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  1. I've checked on my end. I'm in my second season and Kevin Kampl and Riyad Mahrez while both are out on loan played for Slovenia and Algeria respectfully.
  2. Also watch out when you are selling players of high regard. Look at club's hierarchy. Players usually respond negatively to selling important players more often than selling fringe players. It's wise to let your highly reputable aging players to run down their contracts rather than selling them while they have not expressed desire to leave. Also sending them out on loan until the reminder of their contracts will take them off the wage budget if that's your concern with no negative impact whatsoever.
  3. You have an option to say: I'm perfectly happy wi In this scenario I would use the "I'm perfectly happy with the balance of the squad." sentence. If the player argues, you can tell him to **** off and wait a few months for him to settle down.
  4. Players in FM never get upset when someone leaves by his request. All these real life examples you mentioned are indeed players who wanted to leave.
  5. Any chance sending it to anyone interested? I like it as it is right now to be honest.
  6. Looks great, mate. Very clean and nice. Do you plan sharing the skin?
  7. Hi, I like your skin a lot, but is there a way to make the sidebar and the top bar appear as they are on the original skin? Also I would like to make the big box under the top bar, which contains the player picture, age, nationality, pros&cons etc. to be colored black just like the other boxes bellow on the darker version of your skin. Can you point me how to do it?
  8. They might have fixed that for wingers, IDK. I haven't played FM since latest update. IFs though are staying narrow no matter what settings I've tried. I guess it's still an issue, because a lot users are still complaining about it.
  9. You can't make it work, it's a ME issue with wide players. Wingers also stay narrow. It's unfortunate, but you'll have to wait for FM20 to be fixed, eventually.
  10. Haiku

    Manage U18 sides

    That might be true about english database, but go check other countries. Even if they have players, what are you going to manage with Chester U18 for example, since their U18 team is not competing in any active U18 league? That applies to all lower leagues teams.
  11. Haiku

    Manage U18 sides

    The problem with managing youth sides is that it will require expanded database. Majority of clubs bar top leagues have little to no players in their youth teams in FM. It's impossible to manage teams without players and being U18 manager you are not allowed to deal with transfers either.
  12. Haiku

    Manage U18 sides

    That sounds more like Head of Youth job rather than U18 manager.
  13. Chivas (CD Guadalajara), the mexican Bilbao.
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