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  1. Yep, it's truly a Dice. On my very first youth intake with Bordeaux 3 players came with huge potential. I don't know what their PA value is, but the three become France nationals, not to mention two of them become the best GK and CM in the game. I never had such a good youth intake anymore. Although my club progressed greatly over the next few years, I got the best intake at the start of the game when my staff and recruitment were pretty average. So IMO, luck is the most important factor when it comes to regens.
  2. Not a valid point, unless your Mum get hired as a Manager and insist being called a Womanager.
  3. Either way I only see match briefing as a difficult way to make tactical tweaks for the forthcoming match. Wish there was an option to turn it off altogether.
  4. I am playing with Bordeaux. First season the reserve team didn't have any real matches, because it competes in inactive league, but it still compete in the background, you just don't see it. I made sure I have good players in my reserve team and the next season my team was promoted to National League 2 and already has real fixtures as it is competing in active league. It is the case with all teams competing in inactive league, like those entering Vanarama National League North/South in England every season basically coming from nowhere. The game ususally picks the teams with best players, so make sure you maintain a good selection of players in your reserve team even though they seem to be playing friendlies only, but they are not.
  5. It depends on the scouting knowledge the club and the scout has for this particular country the player is based in and the assigned scout JPA JPP attributes. The heigher these are, the faster the player will be scouted until full knowledge.
  6. Sherlock here! Obviously he used editor to switch to Manchester, but forgot to cancel his contract with Hibbs, so he will have to wait until his contract runs out. Mystery solved.
  7. No, perhaps FIFA hold the exclusive game rights for La Liga, Real Madrid and Santiago Bernabeu in partucular. You can see why most La Liga clubs have different names within FM. FIFA hold the rights to recreate the stadium, hence the reason FM are changing the color, so it won't be considered as a recreation. Although FM stadiums are way off representing reality, SI are doing this as a precaution of any legal dispute that may come towards them. Use "FM20 licensing and Real name fix", you can download from sortitoutsi.net and apply it before creating a new save game in the future.
  8. Most certainly it's due to licensing rights. Hence why Real Madrid a called R.Madrid within the game.
  9. True that. Definitely not realistic as long as you can't find a viable reason for them to sign a world class player for enormous transfer fee and list him for sale a few months later. SI should definitely investigate.
  10. Just to mention, Jovic sale is not a viable example. He was on loan at Frankfurt with option to buy from Benfica. He agreed to sign for Frankfurt first before signing for Real, as a gesture of appreciation to the Germans, so they can receive the fee from Real and not Benfica. However Man City have a history of buying and selling with Geronimo Rulli being signed and send on loan to Real Sociedad straight away only to be sold permanently to them 6 months later.
  11. That's very unfortunate for you, but this is correct. Since Tottenham have won Europa League and finished outside CL places in the league, they automatically get the 5th CL place. Winners of both cups (FA and Carabao) get Europa League spot. Since Chelsea and Norwich are both outside of continental competition places and since there are only 7 places available for continental football in English leagues, 5th and 6th in the league end up with empty hands. Very rare and unfortunate scenario, but that are the rules.
  12. Already have 32, although DD3, it's still decent. Perhaps it's time to ditch player search and to rely on scout reports only. Sounds more realistic anyway. Thanks for your help guys. Cheers!
  13. It's indeed the filters which make it even slower. I have around 50k players listed at my search list. What I like to do is to filter upon certain criteria and look through the profiles of some players going back and forth to their profiles and player search. It's getting slower and slower as much as I'm progressing into the save. After 4-5 seasons it becomes unbearable to use. I have SSD where my OS is installed, but it's only 128GB. I'm wondering whether it is worth the hassle to reinstall the game on it.
  14. I have a pretty decent setup, but I always have a slowdown on player search screen, even on older versions. I know clearing cache and removing graphics help this issue, but it is very insignificant and usually it is only temporarly, also I like using the faces mega pack, kits, logos and so on. My question is, do you think if the game and graphics are installed on SSD will help with player search screen functionallity? I don't have any issues with game's general speed, just that player search slow down which bugs me off for years. Thanks.
  15. So everyone in here cleared cache and it didn't help? I frequently have such issues with match jittering and clearing cache always work. Surprised that doesn't help any of you too.
  16. HERE'S THE MAGIC TRICK !!! 1. Navigate to C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 (AppData folder is usually hidden, you should either make hidden folders visible, or you can navigate to it directly through the address bar) 2. Delete the 'Cache' folder 3. Delete the 'Preferences' folder 4. Restart FM20 5. Don't forget to redo your preferences within the game 6. You're welcome
  17. You can do that with the ingame editor, I think. If not, you can change the seat colors using the classic editor, but you must do that before starting a new save.
  18. I removed attributes on FM18. Changed to bars, changed the colors within preferences so that they match skin background color and voila. I don't know how to replace them with dots, but surely a bit of skinning will make it work.
  19. Perhaps bigger teams know how to deal with him and to isolate him from getting a proper chance? Happens all the time IRL and that you win most of the games, simply means your team is able to find opportunities in wider areas. That's not bad at all, at the end only the points matter.
  20. Yep, best advice is to AVOID promises at any cost! Even if that means your players will become unhappy. Usually unhappy players settle down after a good few months. You played your cards badly here.
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