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  1. Late and early bloomers are already in FM.
  2. There's only so much you can improve a weaker foot (can't remember exactly how much, whether Reasonable or Good), so I'd leave it. As long as the other foot isn't useless, it's enough for me.
  3. Yes, so it affects every decision the player makes. It's less of a hit the more familiar he is with the position.
  4. @Weston, if you even suspect it's a bug, report it and upload the save from before signing a player you think you're not supposed to. That gets the SI testers to look at the situation.
  5. You can see in the scouting report that the player is being compared to your players.
  6. The Invincibles*

    And SI will ask for a save from just before the news item is generated, if you have one.
  7. FMT is sold on its own. It was the case last year too and maybe the year before that. Buying FM does include FMT though as my post shows.
  8. They need to have a rating for it to count toward development. The OP alluded to this too.
  9. No, because it's more important how I set up in them. I keep 4 back to deal with the 3.
  10. El Payaso, if you have an issue with someone, take it up with them personally. This isn't the place. We mods aren't ignoring you. You've raised very obviously valid points.
  11. Obviously. No one contested this. My post said : It obviously does need looking at. You know this too, El Payaso.
  12. Toonrock wasn't talking about AI teams and neither was I.
  13. @ToonrockI'm in a league where there are 3 strikers fairly often. I'm able to hold my own against them, so it's not like it's impossible to do. It obviously does need looking at, but it's not game over as soon as you face them.
  14. I'll also say, it is made very clear on the Steam page - http://store.steampowered.com/app/624090/Football_Manager_2018/
  15. FM Touch IS made for PCs. If you buy it on PC/Steam, you can play it on PC. Steam is a PC only distributor. If you buy a game on Steam, it works on the platforms it supports - the PC (and Mac).