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  1. Haiku

    I`m giving up

    It's about time. Take a brake before getting into FM19.
  2. Haiku

    Stadium architecture

    We all support you, but SI can't replicate stadiums due to licensing issues. That's why each stadium appearance is randomly generated (upon certain criteria) when creating new save game and could happen to look very different from the real one.
  3. Haiku

    Teams with no trophies

    RB Leipzig haven't won anything, except some amateur leagues, but have the potential to win a lot currently.
  4. Haiku

    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    I understand that PA is needed for balance within the database, but certainly that doesn't makes it realistic. Hidden or not, PA is restricting player's development to a specific point, which is wrong. You are encouraging researchers to judge an unpredictable element in football universe. If anyone at Chelsea could guess that Salah will score 40 goals for Liverpool in 2017, and De Bruyne will become the best playmaker in the world, they would never let them go. Do you expect any football fan can do better than Chelsea's top employees? That said on FM15 De Bruyne and Salah are bang average on every single save no matter what. That's the difference between FM and real world. FM lacks that unpredictability and is repetitive, because there are the very same wonderkids who become world beaters in every new save game despite dynamic PA, which is still very restrictive. Someone said FM is realistically simulating the football world to the point when you click 'Continue' for the first time. And it should be like that. No one can simulate the future, so I would rather let the game add that unpredictable moment of some kid at my Angers team becoming the best young striker in 2022 despite the odds, and Moise Kean fail to justify the huge expectations, which in real life is as likely to happen as the other way around. Of course there should be a balance, so we don't have Messis and CR7s all around the world, but I believe PA is hindering the fun to some extent once you get to know the DB and already know who's the cheapest bargain wonderkid who will become a beast in two seasons time and that's guaranteed. At the same time once you've played with your favourite club, you already know who at your academy is going to improve and who won't, so why bother keeping all these existing 16-17 y/o stealing minutes from your 5 star recently born regens in your new save? There's 0% chance that any of them will overcome their defined by PA miserable destiny.
  5. Haiku

    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    Nothing. The game has everything needed to go without PA, but it would require a lot of changes to the formulas which determine player development to make it work properly. It will make the game a lot more realistic and unpredictable. You see, we already have Personalities which are defined by Ambition, Determination, Professionalism and other hidden attributes. We also have training facilities, coaches, tutoring, injuries, level of competition, games played, morale etc etc... All these + CA are the core elements which should realistically determine player development. It doesn't need to be limited to any number. What makes Cristiano Ronaldo great is indeed his personality and strive to improve every single day. You said people can't go better beyond their absolute best. That is not true. There is no limit in sports. You can push further and further and you'll only get better before your body starts to decline at some point which is unpredictable for everyone but generally when you hit 30 you can expect a drop in the physical department, but you can still improve in other areas since you're so much more experienced already. In olympic sports we frequently see new world records. Why is that happening? If you believe everyone has absolute limit, then by assumption there should be absolute limit to humanity and this will mean if Messi is the absolute maximum, then we will never see a better player than him forever. Is Messi the absolute maximum, because currently he has 200PA? Currently he might be, but does it mean there will never be anyone better than him? - Certainly Not! Humanity is advancing rapidly every single day due to many people exceeding their personal best and the absolute best of the people who lived before them.
  6. Haiku

    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    PA is indeed the issue. I don't think dynamic PA will fix anything. I think PA should be removed from FM.
  7. Haiku

    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    What is your absolute best, please describe it with one number?
  8. Haiku

    Has anyone tried...

    I knew we will lose this game.
  9. Haiku

    Has anyone tried...

    It doesn't matter. Employ 3 ST and you'll bang them consistently. AI can't handle three strikers.
  10. Very deep defensive line + defensive full backs + MR/ML supporting wingers and I hardly see a goal from wide cross on both ends of the pitch. Usually low crosses become a thread when you play higher D-line and the opponent counter attacks on speed. When playing with deep D-line, my defenders very rarely will leave space behind them for the opposition striker to move, so is the low cross option not viable. Usually with my deep defending I get long crosses, but my defenders are tall enough to deflect them easily. One thing to be noted - long shots are broken in most part so I'm not worried to defend deep at all.
  11. Best tip: Play with Chelsea
  12. Ok then, let it be. It just doesn't add anything for most players.
  13. If SI are reluctant to add my suggestion as a feature, then I don't see why they will add yours. It's pointless, irrelevant, and has no impact on the game other than just having a few more lines in your fictional biography.
  14. FM is a game that tries to simulate the existing football world prior to the date when you become a manager. Writing a fictional manager's career as an ex player or coach of certain football club is interfering with the history of existing football world, therefore I don't fancy this idea. My suggestion: Make it possible to get in the shoes of any existing football manager. For example I choose Mourinho, so I start the game as Mourinho at Manchester United and I continue to build over his current achievements. Or I can choose currently unemployed ex player who's now looking to make a living as a manager. Sounds cool right?