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  1. To find the translation ID for determination I’d try this: bluestilidie posted this a while back: You can find translation IDs by looking in example.rtf in C:\Users\Tom\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\languages Search for "Landmarks", you'll get "KEY-320441: Landmarks[COMMENT - manager table screen; view option text for league/cup and award wins]" The Six Digits are you translation IDs - Once I’d found the ID I would add this code between the age and personality records, mirroring what’s already there: <record alignment="le
  2. The game won’t let you play in a stadium that doesn’t meet the requirements. You may have to play at Norwich for a bit longer to upgrade your new stadium to meet requirements. Or it might all just get done when the stadium is completed. Either way, at some point you’ll have a stadium that is fit for purpose. Do you know the expandable capacity for your new home?
  3. So after a lot more messing around with this I’m still non the wiser. The game is not happy with this particular ID on this screen. I’ve changed the layout of the widget in every way I know, and it’s the same deal. It’ll be read by the game after reloading the skin if I’m on the squad page but any movement off the page and the widget is not read anymore. The container is being read, I tested by colouring it, just not the widget. I could accept it if the game never showed the widget, that would definitely point to the code not being accepted by the panel. But the fact it DOES show, a
  4. Haven't come across this before and I'm a bit stumped. I have got the squad personality widget to appear on the squad page as I'd like it, but whenever I click off the screen and then back again the widget has gone. It will only reappear when i reload the skin and only if i am actually on the squad page after reloading. Here is the specific code: And the whole "team squad" panel is attached. Could someone point me in the right direction as to what is causing this? Many thanks. team squad.xml
  5. I’m not completely sure this is my skin related. This also happens for me on the base skins. I have no idea why. If you go to the clubs page you can apply for the job that way.
  6. I'm suggesting the game has the tools to go someway to making of it what you will.
  7. I've personally made a ton of restrictions this year to make the game more challenging, as is our choice. It's helped a bit, but the AI will always be the AI unfortunately. Tactics I continue to experiement and have good fun with. I've limited myself with transfers in the sense that I only have what my scouts bring me. Not actually a restriction at all. It is impossible for the game to cater for everyone. Which is why SI continue to allow us to create our own version of it.
  8. True. Although seeing as the game has always been designed this way, why would SI include these 'time consuming options to implement' as vanilla? They WANT us to create our OWN versions of the game.
  9. The game has always had the ability to be modded and skinned. It also has vast amounts of options that the user can impose on themselves. I don’t see SI wanting to add “difficulty” options when the very active community can do it for them, leaving them to concentrate on the HUGE amount of other elements that make up the game. A more challenging and dynamic option for AI settings would be welcomed by me however, as that is simply something none of us can alter at present. Although the complexity of this wish strikes me as being something highly unlikely to be implemented any time soon.
  10. UPDATE: SKIN V2.0.1 CHANGELOG: Apologies this update is so close to the last but there is one change in here that I wanted to get out asap. No numbered opinions from scout reports! Removed numbers from scout reports Tweaked "human profile" and "non player profile" panels for bigger picture, extra info and club badge Added club badge to "player profile" top bar Added image of referee checking monitor to VAR popup panel in match Removed "hidden attribute" dropdown option from player views and shortlist views in scouting centre Full changelog and not
  11. I am not sure regarding the actual default skin. I have always used other skins that go into documents/si/fm21/skins. (Create a folder called skins if you don’t have one) If you want the default skin, but a copy of it you can edit, then the base skins (found on this forum) would be a good bet. The matchday mod (match folder) would go into documents/si/fm21/skins/*your skin*/panels and then my altered file would overwrite the file already in the panels/match folder. Hope this helps.
  12. As far as I’m aware 3 is the max at any given time. I’ve never seen/had more than 3 anyway.
  13. The point is that the game IS too easy for some of us, and the thread is merely a suggestion of what can be done to make it less so. If you enjoy downloading tactics off the net, reloading games, using and abusing the search functions, collecting 5 star potential wonderkids etc etc, that’s totally cool. But if you do these things and THEN say the game is too easy ... it will be rightly pointed out that these are the reasons.
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