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  1. No "big features" have been announced. We have had an update blog and a teaser trailer. There's a build up here.
  2. One increases pressure and reminds players of the expectations on them, so telling them not to relax. The other eases pressure. It'll depend on the context of the match and also knowing your squad and what they can handle. If there's a danger of complacency, like a long winning run and players looking very confident, I'd be harsher on them, depending on whether they can handle pressure. If they cannot handle pressure, this is an important match and they're not in danger of complacency, I can focus on easing pressure. Like any team talk, not just these two, you have to weigh up factors like the match context (such as the importance), the team's body language heading into the match and what your squad can handle in terms of their personalities.
  3. Neither option sounds like a good choice, tbh. That isn't a slight compromise but changing the tactic or using an unsuitable player. If I was in that position, I'd look toward using someone more suitable there, since the tactic is already 'perfect'. I'd look for a possible AML/C/R type player who could fill that role. Any player with the right (or better than the Poacher's) attributes, really. Might be an idea to open a new thread if you want to discuss this in more detail.
  4. Sounds like there aren't real players. They're filler players so that you at least have a team.
  5. This sort of discussion is off-topic and would be better discussed in the feature requests section. Thanks. Edit: Here's the link : https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/353-football-manager-feature-requests-pcmac/
  6. They all operate as 10s, though the Treq has the most freedom to do what he wants so could be the most aggressive. Any Support Duty striker would be the first place I'd look.
  7. You are showing one player though. How are the other players doing? FWIW, I noticed you highlighted Finishing. It is irrelevent during an actual penalty.
  8. Would recommend going through here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/819-crash-technical-issues-and-game-performance-support-portal/ Or create a support ticket.
  9. The announcement thread (with the trailer) is pinned to the top of the forum.
  10. My own conversion rate is 17%, while the team with the 2nd best conversion rate is only 11%, so I am outperforming the AI teams by a lot. What's your conversion rate? There will be times when things don't go to plan and you struggle to score, but if it's happening consistently, you should be able to improve.
  11. Can I play devil's advocate? Why do people need to rate your view? We customise our squad views (those who do) to be able to see the crucial information that we deem necessary to see. We are all different types of managers, so we will have different factors that we deem important. Personally, looking at yours, it looks decent (though my own differs) and I would question why you have "asking price" there. Here's my view and what I deem to be important to see straight away. I have other views too, of course, but this is the default one. IMO, your custom view is your view that suits you. It is based on what you want to see at a glance, so it (should) fit individual managers very well, even if different. We all think differently, we all do things differently. I think it is good to want to know other people's thinking, but don't be concerned if yours differ.
  12. The more you win, the more the pressure increases. There's the pressure to keep up those performances. If you notice that your players are getting nervous - ease the pressure/expectations. Team talks would be the first place I'd look to for this.
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