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  1. With such experience maybe you could highlight ways the game can be improved?
  2. Haha. Yep. It’s everywhere! Inbox panels are particularly troublesome because you don’t know it’s there until you play through a season (even more), and there’s lots of them!
  3. I’m not sure which panel you’re talking about but as Michael said, all the panels for the recruitment meetings start with “recruitment” in the human folder.
  4. Have there been international tournaments recently? It can take a whole season after a tournament I’ve found for players to not be permanently jaded, even with proper management. As as been mentioned, either give them a 2 week holiday circuit breaker, or rest them as and when as much as possible, but expect their jadedness to remain until they get a proper holiday.
  5. That panel is particularly tricky. Part of it is hardcoded.
  6. Absolutely. As I said, I feel morale played the bigger role here. First game after patch I got what has been referred to in the past as “FM’d”. Battered my opponent and lost to a punt over the top. I then continued to be “FM’d” for 5 more games. I’ve never seen so many goals ruled out for offside. Posts being hit, pens being missed. Made a tweak, 10 game win streak. Before the patch I’d gone 8 unbeaten. Just an observation, for those that feel, rightly or wrongly, that their tactic turned to **** at the exact moment the patch dropped. Just have to manage it.
  7. In my first season at Arbroath I had a winger who had literally never played RW only RB and a bit of RM. He was 26. I wanted to play with RW/LW so just started playing him there. He was my best player all season, he won player of the season, he became a team leader, 2nd top scorer and top assist maker. Was beautiful. Around Feb/March he became a natural in the position. At 26! It surprised me greatly. I never worry too much about roles and positions. If they perform well of course, or at least show signs of progressing. What I found funny with this particular player was that he moane
  8. I’ve had to alter my tactic a little since 2.3. Dropped my defensive line a little. Now we’re kicking **** again. I guess I could have let my 6 game losing streak continue, thinking, this is insane, my tactic and players were amazing before the patch, what’s going on? Or I could try and manage the situation. I’m just ashamed it took me 6 games tbh. It’s been said before, but morale in this version is THE super power.
  9. Yes. Always. And space out the rest of it to match everything else in your folders. SI downloads always have this weird renaming thing.
  10. It all boils down to personal choice. If you want absolutes then the game provides this for you. If you’d rather something more realistic/challenging/interesting/vague then not having absolutes, but rather an approximation, is appropriately managed through no attribute skins. Not having stars either further adds to this concept, and personally I love it. Has totally rejuvenated the game, for me, and is more akin to what I would consider “realistic”.
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