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  1. I always use one example to help people to start thinking about this and the layers that can be involved. Picture your tactic as a 4-2-3-1. I'll be focusing on the 2 holding midfielders, the AMC and the ST, but of course there can be many variations. Imagine you're playing against a straightforward 4-4-2. There's fairly little space between the lines, but you have the ball in midfield. Now, your 2 holding midfielders are sitting and holding position and possession, with the ball. That draws the 2 MCs forward toward them, which opens a bit of space between the lines for your AMC. Once the AMC receives the ball, that now leaves one of the DCs to close down the AMC, which leaves a gap in the D-Line. It also leaves your ST (who has space to charge into, behind that DC) 1 v 1 with the other DC. --- It's a simple example and maybe even a bit outdated since that's one of the aspects of what initially made the 4231 so dangerous, particularly when it was introduced in England. That's why the 41221 (451) was introduced so that there is a DMC to specifically be there against the AMC. As Rashidi says, you'll find a lot of teams employing a DMC or 2x DM formations these days, so variations had to be introduced. This is where strikers can start pulling wide or dropping deep for an AMC to burst forward. Imagine you have that same 4-2-3-1 formation, but with a support striker and an attack duty AMC, for instance, against a DM and 2x DC. Immediately, the AMC is out of the question as he is marked. But, your striker starts to drop deep, leaving his marker, and receives the ball. That forces a DC forward. Now your attack duty AMC (or even an IF, but I'm trying not to involve too many positions) can burst forward in that gap the DC just left. --- There are many, many, many more possibilities. Hopefully the simple examples can help you get you to start thinking of more combinations and variations.
  2. These things aren't scripted in, if that's what you mean. If they're having a good run, they're having a good run and almost always for a reason.
  3. The main bugs forum page there is the following heading: Please bear in mind you need to post your issue in the relevant Sub-Forum, you cannot create a thread in this main forum area. League specific issues already has all the threads users should be posting in and which are monitored by the staff dedicated to that league/country. You should be able to create a new topic in the crashes section?
  4. You've had specific answers by SI here, regarding Heading : Then you created a thread ranting about training (and heading again?) here: Then you had the same rant about dribbling and heading (again) with the same answers as before. To sum up, you have had answers from users, mods and SI (who consult real life professional coaches on this) on why things like dribbling, heading etc cannot be trained as an individual. In case it isn't clear though: Individual training has moved in a more realistic direction. Complimentary attributes are now grouped together, where it would be impossible to train one without influencing the other. Some attributes are no longer available under individual training. This is because it is not realistic to be able to train these on a one-on-one basis. They are included in the team and unit training sessions however. Goalkeepers have no Individual > Additional Focus. Instead they have their own bespoke training sessions available in the schedule. Explanation on some of the attributes that are no longer available for individual training: Crossing - this is more dead-ball crossing, so Free Kicks and Corners. Open-play crossing is prevalent in quite a few of the team/unit training sessions. Dribbling - dribbling around cones in isolation isn't reflective of actual in-match dribbling and not something that is done in reality to improve dribbling. Tackling - this isn't the lack of another player to tackle but rather that tackling is something of an innate ability and not a skill that is directly improved with individual work. It is more a player's positioning, marking, decision making etc. that is worked on and improved one-on-one. If there are further questions, feel free to ask here:
  5. Wait, this isn't what you claimed in the OP. You said you sold A (one) midfielder and bought TWO. Now you're saying you sold two and bought two. We now have different stories about the same event. What actually happened and in what sequence? If you sold a single midfielder, you then get the complaint and bought two midfielders, that sounds like an issue. If you bought 2 midfielders, but then sold a midfielder and get the complaint, that doesn't sound like an issue. So when did you sell the players, when was the complaint and when did you buy the other players? In general, much like @FrazT, I stay away from making promises. I'm the manager - let me manage. I only make promises (in the lower league or not) when I'm forced to, which is almost never.
  6. 4 stars for what? CA? PA? What did you promise? That you'd strengthen the midfield? That you'd bring in someone better than the player you sold? Or something else? Appreciate you're frustrated, but it's really difficult to offer much (even if it's just to agree it's buggy) when there's limited info. On the other hand, you can always provide as much info as possible with a save from before the chat about you breaking your promise, post it in the bugs forum and let SI check it out.
  7. Cut out the bickering. It's really getting tiresome.
  8. You can still do it. Select Attacking Free Kicks and/or Attacking Corners under Set Pieces and it'll be trained ahead of that match.
  9. This. That's all you need to do. It's not even difficult to "get right" for the most part. There are little things that we might miss at first, but that comes with either asking on the forum or checking in-game and learning through experience. ------------------------ If you have an assistant manager, especially if he has a decent Motivating attribute, check how he/she would handle it. Most of us know that praising a win and criticising a loss etc. or what I call the basics. Where it gets a little more complicated is when you add context. It's nice to praise your Man City team for beating Watford 5 - 0 away from home. Do they still deserve praise for only beating lowly Huddersfield 1 - 0 when you're playing at home too? On the other hand, if you're Watford, playing at home and you get whipped by Man City 5 - 0, criticism is justified. If you're lowly Huddersfield, you managed to go to their home and "only" lose 1 - 0, that's not a bad result. If you're a team on a winning run and confidence is high, it's perfectly fine to demand another win with your pre-match talk. If you're on a losing run and morale is rock bottom, demanding a win when there's no confidence anyway, might be a bad idea. ------------- If you really want to get into it more, check out the assistant manager's team talk feedback screen from the last match. It tells you how players reacted, as well as insight from the assistant as to what effect your talk had. You can get great insights from him/her. Things like praising a team at the end of the match when they had superb morale and "looking very confident" ends up being "seemed to let it go to his head" or "lost focus" or something to that effect. Or criticising a team at half time for "only" being 1 - 0 instead of winning easily already. You will see especially the more professional guys "seemed determined to respond" or "appreciated the critical feedback". You can check out "Why all the fuss about team talks" here for some extra reading, for instance: CCC4.pdf In it, I try and give the complete opposite of what's expected and find out that even if you get it spectacularly wrong, it's not the end of the world in terms of results or player reactions. It does depend on their personalities though, as I explain there.
  10. You mentioned that your squad became a lot better than the current squad. Now your minimum requirement is that the potential needs to be definitely (in your scout's opinion) even better than your current, better squad, but can only cost a max of 70m. If I were you, I'd relax on the criteria so that you get more results and from those results you can look into the players more yourself to see who's a target for you or not.
  11. The problem is likely that you're offering very little in terms of information. Why not go into more specifics about what you're actually setting as the assignments? You mention : So what exactly do you set? Are you not being too specific with what you set? The fact that you mention you're getting fewer recommendations does sound like you're being too specific with the assignment.
  12. It seems to be a known issue and being investigated. https://community.sigames.com/topic/471222-fm19-players-keep-changing-training-schedule/
  13. When players approach you, they'll tell you why they want a move, whether it's more money, a better club or league, being a more important member of the team etc.
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