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  1. not the latest since the update, but @majesticeternity has been really good about quick turnarounds for his updates, so it shouldn't be too long before it's ready.
  2. Let's face it; FM has a lot of clicking. I get around the mundanity of a lot of it via the "continue game timeout" (CGT from here on) function set to "instant," which is fantastic at speeding up my seasons, and with some simple tweaking it could be better. By allowing the user to select events they find require action, this will empower the feature to work more at the will of the user. For example, say I want my CGT to stop when I get a major injury, or at my weekly training report, or the day BEFORE match kickoff rather than the current, very limited number of events which stop the game from continuing. This way, the user is more in control of the weekly game flow while also allowing the important stuff to not slip through the cracks. Even setting it to stop on specific days would be helpful. Perhaps an option to CGT until every WEDNESDAY or something similar.
  3. This is a huge thing for me. As I'm sure many of you are away, I am really reliant on my analysis and stats for my gameplay, so when my assistant tells me what we need to consider closing down X player and I look at why, he's saying that because of CORNER KICKS. So, not only is my assistant wrong but so is the advice.
  4. because this release has been received poorly by a lot of people without much in the way of improvement of months-long problems that it has left many of us on here to just shelve FM21. hope this helps!
  5. If not for any other reason, SI should note that us speculating about FM22 in the feedback thread says all you can really say about how poor FM21 has been.
  6. Yes, but should it require customers like ourselves to discover some of these issues? Besides the analysis menus being broken, the key tackles and per90 stats come to mind: Those problems are obvious within an hour of playing the game in Beta, yet the full fat release still comes with all those problems and it took them until the March patch to fix! Sure, crowdsource your development to us with things like “how’s the match engine play, do set pieces work well, how’s the press conferences logic, etc.” not core elements of the game like stats and analysis (something SI market the game on).
  7. I really hope someone from SI addresses the concerns of us players in the thread because honestly their lack of action on this stuff has only added to everyone’s frustration. It really feels like we are being mistreated and left in limbo because we can’t fully commit to playing the game without these issues being addressed. At the very least, knowing the issues WON’T be fixed would give me a place to start and commit to a long term save in spite of the glaring issues. Instead, I can’t even commit to a long term save because who knows what SI will decide to fix and leave broken with each patch. The game’s release was delayed, so here’s to hoping that means we might get lucky and they might have one more patch coming, but without any official word all we can do is speculate and go on being frustrated with our purchase. The complete lack of updates and action from OFFICIAL SI reps on this forum only furthers to sow the discontent between customers and company. If you want people to not speculate, maybe give us some REAL information.
  8. That's great, I appreciate fully your suggestion and I'm glad it works for you, perhaps I will look into using it in lieu of properly functioning data analytics. However, I am not satisfied with settling on workarounds and would prefer to have the metrics visually represented in the data analytics screens. And this does not solve the overall issue of heatmaps as there really is not a method of working your way around that. Again, I appreciate the workaround!
  9. Please post a reply to @John Wood in the bugs thread about this, he is a QA staffer kind enough to engage with us in that thread:
  10. Sure. I guess that's fair. However, I would not have anticipated a core element of the game (analysis and stats) to be broken for four months, which is why I say I am hesitant about a future purchase.
  11. Sure, but the issue is that even if there are issues in the demo, there are no guarantees they'll be cleared up, no matter how obvious.
  12. Nope! You have to use the bogus xG they implemented without much care for anything else. They've completely screwed everything else in stats and analysis just to be able to give you a meaningless statistic that means absolutely nothing as presented in game. Who needs heat maps, passing networks, P/90 stats, and all that fancy stuff? It's pretty obvious the goal for this release was get xG in over anything else and because of that we've all been left to bear the brunt of this while still paying full price but we won't be offered anything in return for our patience. Instead, the mods will come on here and pooh-pooh frustrated players for expressing their frustrations rather than just coming out and saying upfront what has been going on. It is truly ridiculous, the release of the game was delayed a whole month and these issues were obvious in the beta and now we're knocking on the door of March with literally NO ONE offering any sort of update. Truly makes me think twice about FM22.
  13. Bugs relating to xG should just be the title of this thread, good lord.
  14. that is all I ask for, just an update. I would respect the more straightforward answer of "we had some unintended consequences of overhauling the stats engine and unfortunately, we just cannot fix it" instead of them saying it's on their radar or whatever. I'm not trying to disparage anyone, so please do not misinterpret my frustration as accusation, but I do think criticism is warranted with this.
  15. Unless SI come out and say that there will be one final update with these problems addressed, I don't foresee this getting fixed. But hey, at least we have useless xG!
  16. This is not correct, you cannot access dugout information from the touchline tablet.
  17. I just want to add-on to this point, I retrained Denis Rodriguez as a RWB at Newell's Old Boys by training him in that position and then exclusively playing him there for most of the season. At some point, he ended up a natural. So it just takes time and effort.
  18. Tactics menu > In transition > [third menu on the right] has those options, you can select either to a group or specific position but your instructions will limit your options (e.g. can't take long kicks to the centerbacks; can't roll it out to taget man)
  19. This is pretty anecdotal, but in FM20 I was managing Newell's Old Boys who have a similar prolific youth setup as Velez. I had a player, Ramiro Sordo, who started the season with U-19s, but I moved him with our first team training units and had Maxi Rodriguez mentor him. By the 2022-23 season, he was the catalyst to our success. I dug up some old screenshots, but couldn't find any that displayed this overall development. However, he developed past his star rating when the save started and while I can't prove it, I believe that had to do with his exposure to first team training from the start.
  20. this is great, I've been looking for an enganche tactic to be able to explore the role more
  21. If you want to play on the counter, I would lower your LOE back to standard. While you did not provide us with too much information regarding your thoughts behind the tactic, I did see you want to feature Leon Bailey's runs, so maybe tick 'dribble more' TI to see more direct running from your outfield players. I would maybe drop the CF to an AF since CF will look to roam a lot more and may take away from Bailey in attack. But all things considered, this seems like a fine tactic on paper.
  22. If you're playing attacking football and opt to waste time, does this lead to higher possession? will this impact anything other than literally wasting time off the clock, such as frustrating the opposition or stifling their rhythm?
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