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  1. True about the final but they had 3 extra days at the last 16 and 2 for the quarter finals which is a joke
  2. sod the french, how much luck did they want with their extra rest days for the knockout games? would rather see a smug ronaldo and some football crazy fans celebrate an underdog victory than an entire smug nation behaving as if they didn't need to break a sweat. Portugal may well be pretty average and completely unlikeable but people are forgetting how unlikeable the french have been in almost their entire footballing existence.
  3. Ridiculous
  4. Wished Wales the best but **** them for letting such a **** team reach the finals.
  5. Ronaldo is a ******
  6. Just to rub in how painfully **** we are when it comes down to it. We've beaten all 4 semi finalists In the last year
  7. To be fair that's 2 wins in 3 against Belgium in the campaign so thats a gregg clean sweep right there. Cant argue
  8. Fantastic. Wales will smash portugal
  9. That was magic
  10. Really enjoyed the start of the group games but the last round andthe last 16 were pants with a few exceptions
  11. Can't believe they just let him line up that shot for a good few seconds without any hint of closing down
  12. you can't deny any of that, the players were talented enough to do better and were let down by the coaching at the end, but there is a more deeper problem.
  13. Chantelle can't even handle it when she's saved from her hovel up north to an area of prosperity down south, can't imagine she would last 5 minutes abroad
  14. I was going to use the exact same phrase in my last post Premier league sized elephant in the room Don't worry lads. B teams in league three will save us!