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  1. Personally, if you’ve got targets, I’d spend it! Don’t trust your board not to just pocket it ...
  2. I agree board decisions are and can be a bit odd sometimes. However I have to say that I enjoy the differences between the boards. Playing a journeyman save I have now experienced around 7-8 boards and they are all different. I had a nightmare at Valencia because they blocked pretty much all and everything I wanted to do. Such a non ambitious board! Villa however went above and beyond with my suggestions and wishes. As did Napoli. Is a bit luck of the draw.
  3. There is no cancel, unfortunately. However, if they said it would be cancelled if relegated then I’m guessing when the seasons tick over you’ll still be at your current club and it will indeed be cancelled. Have you got to that point yet? Maybe on the day you are supposed to sign the game will give you the option to cancel then.
  4. Are you saying At.Madrid are rubbish of FM when they shouldn’t be? They’ve shared the spoils with mostly Barca and a little Real Madrid on my current 16 year save. Barca have won it 9 times, At.Madrid 4 and Real 3. At. Madrid have also won the champs league 3 times in the 16 years. I’m currently managing Valencia and we’re looking to break the dominance! Juve have continued to be by far the most dominant team in Italy with only Inter occasionally ruining their mojo and in Germany Bayern have fallen right off the perch. League has been dominated by Dortmund and Schalke. But this is al
  5. You’re moaning about something plausible. Whats not true about sometimes a dominant team in reality is also dominant in FM and also sometimes not!? Every save is different. Haven’t we already deciphered this? Liverpool being dominant for a few seasons in FM is quite honestly the least important or interesting thing we could be discussing about this version of FM.
  6. That a dominant team in reality would be dominant on FM ... Liverpool have every chance of dominating in reality. The fact they did in game isn’t hard to fathom. Like Barcelona in game a few years back, for me and probably many others. Just because it didn’t happen for you doesn’t mean it’s not possible or common. Liverpool didn’t dominate for me in the first few seasons of this years version of FM. I’m still playing the one save since start. I’m sure if I started a new save they would still not dominate. Then another save and they would dominate. See what I’m getting at? Liverpool are a
  7. They also won everything on FM at the the start of a save a few versions back (xavi/iniesta years) ... you know ... when they were dominant ... Its not that hard to fathom ...
  8. Really!? They’ve won everything the last 5 years in my game. 2035. Valverde has just retired.
  9. Technically they ARE the best team in the world atm in reality. It’s not that hard to believe they’d go on to dominate everything. Like Barca a few years ago?
  10. Dodgy tactics COMBINED with team make up AND management result in wonky ME. WHEN all the stars are aligned you get to see the ME responding much much better. But it’s only when. For the most, vast majority of my journeyman save (16 seasons) I have seen all the gripes about the ME. Regularly. However when you get it right the vast majority of “issues” do and can go away. At least for a while. And it’s like a black art this year. Often there is no discernible reason why it all starts to click. (Perhaps like in reality?) But I have seen both a good representation from the ME and also a very
  11. Halaand had just won the Ballon Dor for me aged 31. He was in the form of his very successful career then a week later he tore his hamstring and was out for 3-4 months. He literally collapsed during that period and when he came back he was a shadow of his former self. Aged 32 he was sold to Metz for peanuts. He had a great career, as you’d expect, and even though he probably only had a couple more years in him the demise of such a great due to injury was sad to see.
  12. All I can add is that I’m forever equally confused by the Serie A non eu rules. They’re so needlessly complicated. Of course, there are factual answers to how it all works, but personally I find it so convoluted that I just avoid signing non eu as much as possible, and/or simply keep my fingers crossed if I think I’ve got a chance of it all working out. I’ve given up trying to work it all out.
  13. Therefore every CM/FM that has ever been released has a broken ME?
  14. That’s odd. It’s a little more infrequent in the championship in my experience, but not 10 games! Are you mid table?
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