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  1. This is literally MY client object browser + a couple of additions … Whatever …
  2. The code points to images. Follow the path to where the image is placed and put in a simple grey background image in that folder. Create that folder in your skin if you don’t have it already. The string path bit of the code should be easy to spot. Call the image file whatever you want. Then in the code in the client object browser change the name of the file to the name of the grey background image you’ve just created. Go through all of the code under personal changes and change all of the instances of a named image file to your new grey background name. Edit* As a side note. I can’t remember all the changes I’ve made to my client object browser. Some changes might not be what you’re after. I would suggest you look at your own client object browser and compare it to mine, and perhaps just add the code (in the correct place - important!) you need from mine to yours. Generally the code blocks you’re after, if you don’t want to see 3d backgrounds, will be the block in “personal changes” - or whatever I called it.
  3. Definitely make it complicated if you don’t want it plagiarised 😁 Totally agree with your points about boosting each others work. There is a core here that is very strong with this philosophy. Can see this becoming the dominant culture.
  4. TLDR: A lot of waffle as the topic is complex. A lot of code is generic and can really only work in one particular way. But often code can be configured in such a way that is totally unique or placed in areas of the game previously not thought about by clever work arounds. As an example, and correct me if I’m wrong but @GIMN’s pizza chart is almost completely his own making. He has taken code given by the game, arranged it for his purpose and added his own graphics. It is unique. A pizza chart simply doesn’t exist in the game without his idea. Many other regular skinners who share their work have countless similar instances of item uniqueness. More so recently than ever before. The code may be absolute, its configuration is absolutely not, and some of the work arounds required to get certain information showing in certain sections is often ingenious and remarkable. Those ideas came from someone. They deserve to be credited. For the most part there is nothing you can do about people using your work once you have decided to share it. Personally I get satisfaction from sharing an idea and watching the community run with it. If I don’t want an idea to be used by others I simply don’t share it. The original skinner’s great idea eventually gets lost as more and more people use and adapt that idea, but rest assured. If you’re a skinner who is coming up with new ideas, us fellow skinners remember. Punters will never care, and skinners that blatantly use these ideas without permission or crediting will often be spotted. There is no reward in ripping off someone else’s idea without crediting them. My question is why do we share our work? Vanity? Helpfulness? Pride? To make the game better for us all? All of the above? Everyone is different but I’d imagine the vast majority of us just want some recognition for the work we’ve created. I think crediting should be mandatory. Just a simple list on the mod page, or a text file within the skin, or labelled folder structure, or a tag at the top of the panel code. Or some or all of the above. You’d get more respect and a greater sense of self worth for crediting someone else’s work than you would for knowingly passing off their work as your own. Perhaps it is the duty of all of us, especially those of us who are experienced and active, to pay attention to full skin releases and if we spot instances of blatant idea stealing, without crediting, we can flag it. Not sure that won’t create problems, it’s often hard to spot plagiarism, but it might help in creating a culture where we acknowledge and respect each others work. But generally, I’m lost on this topic. I can’t see any definitive answers. Partly why I don’t intend to release a full skin again anytime soon. It’s all a bit too stressful.
  5. Ivan Toney is still in the game, through a ban. Adrian Mutu was still in the game, for a whopping ban. Multiple, countless others. This doesn’t make sense.
  6. Are you the same nationality as the club you’re managing? What is your reputation? Your background? Your attributes? My guess is all or some of these will have an impact on players “moaning”. Give it a few seasons, start to create your own team, not one you’ve inherited, get the players to “appreciate your position as manager” etc and my guess is this will settle down.
  7. It’s been ages since I was actively skinning but what bit does the file player/player scout reports small control? I have vague recollections about being stumped by something like this and vaguely remember that it was actually controlled by another file. Of course, could be completely wrong …
  8. It’s in the skin’s settings file I believe. Can’t remember off the top of my head which one, but one of the colour choices in this file controls the colour for player highlight for the squad screen. From memory. Sorry, not super helpful, but gives you something to look at.
  9. Depends what you’re planning to do, but yes. I’ve edited the section meta data panel. From memory though, any edits to this panel require you to reboot the game for changes to take effect I believe, not just the clear cache, reload skin route, as with normal editing of panels.
  10. I’ve completely changed this section on my custom skin, so was not aware this was an issue. Unfortunately, without looking into it, I am not able to resolve this for you. I don’t have the time at the moment to actively “skin”, but if that changes, and I work out what’s happening here, I’ll let you know.
  11. Not looked into it (I’m not even sure if the draw screens use 3d backgrounds) but a lot of screens backgrounds can be changed by adding code to the panel that holds the information itself. I’ve done this method a fair bit with match panels. You basically add a picture widget to the top of the panel’s code, that underlays (background) the rest of the panels code. Alternatively, if the screen uses an actual image (graphic) for the background, which could be the case for the draw screens, you can find the graphics location and then change the image.
  12. I left those as they are as I wasn’t offended by them.
  13. The ID's for ALL screens that show 3d backgrounds can be found in my client object browser file attached. I literally do not see 3d backgrounds anywhere anymore The level of immersion is immense as you can find real life images for changing rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms etc. Of course, you'll need to change the images (6 in total i believe) everytime you manage a different club. But it's well worth it. This is how i play anyway. Enjoy. client object browser.xml
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