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    I'm a registered nurse in mental health, avid red and loving father.


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    Cycling and spending time with my family.

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  1. I think most reds are aware of Adam Lewis (U21 / U18) promising LB - I've had lots of success with him as a back up to Robbo in my 3 seasons so far, suffice to say, his star rating has increased by a full star - still 21. https://imgur.com/R2WZQfS
  2. Absolutely dominated with Wolves, back to my beloved reds - strong emphasis on youth.
  3. Won the prem in my first 2 seasons, second year won the champions league also. Been offered the Man City job with 7 games to go (nearly champions for a third year running).
  4. Johnny and Doherty both excelling in this role in my Wolves save (SS if needed)
  5. The latter mate, the newgens themselves ..
  6. Still really struggling to find new intakes despite your very helpful step-step guide :/
  7. OPZ Elite 2019 (I'm sure the creator made this skin available from this site - not 100% though)
  8. I'm finding Ruben Neves to be excelling in an attaking Mezzala role.
  9. Just a little update (unsure if there is a Wolves 2019 team thread) - Ruben once more! 3 up Vs City.....still, not bad!
  10. Man City away next (they are 2 points behind however I've won 4-1 at Wembley (Spurs), 2-1 at the Bridge, 3-0 Home (Vs Man U), 7-1 Home (Arsenal) and 0-0 Home (Liverpool) so my record Vs the bigger teams is quite good at present (only defeat thus far was an undeserving 4-1 at Palace.
  11. I had such domination with Liverpool that I felt Wolves was a significant step down (but I get your 'proper' challenge reference with the mighty Fulham). I use two tactics (both seeming to suit Neves amazingly well; AWAY (or at homes Vs 'top teams' HOME So, essentially Mezzala with attacking mentality.
  12. Seeking clarity here; so do the dates of new intakes vary? if not, what is the date? (purely for scouting purposes).
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