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  2. I am trying to create a group playoff for the champions of 8 sub-divisions, nice and simple, but would like to carry across the points the teams gained during the league stage, I suspect I am missing a simple options somewhere
  3. My board has called a meeting concerning performance analyst wage budget changes. I propose to use the funds to improve youth recruitment. I manage to convince the board to my request. The board then confirms the increase in wages for performance analysts. Hold up. Uploaded the save of the meeting's day as "board meeting performance analyst wages.fm".
  4. @superharber If winning don't change and turn steam off to avoid updates messing up your form.
  5. Summary: Negative xG during game Description of Issue: During a pre-season match on my Altrincham save, my xG went negative when we scored a goal. Never happened before and I don't use any custom skins, databases etc. Reported the issue on Twitter and was told to log it here Steps to Reproduce: 🤷‍♂️
  6. Yeah, of course. I was approaching it from the point of view of "I want dynamic CA". There is a reason this was the second question. The first one was why would you want this for a reason. And this its basically what I mentioned. Also in the other topic I dont remember now about development. I really think like you that PA is not the place to look for improvements if what we want is variety. Is how CA grows. Not that is terrible now, but yeah, it would be easier and yet more imapctful as things stand right now in given more varied results than designing a complex variable PA system.
  7. Part 5 With pre-season completed, Veljko was satisfied with what he had seen - the only loss being a narrow one at home to Premier League side Brighton last time out More concerning was the state of the club's finances - but Veljko knew what he was getting in to and promised to address and improve the financial status as best he could The EFL churned out the fixture list for the Championship campaign, which was due to start slightly later than normal in mid-September But the season opener saw a home Carabao Cup tie with League 2 side Walsall, who included st
  8. Teie IF Season 2033 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Pretty much a status quo this season. Same position and only a few points more. The main issue is still our lack of going professional, and I'm trying to save up money for that, but we don't get in too much yet. As long as we stay up we get a fair bit of prize money, so we go again and hope to improve more next season. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Orkla and Stord before losing to Strømsgodset in the 3rd round. Youth players of note: Another great season and still provides loads of goals. Easily our b
  9. As I understand it, the next season budget is a reset of your transfer and wage budgets so they'll take your current budget off you and give you a new one based on the club's finances. If you had £180m budget prior to the reset your new season's budget will be higher than it would have been if you'd have had 0 in the budget. This is fairly realistic. Clubs don't allow managers to keep their own transfer budget from year to year and it's not uncommon for clubs to use profits from player sales to fund other parts of the club.
  10. Luke Fox Racing Club 2031 / 2032 It had been around five or six months since I left Tigres and if I'm honest I was starting to get a bit impatient at not having a job until this popped up. They were in the Copa Libertadores and finished 3rd last year but had been pretty poor this year sitting in 13th but only 6 points away from the Libertadores qualifying spots. After arriving and looking at the squad and finances I realised this was a bigger task than I had originally thought. I had a £1.3m transfer budget but what they didn't tell me is I would be about 15k o
  11. Does the player have the Comes Deep To Get Ball PPM? If no, it might be in part to do with his individual mentality. The Engache is a tricky role to get working but its great when it does.
  12. Thanks for this, it's much appreciated and the reason for me holding off purchasing the game until now. Spent a few hours last night, looking to find a good Level 11 story and long term career save. Only things I could possibly find were (could well be correct..) Annfield Plain FC had Adequate Facilities & Avg. 1000 attendance. And Newcastle Blue Star a rather large stadium. Otherwise everything ran and looked good!
  13. Does this play similar football to the Time 4231? Because my side is flying playing that tactic for the last few years in FM
  14. @CJ Ramson I think you guys have enough info now to sort this out no? I started this thread on the 17th Dec, since then we've had an update yet the issues are still there.
  15. Hey @Hudson14 Do you have a save showing this please? Sounds like it could do with a bit of an investigation Saves can go to our cloud service, just let me know the name if you do upload: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4
  16. I noticed there might be a bug with league fines in Level 11 after getting 6 yellow cards in a match. Im fixing it now and i will put a updated version out soon.
  17. Nowhere have I said that Dolan is a bad player or had no future in football. In fact I've repeatedly hinted that the dice roll landing on a CA of 128 allowing him a chance of Premier League football if things go well might actually be about right. Contrary to your insistence otherwise, that's more than enough to have a great future at Blackburn. Good enough for Preston too obviously, but not good enough to be a sure bet to rescue the financial future of the club. What I have suggested is that it's extremely disingenuous on your part to assume that the verdict he probably doesn't have "all
  18. This gets to the nub of it because CA changes in a save seem to follow the same model more often than not. There is not much variety in journies towards a players full potential
  19. I'm considering that, but I'm worried he'll not attract the ball the same way. Iirc, the AP/Treq/Eng roles are hard coded to have their teammates look for them. Not saying that is always the best approach, of course. Just worth pointing out.
  20. 94:22........... Why do my players consistently throw the ball directly to the opposition? at least once a game it happens.. Peñarol v Nacional.pkm
  21. That's a practice feedback loop to my mind - game experience at a higher level improves CA more than game experience at the same or lower level. The calculation may use performance ratings as part of generating the level of CA increase, but that's just the mathematical equivalent of "The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent". In any case it still doesn't relate to changes in PA only CA increasing towards PA.
  22. You are correct. I was thinking to try to replicate as much as possible the dlf and ap combo with two strikers, without making one of them stretching the opposition, since this will make the rest of the team look to play him in, which is obviously unwanted. You are correct that the AMC in my 4411 article (am-s) was not lethal enough. However, using a top AP-A in this style has been absolutely lethal for me. Buendia aces this role, having the second most key passes in the league behind Bruno F.
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