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  1. My current staff has an assistant manager who has 16 Current Ability, 19 Potential Ability. My Chief Scout has 18 and 18. It seems like every time I scout a player and then acquire him, my assistant manager's opinion of the player is always lower than the Chief Scout's opinion (I assume when scouting a player I'm getting the Chief Scout's opinion, this is FMT 18 and there's no option to assign someone specific when I hit Scout player.) Does that make sense that the Asst. Coach always has a lower opinion of a scouted player once they're acquired?
  2. Hmmm. When I'm looking at a player, the only option I have for scouting is "Get Scout Report" or Scout player - no option to pick someone.
  3. I cannot find and acquire a Chief Scout with outstanding "Judging Player Abilty" and "Judging Player Potential." Thus I end up making big bids for players that are scouted and are highly rated by my scout, but then my Assistant Coach, with much better judging abilities, determines they are average at best. I can find General Managers with superb abilities to judge players, but I haven't figured out how to utilize those skills. Particularly when it comes to scouting players. Any tips or advice? (Oh, this is FMT 18.) Thanks.
  4. I do that (FMT FWIW) and I've also found that I am able to put a player with good attributes in that role and get really good performance, in spite of having a red out of position marker. I've got a player who is a top notch center midfielder who I have in the right wingback position, subbing for my injured starter, and he's gotten a couple of POM results. He's not necessarily ideal for the role per classic FM role identification, and I doubt he'll end up with his retraining at more than "competent" but can't argue with results. Of course, it also hurts that I can't find a scout with anyt
  5. Been using the 18.3.3 WOF343P101 version for a couple of campaigns with Oxford. I switched around a lot experimenting in my first campaign to test tactics, then started again using this version exclusively. Oxford starts in BET L1, not very high expectations. Not a large transfer budget, I used most of it to get the best Keeper I could find and afford, and a striker I like (Lyle Taylor.) After the team gels a bit, if anything this tactic is feeling a bit overpowered! We finished the first season having taken the top spot and never falling off of it. Perhaps 3 losses all season, inc
  6. Background: let's say I go into a match as a clear favorite, 7-1 type favorite. We're on the top of our league table and have been there all season. We're playing a team that is, say, #12 in the league table. Odds before the match are clearly in our favor, prematch commentary is we should win this one fairly easily. We win, 4-0. Could have been even better. But in the match summary screen at the end of the match the media comments, say 442, says something like "Well, I predicted a slight win for (underdogs) or even a draw, but I never saw Oxford (me) winning this one. That must really hur
  7. Great and fun discussion, thanks! In my younger years I managed a bit (nowhere near high levels of course) and I often had a play that didn't look all that athletic, wasn't extremely fast or quick, in practice was very average in shooting skills, etc. yet put him in a match and he was magic. Always seem to be in the right place at the right time, always seemed to shoot (sometimes a blind shot) in just that spot the keeper couldn't reach, and mid season I'd be shocked at how he was leading the league in scoring. It helped that the rest of the team recognized his "magic" and loved feeding h
  8. Playing as Oxford, BET L1, and I have a player who is rated 2.5 stars as a striker, and potential the same. I have other players rated higher, with better attributes. Yet for some reason, this player leads the league in scoring, seems to always outperform other strikers, i.e. he just seems to perform like a 5 star striker. Yet he is considered a "back up player, near his prime." I look at his attributes and none would indicate that he would be such a scoring machine. Is this just a quirk? Has he just been "Lucky"?" Or can a player be that underrated by his value and ratings?
  9. Playing as Oxford, BET Sky League 1 in England. We're playing Everton Reserves in the Checkatrade Trophy tournament. Ever Reserves has a striker who looks interesting, but when I try to scout him it says he is outside my scouting range. If he's playing for a team in England and I'm in England how can he be "outside my scouting range?"
  10. I have a superb striker I signed to my L1 Oxford team (Lyle Taylor) but he is CONSTANTLY offside. I realize everyone plays the offside trap, but he kills counter after counter by being offside. One of his traits is "likes to beat the offside trap" - fine, except he never does! What can I do to tell him to stay onside??? Thanks!
  11. It was from a Football Manager related website (not official) - I assume it was for FM, since it just listed it as a Wonderkids shortlist for FM18. The other one I found from a similar site was in sls format.
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