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  2. Hello everyone, This year I finally found some time do redo the Swiss lower league extension I already did for FM 2017. I made a complete overhaul of my previous system, added a reserve structure and everything works fine in holiday mode, except fore one thing: the winner of the Liechtensteiner Cup doesn't qualify for the Euro Cup. I had exactly the same problem 3 years ago... When checking the rules of the competition, everything seems ok (see image). But no Liechtensteiner team ever qualifies for the Euro Cup in game, although they are all correctly based in Liechtenstein for continental qualifications... I don't think it's a bug. It has perhaps something to do with the fact that the editor makes it impossible to have two main cups in the same nation rules. I had therefore to "downgrade" the Liechtensteiner Cup, making it a simple cup, because my file also contains rules for the Swiss Cup (main cup). Any ideas to solve this (small) issue? Thx! You can find my file over there:
  3. Its really about just unerstanding how the tactics creator works, what all of the instructions actually mean, and building a system which is stable and effective within that and which creates a coherent style of play that works within the games ME. Once you get it and it clicks the game is too easy.
  4. FM2007确实提供了data editor,但,功能局限性很大。 有很多在07中无法修改的重要参数,在后续的FM作品中,都已经可以通过新的data editor修改,但新版的data editor也已经无法读取和保存FM2007的数据库文件。 比如各个Nation不同的“转会价格”和“球员工资”设定; 比如各个比赛的替补名额(FM2007中的英超还是5替补); 比如各个国家独特的转会限制规则…… 从FM2007发售到现在,已经过去十多年了,我还在执着于它的数据库编辑,但实在是遇到了太多的无能为力。 如果官方能提供相应的支持,比如告诉我,可以用什么样的工具软件解包数据库,并在修改后重新打包起来还能让游戏正常读取和使用,我会在感激不尽的同时,让这款老游戏焕发新的生机的。 如果还能附加当年的开发文档,甚至是当年最原始的明文数据库,那我简直要顶礼膜拜了! 以上,就算是我在FM2007发售13周年到来之际,许下的圣诞愿望吧。 我知道确实不大现实,但我还是希望SI能看到。 在FM2020如火如荼的今天,发这个主题确实有些不合时宜,但我仍希望能得到大家的支持而非嘲笑。 如果有哪位对我的执着感兴趣的话,可以查看一下我用FM2007附带的data editor修改出的中国入欧数据库,当真是带着脚镣跳舞。 如果得不到更多的技术支持,我就算再有热情,最多也就局限于这种水平了。 我希望能做出更好更有趣的数据库,但这真的需要足够的技术支持,所以腆着脸发出这样的求助。 毕竟,绝望之前,总得挣扎两下^_^。
  5. I swear that this is part of football manager, certain stadiums do manage to look like their real life counter parts. Maybe I have just noticed it with a few grounds but with more famous grounds I notice some resembalances for sure
  6. I'm not sure implying someone would want to be deaf and blind is the kind of message you want to be sending out. I don't think I have ever played with the sound on.
  7. The match plays out in real time - and different permuations of how the ball moves affects the outcome. Perhaps the 2nd game you didn't win the coin toss and didn't kick off the first half. There's litterally thousands if not millions of ways the game result changes playing it over and over and over again.
  8. I can't select multiple messages in the inbox with the shift key. How come that something basic like that was missed? Also what's up with 1 on 1 situations? Keepers are way too overrated.
  9. Im still on FM19 and doing a MLS save I know how to use general allocation money and know that the Targeted allocation is for use with designated players but I dont know how and when to use it! I've tried during contract talks, before registration,after registration etc but there doesn't seem to be an option to use! Any help would be appreciated
  10. What is the best way to approach football manager? Is it to learn and understand real footballing ideas and tactical principles of play. Is it to learn more the weaknesses of the games engine and manipulate your tactics to a way that takes advantage Or is it a mix of both? How do you approach it? A simulation of the real game or the arcade style learning the games vulnerabilities and maximizing the advantages taken of this Id like to hear what people prefer to do
  11. ehhhh, so that people can manage their favorite club in a lower div in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, no?
  12. Imagine Bournemouth and Crystal Palace played each other 100 times in real life, same 22 players and the same formations. The result would not be the exact same every single time. 20/100 games Zaha might have a stormer and win the game single handed. Another time Cahill might pull his hamstring and therefore allow Bournemouth to score on the counter. You can't expect the same results simply because both teams set up before a game the same way. The game isn't hard coded before the game to have certain things happen. Hence why you see different goals in two of the same games. Football manager isn't perfect and yes it can be frustrating but restarting every game isn't the way to go, it won't teach you anything.
  13. I think it must have been a bug I erased all saves uninstalled the game reinstalled it started fresh and players are now actually signing.
  14. Yesterday's update was a hotfix for technical issues. The match engine is still the same.
  15. Il est possible que ta sauvegarde ai été corrompu. Pourrais tu nous l'uploader qu'on essaye de la charger. Merci d'avance.
  16. You have FM Touch on Steam, which is a store for PC or Mac. If you want FM for your iPad, you need to buy it from the app store.
  17. Bonjour @lo.simon, peux-tu nous en dire plus sur la config de ton ordinateur et sur le paramétrage choisit pour ta partie ? Merci d'avance;
  18. mbappe 196 current ability ... position striker ... test: holiday 1 year into the future last patch: 56 games 54 goals ... fun and godlike like a player with this ability should be ? YES ! yesterday's patch 55 games 24 goals ... godlike player bang average ... fun ? NOPE ! i just wanna see godlike teams and players to break records is that too much to ask for ...
  19. That goal difference advantage could be huge! Got a feeling you'll do it.
  20. The real lesson is that there are no restarts in life. Learn to accept the loss and move on. If you are restarting each loss to get a win/draw it isn't any different to adding a manager to each opponent and playing all of their players out of position to win.
  21. Hi, I've the week old problem. Before the hotfix, also after the hotfix have still the crash dump in the middle of the week. This is very similar problem like many other users have. I play Football Manager since 2005, play one long-time save like unemployed a build the career and I've never had this problem. This is very fatal for me... Please, can anybody help? Many thanks... FM 2020 v20.2.1.1326301 (2019.12.10 09.17.54).dmp
  22. I did it a few years back just to make it interesting - haven't experienced it yet in this save but it feels very strange to be disappointed with an Owls defeat, even if it is just fictional! Very rarely (never) have I seen both Sheffield clubs in the Premier League at the same time, and I've always thought it would be cool to have them both doing well in it. Just checked and the Blades are doing pretty well early doors on this save, but I think if the situation gets critical and CW somehow gets the sack i'll create another manager (Neil Warnock Jr) and try to save them! Cheers dude - we all know how things can change though...!
  23. I wanted a Brexit of my choice, so I started a game and holidayed until I knew what scenario. Eventually, I got the one I wanted and started the game (17 foreign player limit, £8,000 per week required for work permit). When I got to this point in the game, the Brexit scenario had changed (17 foreign player limit, work permit dependent on internationals/fees/wage). Between saving above and getting where I wanted, we had a patch. Did the patch change Brexit scenarios? I have not been able to have the 17 foreign player limit, £8,000 per week required for work permit scenario since, despite fifteen attempts.
  24. Are you a manager who adapts tactics to the current team to reach achievements as soon as possibile? or the one the force team to play in your favourite style even with not the right players at the price of results and maybe missing stronger players that doesn't fit your tactics. Slowly built up a right team Or you balanced the way? Starting using your current team at best to get results, but soon as you can buy player to use your style? I'm the one who force the team at the price of relegation.
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