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  1. Maybe SI see the light and wanted rid of current and potential ability stars altogether but thought it might upset too many people to do it in one fell swoop? 😁😉
  2. I didn’t reply before because I’m not sure I can help. I don’t recognise “last match report” as being in my skin. Not as a selector panel on the Manager Home Screen anyway. I’m not sure if you can tell the game to focus on specific pages, other than in preferences where you get a choice of landing pages. You could probably add code to the manager profile that includes the world map. Find the code in the staff panels and have a play around I guess. Sorry can’t help more and good luck.
  3. I don’t know the code specifically, without looking at the file, but look for lines that say colour=“primary” or colour=“secondary” and change primary and/or secondary to “white” or “whatever colour you want”.
  4. I belive I just left it as default. If you want to have a play around with changing it open settings/NoStars+Attributes21 settings and scroll down to <!-- Profile attribute colours -->. Change the rgb numbers in this line - <colour name="unknown attribute background" value="rgb(32,33,35)"/> I haven't tested it but this should change the background colour of unscouted attributes.
  5. Unfortunately, as it stands at the moment, I'm not in a position to adapt the skin for this resolution, or multiple resolutions. Apologies. If anyone else wants to take on the task I give full permission.
  6. I'm sure it's possible but I haven't looked into it. If I get a chance I'll try and have a look for you but other commitments are keeping me away from skinning atm unfortunately.
  7. Sorry It's taken a while ... If you're still interested ... This widget controls the paper (the team sheet graphic) ... <widget class="picture" id="shet" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" file="boxes/custom/match/team sheet/paper" red_replacement="white"> </widget> Have a play around in some image editing software to get the right size image for your space. Just above this widget in the code is the "test_screen_size_attachment" code. Have a play around with: <integer id="true_value" value="434" /> <integer id="false_value" value="434" /> In your case, as you seem to have a wide screen layout, it'll be the bottom of the 3 blocks: <record> <flags id="alignment" value="vertical" /> <integer id="min_value" value="869" /> <integer id="max_value" value="10000" /> <symbol id="set_property" value="width" /> <integer id="true_value" value="434" /> <integer id="false_value" value="434" /> </record> To change the transparency of the containers look for: <container class="main_transparent_box" red_replacement="background" colour="title" width="225" transparency="0.3"> or similar, and either change the transparency (1.0 is less transparent, 0.1 is practically see through) OR change the container class to somthing else (main_box, plain_box etc) to see how different classes look. Hope this helps.
  8. It’s very unique! I quite like it. I like how sparse it is and how you’ve separated the team sheets. The issue with both these panels is that often you can only really have duplicate info on them. I like this for the lack of that.
  9. Off the top of my head I believe I’ve added paper overlays to all of these containers and added transparency code too. Either find the paper (panels/graphics) and replace with a stronger opacity paper and/or adjust the transparency level in the code. 1 is no transparency, 0.1 is practically see through. As for the lining up of the team sheet all I can say is that it’s a royal pain in the butt. It’s all linked to your screen resolution, which I notice is higher than my default. Play around with the blocks of code that point to height and/or width. You’ll also want to edit the actual graphic of the team sheet. When I’m next able to get at my pc I’ll have a look at the files to give a slightly more precise answer!
  10. I can’t remember off the top of my head editing comparisons. Could you show a full screen shot so I get more of an idea exactly where this info is? It’ll be in the tactics folder if I’ve edited that section.
  11. Or just ditch the vanilla interface and use this amazing mod instead:
  12. The red isn’t glitchy mate. It’s a specific file in a folder you have that holds your mini stadium photos. Have you downloaded a stadium pack? Look in documents/si/fm21 graphics. I believe you should have a folder in there that has mini stadium images and this red default image will be in there. I’m fairly sure this red image doesn’t ship with the vanilla game. But yes, you can edit the panel to remove stadium photos too, if you prefer.
  13. The red shading is a graphic file. It’s the default picture in your stadium pack that shows when there is no stadium picture present. If you had the correct stadium picture for where the fixture is being played at then you would see that stadium’s picture in that space. Can’t remember off the top of my head but the file that controls this panel is called “fixtures” or “fixture something” I believe and from memory I think it’s in the panels/match folder. I could be wrong but when I’m next on my pc I can find it specifically, if no one else jumps in
  14. Glad you like it Pretty much all credit for these panels must go to @a31632 though. The inspiration came from his panels and although the layout is my own a large portion of how to get a lot of this to work has come directly from his advice and expertise. I’m so happy for his help because, like you, I love these panels. So much more interesting and useful than vanilla
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