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  1. Having great success with Stormcaller 14 away from home and continue to have good results at home with the Ashbringer V6 and occasionally away Vs weaker teams (playing as Liverpool). Screenshots to follow
  2. You're spoiling me TFF, all the releases thus far have had an amazing impact on both my one player and online game with my buddy (whom I've shared your tacs with also - giving you the utmost credit of course)
  3. I discovered mdacha set piece download on 18 (very recently, too late really) however it had a monstrous impact on my final FM18 days...I agree with the above regarding the natural threat of strong players during set piece situations
  4. Hi guys, I was hoping for some clarity; no matter which faces pack I opt for, all the in-game pictures are really small...can anyone explain why this is? Regards
  5. Should I be using a specific skin to enable the backgrounds to work in 19?
  6. Knap, I'm finding this tactic absolutely amazing away from home!! standard mentality Vs teams you'd generally expect to beat and bigger teams to be fair however I've been receptive to switching to attacking mentality if not winning mid-second half to great success! I'm Liverpool just in case...many thanks Knap!
  7. Hi mate, I'm Liverpool, I'm alternating mentality, counter away against nearly all opposition and variable between standard and attacking at home..the home approach is generally successful versus teams whom 'park the bus'.
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