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  1. General trainings(S1) as well as other training groups(S2) are set on different days in each week, to make sure all training groups are covered between the matches in this 6 week period. I still do some minor changes according to the matches if I want to train something specific. Players are developing fine. The training regime is not heavy, so usually there are fewer injuries than normal. I also use these training intensities which I think are important to the development: -click here-
  2. I made myself a 6-week training plan which covers most trainings. My players never complain about trainings ever since.
  3. Just make sure you have good players available for the second team. Although it doesn't seem obvious, they still "play" games in the background and best teams get promoted to playable league. At least that's the case with my BMG II team, who got promoted to 3.Liga the following season. It might take a couple more seasons though. Depends how far down the pyramid your second team plays at the start of your save.
  4. Set the highest possible asking price value for the player without transfer listing him. This usually deters clubs from making an offer unless they can match the asking price. Offer contracts to players when the interest in them has cooled off. Wanted players tend to seek better salary.
  5. Yeah, all on installments. I'm 100 million in transfer debt, but Bundesliga is rich and the club seems to handle these expences well. I've generated enough cash throgh sales though.
  6. https://prnt.sc/xif6sx https://prnt.sc/xif82i It wasn't that difficult. First transfer window is crusial as one can pull of some great deals. BMG are generating enough money so I didn't fear to get in debt. For the second season I managed to complete the deals early in June, before the window has opened. That way it's like having a first pick on most players because AI clubs seem less active. Having set my system I knew exactly who I want. Didn't miss anyone, but the striker Darwin Nunes who went for City. Anyway, Patson Daka seems like a good alternative.
  7. I have a save with BMG. Won the league and reached the semi-finals of CL in my first season. Managed to bring too much quality in my team, and I fear it will become boring soon. https://prnt.sc/xdsdjk
  8. I'm thinking about increasing the reputation of all playable leagues and cups in South and North America proportionally by 10% to15%. The idea behind is to make them more competitive, being able to attract better players and to be able to retain good players more easily and to not sell them for cheap to European sides. Will that change alone will live up to my expectations? Could that create any negative knock-on effects?
  9. Hey, I'm not an expert with MLS rules, but I think you're wrong here. As seen in your video, the player you want to register is on Senior Minimum contract and is non-homeground. You already have 4 registered non-reserve and non-homegroun off-budget players, so he can't be registered as such and his salary counts towards the cap. When you clear the roster he can be registered because the quota is empty.
  10. Does it have something to do with Injured players? In the tool tip injured players are excluded from the salary cap, perhaps on the Registration sheet they are not exempt?
  11. Have you tried after the patch we received yesterday?
  12. One notable issue I have is club vision that in my opinion is not relevant with MLS. If you win the league or come close to winning it, the board expects from you to win it every season from now on. It's just not how this competition works. It is highly competitive and balanced due to the specific rules. I think board expectations shouldn't go much further than reaching the playoffs, which essentially is a challenge to win the cup. Also winning the cup is not the same experience as winning a regular European football league. Playoffs have cup rules, which means you can miss out with one bad da
  13. Could any of you please check whether the issues discussed earlier in this thread are addressed with the latest update? I just don't have the time to check it myself right now, thanks!
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