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  1. That's exactly what I need! Can you suggest whether your files can work alongside the Sortitoutsi real name fix, with your files overriding theirs? I want to have your team colors and names but also retain name fixes for other stuff included in the Sortitoutsi fix. Will that work?
  2. Does that include correct club names, especially for the French leagues?
  3. Put 1150 to City while you're at it. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, we trust the people we sleep with. That's the best protection.
  5. I think French Ligue 1. It's fairly easy to finish 2nd, but it is ultimate challenge to win the league for obvious reasons.
  6. In OOTP, there is a hidden coefficient called Talent Change Randomness. Its only purpose is to create unpredictability in player development. However, the effect is not evenly distributed and does not have the same effect for every player. It is still expected that the majority of talents will become top players, but this coefficient makes the difference between a player who is considered to have a potential of 160 to surpass expectations and reach 180, while a player with a potential of 180 to only reach 150. Additionally, although rare, extreme examples can occur, such as the emergence of late bloomers like Vardy or some players who have shown great talent and suddenly decline due to unknown reasons, like Dele for example. All of this is possible and happens completely randomly in OOTP with each loaded save. However, the randomness in potential are not so widely extreme that you can win the Champions League with the original Weymouth team. It is possible for one of their players to develop into a decent Premier League player, but that's the best you can hope for and it is unlikely to happen more than once in 50 different save games you start.
  7. They could really learn from Out of the Park Baseball in this regard. They have a system that not only uses dynamic potential but also dynamic CA. Late bloomers and failed talents are a common occurrence in OOTP. You may witness a world-class superstar who suddenly loses his mojo and transforms into an overpaid veteran. Such things never happen in FM.
  8. I couldn't find an answer to my questions: 1. Will there be a match engine overhaul in addition to the graphics engine? I mean, will there be a difference in how the game plays out and how it responds to user tactics? 2. Will there be an improved transfer system and player interaction, along with UI improvements? All I understood is that there will be a major graphical overhaul, but nothing regarding the game mechanics.
  9. My guess is the WBs are more involved in the possession than FBs are. Especially if you are counting on ball possession and controlling the game rather than sitting back and sulking the pressure that change alone could have killed your system.
  10. Hi guys, can you please help me out? 1. I want attributes analysis octagon to be removed from everywhere it is displayed on the base skin. 2. I would also want to remove the attributes from player profile and to replace them with PROS/CONS. How can I achieve that?
  11. In such cases when you offer to clubs make sure you offer wage contribution.
  12. Can you advise for a string to look at? Using Notepad++ I can search through infinite number of text files.
  13. I know it's a long shot, but is there a way to remove scout's text description about player's CA/PA from everywhere, including the tool tip that appears upon hovering the stars?
  14. Thank you! This skin is a game changer for me. Managed to replace the CA/PA star system with bars that are less predictable, because half stars and unknown potential (white stars) are ignored. bd209b03ed9d8f441902f6df296fc843.png (1920×988) (gyazo.com)
  15. Thank you all. I figured that out. It is the graphic content within 'fm-widgets\graphics\icons\custom\star rating' folder that should be altered.
  16. Hi, I found the graphics but apparently I don't know where to put the edited graphics to replace the default. Can you please help?
  17. I would like to change the default CA/PA stars graphics with something else to make the game more challenging. Any idea how to do it?
  18. Is there a way to remove attribute analysis polygon altogether or at least to make it unreadable if selected/shown somewhere? Is there a way to remove CA/PA stars along with scouts description about player's CA/PA? Thanks.
  19. Hi, I have not tried the skin yet, because I simply have no time for the game at the moment, but I was wondering if Attribute analysis can be changed so that the polygon becomes unpredictable as much as the color system? I mean if you compare two players despite not knowing the attributes you can clearly see who's better. I'm so used to the attributes polygon that I need a quick glance to spot the difference between good and not so good players. If that's not possible, perhaps remove it altogether? Thanks
  20. TBF I would like a feature to turn attributes to 1-10 and make them dynamic.
  21. Try MLS or Australian league. The salary cap, as well as complicated transfer rules definitely make it more challenging. Play with Athletic Club or Chivas Guadalajara.
  22. Yes, but it's definitely not difficult to create successful tactic on FM22. I'm not very familiar with real world tactics, but I created this one myself and I'm tearing leagues with all clubs I tried, Always perform above odds, For anyone interested to have a look:
  23. I don't expect to win matches with defensive mentality, but to protect my lead. I found that Defensive and Very Defensive are inferior at protecting the lead. They are just way too passive and are perhaps useful for the final 5-10 minutes of the match, but holding on for more than that was never a good idea from my experience. I would much rather use cautious mentality and maximum time wasting if I want to see off the match. At the same time Very Attacking was never useful for me. My team just can't keep hold on the ball with this extreme mentality. I can't find the benefit of using Attacking over Positive either.
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