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  1. Unfortunately, although FM is a brilliant base, I’ve found the only way to make a save realistic is to self regulate your decisions. Is totally fine, as long as you have will power
  2. It’s to do with your team leaders. Get team leaders with good determination and personalities and it’ll turn around.
  3. Sound in FM has been, and still is, woefully bad. ‘Play without sound’ is literally the first box I tick with any new version of the game. Is a real pity because sound is incredibly immersive.
  4. Is he getting loads of game time? Some players grow more than others. His hidden attributes might be coming into play in some way too. I’d also give it a year before making a more solid judgement. How old is he?
  5. Define important. It’s just showing you that there could be problems with space. Places where the opposition could exploit your tactic. I’ve had plenty of tactics that show multiple red and orange squares but on the whole my philosophy proves stronger than the weaknesses the tactic screen suggests to me. Basically, if your tactic is working as you want you can pretty much ignore the colours in the squares.
  6. Simple answer is yes. Look anywhere on this forum and you’ll find gazillions of opinions the same as yours. More detailed answer involves playing around with your tactics to mitigate this issue.
  7. Um... this should really have formed a rivalry, no?
  8. I think Everton are exploring a whole new stadium in reality. Might be something hard coded in, that has no information in game. Or a bug.
  9. Does anyone else notice after some answers their pc hang for a split second? My theory is the AI altering something for the next match, based on what I’ve said. Nearly always negatively. Ha. As soon as I answer a question and I get a split second hang (extremely rarely now as I’ve worked out which questions to “no comment”) I’m immediately thinking “oh oh”. Is quite amusing seeing the AI process user input, albeit a little disconcerting.
  10. Yeah I found the side bar constantly changing colour really over powering. Like watching a rainbow explode Settled on just one colour (black) and it works well for me. Glad you sorted it.
  11. Press conferences are definitely something I’ve been banging on about needing an improvement for a very long time. I understand there is only so much that can be done, as they’re linked to the AI, and just how much variety is there in an actual press conference? It’s no coincidence that most real managers look bored out of their brains half the time. And in fairness there are slight differences this year. I think the AI is slightly better at working out where you are in a season, club issues, that reporters will ask you about. But overall the whole experience is a little stale. We don’t need 5 answers for every question. The questions could be more varied. Often questions in real press conferences aren’t even about football! More variety here is most definitely needed. Even just changing the wording about a bit, even though it’s the same question, sentiment and link to how the AI treats you, would go a long way to shaking it up.
  12. I settled on what I’d hoped to achieve which is getting the bar to stay as a fixed colour throughout. I did this by replacing the “dark accent” from the red replacement line to a static colour. Deleting the id=colb did what you want for me. (Can’t remember if I deleted this as well as changing the red replacement colour). If you don’t have that id (colb not colm) I’m not sure what to do.
  13. Yep. Have made changes to the vision also. As my rep grows, so do my chances of making changes. And in fairness, Spurs do have a buy young British policy in reality. Maybe not as restrictive as in the game. But it does exist.
  14. Def worth a try. You could also actually send him on loan too. Often I’ve found that can reset other clubs interest. Might be able to buy you a little more time.
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