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  1. No worries. Closed as requested. Good luck.
  2. Report it on Steam. It's unrelated to FM and the forum.
  3. I do the same, not that I really go into training in the same way that I'd do tactics, mind. I set the Team Training to General as well, although I can see a case being made for something like Tactics or especially Fitness. Attacking and Defending is as Herne says, to much skewing. I don't want strikers learning defending attributes. The real training/shaping is done through Individual Training, for me.
  4. Don't think of Roam For Position is an instruction on its own floating in the sky. What will he do in practice? It's attached to an Attack duty forward, so he'll be looking to aggressively make runs forward, threatening the D-line. Yes, he'll float a little, looking for space, what if there's no space? The opposition isn't attacking, so they're trying specifically to not give you pockets of space anywhere. You need to create it. He won't be drawing defenders if he's running right at them. They'll just sit and wait. I'm suprised that you thought he was going to? If he's going to be the top scorer, fair enough, but others will need to create the space he needs. Goalscorers need space. Think about this, for instance - AML has the ball deep-ish and narrow-ish... enough to draw a DM to him. Pass inside to a CM who draws forward another DM and away from your AMC. Pass to AMC, who draws a DC, leaving the ST 1 v 1 with the other DC. That's where his roaming will have kicked in to find some space because both DMs left (clearing space for him to drop a little) and a DC left (clearing space for him to drift into as well) so his options are open depending on the situation.
  5. I hate the term "breaking them down". It's vague. HOW are they going to be pulled apart and opened up? That's what needs answering. Space is so important. Teams that attack you, give you space everywhere, so as long as you can stop an attack, you should find space pretty much anywhere you want to. Team who sit back though, are a different beast. They don't commit very many forward, meaning the space that was there with other teams, isn't now. You'll have all the space in the world in front of them, but the midfield and defensive lines are just waiting in a tight group. Waiting for you to make a move. They won't. They're happy sitting back. So knowing this, space needs to be created. Defenders need to be pulled wide or drawn out. That creates a gap. Who then will attack that vacancy? Even better if you create that sort of scenario in more than one way or more than one area of the pitch. Now, you've mentioned how you'll score goals against adventurous teams, but left out the crucial part (and topic of the thread) of how you're opening up these stubborn defensive teams. Who's drawing out or pulling defenders? Who's attacking that space? etc
  6. Then it is definitely not Risky Passes since your Wingers have it, but are still doing it?? Probably, because instead of keeping possession, you're going to send more crosses in and long shots. Whether it's "good" or "bad" is up to you. You wanted the crosses, so that's going to be the way to get crosses.
  7. It's just the first logical step to try. I'm assuming it's your fullbacks who do this and not anyone else? If Work Ball Into Box doesn't do the trick, it could be the restriction of Risky Passes with Retain Possession, looking at it again, so adding Risky Passes is a 2nd possibility then. I wouldn't have thought that it is this, but I also never use Retain Possession, so it's possible.
  8. It's not a direct or risky pass though, is it? The screenshots you show is the player being in position to cross. Why not remove the instruction that's reducing crosses?
  9. This is then where you should provide what you've created, how you see it working, why you've selected what you have and also what specific issues you are experiencing. You say you know the basics, so it's better to see if you've understood them.
  10. Work Ball Into Box reduces crosses and long shots, so yes, it will influence the decision making you're questioning.
  11. I praise my players all the time, if it's deserved and they can use the confidence. No issues.
  12. Unfortunately, this isn't very descriptive. This is also the area for FORUM feedback, not technical issues. Please post in the technical issues section of the bugs forum to get help. For FM17, here: For older versions, here: Provide as much information as you can, including any steps you've take to resolve the issue. There's also the FAQ (which you can access at the top of the page too) section you can try for the more common crashing issues:
  13. It definitely does if it's on the move. I remember a quote from Tony Fallows confirming it. It affects passing and shooting too.
  14. I see low and floated crosses as equally difficult/easy. Whipped crosses will probably need a bit more technique, but they're also less accurate, regardless of attributes.