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  1. My scouts are almost always accurate in their estimations. One thing to take note of is whether it is a new scout report or an older one.
  2. There will be no difference. Only 1 session counts as these sessions do not "stack". Also, no difference.
  3. Okay, I am drawing the line. If you can't have a civil debate, don't post. The researchers have been letting you into how things work in a civil way. Respond in the same way or leave it.
  4. This is the thread for feedback on FM19. If you're not enjoying it and even better, if you can state why, that's what's beneficial. If you want to recommend something, do it in a PM or different thread. This is still feedback on FM19 so not the place for FM17.
  5. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to have a GE.
  6. Their own. SI has always prided themselves on doing it themselves.
  7. They do. Again - feedback on FM19, please. There are also needs to be a realisation of time scales, what's possible, what isn't and even the fact that some of it is our own doing.
  8. Players will still shoot if they a) don't have options, b) don't see the options or c) they're not allowed to use the options they do have.
  9. This, like the title says, is feedback on FM19. Can we please keep it to feedback on FM19?
  10. It's also important to realise that CA/PA isn't everything. A player can still perform well with a lower CA. A lower CA player can still outperform a higher CA player. A lower CA player can still be better or the same as a higher CA player. Attributes, their distribution and hidden attributes all matter here. Don't make the mistake of blindly staring at CA.
  11. If you look here: SI posted than both 19.3.3 and 19.3.4 are to address stability issues.
  12. Should probably wait for people to wake up first. Yes it continues, even if you leave.
  13. Exactly. Those teams get mauled against my team. My forward harass their defenders with the ball, so they lose possession quick. I even score from catching their defenders in possession or interceptions from passes by their defenders. I'm the one camping out in their half, rather than the other way around. These things may be AI issues, but they shouldn't be for users.
  14. @Panosbret You have thread already and info was requested. Let SI handle it here:
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