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  1. Training Changes in FM 18

    There wasn't a video about it, so don't expect major changes in that area. We all know it needs an update at some point, along with physical play in the ME and defensive areas, but there's only so much you can do in a year.
  2. He did say this at the end - that the new graphics engine will mean that quite a lot is possible in future.
  3. I generally don't post where I have nothing to say. I don't work for SI and in this case, I don't know their reasoning. I can assume it's to move completely to the 3d models and it links to you as manager on the pitch, but as it's just a photo, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. They design the game and there are short, medium and long term road maps toward what they're building. I assume there was reasons for the removal, so I accept it. As I said, to me it's absolutely minor.
  4. Value is not transfer fee, so is irrelevant. There will be reasons, but as we have no specifics, I definitely don't have any ideas as to what's going on.
  5. FM 18: Have regen faces been fixed?

    There's already a thread on this subject, in which you posted 11 mins ago. There's no need for another thread.
  6. I find them easily because I scout and I'm told what they're going to cost, so I already know in advance who will be cheap and who won't be. I don't use player search at all.
  7. Whatever happened, it's not because of the AI "knowing" anything. It's easy to find deals if you look around. I'd argue it's still too easy.
  8. You were talking about deadline day, so it's possible.
  9. I have no idea why or how you would think this. Remember, it's not just adding the possibility of staggered clauses. The AI needs to be able to use it in all situations and realistically so. It's not a 5 min job.
  10. You'll see in the scout report what a player will likely cost. And you've not mentioned anything about the situation changing for those players, so I have nothing much to add. A club doesn't want to sell today, but your offer interests him and he becomes unhappy at the club, so is suddenly available to purchase. Etc.
  11. Clearly we can see star ratings and the AI can too, so a scout should rate better players better than weaker players. As star rating can be influenced by form, this can lead AI teams to buy players based on that. It happens in FM17 already.
  12. It was only ridiculous if you allowed it to be. Being quoted a high figure isn't the same as them "asking" for it. They didn't want to sell. Then it's a case of either moving to a more realistic target or unsettling the player, as per real life.
  13. They rely on scout reports etc. All the tools we have in-game to judge a player.