League football next season.

Update for Nobby, Stoke are in the Semi Final of the Europa League!

Imagine next season's Champions League consisting of Stoke and Wolves!

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Champions League Semi Final First Leg

Its a big one. We havent beat City in 3 games this season. We play at home first. I think we need a lead to take to Manchester.


Despite having the better of the first half Fulham find themselves 1-0 down. It's been a simple case of the strikers not doing their job. Not for the first time this season.

Half way through the second half and I think its fair to say Fulham could play all night and not score. Awful display here.

With 10 minutes to go Fulham miss their biggest chance. City haven't done anything going forward, but they haven't needed to.


Ibanez! He's scored some big goals but this is the biggest. Fulham have been creating chance after chance but not hitting the target. Finally one tells.

Half way through stoppage time and the ball is in the back of the net. It came off the underside of the bar but its being called back. Offside. Fulham manager is furious but he can't argue with VAR. So close to a winner.


No question about it Fulham deserved something just from the number of chances they created. Their problem was how many times they forced the keeper into a save. Shameful percentage. Missed opportunity for Fulham? Its going to be a very interesting 2nd leg!

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Gameweek 35

4 games to go for Fulham. 5 games to go for City.

Fulham host 19th place Crystal Palace in a London Derby. They already looked doomed to yet another relegation.

City host 11th place Arsenal at the exact same time. 

Both sides will be expecting to win.


First time this season! City manager has only won it twice!


First blood to Fulham!


Second blood to City! As you were at the top.


Game over already at Fulham?


Crystal Palace have come back from 3-0 down to destroy title dreams before...


Fuham have a goal disallowed then Palace go down and score. Game not over just yet.


Two quick goals in Manchester and its game over there.


Its not game over in London.


Show me a more FM stat sheet. Go on I'll wait. 

Palace have scored with their only shots. Both were 25 yard screamers.

Huge second half coming up.


And there it is. The biggest sigh of relief of the season.


Fulham survive a scare although you can see by the stats it wasn't as close as it appeared.


Is it advantage with Fulham or City. Would you prefer the points or the game in hand?

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Champions League Semi Final Second Leg

We go to Manchester with a 1-1 aggregate score. We need a goal no matter what. If we can get it first then the dynamic of the tie shifts.

Will the winner of this have the advantage in the title race?

8th minute - The first real chance and it falls to City, luckily the shot is straight at the keeper.

13th minute - Fulham's turn to attack but the striker drags the shot completely wide. 

34th minute - It's been a cagey game, City look the most likely to score at the moment and head a half chance over the bar.

45th minute - Just before the break Fulham should be leading! Adjas clean through but he forces a save from the keeper.

0-0 at the break with City being slightly the better team.

50th minute - Fulham have hit the post. They aren't going to come closer without scoring.

63rd minute - Its been a game of few chances and City come forward but a tame shot is easily saved. 

70th minute - City have a free kick in a dangerous position. Fired straight at the wall.

85th minute - That was the chance. A corner from Fulham, a free header, wide. Fulham aren't going to create a better chance.


And that's that. It wasn't a great game at all. Few chances. Fulham had the better chances but City will argue they did enough tonight. Fulham will rue the first leg where they dominated but weren't able to win. 

5 games against City this season without a win. Is that advantage City in the title race? 

Fulham have been to the Semi Final 4 years in a row and have bowed out 3 times.

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19 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

I would prefer the points.

and surely a “more FM” stat sheet is losing a game to a team who didn’t register a shot on target

Like Chelsea beating me 2-0 with one shot on target!

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Premier League

Gameweek 36

This is the week that could make or break the title race. We travel to Anfield to face 4th place Liverpool.

City travel to 15th place Southampton. They should win their game putting massive pressure on us.

We play at the same time as well.

We have a good record against Liverpool in recent seasons so its very much fingers crossed.


First blood to City but this doesn't come as a shock. 

Fulham are looking dangerous against Liverpool without really test the keeping. The new Fulham way.


Fulham are finding the target but the Liverpool keeper hasn't really been forced into much. All to play for.


That will be game for City. 

The ball has been in the back of the net at Anfield but luckily for Fulham and their title chances it was ruled out.


Game on. Can Southampton provide a massive twist in this title race?

Massive moment! We are in the 88th minute and Fulham have been awarded a penalty! Nardini will take it...


How big could that be!


Huge. Absolutely massive.


City held on so its as you were at the top. This title race looks set to go down to the wire.

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Premier League

Gameweek 37

The Premier League season finishes in a week and City still have 3 games to play. Could the pile up cost them the title or do they have it about themselves to see it through. All Fulham can do is keep winning and pile on the pressure.

Fulham will host Southampton who did give City a good game. They are very much safe for the season so very little to play for for them.

City play their first game in hand the day before we play Southampton...


Oh come on please!


I just have the feeling that was the chance.


Advantage City. 

All we can do is keep winning. We can reclaim top spot to put more pressure on.

It has been all Fulham so the following will surprise nobody


Fulham score but its called back. Even after 17 minutes you get the feeling its going to be one of those days.


A penalty and absolutely everything that could have gone against Fulham has done today.

Its going to take a big effort from here.


Game on. Just what Fulham needed.

Half time in London and Fulham face a massive 45 minutes.

Fulham need 2 and time is running out.


Is it too little too late? Fulham have 1 minute just stoppage time to save the their title challenge.


And with that the title race seem well and truly over.

City will need to drop points in both their games to give Fulham a chance.

City play Stoke away in their game in hand. All eyes are on this game. The title can't be won but it can be all but...



It means heading into the final game the league table looks like this...


All City need to do is win. Unless Fulham can win 17-0.

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Premier League

Gameweek 38

The long hard season comes down to this. The last 90 minutes.

City and Fulham have been neck and neck all season with the largest lead between the two of them being just 4 points. They head into the Final game level on points. City boast a much better Goal Difference meaning all they have to do is win. Fulham will need to better City's result. 

This will be City's 4th game in 8 days. Have they got the fitness to push one more time.

Will Fulham regret the result against Southampton?

Fulham host 16th place Derby County. They are safe, but much like Southampton they will want to spoil the party.

City are also at home against 5th place Chelsea who still have a chance of stealing a Champions League place. 

First blood will be massive today...


It goes to Fulham. Sigh of relief hits Fulham Stadium.


As it stands Fulham are Champions.


Fulham have been dominant but will want the second goal.

In Manchester its 0-0 still. The season is going down to the final 45 minutes.


Huge goal in Manchester! Its all going Fulham's way.


Out of absolutely nothing Derby are level. It's literally the only time they have come forward this second half. The nerves can be felt all around the Stadium.


Fulham are still heading to the title but its hanging by a thread.

With 20 minutes to go Derby score again! But its ruled out for offside. Another huge decision in the title race.

With 5 minutes to go Fulham have a penalty! If they score surely with the little time remaining the title will be theirs. City would need 2...


Gugu scores! Huge goal!


Fulham are champions with 4 minutes plus stoppage time. Have we got one more twist to come?


Fulham have done it! What an unbelievable title race. 









And they won't improve them. Pricks.

The season is of course not over. We have the Club World Cup to play. 

I thought that I wanted to play on till I'm a legend at the club. Now I'm a legend I will have a decision to make after the Club World Cup.

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Build up to Club World Cup


Amazingly Watford pull off the Domestic Cup double. It means they reach the Europa League, as do Chelsea who finished 5th and Wolves gain entry to the Conference League finishing 6th. They should win that.

Update for Nobby regarding Stoke. They got beat in the Semi Final so no dream Champions League for them.

We have 88m to spend and 500k wage budget free. That means I should have no problem bringing a new striker in. I am willing to pay over the odds for somebody. Anything to get me a 30 goal season!


I honestly don't think I could have hand picked a kinder group!

Liverpool destroyed City 4-0 in the Champions League Final.


Boom another award!


I wanted to make sure my players were fit so a few friendlies were needed.

The first bit of transfer activity is a sell.

Guardoqui who spent all last season unhappy is shipped off to Bournmouth for 46m. We bought him for 5.25m so not a bad little profit.


Loadsa money.


53m nets me Fran. He's been on my radar for some time. Espanyol stuck him on the transfer list and I've pounced. Not the huge money signing I was expecting but I'm willing to give him a go and see what he can do.


I know it's only a friendly but take that Barcelona!


6.75m brings Markovic to the team. I have high hopes for him. He will be loaned out this season in order to get first team football. I'm hoping he will provide a replacement for Lillingston.

Ely Thadeu goes to PSG for 45.5m. 10m less than what we paid for him. He gave us 3 good seasons but there are younger options in the squad.

And with that we start the Club World Cup.

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Club World Cup 2037

We started against UAE opposition. We have a few players on International Duty so it means neither new striker is avaliable.


Honestly I expected the floodgates to open. They didn't but I'll take it.

South African opposition next. Again we should win and win comfortably.

Looking ahead


It's going to be a gripping Community Shield.


Well that's the easy bit done. Onto the tricky bits.


Yep the trick bit. Rematch of the Champions League Final. Interesting to see how we will get on 11 v 11!

Luckily we play them before we lose our defender to them. First time against Filipp.


The Quarter Final reads like a proper whose who of European Football.

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