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  1. Valencia CF

    My favorite Spanish club, so much fun playing with them. The financial issues make the fun even greater
  2. Anyone here not rotate their squad?

    It depends. Playing as Everton I don't care about certain players in my first season, but usually by my second or third season I already have 22 players of similar quality, so I don't bother to rotate them heavily. Playing in lower leagues I tend to pick my best eleven every match and I don't hassle to keep my backups. As long as they want to go, I let them go.
  3. in game editor not working

    1. Upon starting new save game using advanced setup, there is an option "Prevent use of the In-Game Editor", that should be TURNED OFF. 2. Also in Preferences - Interface, "Show In-Game Editor in the Menu Bar" should be TURNED ON. If any of these are not done, you won't be able to see and use the editor.
  4. Are you a politician, Dan?
  5. A tent in the pitch

    I don't know what causes this, but I had the exact same bug happened twice very early in this beta testing cycle. I remember it appeared after game updates and clearing cache fixed it right away in both cases.
  6. A tent in the pitch

    Deleting cache usually resolves this.
  7. So sad about all that happened to Metalurg Donetsk.
  8. I would suggest 2 CM on attack duty, defensive midfielder, wingers on support, advanced forward and fb's on attack. Look for overlap, higher closing down, normal d-line, short passes, pass into space, tackle harder. Always sub your DM after he gets yellow card, immediately!
  9. Try Spanish only career with Valencia. In other words get rid of all non Spanish players and build a team of Spaniards only. Sounds cool and a little less restrictive than Bilbao career. Sell Zaza and bring back Alcacer in mid season or end of the season, Barca will let him go for cheap. Also I would sign Deulofeu. Hey you can apply the same rule with your staff - only Spaniards! It gets even more exiting. I'm doing exactly the same with my OL team and French only.
  10. I found it's best if you employ two goalkeepers with similar quality, one on First Team status, and the second on Backup and then play the first one in league games, and the second in cups and european competitions. For example I got Predrag Rajkovic as a backup to Pickford in my Everton save, and both are happy. And the third keeper is always on loan , someone I don't give a **** about. No recall and can't terminate loan options if you don't want your loanies to moan about not playing.
  11. Stadium building

    Nope, it's not fun to me. It's a good idea for separate game called "Stadium Architect Pro" though.
  12. Please hide the numbers

    Yeah, someone told me to set alpha values of attributes' colors to 1 and they will disappear. It works.
  13. Two striker formations are also overpowered, but not so much as 3 strikers. Using one is best if you want to edge the game.
  14. I tend to play with one striker, because with 3 strikers it is like cheating the game. It's a massive flaw that multi striker tactics are so overpowered and that kills the fun for me.