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    My greatest passion is watching football and playing FM. Very often doing both at the same time :)


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    Football, Architecture, 3D Design

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  1. I haven't but it's worth trying.
  2. Yep, no problem, as long as your HOYD is Bernhard Peters-like.
  3. Haiku

    Show your skin... and inspire

    Will you share it, please?
  4. Haiku

    transfer preferences

    Increase scouting range, thank me later.
  5. I find them boring too, but I keep doing them myself. I even don't read the questions, just the first few words and quick look at the answers I know what to choose.
  6. Haiku

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    I've started with Edinburgh City. They are playing on Ainslie Park and apparently they are moving back to Ainslie Park in 2020. Just googled it, it appears they should move back to Meadowbank Stadium. I'm not familiar with Scottish leagues, but certainly looks like a db bug?
  7. Haiku

    Start any day?

    No, unfortunately he won't be able to do this with any editor.
  8. Haiku

    Manager photo

    I'm confused. There are thousands of licensed pictures of players and staff, not to mention the thousands user can add by third party facepacks. Still the only real person who has a bad looking 3D face in the game is the player himself. Yet I'm not able to recognize myself in the portret shot let alone during a match. Unless SI plans to follow the FIFA example, by modeling every person in 3D, which I doubt will happen in the foreseeable future, then it makes no sense that we are forced to look at a 3d model of our heads that's not corresponding to the way how real people are presented in the game.
  9. Haiku

    Anyone see the regens yet?

    I'm disabling regen faces once again this year. This is not acceptable by any standards in 2018, just awful.
  10. Great work. Congrats!
  11. I'm on 3770k and 32 RAM. Processing speed is fast and furious.
  12. Haiku

    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    Wow, that's a great tip. I bet if that doesn't help, then don't play FM will do?
  13. Haiku

    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    I don't know their PA, because I never use in-game editor and 3rd party tools. I just know from previous save games that De Ligt, Moise Kean etc. always develop into beasts.