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  1. I've had plenty of success in FM20 and FM21 with lower to mid-table teams and varying my approaches. Usually something like Balanced, Standard D-Line and Higher LoE for teams I have a chance against. Against the big boys in the league, it's usually slightly more conservative roles, Cautious, lower D-line, standard LoE, Re-group + counter. Formation will change depending on who I manage as I have to assess the squad and make sure I use them as best as I can. As the post above says, I try to be careful not to be too passive. Just the Cautious Mentality already lowers the risk, D-line,
  2. Quick Match Engine for leagues that aren't running in full detail and Full Match Engine for leagues that are set to run in full detail.
  3. @freddieos, are those leagues running in full detail? I can't see who you're managing, so might be the QME at fault here rather than the full ME. In my game, after 14 matches, it looks like this: Since I'm managing in that league, the matches are simulated with the FME. While I am top of the league, I rotate quite a bit and my tactics almost always have a nearly equal goal spread across the front players, so I don't often have players who win top goal scorer. Look at England, which I have loaded, but it isn't running on full detail, we're only 11 matches in so it's difficul
  4. Have edited out the swearing/circumventing the swear filter. Please don't again. I assume Gent massively overachieved while 2nd and third didn't overachieve as much?
  5. This is in reference to my post. Yes, I suggested it, but that's not all I did. I suggested looking at half chances too. I also encouraged (twice at least) analysing the actual chances to see if they really were good and that's more xG style, which would be more accurate. Edit: I also included a link to last year's discussion where I pointed toward (though that's not all that was useful in that thread) a few of us analysing another user's match where there were claims of domination etc and the reality was the match was much closer than it seemed to be. Svenc's xG graph helped the analysis
  6. So we're at an impasse now, @Scarecroww. It's going nowhere because you aren't listening to anyone and you've not made discussion easy by saying 'no one will be able to convince me otherwise', instantly dismissing everyone's point of view. This is a great community most of the time and everyone's looking to help, advise or discuss topics. For this discussion to go anywhere, we need you as well. You say the game is scripted. I (I can't speak for anyone other than myself) say it isn't. You don't believe me and I don't believe you. OK. That's why I have tried to engage with you and attempt a
  7. Can you clarify what the point is, exactly, please? Then we'll all be on the same page as to what it is we're discussing.
  8. I've been able to remove the promise to loan them out and renew young players' contracts. Not sure what's different between my situation and yours though. Maybe linked to manager reputation relative to the club stature or something like that.
  9. I've posted much more than 'these things happen'. Have you read it and looked at possible causes that could contribute to your problems? It's chance to move the discussion forward, but we do need your input on these things.
  10. Looking at your results, it seems you're very attacking/aggressive. That 7-3 match against Arsenal is the clearest sign to me that with how you've set up, results could be a bit of a lottery. Who are you managing, by the way? If I'm honest, it just seems to be a tactical setup that needs improving. You've conceded (with your main tactic) 10 goals in 5 matches. That's not good at all. The tactics forum is available, if you want tactical advice or want articles to read about tactics and get information from guides etc. If not, it's definitely worth analysing your matches.
  11. You have to remember that playing a top team vs playing a relegation team is a very different prospect. I'm generalising, but just to give you an idea: Top teams are more likely to be more aggressive, both with and without the ball. They would commit more players forward or take a few more risks in choosing when to make forward runs in possession. Relegation teams are more likely to be cautious. Keep things tight, don't concede and hope for counter attacking chances or set-piece goals. They will commit fewer players forward and/or make decisions to attempt forward runs when it's safe
  12. Yes, which was a bug and fixed. Even when it was a bug, it had very minor effects. Regardless, the bug has been fixed, so none of this affects the OP in any way and the point was that the ME (and the tools to our disposal) is the same for AI and humans so there's nothing in the ME that would deliberately cause issues for a human manager. I mentioned it so that we can look at other factors and hopefully get to the bottom of the issue here.
  13. Matches aren't always going to go to plan. Your league form shows that for the majority of matches, it does go to plan, so it seems you do have consistent players and a consistent tactic that delivers. IRL and in FM though, it's not going to be 100% of the time. That's where managers really earn their money - turning around a match like that where you're either a goal down or where you're stuck on 0-0 or 1-1 and need that winning goal. This thread (for FM20 as well) is about the same thing really. Maybe some of the replies in there helps, maybe not. Myself and herne79 (others too) tr
  14. Okay, even if you don't have xG, you still have CCCs and HCs to look for to give you a quick overview. You can manually analyse chances too and there are things to look for - does the chance fall onto his favoured foot? If not, how good is he with the other foot? Is it a tight angle or are there defenders close by that could affect his composure and/or leading him to snatch at the chance? Is it a chance on the turn or at full speed and if so, what's his Balance attribute in combination with the usual suspects, Composure and Finishing? Is it a shot or a headed chance as headed chances have a mu
  15. If you don't look at the number, you would never know that he's going to be limited. If he's good at 16, your coaches/scouts will be rating him very highly and not realise he 'only' has a 120 PA. I'd really recommend trying the advice of not looking at the numbers under the hood.
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