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  1. As said, there could be many influences/factors when looking at a goal. It's going to be more worthwhile in this case looking at the potential issue in general.
  2. The ME cannot distinguish between human and AI. Your defender could have been out-positioned, switch off, not anticipated well enough etc. If it's not a one-off, it'd be worth looking into possible causes for it.
  3. Might be a skin issue because I don't have issues delegating him. Try the default skin (if you're using another skin) or try clearing the cache. You should be able to assign him to hire staff, renew staff contracts etc.
  4. Well Tiki Taka is obviously not direct, so while they're not appreciative of the style, results matter more.
  5. I don't use editors, so I can't really elaborate. You can look into this yourself. You've already edited players' CA. Assuming you've done that to an 'acceptable' level, simply edit the rep to match.
  6. SI posted the following in two other, similar threads on the same page: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/551477-the-game-does-not-open-after-the-update/?do=findComment&comment=13035990
  7. @herne79 has already mentioned this, but you're talking about 'classic' counter attacking. Sit deep, prevent space in the final third, win the ball and counter attack. It's different from being defensive (park the bus, not really looking to score etc) so it's important to distinguish between the two, as he said.
  8. At the very least, you'll have to edit the reputation of the clubs too. Right now, they'll still behave like massive underdogs, so with park the bus tactics etc.
  9. Yeah. What lamp said. It's been like this for quite a few versions though. These fixtures are generated after the previous round has finished, so before we get to see the draw.
  10. Possibly a poor first touch? Imo, that's something that needs to be shown more clearly in the ME though.
  11. It's not always the tactic itself. Player attributes (things like Balance and Concentration.. or even Technique, depending on the chance) could play a part and so can Body Language, where a nervous or complacent player can fluff chances/make mistakes. Did the chance fall onto a player's left foot but he's actually right footed? There are a lot of factors to consider, but it's hard to be more specific without seeing the chances.
  12. There are tactical guides that you can find within the pinned thread at the top of the forum. If you need tactical advice, it's best to post your tactic and the specific issues you have. It's impossible to give you a blanket answer here as it will depend on what is wrong / what the issue is. Finding solutions becomes easier if you can find the problem first, otherwise you're blindly making changes without knowing whether it'll work or not. Finding the problem, imo, is the hardest part. Analyse the player's stats to see if there are any issues. Things like not being involved much, poo
  13. If you need a refund - go through the retailer. If you want help on technical/crash issues, use this portal: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/819-crash-technical-issues-and-game-performance-support-portal/ Thanks
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