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  1. If it's coming back, it's not going to be exactly the same, so it won't be a case of 'just bringing it back'.
  2. I rest the ones who are tired, much like any match. So for me, I just carry on as usual.
  3. This isn't everything. Miles said that it's been improved 'drastically'.
  4. Thanks for the info. That's actually something I like being added. I am a painfully slow player, so this is quite handy to have. It's obviously not something major, but little additions like this improves the overall experience.
  5. It's the same every year though. "We have improved AI/logic" isn't a headline feature. That's not to say it isn't important - it absolutely is and what long-term fans want. It's just not a headline feature. Every year we have the attention grabbing new features. Every year we also have AI improvements, ME improvements etc. regardless of whether something specific was announced or not. Just because it's not a headline feature announcement, doesn't mean nothing was done to it. We may even get to know more if there's a ME footage blog/video. The pinned topic already tells us that there was some work done on the Match AI side of things.
  6. Thanks. As you have now posted there, I'll close this one off.
  7. Yeah, the OP in the first video thread mentions that it's part 1 of 2. There are only 2 parts.
  8. I am not sure. Hopefully someone else can advise. All that can be said has been said in the blog. That's where things stand right now, unfortunately.
  9. There is no FMT for iOS anymore, unfortunately. The blog states that it is falling away. There won't be a FMT22 or 'streamlined' version of FM for iOS. As the blog states, you can stream the Xbox Edition to your tablet, so there is an option to play on tablet.
  10. The decision has been made regarding FM22. Let's see how things go in the future.
  11. Keep in mind, we've seen 1 part of the feature video. There's still part 2 to come.
  12. I can't promise anything. What I am saying is that the sooner something is raised and SI is made aware of it (if they're not already - and usually they are) the better the chances.
  13. A single goal doesn't warrant a big increase, imo, and it was a combination of Dribbling, Balance and Agility and he rates highly in all 3. With things like this, it's better to report it in the database/research section. It's always recommended to provide some backup, like stat comparison between him and others etc. At this point though, researchers will already be busy with the FM22 database, so might be worth checking when FM22 is released.
  14. Everything will be reviewed ahead of the new version. If there are any issues when it's released, especially when the beta is released, please report it.
  15. I think you're missing what I said here or at the very least, exaggerating my points. I never said to tell them team they'll finish "dead last". I really don't know where you got that from. We actually seem to agree. The part you quoted was me mentioning the manager telling his 22nd predicted team who finished 7th, that they'll kick on next season. So he's telling them, "We'll continue to do this well." when it's highly unrealistic. Yes, of course, the expectation is to do better than 22nd, but the expectation isn't (and shouldn't be) near 7th. Like I said, we agree :
  16. This happens in the game already. It's been in for a few years now. Under pressure managers tend to do this especially.
  17. You can check the rules in-game, FWIW. It's not sorted by goal difference. It's sorted on head to head results between the tied teams. It's definitely not a recent change.
  18. The stamina change seems to be a big deal. Also looking forward to checking out the pressing triggers. Why does the release date feel so far away?
  19. Why not wait for the proper feature reveal, like we had the last few years? We do not have any idea what all the new features are. We do not have any details of the new features. We've had a teaser that teased 2 features. There WILL more be news in the coming weeks, so lets see what they've done first.
  20. There will be more news and more detailed news too. It's coming and SI posted this in the pinned announcement thread. This was a teaser, not a headline features video.
  21. Unless I missed something, you haven't won the league? The post I quoted mentioned you finishing 7th where you were predicted 22nd. "Lets have more of it next season, we've built something here" is basically saying you want the same again. With a team that's not expected anywhere near 7th. The problem here is that you're placing your expectations far above what's deemed to be realistic. You were a team predicted 22nd, so you have a squad that's expecting to be around there again because that's their ability compared to other teams. You over-achieved, meaning you shouldn't expect to be there again. It doesn't mean you can't finish that high again, but placing that expectation on the team is unrealistic. Perhaps, as @enigmatic said, there's some middle ground to be found, where a squad's expectations could be raised a bit if they over-achieved the previous season. So, instead of expecting 22nd, it could rather be something like 16-19th, perhaps. Even if they're a poor squad, the fact that they did finish 7th, shows that it's possible to realistically expect to finish a bit higher than the expected 22nd.
  22. Considering they were (lower) mid-table the year before, they would have been fine with the next season's expectations of being mid-table again. They were seen as a mid-table team. In Johnny Ace's case, they're seen as a relegation candidate, so telling the team that they can really kick on next season, after finishing 7th, is far too ambitious. IMO, I don't see the issue with the AI logic in this case. The issue for me is rather the ambiguity of what it is you're trying to say to the team. The issue is that the game reduces the entire talk down to a single (in most cases, short) sentence. I understand that it's better than having an essay to read though. There should be some middle ground, like grouping the talks more clearly to indicate you're trying to be more ambitious or easing the pressure/expectation etc, perhaps? Or the responses should be a bit more detailed to explain that, while you over-achieved, it shouldn't be an expectation to finish 7th (or even kick on from there) because the squad isn't good enough. I don't like vagueness in the game, where there shouldn't be. Not in meetings like this - it should be clear to you what it is you're saying to the team and the team should be clear in their reply. It's the same with some promises - it's not clear what you're promising or what's needed to fulfill some promises.
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