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  1. As you can see, they'd sell to a rival, but for more than the asking price. That's the rival 'tax', if you will.
  2. Sounds like something happened in that period. Possibly a falling out with management after a rejected bid, which lead to him getting listed. It's possible to go from not wanting (or needing) to sell, to something happening and being way more open to sell a troublemaker.
  3. Going to move this over to the Tactics section, but it would be better (better and more accurate advice) if you posted details of your entire tactic and not just roles and duties. Keep in mind, they have the narrow forwards and in transition, they're going to be up 3 v 2 against your BPDs. You're going to need at least one other player to stay back. That said, please clarify your roles and duties. BPDs can't have a Support Duty and neither can a Defensive Fullback. Which version are you playing? They're No Nonsense Fullbacks on FM20.
  4. It won't be possible to cross-sync between FM on your PC/Mac and FMT on your tablet. It's for FMT to FMT only. It also uses the Steam Cloud so it might be unavailable for the Epic Games version.
  5. Can you clarify whether you're playing FM Touch or FM on your Mac? Edit: It uses the Steam Cloud, so I think that may be where the issue is.
  6. The PA cap (so CA will be under that) for filler players used to be 119 PA. IIRC, it has been increased to 140 PA. They're not meant to be amazing, just to fill squads, so it's by design.
  7. This section is for the FMdB app, not FM. English clubs can approach players from other English clubs within 1 month of expiry. English to foreign or foreign to English can be approached within 6 months of expiry. So it sounds like it's working as intended.
  8. I obviously know this as it was and is the subject of the last thread and this one. I've posted mine where I've had no issue dominating possession - against any team. I've had no issue against defensive teams either. Even after winning the CL.
  9. The principles would be the same though? You could apply the same principles with a 4141 DM Wide as I did with me 4123 DM Wide. They're not world's apart. I'm not asking anyone (the opposite) to copy the tactic. I'm asking people to observe. Have a plan or not, but at least observe.
  10. No that really isn't true. I've posted 2 tactics that I've used and haven't had issues with. Specifically with my own 4123, I've posted the thinking behind it too in terms of pressing and not counter pressing. That alone could have helped the OP. Herne has chipped in too and shown what he does with his tactic as well (across this thread but also the OP's previous, identical thread) and Rashidi has weighed in too. The idea is to put forward the problems and solutions, not to tell you exactly which button to click though. The problems have been highlighted. Possible solutions and others' solutions (including my own) have been provided. I've provided everything from my own save. It's there - just needs to be read. If you specifically have issues, it's might be best to post your own thread with exact details of your save and situation and how you're setting up.
  11. There's advice not only in this thread, but the previous one (as I've highlighted) so people can take it and do something or sit with an issue.
  12. No 'theory'. You dismiss or ignore advice. Advice that encourages thinking and then learning (so you're moving forward) but it's surely not that vague? I posted what I did literally (again for the 3rd time) right above your post, so it's all there. If you don't understand something, by all means - ask. I've hit the point (and others have too) that you're for some reason counter pressing in transition when you have admitted it's not working and ineffective, yet you continue to do it. After advice has been given multiple times (3+ times just from me) that it's ineffective, especially using this setup and formation. You're counter pressing with a single striker ( and little other help ) against a defensive team (so 2, 3 or 4 players to press) and it's been pointed out multiple times. Like I've pointed out, I nailed down your issue in the beginning already. It happened to me. The difference is that I did something about it, while you didn't. Your specific question has had this answer and you continue to do it. Have a look at what happens when you lose the ball. Actually watch the match and sequence when this happens. Your striker counter pressing 2, 3 or 4 defenders is the issue.
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