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  1. Maybe, but if they have the same good personality, or more specifically - my youngster already has a good personality, I wouldn't feel the need to tutor him with someone else of the same personality.
  2. Yes it can, which is why it's important to choose a good tutor with a better personality than the tutee.
  3. Yes, that's what Herne was saying.
  4. need more examples

    As stated in the thread - SI are getting conversion rates close to real life. If you have something different, they'll take a look at your save.
  5. Your original account was temporarily banned and alias accounts aren't allowed.
  6. Can't tell you much other than I scout, scout, scout and then scout some more. Regions and competitions, including youth competitions.
  7. If you're talking about "the best players in the world" and "25y" players, don't post about youngsters increasing by only 2 points. Don't post links to posts talking about players between 15 and 19. The two aren't the same? Edit: I'm saying don't put your own silly limitations to what Barside said. He said it can improve a lot. That will obviously depend on how players are used and to more than a limited time frame.
  8. If we are, your posted "evidence" was off. Your link was about youngsters.
  9. Apart from watching, no you can't.
  10. You aren't arguing the same thing though. You've shown in that experiment that it didn't increase, but that doesn't mean that it can't. How the AI managers use youngsters could be the cause.
  11. There will be. You just need to find them.
  12. Well, who else was supposed to help out with the scoring here and how? Winger stays wide, playmaker... makes plays and AMC in the hole.
  13. As someone who doesn't use that list at all - scouting assignments, scout reports on opposition teams, match days and news items.