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  1. Hi, I like your skin a lot, but is there a way to make the sidebar and the top bar appear as they are on the original skin? Also I would like to make the big box under the top bar, which contains the player picture, age, nationality, pros&cons etc. to be colored black just like the other boxes bellow on the darker version of your skin. Can you point me how to do it?
  2. They might have fixed that for wingers, IDK. I haven't played FM since latest update. IFs though are staying narrow no matter what settings I've tried. I guess it's still an issue, because a lot users are still complaining about it.
  3. You can't make it work, it's a ME issue with wide players. Wingers also stay narrow. It's unfortunate, but you'll have to wait for FM20 to be fixed, eventually.
  4. Haiku

    Manage U18 sides

    That might be true about english database, but go check other countries. Even if they have players, what are you going to manage with Chester U18 for example, since their U18 team is not competing in any active U18 league? That applies to all lower leagues teams.
  5. Haiku

    Manage U18 sides

    The problem with managing youth sides is that it will require expanded database. Majority of clubs bar top leagues have little to no players in their youth teams in FM. It's impossible to manage teams without players and being U18 manager you are not allowed to deal with transfers either.
  6. Haiku

    Manage U18 sides

    That sounds more like Head of Youth job rather than U18 manager.
  7. Chivas (CD Guadalajara), the mexican Bilbao.
  8. Temporary manager or not he's the manager at the time of the update and will be until the end of the season at least. Missing from the game is the most unrealistic scenario from all possible. SI should reconsider their decision to not include interim managers, because more often than not they become full time managers in real life.
  9. There are no positives to stay semi-pro. Professional status brings more money through better sponsorship and you can attract better players. At League 2 I would look to bring a lot of players on loan. This way I can easily manage wage budget and there are great prospects from Premiership and Championship that will be interested in joining League 2 sides to gather playing time.
  10. 306 goals in 27 matches!!! That makes 11,3 goals per match. Obviously you are cheating the game and you're worried it's cheating you back?
  11. Remove custom DB files, these usually are the problem.
  12. Of course, but you'll have to start new save in order to have the most recent transfers.
  13. It's very important when you are receiving offers for players you don't want to sell, to set a non-negotiable value of lets say 200m. and click "negotiate", not "suggest". This way clubs will decline bidding and players rarely become upset. It's tricky when you receive a non-negotiable offer and you have no choice, but to reject it right away. Then is the bigger chance the player will become upset. I would talk the player about his value and will suggest the highest he'll accept, then I hope i won't get a non-negotiable offer of that or higher value. If I get lower offer I can easily negotiate to some crazy value and that won't hurt the player. It's disappointing that in this year's version when you agree to sell player for anything above let's say 5m, and you get an offer of 1m + goal clause, league appearances, cup win etc. and the combined value is over 5m you'll upset the player if you decline, although it's not fair, because the player might never activate those clauses and thus the money are not guaranteed.
  14. I'm tempted to take on Falkirk and make them a force, but the posts in here are killing part of my enthusiasm.
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