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  1. AFAIK, it's still something that only affects a Personality (and Player Traits) so things like Consistency and Big Matches shouldn't be affected.
  2. It didn't necessarily change. This is something that only shows up in coach reports from the age of 22.
  3. Your scout is correct. The club isn't looking to sell, but you can get him for 114m, which is his release clause. Whether he's 'worth' 114m will be up to you to decide, but that is a lot of money.
  4. I don't like the setup as it is, but that's not to say it can't work. You may be able to create an overload on the left, with the DLF, IW, WB all combining nicely and that opens space for the AF and Winger. It may need slight tweaks (looking at the IW and DLF) if you find that they interfere with each other too much, like occupying the same space or the IW wanting to run with the ball through the exact spot the DLF is in. Like I said though, I can see how this would potentially work. If this was me, I would swap the striker roles so that the CM can link with the DLF (in combination with t
  5. I'm not a fan of it either. AFAIK, it doesn't hurt your reputation at least. The media should realise the difference between an end of contract resignation and a 'normal' resignation though, as you said.
  6. You have 4 factors to consider here. Penalty Taking, Composure, Pressure (a hidden attribute) and Body Language. In general too, there's less pressure on a player taking the penalty if you're already 3-0 ahead but at 0-0 in the 90th min, it's a different story. Same with the type of match. 3rd Round of the FA cup will be different to a CL match, for example. One puts a lot more pressure on a player than the other.
  7. Recommended by who? Not having any goal chances at all in most games sounds like you're doing something fundamentally wrong. I would suggest posting in the tactical forum to get some advice but then be specific about your issue and what you're doing - how you're setting up etc.
  8. The schedule shows you that it affects teamwork for the upcoming match and team cohesion overall, while also training the attribute 'teamwork'. Have a look at it in-game.
  9. The latest update had these changes to the ME: It sounds more like you had a decent tactic, possibly even suiting the squad, and you had plenty of time to buy players that continue to fit it. If you're doing that badly now, it's something you're fundamentally doing wrong. It could be poor tactics, tactics not suiting the squad, tactics not suiting the club situation (counterpressing, attacking style if you're a really weak team), poor in-match decisions or a combination of these.
  10. Question answered, so the thread can be closed off before it goes downhill. There's always the tactics section if you want to have a tactical/strategic discussion.
  11. To be fair, both of these ideas are covered in the pinned thread :
  12. Players need competitive matches for development. The friendlies will keep players match fit though.
  13. Yes, spambot type links. Don't worry. We are keeping an eye on it. It's good that you changed passwords.
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