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  1. Oh yeah... Is the "suitability" of the role meainingless? Do players receive a penalty to their stats? I guess the same question if you play a player out of their designated positions? How does the game penalise you?
  2. Lol... I missed out on all of those versions... that said it does not seem to be that much different from FM2014... But I am appreciating the graphical improvments. And the players moan a lot more. But I can still go to the transfers screen on a nations homepage, and scout the complete list of intakes... Still cant believe the hours I used to spend manually trawling through each club individually to scout the kids. Its just the tactics I find confusing... There is a lot of feedback which I dont understand. I can appreciate the level of detail, but it does feel a little overwhelming.
  3. But would they get any unfair advantage, or "ai bonuses"... Or is the playing field level... so to speak?
  4. I have recently upgraded from FM2014... It felt the right time after over 100 seasons or so... So I thought I would play a trial season in fm2019 to work out the way the tactics now work, get a feel for transfers and all the other new features, before going back to start again for real. I play with Liverpool, and was actually quite surprised how much the inbuilt engine matched gegenpress matched Liverpools general play... except for one major point... Id get 30 shots and score once... the Defence was not too bad though, so I felt that I just needed to fiddle a bit... (I think I ended up "overfiddling" but hey...) To make sure morale was not an issue, I would reload losses, and just let my assisant play (while I took a mini trip to Barca for the weekend, obviously on a scounting mission... on the beach), and in every game he managed, we spanked the opposition using a standard looking 4-4-2. So obviously I thought... Ill try that with the 4-4-2, but try as I might, I cant scrape more than a goal or two a game, and my defence is really leaky. This makes me think perhaps the assistant get some kind boost, or some kind of super 4-4-2 tactic? I think I want to head back to my custom 433 gegenpress, and work out why nobody can shoot straight, but I was wondering about the assistant manager mechanics... IS he automatically spotting the best formation for my team, or is that a complete red herring... Cheers in advance!
  5. Hang on. I am confused. Are you saying that is a workaround, or only for a new game. If I started a new game, an I import data from my save and start in 2040?
  6. Oh well, its no big deal. Shame I did not know about that on FMRTE. So the advanced editor *IS* a pregame editor. Not sure why I thought otherwise... I cant imagine they would update FM2014 now anyway. Thanks for the reply. My ultimate request would be to be able to use a save from a previous version when the latest FM comes out. Cant see them doing that either Cheers mate!
  7. I apologise for my stupidity, as I have seen multiple threads asking a similar questions, but I am pulling my hair our trying to work out exactly what to do, or if it is even possible… I have reached 2039 in FM2014, and felt like shaking things up a bit by updating the TV and Prize money in the EPL. FMRTE does not seem to allow this, and the in game editor is a bit naff. The Database editor seems like it may be the thing, But I always thought that it was a pregame editor. Indeed all of the questions asked on various forums seem to indicate starting a new league. But… I am sure hundreds of years ago I updated the German teams on a previous FM after I had started the league (it was a while ago, and I am getting old, so I may have dreamt it). This forum sort of explains how to do it on the welsh league: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-editing-discussion/123100-how-change-prize-money.html I wasn’t clear if that was for a new game or an existing game. I am sure there must be another step to upload it into an existing game, using and XMl file or some such thing. I have found that when you first “Add Nation Rules it allow you to specify the year”, so there must be a way to do it? So basically if you can confirm if it is possible using the method above, or point me in the direction of an explanation. Obviously if anyone knows of any other workaround or editor, I would be very happy to hear it. I have tried to give it (the editor) a quick fiddle, but it looks like it could take a lot of time to set up, as the prize money is staggered, and the tv money is a flat fee, and per game shown, and I do not want to spend ages setting up the tables only to realise it will not work anyway. Cheers in advance!
  8. I have wasted an hour, and probably £4 on the FM2014 IGE I only wanted to edit the sponsors and ticket prices, which I thought this editor would allow. Am I wrong, if not how the hell do I edit them? All I seem to be able to do club-wise are the four tabs under edit club details. Which basically allows me to edit my cash and stadium. And that's it.
  9. I created a new club, and started it off in the 2nd division in England, and gave them a massive stadium and a truck load of cash. After a couple of years in the PL, I noticed something weird happen. I only noticed it after the fact because my predicted income and expenditure suddenly spiked by £600m. When I tried to work out what had happened, it seems as though we had taken out a loan for £600m (when our cash was positive), and then spent it on something. Could not work out what though, as I think it was classed as "other". Can anyone tell me what happened here as I am left with a £600m loan to pay off with not a lot of cash? Its like the owners secured a loan against the club and then transferred the cash elsewhere.
  10. I have many players unhappy with the low intensity workout, how do I increase this level, and can it be increased on an individual level, or is it across the whole team?
  11. Right. I could not work out how to find the youth screen, and was getting confused because I could see u21 coaches and thought that there was no youth training. Makes sense now. What I was not sure about is if 5 stars is the same for training 10 players and 50 players. If there any benefit to having more than one coach working in an area, or is it a case of getting one coach with 5 stars, and that's it?
  12. Hello The next in my regular series of "Don't know what I am doing" since my upgrade from FM2009... I have started my second season, and am keen to add back in some training, which until now I have left to my assistant. Now, I know there are several elements to training, so I will stick to the familiar bits of the coaches being allocated to areas of training. This seems very similar to FM2009, only there is no separation between youth and senior sides, all the coaches pile onto a single screen. This has confused me as there are very specific coaches for u21 and youth teams. 1. Does this make the "rating" completely meaningless? IF I have a 5* youth coach, how does this help train my senior players? Have you got to try and recruit a set of coaches for each age group, and try to work out in your head if there is a trainer for each area, or am I missing the point? 2. Another question, most of my players seem to be on low intensity training and are unhappy about it. I have no idea if there is a simple "Increase intensity" button anywhere. 3. I think I understand individual training, unless anyone has some specific tip, I think I am okay here. 4. The other part of training is how everything is scheduled on the calendar. I have found this slightly impenetrable, being totally new. Presumably there is some way to automate it so you do not have to set the training for every day in the year. Is there some way to influence where you are concentrating? I have seen that the matchday training gives you a temporary slight boost to your stats for one match only, presumably training on other days takes longer but is permanent? Cheers
  13. Here is another situation which has thrown me since my FM2009 days Lucas Levia got sent of for what I think was described as a "vicious foul" and got a three match ban. I issued him a one week fine and he got awfully upset. Apparently I made the matter worse by not apologising. The annoying thing is he is actually a decent player for me. I may have to flog him off in the summer, but I am not clear on when or why I should be issuing fines. I may have made a mistake when I gave Sturridge a warning earlier in the season for a 3 match ban. But as it was the first one of my career, I thought I would go easy for the first one, but am now worried that I set a bad precedent. In FM2009 players could get a little unhappy if you did not have some level of discipline. But even if you did end up upsetting them, they seemed to forget about it in a few months if you are topping the league. I have just had a third sending off in the FA Cup quarters, and I am not sure how to proceed Jose Enrique is probably going to be replaced, as left back is a weak spot, but I don't want my title run in to be disrupted by two unhappy players. Cheers
  14. Awesome! Since the days of Championship Manager, I have always named my second manager Biggus Dickus. My wife thinks I am sad, but at least I know now I am not alone in the world In thinking its still really funny, as well as making a unique sounding Italian name. And thanks for your comments... All of you. Most of that I would probably never have guessed for a couple of seasons at least. Thats all really helpful with a lot of things for me to think about. ONe question does come to mind straight away. How do loyalty payments work? And is ffp made to work within the scope of the game, or does it actually calculate player amortisation like inthe real world? Cheers guys!
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