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  1. I didn’t reply before because I’m not sure I can help. I don’t recognise “last match report” as being in my skin. Not as a selector panel on the Manager Home Screen anyway. I’m not sure if you can tell the game to focus on specific pages, other than in preferences where you get a choice of landing pages. You could probably add code to the manager profile that includes the world map. Find the code in the staff panels and have a play around I guess. Sorry can’t help more and good luck.
  2. I don’t know the code specifically, without looking at the file, but look for lines that say colour=“primary” or colour=“secondary” and change primary and/or secondary to “white” or “whatever colour you want”.
  3. I belive I just left it as default. If you want to have a play around with changing it open settings/NoStars+Attributes21 settings and scroll down to <!-- Profile attribute colours -->. Change the rgb numbers in this line - <colour name="unknown attribute background" value="rgb(32,33,35)"/> I haven't tested it but this should change the background colour of unscouted attributes.
  4. Unfortunately, as it stands at the moment, I'm not in a position to adapt the skin for this resolution, or multiple resolutions. Apologies. If anyone else wants to take on the task I give full permission.
  5. I'm sure it's possible but I haven't looked into it. If I get a chance I'll try and have a look for you but other commitments are keeping me away from skinning atm unfortunately.
  6. Sorry It's taken a while ... If you're still interested ... This widget controls the paper (the team sheet graphic) ... <widget class="picture" id="shet" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true" file="boxes/custom/match/team sheet/paper" red_replacement="white"> </widget> Have a play around in some image editing software to get the right size image for your space. Just above this widget in the code is the "test_screen_size_attachment" code. Have a play around with: <integer id="true_value" value="434" /> <integer id="false_value" value="434" /> In your case, as you seem to have a wide screen layout, it'll be the bottom of the 3 blocks: <record> <flags id="alignment" value="vertical" /> <integer id="min_value" value="869" /> <integer id="max_value" value="10000" /> <symbol id="set_property" value="width" /> <integer id="true_value" value="434" /> <integer id="false_value" value="434" /> </record> To change the transparency of the containers look for: <container class="main_transparent_box" red_replacement="background" colour="title" width="225" transparency="0.3"> or similar, and either change the transparency (1.0 is less transparent, 0.1 is practically see through) OR change the container class to somthing else (main_box, plain_box etc) to see how different classes look. Hope this helps.
  7. It’s very unique! I quite like it. I like how sparse it is and how you’ve separated the team sheets. The issue with both these panels is that often you can only really have duplicate info on them. I like this for the lack of that.
  8. Off the top of my head I believe I’ve added paper overlays to all of these containers and added transparency code too. Either find the paper (panels/graphics) and replace with a stronger opacity paper and/or adjust the transparency level in the code. 1 is no transparency, 0.1 is practically see through. As for the lining up of the team sheet all I can say is that it’s a royal pain in the butt. It’s all linked to your screen resolution, which I notice is higher than my default. Play around with the blocks of code that point to height and/or width. You’ll also want to edit the actual graphic of the team sheet. When I’m next able to get at my pc I’ll have a look at the files to give a slightly more precise answer!
  9. I can’t remember off the top of my head editing comparisons. Could you show a full screen shot so I get more of an idea exactly where this info is? It’ll be in the tactics folder if I’ve edited that section.
  10. Or just ditch the vanilla interface and use this amazing mod instead:
  11. The red isn’t glitchy mate. It’s a specific file in a folder you have that holds your mini stadium photos. Have you downloaded a stadium pack? Look in documents/si/fm21 graphics. I believe you should have a folder in there that has mini stadium images and this red default image will be in there. I’m fairly sure this red image doesn’t ship with the vanilla game. But yes, you can edit the panel to remove stadium photos too, if you prefer.
  12. The red shading is a graphic file. It’s the default picture in your stadium pack that shows when there is no stadium picture present. If you had the correct stadium picture for where the fixture is being played at then you would see that stadium’s picture in that space. Can’t remember off the top of my head but the file that controls this panel is called “fixtures” or “fixture something” I believe and from memory I think it’s in the panels/match folder. I could be wrong but when I’m next on my pc I can find it specifically, if no one else jumps in
  13. Glad you like it Pretty much all credit for these panels must go to @a31632 though. The inspiration came from his panels and although the layout is my own a large portion of how to get a lot of this to work has come directly from his advice and expertise. I’m so happy for his help because, like you, I love these panels. So much more interesting and useful than vanilla
  14. You’re probably playing on a different resolution to me. I play on 1920x1080. You’ll need to drag one of the panels below the picture up a bit to get it looking right. The download not working is possibly some antivirus software you have running. Give it permission for siforums if you can I guess. Having the code on other panels probably won’t help you as your screen real estate seems pretty small.
  15. You should be able to move the lines vertically also. There should also be more than just 2 boxes to play with, as standard. Can’t remember of top of head, but 6? 8? Panels in total? In your screenshot there seem to only be 2.
  16. Just download the attached file from the OP and put it in the panels/match folder. Overwrite when promted. If you’re still not see images read through this thread for the solution, it’ll be here
  17. Really glad you’re enjoying it I’m not too sure how a message could happen. I usually update it once a month, and as it’s a new skin, one that I’m working on from scratch, there have been more updates to it than I would have wished for. I’m getting to a point where there will probably only be one more update to it, bar any glaring fixes that need doing. Plus it’s July and there isn’t long left for this version! I’m hopeful of continuing the skin for FM22 and hopefully, as the skin is taking a full shape I’m happy with, there will be fewer updates next version, as more of the concepts have already been taken care of, and I can release a fuller skin straight away, rather than the drip feed this version has been
  18. **INSTANT RESULT BUTTON OPTION** Ok. Seeing as I have had a few requests for an "Instant Result" button, and seeing as nearly all custom skins seem to have this option, all appearing to share the same code, here is my version. As with most custom skins it is on the "team selection" screen just before a match. To Install: Add "match confirmation panel" and "match title bar popup" to panels/match folder. Replace "team squad tactics panel" in panels/team. I will be including this function in future updates to the skin, unless anyone (fellow skinners) have any objections. match confirmation panel.xml team squad tactics panel.xml match title bar popup.xml
  19. Glad you're enjoying it 1) The eligibility widget is designed for registration purposes, at a glance. For nationality and current club I have added widgets/pictures to the top bar of the player panel. I have no idea how to "edit" the eligibility tab to get what you want. You'd have to remove it completely and re-design the container it is in. i won't be able to assist with this i'm afraid. Look at "player overview panel" in panels/player. Find the code for eligibility, it'll point to another file (eligibility logo) and have a play around. 2) Remove transparency="0.99" appearance="boxes/custom/home/paper" from the first container in 'tactics with embedded section tabs panel' from panels/match folder. Alternatively, If you're happy for the alignment to go back to being a box in the middle of the screen, rather than filling the whole space, you can safely just remove the whole file. 3) I'd noticed this myself! Included are two files that fix the issue. Add them both into panels/club. Overwrite when promted. They will be included in future updates to the skin. 4) Still no plans for instant result to be included in the skin I'm afraid. **Edit** I've changed my mind. See post below. club overview panel.xml club overview starting xi.xml
  20. Whilst I don’t agree with the tone of your post the idea of seeing some reaction to your answers in a press conference with the board, fans, squad is a very good idea. Perhaps a container or three on the screen that has some dynamic code. Morale, dressing room atmosphere, a notch up or down concerning manager performance with visions and expectations etc for the board. At the moment there is a disconnect between the conference and the club. The only info we get is what the journo’s think to the meeting. Not as important as to what the fans think, or the board, or the squad. New player signings has a dynamic widget for the player in question. To expand on this for ALL conferences would be a good start to making them less stale, imo.
  21. CHANGELOG: V.2.2 Highlights: Added a custom "pre match briefing panel" Added nation button to player icons on tactic screen and realigned to look better when screen is collapsed Added custom pitch graphics pretty much everywhere Added "opinion of you" and league logo to "player personal details panel" Added nationality, 2nd nationality and place of birth to top left of "player personal details panel" Added new widget to "player overview small selector panel". "Player Status" Added division logo, button and club logo to "team squad" screen Removed green backgrounds and containers throughout for more aesthetic flow Lots of other tweaks Please view "Read Me" included in the download for full list of changes
  22. The match screens mod hasn’t been designed for FM21 only. It’s been around for quite a few years I believe. The argument of “it should just be brilliant straight out of the box” doesn’t really apply to FM imo. It being a game that has always been designed to be modded. People all want different things. The simpler SI make it, the easier it is to mod it as we wish. Don’t be afraid to try it. The match screens mod is quite simply superb. As are many mods to be found in the skinning hideout and elsewhere. You don’t even have to build a mod yourself. There is a very active and talented community that will do it all for you. ”It shouldn’t need a mod” is missing the point of the design of FM.
  23. The settings file found in the settings folder usually controls all the default colours of a skin.
  24. I just added the code above in the spoiler to the bottom of the “sidebar menu table” found in panels/generic. From memory. I removed it due to the irritation of the above
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