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  1. Inside Forwards in FM

    I have had both the Raumdeuter and IFs performing very well, in more than one tactic, so it wasn't a fluke. As always, it'll depend on how they're set up.
  2. Determination definitely goes up. Or at least, it has in mine.
  3. Star rating factors?

    Keep in mind scouts can be wrong and also a player's form can influence the rating as well.
  4. Because as I said it happens, but you'll find it happening to people starting at Man Utd with a Sunday League rep and no qualifications for instance.
  5. There's no set time. In my case it was around 2 months.
  6. You're making it sound as if it's a regular thing. The message you get happens fairly often, but the sacking itself is rare and you'll only find that this happens if your rep is poor or you're doing poorly, so it's not as if it's undeserved.
  7. Board ultimatum

    This is very much off-topic to what the OP was referring to, but they last as long as they last. Could be quick, could be long.
  8. Not really. Just had one myself and there were also rumours floating around. In the end, of course I wasn't sacked, as they viewed my performance at the team as good enough to keep me there. The actual sackings are very rare.
  9. You provided an entire match worth of highlights, so when are the times you're actually referring to? Who are you managing? Based on the myth that you believe, I have to assume you're Milan, the losing team, in which case your team attempted and made a lot more tackles than the opponent. That'll depend on your setup an whether they're even IN a position to intercept. Again, if you have specific times, that would help. Playing well against you =/= playing well against all humans. As said, specific times would help. It would also help you get advise if you could post the tactical setup (formation, roles, duties, mentality, player and team instructions as well as opposition instructions) here. Your instructions matter a lot. ANY player with 10 for long shots can score from outside the box. A player with 1 for long shots can, just very, very rarely. 10 isn't horrible at all and there are also other attributes to look at. The ME cannot distinguish between human and AI. This is a fact. If you're struggling against the AI, it's not because of the game. So, please provide the necessary info to move the discussion forward.
  10. FM TOUCH 2018

    From the pinned thread : 10 Nov.
  11. Striker combinations

    Support/Defend Duty + Attack Duty. It's that simple for me. Which roles will obviously depend on the players.
  12. Feature meetings for FM18 were months ago, but this isn't the point. If you want your suggestion to be considered for a future version, that's the place to put it.
  13. I don't understand why you're so upset about it though? To you, nothing changes. You will wait to hear about features before pre-ordering. The only thing that this does, is enable people to pre-order early. That's all. You're not losing out because you're waiting because the discount expires after feature announcements and those who pre-order before then don't get anything you won't, so I don't see what the big deal is.
  14. Then, as I said - wait for features before deciding.
  15. What is in the OP has been released. Nothing more, yet.