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  1. I know it's very early into the season, so the squad might need gelling, but I'm really concerned because I've lost my opening two games in League Europa. So my problems are I can't create enough good chances although my squad have some excellent players. I'm not too bad in Bundesliga, but I expect my team to play better. Every match so far was a drab match. The defense is not too leaky although I could improve that area too, but as long as my team learns to control the game, create more chances and score more goals than the opposition, I won't worry too much about my defending. Any help would be appreciated. https://prnt.sc/mkjm5i https://prnt.sc/mkjccr
  2. I don't think anyone will score 1000 goals. You have to make all players 17 years old and to retire in their respective clubs not early than 37. That would make 20 seasons in which one must score 50 goals at least in every one of them. On top of that strikers are not as profillic as they were on earlier FM versions. Closest to that target, I believe, will be players in competitions of very low quality, where their ability will make bigger impact.
  3. Your experiment will fail. First of all, players in lower ranked competitions will score most goals in their first season and then will be bought by top clubs in top competitions. No one will score 1000 goals, that's 50 goals for 20 consecutive seasons, nobody will last that long within FM. Also Messi and Ronaldo never score that many goals in FM as they do in real life.
  4. You can't chose which kit teams will use, but it's not manager's decision anyway. What you can do however is use the ingame editor to change colors of Ranger's kits so that every part of their kit is blue - shirt, shorts, socks. And then change Celtic's shorts and socks to white. Then add your custom kits inside your graphics folder and make sure to allow using licensed kits within ingame editor. This way Rangers and Celtics kits will never clash and their home kits will always be used whenever they meet. Also I use this method if I don't want my team to change shorts and socks colors. For example I'm playing with Everton and their original kit is blue shirt and white shorts and socks. When facing Real Madrid away for example, my kit shorts and socks will turn blue, because they clash with Real's shorts and socks. But if I change the colors of Everton home kit within the ingame editor to all blue and my custom kit (which is the original with white shorts and socks) is installed within the graphics folder, then the game will show my full custom kit with white shorts and socks, because the game reads the ingame kit, which is all blue and thinks there's no need to change, because there's no clash and the corresponding custom kit with white shorts and socks will show up in 3D. It's just a simple, yet very effective trick I found.
  5. You know what Altinordu means? It's Golden Army, pretty cool name
  6. (1) Absolutely agree with every word. I said keep trying, not just try. It's statistical proven that out of 10 newly started businesses, 1 will be successful and 9 will fail. Successful people keep trying things before they find a niche. Of course business skills play a huge role in who will become successful and who won't, but still virtually every millionaire who created an empire from scratch had a rough time at the beginning, it's just that they didn't gave up. (2) True (3)Agree, patterns appear. Mathematically speaking, It's still valid that to get 10 consecutive heads/tails from 10 throws, not just 10 consecutive from undefined number of throws is just 0,1% chance for heads and 0,1% chance for tails. That means if 1000 people throw a coin 10 times it is expected that two will make 10 heads/tails. Though, it is probability and not a fixed value, so results will differ, but shouldn't be far off that percentage.
  7. What is wrong? What I'm saying is if you throw a coin 10 times, the chances not to hit a tail at least once is so small that it's very much less than 0,1%. It's simple math if you multiply all 10 throws on 50/50 chance and you'll get that number. It's calculating probability using 5th grade math. I don't get what you're arguing here? Of course there are patterns, but if you throw 10000 times you'll probably have a serie of 10 consecutive heads/tails only once if any. Here's a graph on 5 throws, I'm just too bored to make it for 10: P.S. actually if you throw 10000 times you have greater chance than I initially thought, because you're not dividing 10x10 throws and your serie may start from 5th to 15th shot, which gives you much more flexibility and chances grow significantly. Unfortunately I can not calculate in this case. BUT if you make 1000 x 10 throws, you can expect a serie of 10 tails only once.
  8. Yeah, I acknowledge match results are not predetermined. At least we should give credit to OP's dedication to replay a single match 63 times.
  9. It's not. It's like flipping a coin, getting heads, then you put it in your pocket, then you bring it out again, flip it, get heads, put it back in the pocket, repeat 63 times. Does putting the coin in the pocket erases your memory of flipping it before that? Does putting it in the pocket will make you flip heads 63 times in a row? The OP is expressing concerns that the outcome is decided before the game is played. If the game is not biased (I'm not saying it is!), how reloading and getting the same result 61 times is helping arguing his statement? We can't reload life, but if we could surely there will be greater variety of outcomes, because people are unpredictable and will take different decisions in identical situations, that's the main thing that distinguishes us from the machines. Also, I guess the OP have tried different formations, tactics and players during all these 63 replays, so there's the human factor, the outcomes must be different too.
  10. Gambling is placing bets on very small chance of winning,. If people with gambling issues really do the math and understand the probability theory, they wouldn't do it. Yes you will get that 21 points on Black Jack in one of hundred games, and indeed you will inevitably win this game, but will that cover all your previous and further losses? **** no. I explained the ultimate roulette wheel winning strategy which is banned from all casinos and you'll be kicked out if you dare to try it. Here it is again: Game 1: Placing 1$ on RED, comes out BLACK, total loss: 1$ Game 2: Placing 2$ on RED, comes out BLACK, total loss: 2+1=3$ Game 3: Placing 4$ on RED, comes out BLACK, total loss 4+3=7$ Game 4: Placing 8$ on RED, comes out BLACK, total loss 8+7=15$ Game 5: Placing 16$ on RED, comes out BLACK, total loss 16+15=31$ Game 6: Placing 32$ on RED, comes out RED, You WIN 32$ on top of your 32$ bet, total loss = 31$, balance 32-31=1$ earned. Game 7: Placing 1$ on RED.... and so on. The idea is that if you have 512$ cash you have a 99,9% chance to win good money over continuous playing using this strategy based on probability. But again, casinos will not allow you to play like that.
  11. We are talking about apples and bananas. I get it is 50/50 to flip a coin and not giving a **** about previous flips. I was answering this: Yeah, when you reach that 11th try it's already 50/50 only, but in the context of the previous 10 times it is 100-(0,5^11x100) = 99.95% chance you will hit a tail before your 12th try. It's 17th century mathematics invented by Pascal and his theory of probability. Replaying and losing 63 matches is crazy, but not as much as flipping 11 heads in a row, because in FM as in football is not all about luck.
  12. Well if you are to flip a coin for the first time in your life, well then the chances are 50,01:49.99 of hitting the heads, because most coins have a heavier tail. But nothing in life is an individual incident. You've heard the formula of success? - Keep trying and you inevitably will succeed.
  13. That is generally false understanding of probability. If you flip a coin 10 times and all 10 are heads, the odds for the 11th time to be tails are 99.951%. The incidents are always linked, ask Blaise Pascal. The lad replayed 63 times and lost all of them. The chances of anyone else replaying the same match and losing 63 are slimmer than winning the jackpot of the lottery. BUT football is not all about probability. We must consider the quality of players, tactics etc. so the chances of losing 63 times in a row improves a lot. There is a great example of cheating the roulette using probability, by playing either red or black and doubling your bet every time you lose. This way you can't lose in a long run, as long as you have deep pockets and can double your bet in an unfortunate strike of misses. Of course this method was restricted by imposing roof on the bets.
  14. What the hell!? Did I read correctly, you have replayed a single match 63 times? If so, one day you'll be a millionaire my friend!
  15. Is there a way to exclude players with dual citizenship from my search results? I would like to search for native French players, who are solely French and don't have second nationality. I just don't want those having second nationality to show up in my search results.
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