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  1. HUNT3R

    Lack Of Time Wasting At Corners

    Physical play such as shielding and "easing" someone off the ball rather than tackling isn't in the game (yet). The players in the ME waste time in other ways to keep injury time additional time realistic.
  2. The high scoring players every season tend to score with every 4th or 5th shot. Your man is achieving this, at Fulham.
  3. I would suggest posting in the Mac Technical issues section so SI can look into this.
  4. HUNT3R

    Are long shots fixed?

    Some shots are too wide to be believable. Overall, it's not an issue, if you can overlook the fact that missed shots are too wide. I've scored a lot of screamers so far.
  5. HUNT3R

    Long shots

    You had on point replies, but it was left unanswered. Thread closed. @natyd Head over to the tactics forum if you want tactical help on your issue.
  6. HUNT3R

    Long shots

    There's nothing in this. Nothing was meant. Nothing was mean. Nothing mean was directed at you. You weren't called anything. Case closed.
  7. HUNT3R

    Long shots

    And it was very much tongue in cheek. A laugh, if anything.
  8. Thanks. @Luke Rumble, save uploaded, just in case you miss the thread. Sorry to tag you.
  9. HUNT3R

    Long shots

    Poor Decisions? Poor Composure? Nervous Body Language? Player Trait to shoot from distance? If it's none of those, it'll be tactical. Players will shoot if they 1) don't have passing options 2) have options but it's outside your instructions or 3) don't see the options.
  10. Yeah, I agree with you here. IMO, this is worth reporting as a bug, especially if you have a save from just before he changed to being happy again.
  11. HUNT3R

    a bit confuse

    And as we know, Arsenal don't wear blue. That's for another London team. Your screenshot is cropped. Look at the whole screen on the analysis page: So, there we can see I am the home team, Atletico Madrid. And my arrows are on the other side of the pitch. Why? Because I'm attacking that half. Right at the top it does show the direction of attacks too. That's quite clear now, isn't it?
  12. HUNT3R

    a bit confuse

    Arsenal wear red and Huddersfield wear blue, so that's your answer. The arrows correspond to the team colours.
  13. Yes, of course, but that would be a feature request as it's not possible right now.
  14. There isn't a solution to this. You either don't go on holiday or you have to accept that you're going to have unhappy players because they were ignored.