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  2. I don't say you wrong. I just mean this example is not perfect for investigation but I clearly see your point and I tried to show it in my message in the beginning
  3. I'll start by saying. In sentiment I completely agree with you. My fear is this - Juventus does lose a penny. Many a penny. Why? ...Because if the FM Community were not providing these resources for free. SI & The 'Football Manager' team would come under pressure to provide these. Many people (Myself included) in this thread have stated they would not be interested in the game without the Graphical & Licence improvements provided by the community. So now SI come under heavy pressure from their fan base to acquire official licences. They would need to pay for these. Here is where it can get interesting. The Premier League clubs for example, diminish their own ability to control their rights, they place a lot of the authority and control of image and licence distribution to the Premier League body - A "Collective Licencing System". There are exceptions where certain players and clubs retain autonomy, but as a general rule it applies. Serie A and the case of Juventus is slightly different. The ability and authority to licence specific clubs ID, Badge & Kits Etc. rests with the club itself. So if FM wanted the ' whole package' with Juventus to use their IP - They would need to pay Juventus for it. And we are talking BIG MONEY. Now imagine you are the Cheif Executive of Konami - You've just a secured a lucrative contract with Juventus for EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to their images, licence, kits & badge - And this FM community are taking content you've just paid millions for and coding it into the Football Manager game for free! Not only this, but Sports Interactive are making this extremely easy to do and are even hosting methods and links on their own website to enable this. ...Well you'd be pretty upset.
  4. Just posting again to confirm this is still happening in this save game. Really infuriating that I can't continue playing because of this bug
  5. the longer I look, the more questions I noticed Iniesta dlp and it was like hey wtf. After this a lot of defensive duties , but goal difference -1 is the best part Please stop it, you force me to install fm15 for play some seasons again, but I need to build new stadium in Torino FM19 !
  6. It was purely a test to try and create more creative play, I promise you regardless of tactics the outcome is the same. Vast majority Goals will come from crosses, long shots and set pieces. You play fm tell me I’m wrong?
  7. Those two are good. Also look at Haaland & Boadu, two wonderkids who are insane.
  8. Good luck this time, should make for an interesting time. the facilities are a bug i think- i have seen the same in the english lower leagues where a team had the best possible coaching and recruitment in the VNS, it changed at the season start. In my game the club has basic and fairly basic.
  9. yeah, this is my main worry too. I get that they're flooded a little atm but if you jump on somebody else's post they ask for you to create your own so that you can get some help with it - then when you create your own you don't get a response:((( i know it's a busy period for them so i try to give them a little slack but it's still getting a tiny bit concerning
  10. since latest update i have to manage reserves , any way to fix this on 2004 version of beta
  11. “The agreed deadline hasn’t been passed yet the news item is showing that I have failed. “
  12. Hi, is this in the 2022/23 season? In which case the break will be for the world cup
  13. The graph is not reflective. Only showing the number for Man United.
  14. I posted my post in the bugs section and received no feedback from anyone. Amazing! Perhaps si read it who knows. Last year for fm19 loads of us posted evidence about the lack of creative central play and lack of through balls and we were told it was due to lack of striker movement. I was seriously hoping to see some nice improvements, especially after reading the me blog we’re they said striker movement was an area which had a lot of focus, and guess what fm20 has exactly the same problem as we all reported last year, no creative play on the final 1/3. i very much doubt things will be fixed on fm20. I’m sorry to be pessimistic but they have had a whole year of dev time and it’s exactly the same.
  15. This is as intended - if you raise enough money then the board will decide that your transfer budget is already big enough, and will look to invest further income elsewhere.
  16. This is under review now. Thank you. 我们正在调查这个外援问题了,谢谢。
  17. Hi @Scoop44 Financial status is calculated to factor in a wide range of variables, so if the club foresee issues in the future, you may be insecure even if you're in the black
  18. Not sure if this is a bug or not but it didnt seem correct?
  19. Hi @Gripper, Thanks for the update regarding Level 9, it's understandable the higher leagues take priority, we can always use the pre game editor to update players where necessary. However, Whickham have today appointed John Oster as their Assistant Manager and he isn't in the FM20 database so I wouldn't be able to use the editor to fix this. As he's a former Welsh International and played in the Premier League he'll have been in the database at some point. Is it therefore just a case of you making him active again? And if so, would this be possible for the full release please? https://whickhamfc.com/whickham-appoint-matthew-pattison-as-new-manager/ Thanks
  20. Having an issue on the beta where my set piece takers are constantly dropping off my user-configured list of takers - I keep getting recommended in my tactical reports to add players to the lists when they were already present - then when I open the list they're no longer on it anymore!
  21. Thanks for raising this, we are aware of some issues regarding the roles of Managing Directors, and will look into this too.
  22. I may have missed it in reading this thread but has there been any official word about this from someone at SI?
  23. March 2020 Only 3 matches (our 4th would have been against Bury), but the win against Coventry was enough to secure the league title!
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