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  1. Nobody asked for most of the new features introduced throughout the years, but people eventually liked them, got used to them or simply didn't. Not a SI defendant here, but eventually you'll get the idea that being a football manager is less about reading spreadsheets with data and more about socializing. You'll also understand that the physical social aspect is the most difficult part to recreate in a computer simulation, and most certainly it's at least one inch closer to reality having your players around you during team talk instead of looking at a spreadsheet with their names on it. Yes
  2. Why do you think your opinion applies to all? I'm one of many who likes the new UI, and guess what, people who like it don't brag to tell how much they love it. They just enjoy the game, while those who don't like it go and bitch on the forums. And why should SI revert back and ignore those who like the new changes in favor of those who complain?
  3. Interesting. I'm about to try a similar strategy, but with Halfback instead of 3rd defender. I'm unsure how to set up the two center halves with them having excellent mental attributes, but no spectacular technical ability (Christoph Kramer, Nahitan Nandez)
  4. It's not necessarily bad. High number means the keeper is more likely to punch the ball. It's good if your keeper has somewhat bad handling and is shorter in height. Tall goalkeepers with good handling wouldn't need to punch the ball that often as they will catch it more often than not.
  5. I sent you personal message.
  6. Why would you ask here about a problem you have with another site?
  7. Here's proof Hannes Wolf confirms his loan includes a purchase obligation (bulinews.com)
  8. It must be noted that on many accounts, game appear easy, because of poor AI squad management and transfers. Simply put, it's easy for gamers to win back to back promotions from lower leagues due to better acquisition of superior players. Then come the tactics and everything else.
  9. This. It's about football simulation, not football predictions. Brexit or not, I don't believe they will put such a heavy restrictions on the World's greatest football league. There will be some foreign quota for sure, but the Heavy Brexit coded into the game is not possible in my opinion.
  10. I'm raring to start with Borussia Monchengladbach. Nothing too special, just a brand in the German Football that I like. They have a decent squad and play in the CL, but of course there's a lot to do if I want to challenge the giants. Will wait for the release though, because I need to make a few cosmetic changes with the editor first.
  11. Two footed and versatile players eat up a lot of CA. It appears some of Son attributes aren't great on first glance, but his two footedness, versatility and consistency make up for that. In the end of the day upon using him in the right strategy, he's been great performer, and that's what really matters.
  12. Not here to argue your point, but to put some perspective into your lack of understanding. In Bulgaria you can buy 10 family size pizzas for that money. I will buy the game as I always do.
  13. I played FM yesterday and left it running overnight. This morning I found the game unresponsive and just killed it in task manager. Didn't paid attention on memory usage, because I was in a hurry, but now reading this I suspect I might had the same issue.
  14. In many ways simple tactics are more effective than complex ones. The primary reason being simple, means easy to comprehend and execute by most players and secondly simple things are usually tried and proven in the past.
  15. Yep, it's truly a Dice. On my very first youth intake with Bordeaux 3 players came with huge potential. I don't know what their PA value is, but the three become France nationals, not to mention two of them become the best GK and CM in the game. I never had such a good youth intake anymore. Although my club progressed greatly over the next few years, I got the best intake at the start of the game when my staff and recruitment were pretty average. So IMO, luck is the most important factor when it comes to regens.
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