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  1. It should obviously be Mental Attributes, so I'd guess it'll be attributes like Decisions etc.
  2. Two major bugbears

    It isn't the way in all cases. This is the point. It'll depend on his personality/hidden attributes. It also depends on the match situation. If he's only "getting some first team minutes" then it sounds like you're not expecting anything from him other for him to get the experience. In that case, go with "have faith" or something. In any case, it depends on the match situation as well. If you're 3-0 up against the bottom team in the league with 10 minutes to go, you're going to have a very tough time motivating anyone you're bringing on. The game is done! That is where I use "expect performance" because I don't simply want to give him minutes - I want to see what he's capable of. There's no need to get all stressed because the game is in the bag - I just don't want him being complacent. On the other hand, if it's 2-1 with 10 minutes to go, but I still feel the game is won and I'm not risking too much by bringing said 17yo on, I won't go with "expect a performance". I'll be a lot more gentle in my approach and use "have faith" in most cases, although again there are other factors to take into consideration, like his morale.
  3. Not sure if this post is serious, but if you do want help with tactical issues, best to post in the tactics forum with full detail of your system and exactly the issues you have.
  4. It's always been the big xx.3 update that includes transfers. We've had that already.
  5. As far as I was aware, @FrazT, players don't have memories about these things. -- But yes, it is harsh to fine a player for 2nd yellow card sending offs. I'm guessing the player who didn't complain was either very professional or has a low controversy attribute.
  6. @Phillybear It was an attempt at humour. Might be a good idea to go through the FAQ section on injuries - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/156_gameplay/
  7. Please post your feedback in the feedback thread.
  8. @jamessmith010101 give it a rest, please. Lucas has linked you to a thread that explains what it's all about. -- And to everyone, let's stick to feedback (constructive feedback, positive or negative) on the game, please.
  9. Nothing was ignored regarding free-kicks. https://community.sigames.com/topic/426773-long-shots-and-shooting-in-general/?do=findComment&comment=11255759
  10. A touchline shout isn't going to help a player much, especially not when it's as extreme as Very Nervous. Where were you predicted to finish? Is it a lot different to you being at the top? That might be where the nerves come from. Look at WHEN they change to Very Nervous, as that'll be a huge indicator. If they start the match that way, you really need to look at the Pre-Match Team Talk you're giving them. If it's at the start of the 2nd half, then the Half-Time Team Talk probably isn't helping them. To get an even better idea of how your talks are affecting players, look at the previous match team talk feedback.
  11. Results still set in stone

    If only 5 out of 7 matches resulted in the same score, then it shows it's not locked in already, without even needing an explanation. However, to give you one, the ME doesn't even know the final result yet (as there's still half-time) when you enter a match, so it's not possible to pre-determine anything. It calculates what it does, second by second and whatever the result is, is the result. Any changes you make, forces a recalculation of match events. The AI will react to match events and no match will be the same.
  12. Or, the AI is getting a bit better every year. It sounds like you have the common issue where, in after Jan, teams are more defensive.
  13. Because it is a bug. Tactic familiarity does not exist in FMT.
  14. The ME will never be "finished". I'm sure you have seen the SI responses that they're happy with it right now in terms of the stats that are generated. Obviously, as I said, it'll never be finished. There will always be something to add, do different, tweak etc.