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  2. Thanks for bringing this up, this is now with our team and is under review.
  3. Cant get stabile results. WHat I really wanted is to get use of Ozils pass and Abumayangs pace. But at this point I am open for everything. Get just draws
  4. oh man this suckssssssssss i've started myself a save in the lower leagues and i've started to have the utmost respect for what you are doing. my save is going horribly since i reached the first league. only defeats, my players are **** and holy **** i'm annoyed
  5. He should do mate - was playing the the Scottish Premiership and Europe last season with Aberdeen and before Salford's money came calling.
  6. Indeed, fingers crossed! I'm also going to be away overseas all of next week so playing time and updates may be somewhat slower until I get back. In the meantime, I'm getting some games in today.
  7. How about setting in amc position three players? Kun as amc ( attacking midfielder attack) amrc De Bruyne ( attacking midfielder support) and Silva as amlc (attacking midfielder support) ? Also i was thinking about the two wide players if they has to play in aml & amr position or deeper as ml $ mr. The last one is Fernandinho starting position. Maybe for better replacation we have to play him as a central mieldfielder defend. Thanks for reading and i hope i give you a point to think. I found that silva and de bruyne moving very well and wide enough if agouero is between them.
  8. I'm hoping so! I'm away from tomorrow until Monday, but will get cracking Monday night after our game vs Hartlepool. Hopefully I'll have got into the save enough to provide a post! Fingers crossed.
  9. We've got 2014 Macbooks we've been running internally which have been running well for us on Medium - just as a troubleshooting check, can you please try deleting your cache and preferences as shown here? - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/180_how-to/182_mac/how-to-delete-my-preferences-andor-caches-folder-r640/ Also if at the moment you're running any custom graphics/logos/skins etc, try removing them for now to see if that makes any difference. Would just be good to have a direct comparison with our own machines if you're seeing vastly different performance. Thanks.
  10. This coming Tuesday? Seriously though, despite all the good natured ribbing, I hope you find that elusive club and will keep an eye out in case you do
  11. As far as I know you can't choose individual players but you can select everyone from a particular team, division, nation etc The latter you do when you start the game. I always have people with international reputation and those participating in continental competition in. It creates a base of fairly good players from a number of countries. It's a bit strange that Garde isn't in but supposedly his non-player attributes are too low. I would have thought his career in England would have meant he was created. I was of the impression that the bigger databases included people who played in these leagues. Do check if you have set leagues to playable or view only since the latter creates way fewer players.
  12. 2D & 3D still lag quite badly for me on low and very low graphics. But the home screen and navigating through the game etc. is slightly smoother on the public beta. Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-INCH, Mid 2014) Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
  13. Maybe... I have a couple teams in mind at the moment, actually. I'm narrowing my options. Hoping to get a post out by Tuesday
  14. It would be interesting to read about YOU taking them on (again), that's for sure
  15. This is my save from August 2037. Note that i changed the budgets for some clubs with the editor but this doesn´t seem to affect the clubs, they loose the money when updating to a new season. Best examples in my save are FC Bayern (Transferbudget 5.3m) Chelsea (38m), ManUnited (16m), AS Rom (1.7m), Real Madrid (38m). This is at the end of transfer phase but when you take a look at the transfer history, Real Madrid bought a player for 18.25m and that´s it. Then you have player from Lyon or AS Monaco under Top-10 players which is pretty ridicolus, it seems like no club can afford them so they stay in their club. ManCity and Barca are two clubs i managed recently, those 2 clubs have more funds then other top clubs. Also i noticed that some squads are pretty much just the starting eleven and some youth players, the rest are greyed-out players which indicates the clubs can´t afford new players at all. I played around 5 careers now. The problem occurs in every career after 4-5 seasons. I hope you can get something out of this fm_save4.zip
  16. I think you are approaching this from the wrong angle with the questions that you are asking. - Rather than thinking about whether a BWM (Defend) will work you should be asking yourself what do I need from the player in the system I'm constructing. In a 4-2-3-1 it is essential that the 2 midfield roles are more disciplined defensively to add balance to the system and act like the double pivot. If I were playing that formation I wouldn't use the BWM as I wouldn't want him charging out of position when the opposition has the ball given that he is the last line of defence in front of the defensive line. The role also wouldn't be the best choice for a player that I expected to recycle possession from deeper positions. I think a Central Midfielder (Defend) or a Deep Lying Playmaker (Defend) would be more suitable for that job. - There is a commonly held misconception around here that giving a team instruction X or a player instruction Y guarantees that you see that behaviour from them. The reality is that much like real life football, players will only perform actions that they 'see'. If you want a Wingback to cross less then what is the point of playing a wingback in the first place as you are neutering a significant component of the role. You are naturally going to see crosses given the formation you are playing with 2 players starting in wide positions (The Inside Forward cut inside instruction is an on the ball instruction). That is why I suggested using fullbacks as they can provide the width but also can be made to have a greater tendency to pass inside rather than attempt a cross. Besides, adopting wingbacks in a system without a DM is risky given how much more aggressive wingbacks can be with their forward movements when compared with fullbacks. - Much like in midfield there are 3 key duties you need to have fulfilled in a strike partnership. The first is holding, the second is creating and the third is running. Typically, the number 10 holds up the ball and does the creating while the number 9 does the running. As you have 4 players in your AM and ST positions you need to decide the two players you want to be your partnership and how you are going to get the other two to create space for them in order for them to perform their roles most efficiently. The problem you have in your latest tactic is that you have 3 players acting like number 10s (the two IFs and AP) and your PF acting as a number 9. You also need to consider what style of football best suits the striker you wish to use. For e.g. playing a Poacher in a patient possession style is sub-optimal as they thrive on quick transitions and more direct passes so they can take advantage of teams which haven't recovered their defensive shape whereas a False 9 would be a much more suitable role for a possession style. You have to think holistically and select roles which work well within the style of play you are trying to create. - Pass Into Space is a good instruction to use when the opposition is vacating their defensive shape by pressing hard but if they aren't doing that then it's not a good instruction to use. The speed of your players is largely irrelevant as a reason to choose this instruction, the most important attribute you should be looking at is their Off The Ball. You could be Usain Bolt but if you don't position yourself in the space where the ball is to be played your speed isn't going to help you. - There is nothing wrong with the instruction to Play Out Of Defence but in the system that you posted initially, it didn't make sense for the reasons I laid out before. In the second system, you posted it still doesn't make sense. As I said before simply picking an instruction doesn't guarantee you observe that behaviour. The more important questions when deciding to adopt any TI is to what end and how can I adjust the system to best take advantage of this? As for the Be More Expressive TI, I think it's important to think about context. Is the team you are playing with significantly better than all the others in the league which would afford you the luxury of getting away with allowing your players more creative freedom? If the answer is no then I wouldn't use it as a starting TI for every game. You could even make the argument that allowing your players the freedom to do as they please can be counterproductive when trying to break down teams which are parking the bus. When it comes to talking about BPD and Sweeper Keepers the key thing to keep in mind is that ATTRIBUTES are key. If you do have a great passer of the ball as one of your central defenders you don't need to use the BPD role to get that out of him. The main problem with selecting both Sweeper Keepers and BPD is their tendency to want to be the playmakers as both roles want to play more direct passes which don't mesh well with trying to Play Out Of Defence. - I'd ignore the recommended roles for now and focus on choosing roles which compliment the style of play you want to adopt rather than trying to mould the tactic around the roles which the game THINKS are best for the player. The information the game provides is correct based on the attribute profile of the players but is misleading in that it has no context so the player has to decipher that for themselves. This is a team sport and as such, I can guarantee that you will get better performances out of a player who is adopting a role which they might not be best suited to but nonetheless fits harmoniously with the rest of the tactic than playing a player in their favoured role which doesn't suit the tactic at all. Just try it and see how it works out. - What highlight mode do you choose when watching the matches? I get the impression that you are playing the game blindly and making changes not based on concrete information but on speculation. By watching a game in more extensive detail you can more easily spot what is happening with your tactic and begin to see trends. Slap the game on 2D and watch the first half of a game on full (can be a previous game if you don't want to interrupt the save), watch the movement of your players when you have the ball and when you don't, pause during transitions and see whether the players are behaving as you want. If you do this you will quickly improve tactically as you'll be able to make more informed decisions. - Any TI you pick is just biasing the play in a certain way. The more TIs you adopt the more restricted your players will be if they are expected to follow your instructions to the letter. That is why I'm of the school of thought that less is more when it comes to TIs. If you are having to select a lot of TIs then fundamentally the building blocks (formation, mentality, roles and duties) aren't right as you should be able to get pretty close to your desired style of play without any TIs. Also, bear in mind that introducing a tendency to do one thing reduces the tendency to do another. For e.g. choosing the Play Through The Middle instruction reduces wide play which can reduce your wide players' contribution to attacks which can be damaging especially when facing teams that are defending narrow. - If your defence is 'no good' then I'd argue that is more of a reason to play a counter press to try and prevent opposition attacks developing into your final third. Much like anything though you should never view things in isolation and try to see the bigger picture. In the first tactic, you posted you have 2 players solely dedicated to defending. That is an enormous amount of burden to place on them and is likely the reason why they struggle to perform well. Add in the fact that you have split the defensive line by adopting a cover and defend duty and I can see why you have issues. Defending and attacking aren't just reserved to defenders and attackers. You could make the argument that your most important defenders are your attackers and your most important attackers are your defenders given that they are usually the first point of contact when it comes to both phases of play and set the tone for how both phases of play are likely to develop. I have learnt the only way to really improve at this game is to watch matches and see how your tactics are playing out. In order to succeed you have to be prepared to fail, as long as you learn from it you'll get better. Sorry for another big block of text for you to read. Best of luck
  17. Sorry, but this is unacceptable. Specs of my MacBook are the same, so don’t tell me, that in the future maybe I should run on the lowest settings, because of system update. Just fix the game, it is your duty. Thanks.
  18. @avto I notice that by default, Constantin Nica belongs to Saburtalo in the game, but in reality he is not playing in Saburtalo, but in Romania for Calarasi. Perhaps just an incorrect transfer that was made to Saburtalo instead?
  19. If you'd like to start a new thread, posting your detailed tactical set up - without the ranting and swearing next time - somebody may be able to give you some advice. I'm afraid ranting and swearing in this forum just results in locked threads. I appreciate you are frustrated but nobody can help you unless you give us something to go on.
  20. yes, menu play is basically normal just very very laggy even on very low graphics in matches
  21. I had a little run with Crawley prior to the winter update. I was enjoying it to be fair, I just wanted a short save to get me over until the winter update and it served its purpose well. I've considered another go with them, but the fact I've managed them already put me off a little. I may try again at some point, though. The fact they're one of the League Two sides that aren't usually used much is something that drawn me to them. The lack of mentioning of their name in the thread strengthens my point. With Cioffi under fire irl at the moment, it would be interesting to see someone take them on!
  22. Like the others have said very well, it depends on the other roles. You just need to understand what the role does by looking at its Player Instructions, there it has close down more hard coded, and tackle harder. This influences how he will behave. If you take each role in that tier and then apply a circle around them to see how far they would leave their position to go close down the BWM has the largest. So he is likely to move away from the position he is in to go close down someone else. Understanding this helps you incorporate a BWM in your system, Generally a BWM can work in any system even in a 4231, he just becomes an aggressive ball winner, now understanding that he will move away from a position will help you plan your roles and duties. In this case while he may move around a lot perhaps around him we want players who could cover the spaces in case he is out of position. I have used a BWM in a 4231, in fact I like using him as a support duty playing off another playmaker who may be in a deeper role. Behind him we could have 4 good players who have the mental attributes and positioning to know where to be when we are in a defensive transition. People generally advise those unfamiliar with roles/duties and how to understand attribute to stay away from BWM in a 4231 situation because you need to understand all this first, and it can be challenging for someone new to tactics. You will find a lot of AI tactics using BWM in them.
  23. Sure thing... tomorrow probably, given the rate at which I get through a season; I'm into season 2 with United and three seasons is about my limit.
  24. Im into 4th season in our Newcastle game, still cant manage to win a single trophy. Are my players ********? Im trying to use a 4123 DM Wide, 1DM and 2MC My striker Pellegri/Origi on DLF S or CF s can never hold the ball to let two IF to score, let alone create any chances, basically every game i play i have 0-1 CCC and 0 Half chances, i can only score goals through dead balls, my AP and BBM combination completely not working, no ideas what is happening there? With IF (A) they are not getting close the box, with IF (S) they create nothing, short passing style this year did nothing for me this year, every key passes my team made is basically from corners or long passes from our cb Also, i have always been emphasizing on wing back plays in previous version of FM, when two IFs cutting inside, wing back to cross with the space provided, this year my IFs are often running to the byline, wingback have to spaces to work with, even with spaces for them to work with, wingbacks are like ********, always cross into their fullback and go out for corners, what is the reason for SI to make wingback keep hold of the ball and wait until their defenders to block their crosses? Also, is that possible for a team to concede more than 15 free kicks a season? can SI explain how does that ****ing happens? I have had enough of this game, i spent many years in FM and this year is the ****ing worst of all
  25. Sorry to hear PNE wasn't fun for you. Good luck with your Red Devils (perhaps Crawley should be your next team?) and hopefully you'll be back soon. If Sheffield United doesn't work out, perhaps I should suggest Swansea so you can better me again
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