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  1. Come on guys and girls. I know there's frustration everywhere in the thread, but we're better than that. Please stop the bickering.
  2. Yes, quite possible. Does depend on a few things, of course. If the relegation wasn't really unexpected (fight bravely against relegation, for example) then you wouldn't have underperformed as such, so you could stay. You better your chances at least by succeeding in other areas, like watching finances etc according to the club vision.
  3. It's included in the purchase of full fat FM yes, but it's also possible to buy FM Touch only, at a cheaper price.
  4. The only thing I usually keep is the current playing time promise. I'll at least have an idea of how much I'm going to play the player, so it's something I'm able to promise. I always try to remove promises of future playing time. I can't say how well (or quickly) a player will develop, so what if I think he's not good enough for even more playing time? Or what if I sign a much better player that next year? Too many potential problems, so I try to avoid it. Things like "improve the coaching team" etc are just too vague, so I refuse to promise something like that.
  5. Enough. Neil can respond if he can or wants to. Feedback on the game, no SI or updates.
  6. Dan, just to help here (and thanks for sharing threads/posts), we've (in the past) needed to have the article/post posted over here too. It's easier, so no-one needs to navigate somewhere else just to read it and come back to comment, so it saves a couple of steps. That gets people more involved in discussion here. You can always still include the link to the original article/post. See Cleon's or Crusadertsar's work, for instance. Hope you understand.
  7. If you want to discuss something other than giving feedback on the game, then yes, it's something for another thread. Whether threads stay open or not, I can't speculate on, because it depends on the thread and what's been said. Speculation about a potential update and when it's due is pointless though given that SI have been very clear in that they're working on an update but cannot commit to a release time/date.
  8. No worries. Just trying to prevent something flaring up again. We've all moved on.
  9. That's off-topic. Discuss tactics by all means, but the issue has been dealt with by us and this is definitely not the place for it.
  10. SI have been communicating. Neil has posted a few times here now. One of the posts, still highlighted, asks for feedback on FM20. If you want to discuss something that isn't related to feedback on the game, please create a new thread. This has (again) gone horribly off-topic and turned into people trying to run a company. SI has taken a stance with this to say there will be an update, but they aren't in a position to give timeframes as it stands. That may or may not change, but for now, that's how it is. Please, we're after feedback on the game in this thread. More off-topic comments will be removed. Thanks for understanding.
  11. First things first - the ME doesn't calculate a result and then works backwards. It calculates and whatever the results is, is the result. When you click "Submit Team", you'll see "teams are warming" up. That's the couple of seconds the ME takes to calculate every decision by players (I think we're at 24 or 32 decisions per second) for the match until half-time. It only knows what the result at half time will be when it does the final calculation. It then chooses to show you the highlights of what's been calculated. After you've done your team talk and start the second half, there's another calculation of the next 45 mins in the same manner as what happened in the first half. Any change you make at any point and you'll see "making tactical changes" which is the ME recalculating the rest of the half. Hope that clears it up.
  12. @RobertPageif you have feedback, by all means add it. This isn't the place for snide, facetious or sarcastic remarks.
  13. We're not in GD. This section is for tactical discussion and advice - something that can always help - at any time, for anyone, in any ME. @Experienced Defender among others, is doing a good job of just that. Add to it, if you can, or not.
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