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  2. Where is the download link for this tactic?, it is not in the original post...
  3. If you wish to post to answer the OP's question then by all means do so. If however you just want to troll the forums with your comments about the game, that do not provide any relevant info, then please stop.
  4. I wasnt to be fair, however i will post them when i get home from work cheers mate
  5. I couldn't even find where to edit promotions etc. Is that in advanced rules?
  6. Both FM17 & FM18 ME´s were light-years ahead of the current. Besides that, there´s a gigantic hole at the moment, when it comes to picking holes in the ME; 4-4-2 is massively overpowered. (Don´t know of course if that´s still the case with the Beta - I play Touch, so have no such privileges )
  7. Do you have any screenshots of the issue? I can’t see a reason for it if you’ve fully reinstalled and cleared fm19
  8. @Hazpro I have hidden your last post for pretty obvious reasons- by all means disagree with another user but in future please watch your language and substituting letters to get round the swear filter doesn't help either
  9. My latest games stop showing goals that are recorded or show goals that never happened in games. Arsenal v West Brom.pkm Real Sociedad v Arsenal.pkm Ok, apparently, its just that I am getting wrong results in my save and it's not exactly the match engine problem? Loading these matches outside of my save show different (correct) results that are in line with the highlights I get in my save. Here's a difference: 1st ones are from actual games, 2nd from the save Here is my schedule: For the record, I AM using instant wannachup skin if it is somehow related. Skimmed through some of my older results, and there are more examples of this behaviour. West Ham v Arsenal.pkmArsenal v Hull City.pkm Some more games with different actual results.
  10. This is the smallest of small things, but it does frustrate me that league tables show the club common name as opposed to the real club name. I support Leicester City not Leicester, for example. If we can display Aston Villa and Crystal Palace then we really ought to be displaying all clubs' full names just like in any other professionally distributed league table.
  11. I can see no reason that you cant play FM 14 on the new machine but there may be issues with the downloads. I suggest that you would be best to either contact steam or SEGA for help with this.
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  13. Same happened to me and my friends. I think its the new update. We even tried to use the public-beta, but still these same issues. Is this still happening to you guys or have you managed to troubleshoot? Thanks
  14. Dulwich Hamlet 2021/22 Mid-Season We're in the mix, and in my opinion we should actually be clear at the top. Most of the points we dropped have been very sloppy considering our good football and dominating play. That said, many of our goals have come late on in matches, so I can't say we've been unlucky. League Table There's six teams in direct competition for the title, so there's no telling where we might finish as of yet. We're nine points clear off 8th place which should give us a comfortable buffer provided our form doesn't take a dreadful turn. Bishop's Stortford had looked one of the best teams in the league for a long time, but their form has been tailing off recently, Fixtures Pretty good results all round with no huge blotches of red or yellow. The defeat against Hampton & Richmond was a bit unlucky, our goalkeeper Preston Edwards got injured after 13 minutes - and in proper LLM stylee we didn't have a goalie on the bench. So we went for possession, but they still managed to break through our defence and put us to the sword. Our FA Cup win against Vanarama National side Boreham Wood was a great result, we played them off the park. Our subsequent 1st round defeat to Torquay was unlucky, but deserved. In the FA Trophy, Wealdstone wore us down and took us to extra time, where they got a late goal past us to knock us out in the premilinary rounds. Squad Reese Allassani has been our danger man, stepping in after Dumebi Dumaka (10 goals in the first 6 games) got injured. Dumaka's been unable to regain his place in the side due to Allassani's fine form. Barry Turner has been dominating the opposition and, like Joe Williams last season, is on his way out. The 17-year old does not want to renew his contract, so he'll walk away on a free transfer. Maybe that will change if we get promoted, but we will need his help to get there. Hartlepool are already interested in the playmaker, but I will not be letting him go this season. The finances are in excellent shape, so there would be no need to sell. Thomas Moss has been getting shifts on the wing, where he has been playing very well, providing goals and assists. Barbadian right-back Alex Hill has been getting a lot of game time and has been putting in some good performances. It looks like he will be a starting defender for us for the foreseeable future.
  15. You may have to clear out the preferences folder for this change to take effect, assuming that you have selected "confirm" after changing it.
  16. Season Review (Season Four, 2023-24) Table / Position Graph / Squad / Finances / Transfers / Manager Attributes / Manager Character / Facilities / Annual Injuries / Competitions / Reputation / Club Vision SUMMARY Season Four was frustratingly great (for our first season in the VNL at least. We had a lot of ups and downs thru the season, but for the most part stayed clear of the relegation battle from the start. We scored fairly well (when we took shots -- we were top of league in shots on target ratio, but only mid table in shots taken). Last season's acquisition, Tom Fielding, was great in front of goal. He not only beat his own record for league goals in a season with 24, but he captured the league top goalscorer as well (a first for me in a long time!) Davison, playing a mix of MR and Forward positioins, added 9 league and 2 cup goals, while targetman Bradbury added 10 of his own. An assortment of goals from the midfield rounded out the offense. What was lacking this season were my goals from set pieces (a critical club vision requirement) -- we didn't manage a single goal from corners this season! Defensively, we were much worse off (and it showed in our foul count as well). We were in the bottom 6 or 8 in goals allowed, and in top 5 worst in discipline overall as well. Part of the issue ended up being our only real injury crunch, as I lost few players for long spells....but when I lost players, I lost them in a bunch (just after midseason, I was without 6 or 7 starters -- 5 thru injury for 3-4 weeks, another 2 for 3 matches due to red card offenses). I also don't have a really solid DM/anchorman --- a keystone for 2 of my 3 formations. I've got a couple DM/DC types that can do the job, but really don't have the standout anchorman I am used to being able to rely on. Keeper Ryan Hall was still solid in goal, making some incredible saves in order to keep us competitive in a number of matches when the defense got a bit leaky. The rest of my midfield is still pretty solid, with Rio Campbell joining to play wide left and providing some dangerous crosses (created some chances, but only managed 2 assists -- hoping he gets a bit better with a tactical tweak). Tom Sharpe and Jeremy Watts (late) joined Sakyi and Raikhy in the center to solidify the rotation (had more problems in the VNL w/ players tiring from the number of matches played). Davision and Blanchfield remained my sole options out wide right. Altogether, they had a solid effort in controlling the midfield for me this season. The key point in the season undoubtable came late..a stretch of matches starting at the end of Februrary. We had just had a 5 match losing streak; we had a couple mid-table matches coming up that were must win, because after that we faced 5 top-8 teams before finishing off with 5 bottom half teams. Had we continued to pile losses up, those final five matches would have had us in a life-or-death struggle. Following the 5 match loss streak, we put together a great run however; starting with a 4-1 drubbing of mid-table Ebbsfleet. That gave us a bit of confidence -- a draw vs Barrow then a surprise 2-1 win over 3rd Barrow really gave us impetus to finish the season strong, and we finished the year with only 2 losses in our final 13 to stay solidly mid-table. Not bad for our first VNL. Oh, why was it frustrating???? One word. Well...two. "The Board." It stinks. In four seasons....I've gotten exactly.....one extra scout out of him. No funds dumped into the club. No additional coaches. Won't try for an affiliate club -- he prefers not to rely on loan players. Can't get a coaching license. We are now £1.1M or therabouts in debt --- 325K or so of it remaining loan debt for our stadium upgrade for entering the VNL. The rest is cash debt. The chairman's sole method of dealing with the debt --- reduce my wage allowance. This year, for the second year running, he dropped my wage allowance twice --- first in October, and again in....February, I think it was. We started the season with a wage budget of £6.4/wk, in October it was dropped to about £5.7k, then dropped again to £4.9K/wk. Yep...that's gonna drop our budget deficit quickly! Really impacting my desire to continue this save, TBH. Promotion / Playoffs Not this season. We did well getting to (and staying) mid-table, but we're far short of the quality needed to push for playoffs. Don't forsee that changing any time soon. Cup Competitions Not much going on here either. We achieved expectations, but didn't get much more than that. The FAC featured a 1-0 win over Gosport, then a FAC1R 1-1/1-0 win vs Alfreton, before losing to L2 Doncaster in the 2nd round in a match that wasn't as close as the 3-0 scoreline indicated. The FAT featured us up against Wrexham, and we took them to a replay as well, which we went out on penalties after a 1-1 scoreline. Wrexham has turned into a bit of a bogey team for us...but we finally beat them in that end stretch of matches in the league. Additional Details Team of the Season Best XI Inductees Both fullbacks Yfeko and Pata made the new overall best XI. Historical Best XI Fans Player of the Season For the second season, it wasn't quite unanimous, but Tom Fielding (24 League goals--top league goalscorer/5 assists, and a 7.42AvR), was the only choice in the voting, garnering 74% of the votes. Midfielders Sakyi (5 goals/4 assists/7.05 AvR) and Best (3 goals/6 assists/7.17 AvR) got 10% and 9% respectively. Signing of the Season DM/DC Hugo Jenkinson (Free) Young Player of the Season Let's just round it out by introducing Tom Fielding as the young Player of the Season as well. End of Season Stats -- Fielding dominated with Top Goalscorer, Highest AvR, and most PoM awards (same as last season), and added most pass completion (81%) as well for the season. Most assists (6) were shared by Best and Raikhy. Bradley-Green had 12 yellow cards for the team worst, while DL Dunk had 2 Red cards. Youth Intake Top Graduate TEAM, INDIVIDUAL, AND LEAGUE RECORDS A host of records were set or broken this year: (* denotes ongoing record -- bold indicates record broken this year) The Rest of England What's Next Season Four -- overall, a good season. Season Five....well, unless the rumored takeover comes thru, I'm not sure how far I'll make it this season. Takeover rumor has started earlier than it had in the previous two years where takeover rumors exist -- but not holding my breath. With no money coming in from the board (which consists of....my chairman....), and with our debt, and with the knowledge that my £7.5k/wk wage allowance will be down to about £5k/wk by Dec/Jan..... I'm losing interest rapidly. To start the new season, I have a new keeper (someone I tried to sign 3 seasons ago, but got beat out --- he's better than Hall (who has been pretty good), but only wants backup status....so we'll see how much I can work him in w/o irritating him. Also have another decent midfielder that can handle set piece duties for me --- something I've been missing this past season. Other than that, I need a bit more to solidify my defense...midfield and forwards are still in great shape (Fielding was in on a 2-year deal, so didn't have to worry about resigning him!). We'll see how far this season goes....if no takeover (or change in chairman's philosophy/money handling)….I might just sim to end of season and quit, trying to take over a new team that comes up that meets the requirements (or just start a new manager in 2025 w/ a team that meets those requirements). Career Overview Season Team League League Position(Predicted) FAT FAC JPT LC UEFA CL
  17. Personally I'd not bother with it. we're on the second beta now and it's still not very good.
  18. Thank you for your reply. I modified it, but the bottom two league schedules are still not created. I don't know the cause with my knowledge. I need more help...:-(😅😥😥
  19. Steam will happily let you play offline until there is either a steam or game update available- in my experience, it will not let you proceed if this is the case until you have reconnected and updated.
  20. I would like to transfer FM14 to my new PC. But when I click on "downloads" when playing FMC on my current computer, I get an error message. Does this mean the downloads I purchased, such as the "unsackable" option, are no longer in the Steam store and won't transfer to my new computer? Will I be able to download and play FM14/FMC on my new computer???
  21. Please take the time to explain what the issue is and what your question is and you may then get some help.
  22. Thought that I had an amazing start to this challenge when I managed to get the Johor DT job in Malaysia. It was great until I realised that I hadn't set the managers age to 19 so I had to start all over again. Oh well!! Back to unemployment
  23. We made three signings over the summer Hurtado is a left winger Olsen is a right winger and Kabak is a centre back which leaves our squad looking like this, pending any last minute departures. I would like to strengthen further in central defence, but this will have to wait until at least January
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