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  1. It's far too simplistic to think of "home advantage" as an artificial mechanic causing this. You would need to do a lot of analysis into how teams set up home and away and how aggressive they are with the initial setups and decision making in both cases. I'd bet it's more of a tactical issue than anything else, but I have not looked into it. Have you done any digging into this?
  2. Have you looked at the finances page, since this is what it's about? There's a tab in there specifically showing you wages, giving you a summary of what's being spent. The next screen under Wages, is the Salary Commitments section. It should show you what's going on. Have you looked there at all?
  3. As the title says - literally to test. They are employed to test.
  4. HUNT3R

    How to sell players

    This is the case IRL too. You don't see clubs really buying players at all. These clubs rely on free transfers. In the case of you offering them for free, they're still not "free". A club can be satisfied with their squad as is. They also could lack the wage budget.
  5. HUNT3R

    Training new position

    Have you trained him in what he was lacking? Have you set schedules that will improve the attributes you want to improve?
  6. HUNT3R

    Training new position

    What do his attributes look like now though? He's lacking in some areas marked by FM as "key" and "preferred" for a winger. His crossing as it is, isn't good enough. Passing, work rate and stamina are "preferred" and he lacks there too. I say lack, but it is still good, just not up there with the other attributes for his level. He'll be fine overall as a winger, but a winger should really have great crossing at least. Passing is a bonus for a Support player, of course, as well.
  7. HUNT3R

    Own goals - Broken

  8. HUNT3R

    Own goals - Broken

    @iiMStevo, SI need PKMs with timed instances of an issue. See the pinned topic:
  9. Traits will pass through Mentoring and it'll be much more likely through Mentoring than the OP's case.
  10. There are 3 ways this can happen. Good relationship with a teammate, same social group or in the same training unit. Coach reports would indicate that it's the squad's overall personality having an effect. This happens with young players though. Are you talking about young players? Worth checking in the database/research issues section of the bugs forum.
  11. HUNT3R

    How to sell players

    You can offer them out to all clubs or you can target specific clubs.