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  1. HUNT3R

    Micro updates

    They're as stated, stability fixes. Also, as clearly stated, it is a minor update.
  2. HUNT3R

    New update

    It is in the stickied thread,
  3. Please post in the technical issues section of the bugs forum for whichever version of FM you're running.
  4. That isn't anything unusual and you can see 4 of them are small ones. The last update also didn't address injuries at all.
  5. Work Ball Into Box is also going to make this worse as it reduces crossing. Taking it off in my own tactic and I'm seeing more crosses going in (from Support players, as WBiB would have set them to cross rarely/less) and also I am seeing early crosses.
  6. Attacking Corners, will focus on an attacking set piece and that's gives a boost for the next match. It's under Set Pieces when you choose schedules. Defensive Shape will focus on Marking in the upcoming match. It's under Match Prep when you choose a schedule. Check the schedules to see what the rest trains and in your case, specifically for the upcoming match. Attacking movement seems like a UI issue.
  7. So you've already identified that you're struggling against 5 man defences. That's a good place to start looking at what to do to rectify things.
  8. This is the tactics section, so it'll naturally go there. Nothing was intentionally made to be "harder". The big thing to know is that teams are going to be more cautious when they're away and more adventurous at home, in general. This is going to affect how things go. Team will push more for a home win, when drawing or behind than they would push if they were drawing away from home, in general. It depends obviously, because a team like Man City will always push for a win, home or away as they're always favourites. In the season I just finished, I played 13 home and 13 away. Home - 13 matches, 9 wins, 2 drawn, 2 lost. Away - 13 matches, 6 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss. So although I won more at home, I also lost more. I do use a tactic that pushes up quite aggressively, so it will be more risky to use against teams who are more keen to get forward themselves. This happens when I play away from home more, typically.
  9. What if you could have the AMC move into the channel (sideways) to drag a holding midfielder (CM or DM) with him? What if that creates space for your striker who drops deep? That forces a defender forward, leaving the other striker 1 on 1 with his marker. There are plenty of ways to set up and that's one. It can be a playmaker or not. It can be a shadow striker or not. That's the beauty of tactics. There is a lot you can create.
  10. HUNT3R

    Dynamic formations

    Wib-wob, even as view only won't be simple to add. In the case of a Support Duty striker, for instance, they still make forward runs, though less often than Attack Duties. Do you show default position on the wib-wob? Because it'll look wrong/different if your striker bursts forward in match. So there are a few design issues and choices to be made. Struggling to think of anything simpler though.
  11. HUNT3R

    Greatest FM myths

    Careful where you place your mouse cursor, especially during a penalty or penalty shootout as it affects your success!
  12. Possibly deflections from defenders in a corner or crossing situation? That's one thing that springs to mind.
  13. Sure. Wherever tackling is listed.
  14. What if the goals weren't the GKs fault? He is the LAST line of defence. Your example isn't really the same as the GK situation. Defensively speaking, the fault usually is in midfield or defence. A quick google search shows that even IRL, media ratings are similar here where GKs are sometimes the highest or joint highest rated in the team, even in a 5-0 loss.
  15. You can enable cross sync and it will work if you have both versions to cross sync. It's all it is - sharing a save across platforms. Something that's not usually possible in games.