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  1. You’re probably playing on a different resolution to me. I play on 1920x1080. You’ll need to drag one of the panels below the picture up a bit to get it looking right. The download not working is possibly some antivirus software you have running. Give it permission for siforums if you can I guess. Having the code on other panels probably won’t help you as your screen real estate seems pretty small.
  2. You should be able to move the lines vertically also. There should also be more than just 2 boxes to play with, as standard. Can’t remember of top of head, but 6? 8? Panels in total? In your screenshot there seem to only be 2.
  3. Just download the attached file from the OP and put it in the panels/match folder. Overwrite when promted. If you’re still not see images read through this thread for the solution, it’ll be here
  4. Really glad you’re enjoying it I’m not too sure how a message could happen. I usually update it once a month, and as it’s a new skin, one that I’m working on from scratch, there have been more updates to it than I would have wished for. I’m getting to a point where there will probably only be one more update to it, bar any glaring fixes that need doing. Plus it’s July and there isn’t long left for this version! I’m hopeful of continuing the skin for FM22 and hopefully, as the skin is taking a full shape I’m happy with, there will be fewer updates next version, as more of the c
  5. **INSTANT RESULT BUTTON OPTION** Ok. Seeing as I have had a few requests for an "Instant Result" button, and seeing as nearly all custom skins seem to have this option, all appearing to share the same code, here is my version. As with most custom skins it is on the "team selection" screen just before a match. To Install: Add "match confirmation panel" and "match title bar popup" to panels/match folder. Replace "team squad tactics panel" in panels/team. I will be including this function in future updates to the skin, unless anyone (fellow skinners) have any ob
  6. Glad you're enjoying it 1) The eligibility widget is designed for registration purposes, at a glance. For nationality and current club I have added widgets/pictures to the top bar of the player panel. I have no idea how to "edit" the eligibility tab to get what you want. You'd have to remove it completely and re-design the container it is in. i won't be able to assist with this i'm afraid. Look at "player overview panel" in panels/player. Find the code for eligibility, it'll point to another file (eligibility logo) and have a play around. 2) Remove transparency="0.99" appearance=
  7. Whilst I don’t agree with the tone of your post the idea of seeing some reaction to your answers in a press conference with the board, fans, squad is a very good idea. Perhaps a container or three on the screen that has some dynamic code. Morale, dressing room atmosphere, a notch up or down concerning manager performance with visions and expectations etc for the board. At the moment there is a disconnect between the conference and the club. The only info we get is what the journo’s think to the meeting. Not as important as to what the fans think, or the board, or the squad. New
  8. CHANGELOG: V.2.2 Highlights: Added a custom "pre match briefing panel" Added nation button to player icons on tactic screen and realigned to look better when screen is collapsed Added custom pitch graphics pretty much everywhere Added "opinion of you" and league logo to "player personal details panel" Added nationality, 2nd nationality and place of birth to top left of "player personal details panel" Added new widget to "player overview small selector panel". "Player Status" Added division logo, button and club logo to "team squad" screen Re
  9. The match screens mod hasn’t been designed for FM21 only. It’s been around for quite a few years I believe. The argument of “it should just be brilliant straight out of the box” doesn’t really apply to FM imo. It being a game that has always been designed to be modded. People all want different things. The simpler SI make it, the easier it is to mod it as we wish. Don’t be afraid to try it. The match screens mod is quite simply superb. As are many mods to be found in the skinning hideout and elsewhere. You don’t even have to build a mod yourself. There is a very active and talen
  10. The settings file found in the settings folder usually controls all the default colours of a skin.
  11. I just added the code above in the spoiler to the bottom of the “sidebar menu table” found in panels/generic. From memory. I removed it due to the irritation of the above
  12. In the attributes container? Yes. I’d imagine it would be feasible. Without knowing, I’d probably look at adding the appearance to all the entries in “person properties” to start with, or perhaps to the attributes panel file itself. Personally I have reservations in adding colour behind the words, mainly because the “highlight colour” when looking at key attributes for a certain position could get muddy or even lost. *Edit: Having just had a quick look I’m not entirely sure of how to go about this, without looking a lot deeper into it. If there is a skin out there that does
  13. You should be able to customise the stats you see in the left hand panel during a match, to show woodwork hits, clear cut chances etc. If not then have a look at getting the “match screens mod”, if you haven’t already, which has loads of information, and you can definitely customise the left panel to show those stats.
  14. Multiple files, as multiple files create the screens you see. Say you want a background image to only show on the main player overview screen, you would want to find “player overview panel” found in panels/player. Or the main screen when hitting club info - panels/club/club overview. Because every panel is different each panel will require slightly different arrangement and coding. The above examples of code will work on a lot of panels but not necessarily all. You need to have a play around, find the right file for the right screen you want to edit, but as a rule, yes, place t
  15. Probably already worked this out but you need to put a player in every position. In your example you haven’t selected a GK.
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