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  1. Keown has used the water carrier carrying champagne gag about 6 times in this match
  2. One shot on target from perisic and I am a rich man. Come on Croatia!
  3. That's VAR officially ruining this world cup. Doesn't overturn the griezmann dive, bit allows a penalty for a soft handball
  4. Shots on target that aren't from open play don't count so really it's still 0-0
  5. i'm 99.998884% sure that people would be gloating regardless
  6. Completely agree. Hell even now I can still watch this and get that spine tingling feeling
  7. you say 'we' a lot for a person who didn't want England to win any of the matches
  8. I'd rather have the corrupt evil FIFA than the kind new caring FIFA if it meant keeping our free fanny
  9. Lads, look at the use of emoji, Tony is literally in tears wondering why England fans are proud of their team for reaching a completely unexpected semi final. I for one have had a eureka moment, why did we bother? Tony is right, and my only regret is not discovering this sooner. Delete the thread please admin. Football hasn't come home, it's gone to live on a farm with Boots and Mr Ruffles.
  10. This has just been fantastic, nobody can take it away from us. No expectation, pure joy. I'd loathe to be an ABE bitter right now because you'll never experience these emotions. Football is home.
  11. What an adventure. Absolutely fantastic tournament, the atmosphere incredible. Football is home. Well done England.
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