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  1. Good thought, checking.... no, and I can scout other players on that team.
  2. Perhaps, but he is playing in the match against us.
  3. Playing as Oxford, BET Sky League 1 in England. We're playing Everton Reserves in the Checkatrade Trophy tournament. Ever Reserves has a striker who looks interesting, but when I try to scout him it says he is outside my scouting range. If he's playing for a team in England and I'm in England how can he be "outside my scouting range?"
  4. I have a superb striker I signed to my L1 Oxford team (Lyle Taylor) but he is CONSTANTLY offside. I realize everyone plays the offside trap, but he kills counter after counter by being offside. One of his traits is "likes to beat the offside trap" - fine, except he never does! What can I do to tell him to stay onside??? Thanks!
  5. It was from a Football Manager related website (not official) - I assume it was for FM, since it just listed it as a Wonderkids shortlist for FM18. The other one I found from a similar site was in sls format.
  6. Oxford, just got promoted to the Champ league but my coaching staff is still pretty weak. My assistant coach has better ratings for judging current and potential abilities of players than my scout does. When I scout a player, I get the opinion of my head scout. How can I get the opinion of my asst coach on this player?
  7. I was trying out some wonderkids shortlists, and I found one that had the sls exstension: that imports with no problem. But I found a newer one with an fmf extension and that will not import. Can FMT18 not import a shortlist in fmf format? Thanks
  8. Playing FMt18, as Oxford, just got promoted to the Championship league. Just for fun, I want to see if I could find one of the "wonderkids" you see listed for FM 18 in various places. So I found the names of some of them, made sure they were in England, went into Scouting/Player Search and edited a search to only have the parameter of the player name. However, not a single one of these "wonder kids" show up in my searches. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Ah, that makes sense. So it is not a full attribute unmasking. Thanks.
  10. I see that it is a toggle (you can turn it on or off) so I applied it to the game and you are correct, it provides ranges in every attribute (e.g. Finishing, 11-17 - I assume that means he can start at 11 and grow to a max of 17?) Interesting, it does not show those ranges for players already on your squad. It also does not show values for every attribute, for example, looking at a striker and it shows nothing for his positioning or concentration or several other attributes.
  11. Playing FMT, and I just got an Unlockable titled "Attribute Masking." I have an option to "Apply to game." The way that is worded would lead one to think that applying it would apply Attribute Masking to the game, i.e. hide attributes until a player is scouted. However, that is already the setting in my game. Does this unlockable actually do the opposite of what it appears and reveal attributes? Thanks
  12. In my first career season with FMT 18, playing Oxford in BET League 1. For most of the season my assistant coach (I assume) has managed the reserves matches and I just get a report after the match. Now, towards the end of the season, I am being forced to manage my reserves matches. The only staff change I have made is my Physio (and that was mid season.) I have no desire to manage my reserves; how do I change this back??? Thanks.