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  1. I started back in the CM days - LONG time ago - no 3D match, etc. More recently I've become a bit frustrated with parts of the full FM game in some areas. For example, choosing what to say to the team before and during and after a match, as well as to individuals. It would seem that if I responded in a logical manner, the way I would in real life, I would inadvertently upset an individual or an entire team. I'd read strategy guides on how to respond/what to say in various conditions, many of which seemed illogical, and realized if I have to use a guide to decided what to say to avoid screwing up, that was not fun and conflicted with the role playing aspect it is intended to enhance. I would just as soon not have that in the game in that case, which is one thing I like about FMT. If it worked in what, to me, seems a logical manner (and I've had some experience managing teams, albeit not Premier League football, LOL!) I'd prefer it be IN the game. Just one example, and I'm sure after a few seasons getting my feet wet with FMT I'll dive back into "full" FM. I do tip my hat to SI, though, for making FMT as detailed as they did, rather than a very dumbed down version.
  2. Jumping back into FM after a couple of years off, and starting with FMT 18 to get my feet wet. I'm surprised at how full featured FMT 18 is! One question though, I seem to remember in my past FM games that when I sent scouts out on assignment there was a "only realistic signings" or something option? I'm playing as Oxford, BET League 1, we're pretty awful right now, transfer budget only $140K, and my scouts are suggesting Premier League players with transfer values of $800K. Is there no way to tell them to only suggest realistic signings? Thanks!
  3. I hope this is the right place for this simple question: Just starting FM18/FM18, playing in the English Leagues, starting in the lower leagues and hoping to make it up to the Premier League. It appears that the leagues below Premier League are accurate in terms of league names and competitions? Is the Premier League the only thing that needs external files to be accurate? What other competitions also need external files to be corrected? Thanks!
  4. Thanks, I'm starting with FMT just to get my feet wet and get back into the flow of the game. If I find I want more detail, I'll jump back into FM "full."
  5. It appears tactics have to be made in a creator that specifically works for FMT - I've downloaded some that work, some that don't. Hard to tell since they have the same extension.
  6. Thanks for the reply! That's what I needed. Since FM18 is on sale right now on Steam for $17 it's a bit of a no=brainer to pick it up (considering the time I spent with previous versions, that will translate to about 0.0001 cents per hour of playtime. )
  7. I just purchased FM 2018/FMT 2018 on steam for my Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen, after being away from the game for a long time. I was a huge fan before the game was even readily available in the U.S. and worked with Marc back then and managed to get a U.S. computer gaming magazine I was writing for let me write a review of one of the early CMs back then. Which is just a long winded way of saying big fan of the series. My gaming time is more limited these days so I may try starting with FMT to ease back into the series. One question (having never played anything but the full version) - do the third party tactics that you can find elsewhere for the full version also work in FMT? Thanks
  8. I've played FM for MANY years (back when they were CM) ; in fact, as a writer in the computer industry, I wrote the first review of the game in American media. A LONG time ago. I've missed the last 4 years or so, though, due to Life. Family issues, etc. have taken a lot of my gaming time. However, I find myself with the itch to jump back in, assuming it will run decently on my Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen laptop, and I have a question for the experts here. My gaming time is still a bit limited, and my primary interest is role playing a manager starting in the lower leagues and seeing what kind of career I can create for myself. I enjoy finding talent, putting a team together, finding what tactics work well for the team, etc. I have NO desire nor do I find it enjoyable to micromanage training for every player. In this version, is it possible to delegate training to a coach and still do well? Thanks!
  9. Yeah, I can't imagine why a person would NOT want the names of the leagues and the cups to be accurate, as well as the kits to be as accurate as possible, if all you had to do was a simple mouse click or two. I'd guess that if it was an option in the game, everyone would choose it. I always end up downloading the league and cup names and the graphics mods that make the kits and logos correct, etc. But it is indeed a pain in the aspirin bottle, and I seem to always have them not take the first time, so I go back, re-read the instructions, make sure they have been extracted to the correct location, etc. It would be wonderful if the process of installing (and uninstalling) such enhancements was made mouse-click simple.
  10. Well, that was kinda my point. Rather than more details in the tactics manager, I'd be happier if the AI of the players was improved to the point I did not have to give him such explicit instructions to do what he should know to do in the match.
  11. That cannot be the actual, normal game speed!?! It looks nothing like an actual match but rather some primitive arcade game when it comes to how fast the players are moving and the ball is moving!
  12. Long time FM fan, from the days when it was CM! Just a few hopes, two probably not addressable before release because they are fundamental, one of them fairly simple to fix. 1. The straightforward one: PLEASE make sure in game commentary never is in unreadable colors (e.g. light blue on slightly darker blue, light yellow on white, etc.) Please make sure there is always enough contrast to easily read the in game commentary! 2. FM is a great role playing game. But some things really detract from that. The interface with the media and players really, really becomes much more of a "figure out the right answer" than being able to just saying what you would say in a real life circumstance. It really is depressing to talk to a player after he had a great match, winning the game with a last minute goal, and tell him "great match, way to come through for us" and the result being him pissed off for 4 weeks. There are entire threads on here where people try to explain responses that make NO sense, trying to explain them away with 12 deep psychoanalytic excuses ("Well, he may have been having an affair with the wife of the team trainer and when you praised him he may think the tone of your voice was sarcastic and you suspect his affair and that's why he is pissed when you praised him - duh!" Entire guides to team talks because you can't just rely on your natural approach "When up by 1 to 3 goals and away, and and you are the underdog, always say "this."" etc. I really hate that I can't just respond the way I did when I was a real life manager without risking weird negative results. 3. The tactics: I once managed at a pretty high level (I know, people HATE it when someone says that, LOL!) but the point is I'm glad I did not have to set up tactics in such excruciating detail. I know people love having 74 factors to tweak for the left winger in a 4-4-2, but in real life managers give much less detailed instructions to each player in each tactic. I'd much prefer a simpler but realistic approach to tactics (that still would allow for good and realistic results.) Just my FWIW!
  13. jefflackey

    Team Talks Ruining Game Experience

    There may be some randomness and there may be some "emperor's new clothes" or "rock soup" going on (i.e. you read a lot into reactions and responses that isn't really there, but just in your mind.) But I do have one fullback who is one of my top players, and he is a big, talented, determined guy but also seems to be fickle and looking for a reason to be upset. I doubt that SI has programmed in the attribute of emotionally immature or eternal pessimist, but I decided to tag him that way and it makes it less frustrating than just assuming the results are random or buggy. After all, it IS above all (for me) a role playing game, and role playing games allow/require a lot of the game to occur in our own minds.
  14. jefflackey

    Modern Warfare 442

    Out of curiosity, what are you using now? I've been using Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 and it can be effective, but I am looking for a backup tactic for those situations in which that tactic isn't effective. I did try your version of this one in a couple of friendlies against weaker teams, and holy crap - I was up 6-0 at the half. I did notice it seemed a bit "leaky" on the defense though. Thanks
  15. jefflackey

    Modern Warfare 442

    Rich, is this tactic set up so that, for example, switching from overload to defensive won't really have an effect? Was just wondering if you get ahead in an important match and want to protect the lead, the best way to do that. Thanks.