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  1. HUNT3R

    Bringing on Subs

    ? How many other jobs are you the equivalent of 4-0 up in a match? Some people will get complacent. The more professional ones, won't. Same in FM. That said, complacent players don't have a complete collapse of their ability.
  2. HUNT3R

    Nouveautés fm 19

    Miles said late Sept.
  3. Work Ball Into Box is going to have the same effect as Shoot Less on every player. It comes down to this - if a player doesn't have passing options, doesn't see it or instructions prevent it (like Retain Possession might) then they will shoot.
  4. HUNT3R

    Bringing on Subs

    You're the manager, so it's your job to make sure they're motivated.
  5. HUNT3R


    A scout report would show what a club would likely sell for, if at all.
  6. HUNT3R


    A number of people have had this. It seems to be an issue with one of the Brexit scenarios.
  7. HUNT3R

    First Half Goal Bias

    The team talks usually take into account the aggregate score over the 2 legs, so I'd be surprised if the players didn't. @DamianJMcGrath As said before, there isn't anything artificial going on.
  8. Tabs like an internet browser would be great.
  9. If you've set it before a match, it'll still be set when you enter a match. My post was about how to see the settings.
  10. HUNT3R

    First Half Goal Bias

    In that specific situation, you might be right, but it also depends on the actual motivation levels already, what you said and what their personality is. There might be people who switch off if already high on confidence and you excessively praise them. Even so, in your case, the most likely (by far) explanation is the change in approach by the opposition.
  11. As in the OP, the first reveals will be late Sept.
  12. HUNT3R

    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    I'm not a researcher and I don't work for SI, so I don't know. What I do know is that PA isn't the issue here. It's development and their likelihood of reaching their PA.
  13. HUNT3R

    First Half Goal Bias

    You say that like it's "if x then y". It isn't. Not only personalties, but their overall morale and motivation is important as well as how you've handled it. Some players get complacent easily.
  14. HUNT3R

    First Half Goal Bias

    There's nothing artificial, as I said. Certain personalities will think that though and start taking it easy, so you'll have to be on them.